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Hello, hope you had a wonderful weekend. You know how excited I get when it comes to a new shipment of porcelain! This one is a  big one, why not end the year with a bang, this one is filled with all kinds of beautiful new arrivals and several sold out best sellers are making a comeback.

This is our final shipment of 2017 and is due in a few days after Christmas. Just think for all you busy holiday hostesses out there, once all the work is done… can sit back and wait for the big brown truck to deliver a special something for all your hard work:)

If you know the prices of fine porcelain then you will be thrilled with the deals here, they are unbeatable and I can assure you will not find them for these prices elsewhere. These are not the mass produced factory pieces with  blue and white decals, these are hand painted, glazed  and gorgeous porcelains of the highest quality! As always a few rules to PLEASE READ OVER and agree to before you submit your order-


  • Call or email your order-  call 1-800-804-9565. Email all orders to
  • You cannot order these online, you MUST call OR email us to place an order
  • IF YOU EMAIL- you MUST include your name, address and phone number for us to send you an invoice
  • Please refer ONLY to item numbers  (and pattern if applicable)
  • PLEASE do not submit an order if you cannot pay within 12 hours, this is not fair to us or to others who might want your item
  • Subject to availability, limited numbers of each item
  • This is a presale/advance purchase- this shipment is due here on Dec. 27th and will ship upon receipt
  • Shipping is extra
  • Final sale
  • The more you spend the more you save (see chart below)
  • Some items are available for international shipping you must contact us for a shipping quote
  • Wholesale inquires must call 1-800-804-9565 (9:30-5:30 EST)


Spend $300 or more save 10%

Spend $500 or more save 12%

Spend $1000 or more save 15%

Spends $2000 or more save 20%


ITEM 1. Amazing village scenery planter is coming in again. Sold out of this fast as it is a beauty. This incredible scalloped village scene planter (all sides) has the most beautiful scalloped edge and pierced bottom. A really special planter that sells for $400-500 elsewhere. Measures 9″ x 14″  Today $185.00

ITEM 2 NEW!  A gorgeous new garden seat, every room looks better with a garden seat, I have them all over, outside, my bathroom, living room, breakfast room. This is a beauty with  a gorgeous floral design and what a deal, 18.5″ tall $130.00

ITEM 3 Darling square bud vases, these are so pretty and actually sit on my nightstand in my room. Sold as one, but save on two.

$35.00 each or a pair for $65.00



ITEM 4. NEW! The now iconic Ralph vases are coming back. These have been wildly popular and are in two sizes. Very good looking vase with a fabulous bird and trellis design.

Small 10.5″ $80.00

Large  20″ $145.00


ITEM 5. NEW! Wonderful dragon scene vase, new design and the perfect size, measures 16″ tall. Perfect for your weekly flowers.  $80.00

ITEM 6.  New! Super excited about the new style tulpieres, these are lighter in feeling and so beautiful. Right now they are being offered only in medium and getting about 10 of the large but 2 are already reserved for me:) This wonderful tulipiere is just waiting for fresh flowers and your creativity, these really make a statement like few things can.

Medium 22″ tall. $170.00

Large 32″ $210.00

ITEM 7. NEW! Wonderful all over floral ginger jar, this beauty of a jar sold out almost immediately, it is so pretty could work well with virtually any patterned porcelain. Elegant soft all over floral pattern with a darling foo dog top.  A great size too measures 17.5″ tall $125.00

ITEM 8. Finally this best selling mid sized planter is coming back, been waiting a while and doubled upon the amount I causally get in. It’s been a long time but glad it’s here. This is the perfect planter for just about anywhere, great for boxwoods, orchids, flowers, etc….measures  7.5″ x 9″  $75.00

ITEM 9. The extra large village scene bowl is coming home…and this time I am taking one first! This bowl is so beautiful and such a great size, filled with orchids, flowers, fruits, lemons,etc…or nothing at all, this one beautiful bowl. A really grand bowl. Measures 16.5″ round $140.00

ITEM 10. The chunky ginger jars are coming back in the bird and phoenix styles. These best selling jars offer great impact and work well alone, paired or as a cluster with other porcelains.  Measures 17.5″ x 11.5″ at it’s widest,  $140.00 (specify phoenix or bird)





ITEM 11. Happy to see this square more transitional cherry blossom jar making a comeback, great piece alone or as a pair. Wonderful unique square shape with a beautiful all over cherry blossom design. $85.00


ITEM 12. NEW! Our best selling floral and trellis bowl now comes in two sizes, medium and large.

