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Hello! Thrilled to announce that after almost 5000 total votes, you have selected a winner of this years Holiday Love contest! Congratulations goes to Laura F who submitted this beautiful picture-

Please email your shipping info to [email protected] so your first of three Enchanted Home goodies can be on it’s merry way!

Congratulations to the runner up and all of the entries, they were all worthy of being in this contest and did a beautiful job showing us what holiday love is all about.


Moving along…..I cannot believe it is just days away from Christmas. I learned a lot of lessons this holiday seasons and actually the entire year. I will do a post on that subject in the coming days. Somehow someway I got it all together and was able to deck my halls to fulfill the vision I had in mind.

Of course having a Christmas party for 80 (will do a post on that next week) definitely keeps on you track and is an instant motivator to make sure it gets done. So not much narration necessary, here is how my home looked this holiday season-


Of course it all starts with my tree and I must say despite it nearly toppling over TWICE and requiring buckets of water almost daily…it’s my most favorite tree to date! I loved using all my beautiful blue white ornaments on it, with the white twinkling lights…it was just as I had hoped and envisioned-

The last thing for me is wrapping presents, I have really made just a dent but boy am I having fun with my gorgeous new holiday papers!! (and stunning tags from Dixie Designs Collective)

Then you know how much I love to “deck my halls” with flowers and fresh greens. I didn’t buy any new decor this year, just fresh greens which I love and can’t get enough of. Here are various vignettes throughout the house-

This above is right when you walk in, my beautiful faux amaryllis had everyone fooled, then I added the fresh greens to it:)

One of my most favorite arrangments above, huge beautiful glossy magnolia leaves from Weston Farms with fresh greens, it stands over 3 feet tall!

Made another for outside (night of the party) this one is almost 4 feet tall!

More faux amaryllis, beauty of this is being able to display it early in the season without worrying about them dying! Plus when displayed with the fresh green garland, it really looks real! I will offer these next year too.

My secretary in the dining room got a little holiday makeover

More fresh greens with blue and white

More living room shots

Don’t forget about dressing up powder rooms-

Of course you know how I feel my beloved tulipieres, love them every season! They look smashing in red, added fresh greens and holly berry to the mix

Another holiday vigentte

Really liked my pointsettas in the large blue and white fishbowls, will repeat this again next year

Adore my “frosted” pinecones thanks to a can of spray paint:)

In the dining room loved this vignette, the white azalea topiaries in my new planters were a match made in Christmas heaven-

Here are some pics from my flocking fun-



My beautiful mixed green werath was about 40″ and super thick and gorgeous, really didn’t’ need another thing except a box!

Finally have just started to set my Christmas day table, some things I don’t do until the day before so maybe by Sunday I will have more to share but this is it so far-


A few takeaways-

I always have one box of sugar cones and one box of Jeffery cones on hand, they can be used over and over…they are huge pinecones that are such a great bang for your buck. They work beautifully on tables, consoles, mantles, just about anywhere. Next year if you can’t find them, let me know I can get them for you

Greens, lots and lots of fresh greens. To me, nothing is prettier than gorgeous fresh greens on mantles, console, dining tables, etc…..I like mixing in with faux and honestly you would never know

Buy faux berries, though real ones are lovely, they don’t last long and when they start falling off, they are a pain to clean and can stain floors, faux berries look real and can be sued with fresh greens, best part you get to use them every year

I bought tall (14-20″) clear glass cylinders this year and love the effect with candles in them, they are beautiful, so dramatic and look great on mantles, dining tables, chests and coffee tables. They are not expensive and once again a big bang for your buck

I am more convinced than ever that blue and white is so beautiful during the holidays….so my collection will continue to grow:)

Always burn candles with holiday scents and crank up that music, really elevates my holiday mood

Flocking! This year was a flocking kind of holiday, had so much fun flocking my greenery, pinecones, etc… year who knows! Amazing what a small can of spray paint can accomplish, so make sure you have one can of white spray paint handy

Take full advantage of after Christmas sales…..nothing like a bargain and having some shiny new toys to start decorating with next year!

I always have small envelopes of $20-40 in them for last minute emergencies (safely in a kitchen drawer) like the Poland Spring guy coming or the UPS man, etc…

Take time for mini breaks, sometimes even during the most hectic days, I would stop and take 15 min to take a power nap, or make myself a cup of coffee and settle down with a magazine, sometimes you need to “cut” the madness out of your day for even a few minutes, then you feel recharged to carry on….

Start planning in August. I do not do this, HOWEVER next year I am going on a 4 month Christmas planning schedule and i will invite all my readers to join me, it will be like a support group/motivational meeting once a week to stay on track for a stress free Christmas holiday:)


Well that’s a wrap for Christmas 2017. I am pretty much done all except for having many gifts to still wrap, thankfully running out of gift wrap is not a problem:)  Wishing everyone a wonderful end to your week and a fantastic weekend as we all begin the final countdown to Christmas! Until next time….

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Tina, you have such a LOVELY home and your taste is impeccable. Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas!

Gina from The Midwest

Your home looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Wishing you and yours a Merry & Blessed Christmas.

Lovely. This year was the 1st yr I had all my gifts wrapped before Thanksgiving. For once, I won’t be wrapping at 1am Christmas Eve and I will be able to truly enjoy my holiday. Thank you for the lovely inspirations!

your home was lovely! I never thought of flocking with spray paint, but will give it a try next year. 4 months advance planning??? I’m already working on next year’s theme! That way the Christmas sales make sense, it’s targeted buying. Merry Christmas.

