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Hello, so nice that it’s Sunday, I am unfortunately a bit under the weather, more of a head cold but enough to keep me in and to rest and get better before a busy week ahead (porcelain container for starters)! Also got in the most exquisite chinoiserie tole shipment, chomping at the bit to share it all with you in the coming week or two. The hustle and bustle of the month of Dec just might have caught up with me, today with the frigid temps…is a great day to stay in and rest up (as I did yesterday).

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, here it’s been bitterly cold so our snow has not moved, the kind of weather that makes you want to hibernate for a few weeks, or even months. Now I get it…..bears and other animals that hibernate for the winter have the right idea!  There are a few polls this Sunday that I would love your input on. Here we go with my Seven on Sunday-


1 THE PORCELAINS ARE COMING AND NEW PLANTERS! So excited that my first container of gorgeous porcelains is coming tomorrow! Over 700 pieces of exquisite porcelains, jars,planters, fishbowls, tulipieres and more.

I have some incredible new items being developed that I can barely wait to tell you about, hope to have them sometime in March, stay tuned:) Here is a peek at what is coming in tomorrow, as I always do I will hold an arrival sale, likely Wed or Thurs so be sure to check back!

Very excited over this new tulipiere coming, I can see them now with beautiful soft colored spring flowers-

And these are all new introductions-

Thinking of adding this light blue color to the chinoiserie garden seats, yes or no? (a soft blue)


Speaking of new products would love your take on these two new Provence style planters (these are metal) and are indoors/outdoors-

Planter 1

Planter 2

2 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST I love sharing with you all the Instagrams that have caught my eye for the week. If there is one theme this week, it would have to be winter I realized after seeing my roundup they all have a winter/holiday theme. Why not? It’s beautiful and always makes for a magical picture. Of course a little blue and white has to be thrown in-

But my favorites this week are a three way tie because each of these featured my products and I just loved seeing them so enjoyed and looking so beautiful!


3 INA GARTEN’S RISE TO FAME I have been a long time fan of her simplified but delicious cooking and love watching her show, it takes me to a happy place and almost always makes me want to run to my kitchen and start cooking away:) Enjoyed this interview on her rise from budget analyst to iconic cooking star. If you are a fan, think you will too…..


4. FINALLY….A BLUE AND WHITE BATHROOM! Hard to believe despite my insatiable love of blue and white, that I don’t have a designated blue and white room in my home. So in Palmetto Bluff, it’s finally happening.

The back powder room, the one we will likely use all the time as it’s off the garage will finally be my blue and white room that is well overdue. Right now I have a white porcelain sink and pale gray marble herringbone flooring so it’s a blank canvas. I see pretty blue/white wallpaper and maybe a few prints or a garden seat in the corner, going for a really fresh, clean/crisp vibe. Here are some contenders that I really like (all from Schumacher)-

I like them all but the first and second are loves, I like that they even have a little pale gray in them to pick up the pale gray in marble floor

Then I put in on a board to give it some perspective and think I have narrowed it down to 2 and you?

If you care to weigh in on your favorite choose one and vote below-



5.  SOME FAVORITE DESIGN BOOKS With the snow the other day, it gave me a much needed chance to stay in and relax, felt so good! I was in my comfy clothes all day and just lounged about, watching movies, and reading.

I loved going through some of my favorite design books, and it’s funny how the really good ones, just never get old. There are many more but these are just some I recently went through.Here are some that I cannot recommend highly enough…..


6 CHICKEN POT PIE? I love chicken pot pie and shockingly have never made it, but with winter showing its icy cold arctic face, think it’s time to stay in and stay cozy as much as possible. And of course with that comes comfort foods so I decided this week I am going to tackle a chicken pot pie.

There are many many recipes online but I found one that seemed manageable, looked good and had good reviews. Looking good is an understatement, this has me craving pot pie at 8am! Here it is and click here to be taken to Family Fresh Meals for the recipe


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY As we got walloped with snow a few days ago, and  now are dealing with brutal cold, I am suddenly not at all a fan of winter anymore. Not sure how much of that coincides with getting older and just not tolerating it as well….but this winter has been horribly cold and goes right though you.

I used to be all about the four seasons but now “get” why people move to warm climates for if not the entire year at least part of it. And you? Are you one to embrace all the seasons or are you a snowbird?



So friends that’s it for this Sunday, thank you as always for stopping in. Can you tell I am over winter? Yes, I very much am, this kind of cold is for the birds!! Stay warm if you are in winters path and for those of you who are not, embrace that warmth and sunshine for all of us freezing:)  Wishing you a wonderful and relaxing Sunday, until next time…..

PS If you missed. my Christmas party recap click here

PPS Also today is last day to take advantage of all silver being 20% off! Use code “silver” click here to see all silver

Neiman Marcus

Lord & Taylor

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Bonnie G. on

Love number two wallcovering with that floor!
Feel better!

Judith Phillips on

Would you share the source for your new bathroom mirror you have in your board?

Teresa on

Lovely post, as always, Tina!
I hope that you will feel better soon.
Happy Sunday!

Kerry on

Thanks so much for the Ina video! Especially fun because my daughter and I were in the audience for that chat on stage. She was just like she is on TV—always interesting, warm, funny, accessible, just delightful!!