Med $70.00

Large $90.00 NEW SIZE!


ITEM 13, The grand pheasant ginger jar is coming again, this is one of my personal all time favorite jars. I own a pair and adore them, they look like a million dollars and their large chunky base is really impressive.  Measures 13″ x 22″  $165.00 or a pair is $320.00 unheard of!!


ITEM 14. We are getting in more flat tops, a jar that works literally everywhere, these wonderful 8″ flat top jars, in either the bird design or dragon. Both gorgeous and super versatile.

One $75.00

A pair $140.00



Double Happiness


ITEM 15. The beautiful hex planter is coming back and we got plenty to go around this time. Wonderful paneled design featured in this most elegant jar, perfect for topiaries, boxwoods and orchids. Measures 14″ x 10″ $80.00


ITEM 16. NEW! Sometimes you need a smaller ginger jar well this beauty to the rescue. This midsize beauty is perfect for areas where you need a smaller scaled jar, also idea for mantles.  Elegant bird design with foo dog top

16″ $110.00

ITEM 17. NEW! This wonderful little bud vase is coming back, it is perfect for smaller areas like a nightstand or smaller end table for one or two flower buds, love it on a desk as well. Stands 5″ tall.


ITEM 18. The magnificent extra large pheasant jar is coming back to town. This is so impressive, people are really wowed when they open it. Taking two home for sure this time:) Measures an impressive 22″ tall, gorgeous design with unique hexagonal shape and foo dog top, really fabulous!$185.00

ITEM 19. NEW! Love this new vase, such an elegant piece and a perfect size. Features a beautiful classic pheasant design with these beautiful “butterfly” handles. Measures 17.5″ tall by about 7″ at it’s widest.  $85.00

ITEM 20. Love the. new size of this double happiness flat top, measure 8″ x 8.5″, a wonderful decorative jar to add to an existing vignette or a great starting point! $80.00

ITEM 21. Our popular little mini fishbowl is back as well. A perfect small planter for a small plant, boxwood ball or makes a very stylish “catchall” 4″ x 6″ $35.00

ITEM 22. My all time favorite garden seat is making a comeback, this is an incredible garden seat featuring the most beautiful trellis/floral scenery. Used inside or out, this is sure to add instant elegance wherever it is used. No matter which side you look at, it’s a beauty! Each side is so beautiful! 18″ tall $165.00

Call or email your order to-




Giving away one 8.5″ flat top to a lucky winner. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post and we will announce a winner on Friday! Your choice of pattern. Be sure to check back in on Friday to see if you have won.

If you see an item or items that you simply must have, give us a call or email in your order. Wishing you a wonderful day and hope your holidays are off to a merry merry start.  Thanks for stopping in!







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Liz on

Wish I had a trust fund, as I want them all!!!

Liz B on

The pheasant jar is beautiful ( 18). I don’t remember seeing it before.

Cindy on

Beautiful pieces for sure! Would love another garden stool or two!

Jennifer S on

I so enjoy all the porcelains. Unlike those found in retail. Much prettier! Thank you!

Mirna on

Hi Tina, I just LOVE your selection of ginger jars… and you are right, the quality of each of your items is unbeatable. I can’t even express my joy everyone I look at my tree with my enchanted home ornaments … Love them!

Dana Munoz on

Love your taste, beautiful gorgeous items, all of them!

Catharine on

Beautiful options for blue and white. Love the garden stools……but it would be hard to choose just one favorite. Very lovely selections!

Marge on

Hi, love all the blue and white pieces! You can never have too much!

Susan M. on

Sons want to know what I would like for Christmas….directing them your way with instructions: anything from this site! Enjoy December –

Kim Fuller on

Every piece is just beautiful. Love me some blue and white!

Cheryl on

What a fantastic shipment! Especially love the ever popular bird jars. Would love to be the lucky winner of this giveaway! Have a great week.

Leslie on

Absolutely love the dragon, would be a great gift for my grandson who was born in the year of the dragon!

Ann on

I love reviewing your sale offers just because I like to look at the blue and whites!
Over and over again.

Nancy Ferraro on

Tina, you put a smile on my face every time I read your blog. Your products are amazing. My home is filled with everything blue and white. I can never have enough. I live in the Nashville area and when you blogged about your visit here, I thought, she nailed it! I showed it to everyone and went to your recommended restaurant in Nashville, Adele’s. Thank you for taking time out of your busy life to share all this beauty with us.