You live in a home that most of us can only dream about. Everything looks beautiful, especially the blue and white porcelain decked out in Christmas flowers and plants. I wrapped my presents in your new Christmas paper and they look terrific! I had a terrible time finding blue and white gingham ribbon, so I used a blue and white stripe and green ribbon on the presents. I never did find the gingham ribbon. Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas.

So much Christmas inspiration in one post!!! Thanks for all the ideas, photos, and beautiful Blue and White this year, Tina. Have a fabulous Christmas!

Incredible!! All of this is still dancing through my head!! I stopped by Home Depot…no white paint…they said something about, “some blog lady mentioned how fun “flocking everything” was….” 🙂 Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!! franki

Your dining table Christmas decor is so lovely. Those place settings are so beautiful and certainly say Merry Christmas.

Your home is without a doubt the most beautiful home I’ve ever seen or ever will see. I’ve seen a lot of mansions on blogs and websites but all pale in comparison to yours. Every detail is perfection and truly gorgeous. Thank you for generously sharing it with your followers. It brings me so much joy!
Have the most beautiful Christmas filled with family, friends and lots of love.

Magnificently beautiful. Truly a beautiful Christmas ? home filled with cheer. Your beautiful blog and gorgeous photos are a joy to read. Your holiday spirit is a delight.

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. I absolutely love each picture- each picture is filled with warmth, glamour, elegance and happiness! I showed my five year old daughter some of the pictures and she screamed out “mommy! It’s more blue and white- oh no!”
My husband rolls his eyes when one of your blue and whites show up on our doorstep, but he knows it makes me happy so he is kind about the rolling of the eyes. So now my daughters do it too! 🙂

As always, your post of your holiday home was a feast for the eyes. I so envy you having fresh branches to work with. No Magnolia leaves in AZ!! Cactus just aren’t the same with blue & white.
Thanks for sharing and sending wishes for a wonderful holiday.

“WOW”…..Tina, your home looks stunningly beautiful ❤️ I would say ‘YOU’ are the Monet of the decorating world! Kudos for a job so well done!
MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family!
Patty from Colorado

A stunning, gorgeous and welcoming home.. May you and your family have a wonderful and Merry Christmas!

You have impeccable taste and your home is beautifully decorated for Christmas. You live in a home that I could only dream of having one day. I look forward to following your blog next year, as I’m a fairly new follower. I’m quite excited about starting in August to plan for Christmas next year. This year was extremely stressful even though I’m a very organized person. I would like to take this time to wish you, your staff and your family a Very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

LOVE your drawing room! Although my house is all decorated, I can’t help tweaking here and there. My husband thinks I’m nuts ~ “It’s fine just the way you had it” ~ but I’m still adding snips of Mugo pine into bowls of oranges, for example. Your white and pink-tinged amaryllis in blue and white planters gave me a new idea for January/February, especially since I still snip evergreens to bridge the gap from winter to the end of February. Thank you, Tina! Merry Christmas to you all! (P.S. I continue to collect blue/white porcelain pieces, too.)

Tina – your home looks stunning!! What a display of beauty for Christmas and the holidays – I can see why it takes such time and effort. Really beautiful. Merry Christmas and best wishes for the new year!

Your house looks absolutely beautiful for the holidays! Merry Christmas to you and your family, Tina!

Everything is lovely, Tina. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Looks like you will have a white Christmas there! looking forward to the party post.
One quick question…how do you keep artificial and even real greenery from damaging tabletops (scratches and sap) and other wood surfaces such as the banisters on stairs? Fabric is too obvious. Thought you might have tackled this one and could offer a useful tip. Thanks.

This is what I call flawless, actually took my breath away. You are such an inspiration. Thanks for your tips, I will be putting them into action next Christmas! I thought I had a favorite picture until I scrolled through and then I gave up just too many beautiful images to pick one. Congratulations to the winner, Merry Christmas Tina!

Merry Christmas! Thank you for sharing your blog/home with readers. FYI! You can buy a spray can of snow. My best.

Tina, Your home is breathtaking! It should be in a magazine. Living in Los Angeles we never see a white Christmas.

Love this picture of Teddy. Thanks for sharing your home with each of us. Love your idea of beginning Christmas planning in August. Thanks for leading the charge to keep us all on track. I always say I will begin at the beginning of November but I just don’t do it. I wish now I had started earlier as I so enjoy the beautiful decorations and lights at this time of year. I can never get enough. Merry Christmas.

Your home and Christmas decorations are lovely! I am all in for a planning support group next year….great idea. Merry Christmas!

Your tree and home is just gorgeous . Thank you for sharing it with us. I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Merry Christmas Tina. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom for entertaining, decorating and your friendship. ?

“A Picture Paints a Thousand Words”…..Your home is Exquisite Tina, Merry Christmas to You and Your Family! Enjoyed ALL the Beauty of Your Talents. God Bless You!!!

House is much too over the top – how many people on your blog could possibly afford anything close to any of this.

Your home is my favorite! I love everything you do!!! Thank you for sharing! Merry Christmas!!!

You are so talented, I love the house and theChristmas decorations are to die for

I lost this beautiful post! For 2 days l’ve been trying to find you! So a big sigh of relief when l rediscovered your beautiful post#

Every room is decorated beautifully. I love to decorate with blue and white. I try to have blue and white ginger jars in every room of the house. You give beautiful ideas on how to decorate for Christmas.

Love your bluer and white looks so Christmas please do more – flower arrangements were fantastic

Your house is the most beautiful, elegant, and everything is decorated with special talent, quality and great taste. I love it

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