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Moving along, many of us have the holidays on the brain. Once Thanksgiving comes and goes, many of us start thinking about “the” holiday of all holidays…Christmas. It is admittedly a really fun holiday to decorate for but it can also be daunting if you don’t plan well, and I have most certainly been there.

Over the years, I have gradually done things earlier and earlier…and being a blogger and now on Instagram, looks like there is no such thing as too early. I have seen some on Instagram with trees up for weeks!! For me sometime around the first week (going into the second week)  of Dec. feels just right. But something tells me next year everything will happen even earlier….I am learning:)

I am going to do a few posts on holiday decorating and going to break it down on various subjects, today’s is all about creating a beautiful holiday entrance, that first impression that will greet your guests, front doors, front porches, etc… know what they say, you only get one chance to make a first impression!

Obviously a beautiful wreath is a no brainer but you can take it further than that and there are so many ways how to. Here is a look at some entrances that I think nailed it. Would love to know your “tried and true” secrets on how you create an inviting festive first impression…


How pretty is this? Rustic yet so elegant, Better Homes and Gardens

Always loved the look of placing simple greens around or on top of a sconce, such an easy way to add a festive touch

Weston Farms nailed this exquisite door surround!

I love how they coordinated the wreath with the big swags for under their lanterns, Thistlewood Farms

Really can’t get cozier than this……rustically beautiful!

Not sure of the original source but wow is this ever incredible looking!

Really love the idea of these festive window boxes, Pretty Pink Tulips

Few can make a planter as beautiful as 5th and State, this is picture perfect!

Talk about a first impression you will never forget, this is incredible! Southern Living

What a beautiful and stately festive entrance this is!

Now this is an entrance, it is simply yet so festive and inviting, Attic Gals

Love this planter by Diana Berry

This is what you call creating a grand first impression..showstopping!

Love these planters

Just love the coloration here, Emily Clark

Such a stately front door….classic at it’s best! Better Homes and Gardens

Beautiful winter inspired urn Well Appointed House

Stunning entrance, Pretty Pink Tulips


So much beauty to be inspired by. I am almost embarrassed to admit it, but yes my stone pumpkins and remnants of fall greenery are still at my front door. But I am officially inspired and motivated to make it a goal this weekend to begin working on my front door, afterall I have a party in 10 days!

How about you? Do you deck your front door and porch with holiday trimmings? Would love to. hear your insider secrets. Next week will post on decorating indoors, mantles, etc…..thanks for stopping in. Wishing you a wonderful end to the week, until next time…..

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Gorgeous!! We have a wonderful company that comes every year to do our front door and planters, they are coming tomorrow, and I cannot wait to see what they do. We give them creative freedom and they never disappoint. Must say that magnolia is breathtaking. Tina, deep breaths- I don’t know why so many stress it is only Dec. 8th! I don’t even begin to wrap until at least mid Dec. people need to relax and enjoy the journey and stop focusing on the end result. Happy holidays!

Just the inspiration I needed for this wonderfilled holiday ! Thanks for all you share –

Tina, these pictures are beautiful and I love that they represent such a variety of materials. I am fortunate to live by the shop owned by Debra, the blogger of 5th and State. It is gorgeous. It was there that I met Kristy Harvey during her book tour. She had just come from the luncheon you hosted for her. After I spoke with her about the lunch, I feel like I “know” you and Katie Clooney! You both posted photos of the lunch. Would love to meet you both in person one day. If you’re ever in Chicago…..Merry Christmas!

I live in a little townhouse at the beach, so my door is rather simple, but I’m going to use the sconce idea! Thanks for the gorgeous photos!!!

Beautiful ideas for the “first impression”
I know your best “first impression “ would be to walk in and see your sweet Teddy.
I know your heartache,

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