Denise Heroman on

Beautiful selection of blue and white ! Love that I found this blog ! Thanks for sharing your life and loves !

Vickie on

The hexagon planter..#15 would look pretty on my island. As usual all are gorgeous.

Mariae on

More is less!, that’s how I feel when it’s blue and white porcelain, you always have a spot for another piece!

martha bryan on

How could you pick just one? They are all beautiful!

Eve on

Love them all. Especially love # 18 & 19.
Enjoyed seeing your full page ad in the Dec./Jan issue of House Beautiful and your ornaments. One of the best issues ever.

Beverly Rowntree on

I look forward to your posts everyday! The blue and white porcelains are amazing. Thanks for sharing. 😊

Sonya O. on

Love the trellis/floral garden seat!

Millie on

Can’t get enough of blue and white. Would love to be the winner of a flat top.

Natalie on

Love all the new porcelains!

Deborah K on

The hex planter just makes me smile! Love all the details. One of my ferns would look love to show off in that planter!

Pam in KY on

I love so many of them, but item #7 the all over floral ginger jar is gorgeous!

Lynne OBrien on

HI! I just love the new style tulpieres, they are stunning! But I truly love it all!

Sherry B on

I love the garden seats as well as the flat tops. Thanks for the chance to win a giveaway.

Susie on

Love (and bought) the bud vases featured this time. More small vases and planters please to group together on my Christmas table!

carol on

I love those little fishbowls! Been wanting to buy some as a gift for my son’s new apartment – so happy they are back!

Arlene on

The bird ginger jar is so amazing but truly everything is. Love the things I received from you recently. Thanks for helping me spend my kids inheritance

Kathy T on

Phoenixes and dragons and pheasants, oh my! So many pretty things…so few mantles! There is ALWAYS a place. 😉

Sandy w on

I love all of them, but really like the Ralph Lauren vases. And the smaller bud vases. I may be able to fit those in somewhere with everything I already have.

Anne on

Love the vase with the butterfly handles and the tulipiers and all the rest could find their way into my house….

Your “Seven on Sunday” and a good cup of coffee are still my favorite way to start the week!

dale on

Garden seats are the best!

Debbie on

I’m in the market for garden stools. How fantastic there is a choice (though it makes it tough to decide)!

Blair on

I love the Ralph Lauren vases!!

Sara on

Would love to own any including your dog pillow!

Sharon Mihalsky on

Always love my blue and white pieces! Christmas is blue and white this year. I am using many of my EH pieces. I especiallyy love my new large Ralph vase. I have it arranged with white prelit branches and lots of greenery and some birch sticks to give it a little rustic appeal.

Megan Bobbitt on

So many wonderful pieces!! Would love to have any one of them!

Sara on

Would love to own any including your dog pillow!

Cheryl West on

Fabulous pieces!

Sharon Mihalsky on

I am loving my blue and white Christmas this year. I am using many of my collected pieces from EH. I especially love the new Ralph vase. I purchased earlier this year. I have it stuffed with pre-lit snow branches and some greenery. Love the selection you have presented today.

Anne on

Love the double happiness! Definitely double happiness with such a collection of mew beauties. No wait – it. more like 22x happiness!

Hunter on

Love the flat tops. I have just the place for one….especially the dragon piece! I have been in love with blue and white porcelain for many years and am excited to see so much of it here….and everywhere these days!!!

Mary on

The BEST blue and white deals ever on beautiful pieces!

Deb on

Love all your pieces. I need to send Santa a note to shop for me at your store!

martha sappington on

Just a little bit of blue and white heaven! Your pieces are so pretty and I know what a deal they are. Thank you for bringing such great items to all your readers. I know one of these will be coming from santa to my daughter.

Maureen Winchell on

I need to come up with a master plan to purchase them all….oh, and I guess that plan should include a larger home to put them in!!

Marisa Zaneis on

Love anything with a pheasant on it- beautiful jars!!

Kim Anderson on

I have always love blue and white asain style porcelain and you have some phenomenal pieces!!

Sherie Ward-Wiser on

Love the rustic look of the flat top jars.

Peggy on

Everything is so lovely… what a great way to start the new year

Brenda on

So many pretty things. My favorite I the hexagon planter and the first garden seat. I always look forward to your post.

Karen McLeod on

Beautiful pieces! Would love a garden stool.

