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Hello and Happy Sunday! First want to announce the lucky winner of the gift wrap, congratulation goes to-

#120 LISA P.

Please email us at to provide your shipping info and choice of wrap and when it comes in later this week, it will ship right out!


Crazy that it’s the first Sunday of DECEMBER!! Oh boy, getting ready for the frenzy to start, actually it already has, truth be told. My goal in the next week is to start decorating my tree. I went a few days ago and found the most beautiful fresh tree, it was calling my name so I bought it.

It’s being delivered early this week and so it will begin, the decorating frenzy except I approach mine in lots of mini stages. I do a little every day when times allows, and somehow, someway it all gets done.This will be a first for me to get it done so early. I decided to go real this year as we almost always have except for last year when I bought a large prelit tree, it is very nice but there’s nothing like a real tree. Time to get started with my Seven on Sunday…..


1 WESTON FARMS. No one has magnolia like Weston Farms and I mean no one. The creations they make and the quality of their magnolia is truly bar none.  I have ordered from them a number of times and simply put no one does it better!

So if you are in the market for exquisite magnolia wreaths, swags, garland,etc….look no further than Weston Farms. They are a joy to work with, have amazingly fast turnaround time and deliver a top quality product. Here is a sampling of what they do below, click here to find out about Weston Farms

One of my mantles from last year with their beautiful magnolia-

Clearly they have a passion for what they do-

2 MY ORNAMENTS IN HOUSE BEAUTIFUL!! I was so excited to see my ornaments featured in a beautiful spread by Jenny Wolf Interiors in the most recent Dec/Jan issue of House Beautiful. It was  a thrill to see them adorning the tree in this fabulously cheery space all decked out in blue and white!

Makes me really excited to start decorating my own tree, that’s for sure. It’s going to be a blue and white Christmas here as well:)


3 NEW HOLIDAY ARRANGEMENTS Speaking of the holidays, we have added some new beautiful amaryllis arrangements to our custom floral collection. Not only are these  incredibly lifelike but if you  know the prices of high end florals you will recognize that these are about  half of my competitors.

Amaryllis are not only incredibly beautiful but are like Christmas’s poster child, such an elegant flower. I have even mixed these with the real amaryllis and you cannot tell them apart! Click here to see them all. I am really proud of this wonderful collection and a few will soon be making their way into my home:)


4 MY AMAZINGLY TALENTED CUSTOMERS. When I get your pictures it gives me such a thrill to see a bit of “Enchanted Home” joy being spread! I love and so enjoy getting your pictures and have gotten quite a few beauties lately..keep em coming. We love adding them to our gallery, click here to see them all.

5. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Oh boy this week it was a challenge to winnow down my favorites, there were so many. It is like holiday overload in the  most beautiful way possible.

And my favorite this week is of course this one because I just love seeing my ornaments in this fabulous space!

6. TOURS BY LOCALS. I just love this idea! This connects a visitor or tourist in a new town with a local experienced resident to share their town and set up tours. Once done it allows them to be rated via their website,  so you know what you are getting and can read of others experiences.

This is such a wonderful idea….way better than loading up like a cattle call on some tour bus! I know a few who have who have used Tours by Locals and raved about them (one friend who was visiting NY). Click here to learn more.

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY. I was not totally surprised to hear that this year’s Cyber Monday broke all former records. It seems more and more are doing online shopping and on one hand, I totally get it, it’s never been easier. But the on other it does make me a little sad. I am a fan of supporting particularly small local businesses and do it whenever I can.

As much as Amazon has made our lives so much easier, it is a double edged sword in that it is hurting and crippling many local, often small businesses because come on…how can you compete with Amazon? So curious which statement best describes how you shop, online vs brick and mortar, this should be interesting!


Coming up this week-

December porcelain presale!

A luncheon for two

Holiday decorating chapter 1

Well that’s a wrap for this weekend. Hope everyone has a great day as the hustle and bustle of the holiday season begins. Thank you as always for stopping in and making The Enchanted Home a part of your Sunday mornings:) Until next time…..




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Susan Schmid on

I’m such a visual person I love to see things before I buy them! This year I’ve been really irritated when I’ve gone into a store only to be told “ we don’t have that in the store, but you can go on line…” To them I say why would I come to the store if I wanted to buy it on line? I love to shop but it’s not fun like it used to be!! I do love our local stores they are awesome!

Celia Becker @ on

Tina, a hearty congratulations on your wonderful spread in House Beautiful! So very exciting!! I love all your Instagram picks as well, you follow all the best people. And that Weston Farms, what a find! I too LOVE anything Magnolia. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season. And thank you for helping to get me in the spirit.

Beverly Rowntree on

So beautiful!!! Thanks for your inspiration. ?

Joanna on

How exciting to see your blue ware in House Beautiful. It may just help grow your business.
I wish more people would shop in store, as many are closing their doors. I can see a future of only online stores. I like to wander our Main Street shops, saying hello to folks and meeting up with a friend, seeing what’s new and perhaps, buying. I’m a tactile person, so I need to touch what I’m excited about. But, small individually owned stores have a hard time even competing with big box stores, let alone, online shopping.
Tours By Locals sounds like a great way to see soneone’s town/city. They would know all the sights, best restaurants and other interesting/quirky stuff.

Jo Dame Shafer on

Always blue and white in my interiors, especially the display of blue/white porcelain and ironstone on shelves in a kitchen hutch.

Gayle on

Congrats on House Beautiful !!! You always amaze me with all your creative talent…can hardly wait till you sell those small dinner table lamps…My online shopping has been with The enchanted home?Candles.. porcelain … silver ….infusers… sprays..ornaments..etc.

Katie Clooney on

Hellooooo dear Tina. I’m a little late today. Instead of having my morning coffee, I’m having my afternoon tea. I feel 100% fancier just typing that. Love all the customer pics – it always fun to see how people use your gorgeous pieces. How about that little pug in her jammies! Too cute. I just followed two more people on Instagram. Your holiday arrangements are spectacular. Hope you have a great week!

Liz on

So much to comment on here, love the magnolia and Tina your holiday arrangements are the prettiest I have seen anywhere.

we live in a town full of wonderful little shops so I patronize them often but do my fair share of online shopping as well. It’s about half and half.
Loved seeing your beautiful ornaments in HB, well deserved and they should be shared with the world. And really enjoyed seeing your customers beautiful homes, you have inspired people all over. Now I am anxiously waiting for your holiday decorations so I can get some ideas, haha.

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