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Hello friends,  are you as crazed as I am? I felt like I had things pretty much under control but scratch that, after looking at my list of things still to do, it  has me a bit weak at the knees. I know it will get done as it always does but  next year I am putting myself on a strict schedule! And it will begin right after summer:)

It is still such a beautiful magical season and we might even have a little snow on Christmas day which would be amazing and the first time in a long time. Anyway we have a showdown round to get underway. Your votes have been cast, nearly all 4,000 of them and here are your two finalists from the Holiday Love contest. Time to vote for your most favorite, this round will be open until tomorrow morning at which point a winner will be announced. Here we go with the two finalists-


From round one-

From round two

Both so beautiful in different ways…..time to cast your vote!


Thanks for taking the time out of some of the busiest days of the year to stop by and take part in the voting! And a big thank you once again to all who sent in their wonderful pictures, they were all winners to me!

Good luck as you navigate your through Christmas chaos crunch time as this last week zips on by. I know these next few days for me are going to be insanely busy! Wishing everyone a good, productive and mostly sane day:) Until next time…..

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Tricia on

It was such a tough choice. I had to go with No. 2 because while No. 1 was magical, I wish the baby was looking at Santa.

Mike on

Both are beautiful but one is clearly a professionally staged photo. I prefer the spontaneity of a magical moment! Merry Chistmas to all of you!!!!!!!

Piper B on

Yes, tough choice. I’m going with #1..Look at that baby’s face. She is hanging on Santa’s every word:) Cutie!!
#2- What a gorgeous, magical home.

Merry Christmas to all my TEH friends.

Donna Scully on

This one is so hard to choose……….and if ever there could be a tie……this is the one! for different reasons.

Leila Jane on

I enjoyed being a participant with 2 photos in the Holiday Love contest this year. I felt some trepidation but complete honor to share the field with so many other beautiful photos. I completely agree with the results of both polls. Both are just stunning photos. If ever there was need for a tie, this year might be it! I’m choosing the baby with Santa just for the “Love” factor. However, the big gorgeous house blanketed in snow takes my breath away!! I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the contest, Tina, and thanks for sponsoring it. Truly a visual feast for the eyes. You may see your readership go up since I told friends on my Facebook page to take a look! Merry Christmas to you and to everyone at The Enchanted Home.

Janet Allison on

Would you please let me know how to find that lovely Christmas punch recipe?

Jennifer on

#2 for sure

Susan Haidon on

What is more beautiful at Christmas time…. A Child is Born!!! This picture stole my heart ❤️ Merry Christmas ??

Susan Haidon on

What is more beautiful at Christmas time…. A Child is Born!!! This picture stole my heart ❤️ Merry ? Christmas!

Eve on

These 2 were my favorites. Can’t we just have a tie? After all, it is Christmas!

Margaret on

I agree, a tie makes sense to me at Christmas. Both are great pics.

Mary Baker on

This is a hard choice, but both were my top favorites. I vote for Santa and the newborn baby as the number one choice. Beautiful!

Vicki on

Wow! What a great set of pic rounds. The pictures were all beautiful, and it was a lot of fun picking favorites. Both finalist were fabulous, but the gift of a new life gives hope to this world. May everyone know the true meaning of Christmas….the gift of God’s Son who He gave to all the world.
Merry Christmas.

Laura Feuer on

Number 1 is true holiday LOVE! A baby’s first visit to Santa and spontaneous!!!

Pamela G. on

That was sort of an unfair advantage. If the theme had been ANYTHING but one with the word “love” in it I believe the home would have one. But lets face it, there is no possible way on earth that house can show love. Now if it were about beauty, the house is the winner hands down. Oh I wish we could see the home during the daytime. But that has to be one of THE most beautiful homes in the snow at the holidays I’ve seen in my 50+ years of life. It’s so beautiful its almost impossible to believe its even real. I would LOVE to see the place in person but alas, that will never happen I’m sure.

Katie Clooney on

Tina… I wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy, Healthy New Year to you and your family!! Hope you have a chance to put your feet up and relax.

Amal Elhage on

Impeccable taste, fabulous execution! Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones. Tina, I wanted to ask you a question, in your kitchen, beside your range, you have a blue and white tray that you put all your goodies in. Do you sell that in your store? If not, would you be able to tell me where I can find one. Thanks so much.

Lexi on

Number 2 was so gorgeous! I think it’s so hard to compete with a baby and santa but because this is a home blog I’m going with that beautiful home! Not to mention number 2 was obviously a candid photo while one was staged and planned.

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