Katherine on

Another beautiful collection! Thanks Tina!💙

ellen on

Love the trellis garden seat and the dragon jar!

Lisa on

Love the mini pieces!

Saryn on

I love the new style of tulipieres!!!!! Beautiful!

Jacquelynn O'Boyle on

I love all the porcelain esp. anything with a dragon

Michelle B on

Such blue and white beauty!

Pat R on

What an exquisite collection of blue & white ! Absolutley beautiful. Love them all.

Julie Goldin on

Gorgeous blue and white pieces. Would love to win!

Deri Terry on

They are all beautiful! I am so happy with my tulipieres! I really love the large Ralph Lauren type vase!
Thank you,

Cordeilla on

Beautiful products‼️
Such a great selection

Mackenzie Boone on

Love all of this blue and white! Check out our blue and white picks on!

JoAnn on

Oh my what goodies! How to choose?!

Linda Seibert on

#7 is one of my favorites. I love the all over floral pattern of the ginger jar.

Leann Bryan on

What lovely blue and white. I would like to pull a Lucy Ricardo (…you have some splanning to do)..and order the entire collection!

Susan Bauer on

Love it all!!!!💙💙💙

Susan K. on

The Ralph vases are my favorites! I just love the shape.

"Mimi" on

I especially love the “lighter blue” flat top jar and the tulipiere!

Carla on

Love all the new pieces!

Sharon on

I love all of the hex planters. But, I would enjoy any of your blue and white in my home!!! Gorgeous!!!

Maria Elena Lima on

Yes, I love how all these make a home feel more elegant and would love the tulipieries. But, the photo that tugged at my heart and made me stop scrolling down was the expressive photo of Teddy. Wow. I don’t know if you’ll even read this, but as I thought of his being gone, it made me sad . I still remember the pain of losing our beloved lab named Scout. My belated condolences to you, friend.

Fran W. on

Lovely pieces. And, then, dear Teddy at the end of the post. I always enjoy seeing his sweet face!

Susan Kayden on

Wow! Another incredible collection of blue and white. The #15 Hex Planter and all of the gorgeous garden stools are my favorites.

Trudi on

Dear Tina,
Thanks so much for the porcelain sale. I have so much blue and white from you. I love them all!

Michael John on

All the flat tops are beautiful! How will I ever decide?

Judy Clark on

Christmas is never over at The Enchanted Home when you offer such exquisite items year-around! Love every item. Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful staff.

Faye on

I love them all can not have too many blue and white.

Jana Rinehart on


I love them all!!!

Sharon on

What a great way to start the week – looking through all these beautiful things!

Paula on

So lovely these show stoppers and with many practical uses.

Ellen H. on

The hexagonal planter is the perfect size…and what a great price!

Janie Friend on

I love love love all of these beauties. Fav is the garden seat! of the giveaway choices I am crazy for the dragon patter and love the flat top!

Frannie B. on

Crazy about my blue & white. Any of your pieces would be a welcome addition. Love the mini fishbowl for the variety of uses this shape and size has.

Mary Baker on

Love the Tulpieres! The medium size are on my Christmas List and I hope Santa will bring two of them as I have been very good this year.

Ellen on

I just love all the blue and while porcelains! It’s what brought us all here and you never disappoint! I wish I could house them all!

Janet Masterson on

So excited to scroll through and see the Ralph vases! It will certainly be a lovely from me to me!

Barbara on

So delightful to see the beautiful array of blue and white that would be a joy to have in one’s home.

Linda A. on

Love it all, wish I could have it all. Keep up what you are doing for our fellow blue and white lovers!

Janet Masterson on

So excited to scroll through and see the Ralph vases…..gorgeous and classic! It will certainly be a lovely from me to me! I would love to win the pheasant flat top to add to my collection.

Ann on

Would love the garden stool, it would look good in any room.

Lucy Porter on

I’m definitely asking Santa for two medium tulipieres! Dear Santa, I’ve been good! A little gift after Christmas is fine by me!

Jane on

There is no better source for beautiful blue and white porcelain than Enchanted Home!

Donna on

Love it all! Trying to decide which pieces to add this go round. -part of the fun!

sabrina morgan on

I just love all these,,,,but especially anything with a dragon on it! Makes my heart swoon!!

Brenda M. on

Beautiful new items! A great variety, perfect for Christmas and hostess gifts. Love the new light blue tulipieres to create contrast with the traditional blue and white. Merry Christmas, Tina!

Karenann on

All your new pieces are more gorgeous than the other. I just love you selection of garden stools. They are all beautiful and so elegant!

Katie Clooney on

I love that garden stool!! The pattern is gorgeous. Have a great week, Tina.

Nadine Middendorf on

The pheasant vase with butterfly handles is so different and unique! Love it❤️

Susan H. on

I love seeing your beautiful pieces in magazines. Must be such a thrill!

Bonnie G. on

Like a kid in the candy store, I want some of each! That vase with butterfly handles is so very pretty.

Laura Koning on

I love all the blue and white! I hope I win!

Jane T. on

Love it all, but especially the tulpieres! Would be so beautiful with fresh white or red roses for Christmas!

Joan on

As always, everything is appetizing! I happen to like the ones with birds, so beautiful. And congratulations on seeing your ornaments in Better Homes and Garden. You are magazine worthy!!!

Karen W. on

Your porcelains are beautiful. I always enjoy them in your posts whether listed for sale or shown in the context of a home.

Cay Miller on

So excited to see the new shipment – just beautiful. Love Item #19. Have perfect place in dining room for a pair.

M . Indiana on

Happy Blue & White Holidays to All!

Karen T. on

The dragon flat top jar is lovely.

Dianne E on

I gave in and got a pair of the extra large hex jars,plus more goodies. Absolutely no will power. Keep on bringing in this wonderful pottery

Mary on

My favorite is always the tulipieres! I purchased one from your October Presale and I look forward to displaying it on my Blue and White themed Christmas table this year.

kathy bunge on

All of your blue & white porcelains are gorgeous!

Jo Dame Shafer on

I am so in love with blue and white porcelain, and enjoy all the pieces I’ve collected in the past couple of years.

Carmen B on

All the flat tops are sweet. Loving the new garden seat too!

Laura Feuer on

Oh my gosh. Been wanting a bowl for apples on my coffee table! I snatched up #9! Also just received today a magnificent piece I bought from you recently. It’s gorgeous! Absolutely stunning! Sometimes the photos online don’t show just how amazing your blue and white porcelain pieces are in person! Absolutely love it!

Gina Penner on

Item number 1. I have wanted this porcelain for a long time and I am ordering right now!

Laurie Marsh on

Love your garden seats. I can think of so many places I would put one!

Nancy on

Hi, I recently discovered Enchanted House and have enjoyed it so much. We live in the desert southwest but originally from back east, Ohio and New York State so when I read and see your photos I am reminded of the things I loved and that you don’t often see out here in the west! Don’t get me wrong, I love the desert, bobcats, coyotes, snakes and all but I am a francophile at heart! Your blue and white porcelain would give a wow factor to the desert surroundings of our pueblo like style home. Thank you for providing such enchanting and idea packed posts!

Alexandra T on

I recommend the first planter as a must have!!! Mine is currently showcasing white poinsettias in my foyer!

Gina M DiGiovanni on

Hi. My name is Gina and I’m a blue and white chinoiserie addict. Will you be my supplier? lol

Debbie H. on

Love the garden seat! Beautiful.

Stephanie on

Love your merchandise ! Merry Christmas !

leigh on

Love the blue and white porcelains….so many uses for all of them!

Karen P on

Love it all! I’m fixated on these!

Megan Sant on

I adore all the blue and white! My problem is trying to choose! Thank you for your posts and all the beauty you share.

Kate Davis on

So excited to se this site💙

Leanne Turner on

The garden seat is so pretty!

Megan McSherry on

Love! Love! Love! Had a crumby day & this post just made me smile from ear to ear!!!!

Kathy on

The garden seats are one of my favorite items and one I think I will have to put on my Christmas list!

Kim on

love the garden seats!

Eileen on

I received my order of ginger jar gift toppers. I wanted them as mini ornaments for a mini tree. They are the cutest things ever. I love them.

Martha McC on

The pheasants are stunning… I always love the bowls.

Jon on

Lots of beautiful new pieces. I see a few that would make great holiday gifts. My favorites are the chunky jars.

Linda Wishart on

All beautiful, truly love both garden stools

Linda Wishart on

The new garden stool is magnificent

Donna DeMarino on

Two favorites: The Ralph vase small and Bird jar, also love the right facing bird candle holder.

Yolanda Jackson on

I recently connected with this post and am loving it. This has become my go to for great value and style. I will definitely call to order the planter. Fabulous ,

Karen on

Just in time for the holidays!
Every piece is beautiful!!
Hard to decide what to ask Santa for……..

Barbara Kelly on

Sweet Teddy🐶❤️

Mary Joy on

Double happiness makes me 😊

Arell on

Love all of your porcelain. So pretty!

Beverly on

All are beautiful, but love the pierced base on the village scenery planter! Merry Christmas!

Amy on

This might be your best shipment yet, the tulipieres are to die for. I am hosting a spring bridal shower for my sister in April and I can imagine a pair on the buffet table in her favorite colors of yellow and pink. However everything is beautiful, you are definitely THE go to source for blue and white!

Cynthia on

I sent in my order yesterday, merry Christmas to me. Only live once, might as well enjoy as much blue and white as possible!

joy on

I own one flat top and need another to bring balance into my life!

Terri on

Love all of your great blue/white pieces. Love your sweet picture of Teddy.

Wendy on

I love it all! I did order the Ralph Lauren vases in size small for my mantel. I can not wait to receive them!

Terri on

Love, love love the “Ralph” vases – they would look lovely on my mantle!

Angela Middleton on

What a fabulous selection! Going to place an order today. These prices are just the best!

Kathryn on

Tina, I’ve never been a fan of the blue and white porcelain until one day I found your blog. Thank you for bringing the beauty each day and being truly inspiring! I’ve already won! Thank you

Sarah Moore on

I love your porcelains and the inspiration I get from joe you style them!

Paula Culver on

I have always had a love for blue and white porcelain. Now I want to start a collection for my daughter. I love reading your blog.

Kim on

Love all of your stuff! Christmas ornaments incredible!

Jeanne E on

Oh my gosh! So many beauties. So hard to decide! I love all the items in this sale!

Terry P. on

Another TERRIFIC TUESDAY @ Enchanted Home:) I’m smiling in Blue/White Heaven!

Deanna on

I love all your porcelains. So very much! Right now I’m into the blue and white garden seats. I have to admit I tried buying one from another source and was so disappointed. The Enchanted Home has the absolute BEST in porcelains. Now if I can just get that bigger house, I can order all your porcelains! Count me as a faithful fan.

Katy on

Gorgeous pieces . . . I pray I’m your lucky winner!

Julie L on

All so pretty as usual! Deciding what to add to my collection is the hard part!
Julie L

Peggy Mae on

Love all the blue and white porcelains. Would love to add a garden seat to my collection. You are definitely on my Christmas list for my Secret Santa.

Patti on

Beautiful items!

Peggy Bryant on

Hi Tina,

What beautiful items in this shipment. I’ll take one of each. LOL😉

Nancy on

LOVE the garden stools.

Ann Villier on

Your new pieces are beautiful, Tina. I love the large bowl.

Melissa on

Though my small apartment is filled with blue and white, I feel that I really need the large garden scene bowl. It would be magnificent at Christmas filled with pomegranates. The three tulipieres I bought last month are fabulous.

Linda on

These are beautiful and would a wonderful addition to my home.

Natalie olivier on

Everything is beautiful !! I am going to order a garden stool this go round !! I would love to win the giveaway! Merry Christmas !


Love the pictures of Teddy…such a positive way to remember him.

Joan on

I love the flat tops! Thanks for offering the giveaway!!

Doreen Ladin on

I would love to win one of your items Tina.

Norma C on

Adding any piece of blue and white porcelain makes my home feel very elegant! Love them all.

Joyce W. on

You were just in Savannah……me too 🙂 Arrived today…..on the way to Florida to see my parents. Such a lovely city!!!
Beautiful chinoiserie!!!! Love everything you do!

Linda on

These enchanting porcelain pieces add so much glamour to a room. I’m eager to see how you use them in your new home in South Carolina <3

Kay Carver on

I am not missing your porcelain sale again! Just love your selections! You certainly have a seasoned eye.

Chris on

Lots of good choices!

Jo Liddy on

Everything here is wonderful! I’ve not seen better quality blue and white
Chinese porcelain anywhere, for these fabulous prices.

April on

Wonderful collection. Like the addition of small vases.

Pamela Dalt on

I’ve recently discovered The Enchanted Home, as I love everything blue & white and chinoiserie! I look forward to every new post and photo. Thanks so much, Tina!

Pamela Daly on

I’ve recently discovered The Enchanted Home, as I love everything blue & white and chinoiserie! I look forward to every new post and photo. Thanks so much, Tina!

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