Eve on

I have always had a blue and white bathroom. I find it so calming. I love wallpaper # 2. I had the same wallpaper in my bathroom with a reverse pattern for my shower and window curtain. I now have a blue and white toile paper which I love.
Yes, it is frigid here on Long Island–looking forward to the warmer weather. The pictures of Teddy at the end of your blog always puts a smile on my face.
Feel better.

Katie Clooney on

Good morning, dear Tina. So sorry that you are feeling under the weather. Hope you are better by tomorrow. I’m a firm believer in Zicam. The minute I feel a scratchy throat I take a dose. It’s amazing. Just added 3 more Instagram sites to follow thanks to you. It’s no wonder I don’t have time for laundry. Your porcelain and planters are gorgeous. I listen to Katie Couric’s podcasts and she had a great interview with Ina. BTW… I hate winter and can’t wait til it’s over. Hope you’re feeling better soon!!xx

Lisa on

So much to comment on here, love those new planters especially #2 and would order those in a heartbeat, please let us know if they are forthcoming.
Great wallpapers but #3 is perfection, goes beautifully with the gray and white in the bathroom.
Appreciate you sharing your favorite books, I have a few but now I need a few more:-) Chicken pot pie is my husbands all time favorite meal (he is from the south). I look forward to checking out this recipe, not much of a cook but trying to work on that for 2018!

Patti on

Tina thank you so much for the book suggestions. Amazon will be hearing from me ☺️

Vicki on

Also love a great Chicken Pot Pie Soup.
Take that basic recipe but thin sauce a little with more Chicken Stock- bake a square double thickness of Puff Pastry to float on top. Heaven!

Lisa on

Hi Tina! Sorry you are under the weather but at least it is during a time that it feels good to stay in. So many comments I could make regarding this post!! My choice for the wallpaper is #3 (I know not your top choice but I love it with the floor). Metal planters are a fantastic addition!!! Tip for your chicken potpie….if you like dill then mixing in about a tablespoon of dried dill (give or take based on your taste) is an amazing addition to your piecrust. Yes, mix it into your crust…soooo delicious and pretty and unexpected. If you use the pre-made pillsbury type crust you can simple sprinkle it on top and use a rolling pin to push in 🙂

Linda Murray on

PLEASE SHARE which Schmacher books you found these paper in want to order two of them and have not seen then in the books I was looking thru!

BonnieBee on

I love wallcovering 3 with the blue mirror! Swoon worthy 🙂

BonnieBee on

Also, is that blue mirror available for purchase? Or where did you find it? Thanks!

Elizabeth on

As always you gave me my dose of pretty. Love all the porcelains and the new planters, gorgeous.

Your powder room will be so beautiful, my faves are 1 and 3, but all are lovely.

Going design book shopping now, thanks to you.

Beth H on

I’m not sure this is what you were asking but I liked (head & shoulders above the rest) wallpaper #3 (geo design) with the blue pagoda mirror. Make your (blue) statement!!!

Suzanne on

Hi Tina
I would do #1 or #4 with blue mirror – both are wonderful

Thx for book list

Hope you’re better soon!

APeggy Ekena on

For your back bathroom, I like selection #3 because the curve in the wall paper accentuates the curve in the sink. And, as you mentioned, it also has gray in it. The other selection, with the straight lines, is too many lines for my taste. Thank you for the video about Ina Garten. I love her show and her recipes. I knew that she had worked in the nuclear field for the White House, which is such a stretch from what she currently does. But, you have to love you do so it isn’t work. It’s all about finding what you’re passionate about. Hope you feel better and that it’s just a cold and not the flu!

Nancy on

A thought. If we had no winter there’d be no need to snuggle down into a mink collar and the rest of a mink and muff.

Karen Cole-Sung on

Tina, I love your blog! So surprised though that you don’t have one Charles Faudree book shown! They are timeless and filled with beautiful ideas!

Denise on

I adore Ina.

Melissa Hebbard on

I love that geometric wallpaper #4. It is so fresh and smart. Blue and white with Chinoiserie is such a good choice for a bathroom.
Here in SE Australia, I am so over the heat of summer. We are sweltering in 40 degree days and yesterday Sydney hit 47 which is the hottest day since 1939! You go outside and your eyes seem to instantly dry up and sizzle and the mozzies and flies pester you if you try to cool off in the water. There is always the fear and ever-present risk of bushfires especially when the hot North winds blow. The thing with winter is that you can dress more warmly and eat lovely hot food and sit snug and warm by the fire with a good book, a cat on your knee and a cup of tea. In Summer you can remove all of your clothes but still be too hot and stay inside all day but even the air conditioning struggles and if we get the dreaded power outages, due to getting rid of our coal powered generators and relying too much on renewables, then we are in serious trouble!
We are off to Revelstoke and then Snowmass for a bit of skiing next week so I can escape our dreadful summer for a few blissful weeks of cold.

Temple martin on

Love number 4. Try a little fennel in the pot pie. It’s fabulous. For books I love Charles Faudree, Furlow Gatewood and Bunny Williams and of course James Farmer since he is southern.

michele@hellolovelystudio on

Hi Tina! I feel your pain as I have almost recovered from the flu which caused me to feel so irritable for a week! I actually don’t mind the cold as I age, as long as there is sunshine. But on grey days, oh my! I have to be intentional and extra kind to myself since my energy and mood get low. My husband has begun to talk about finding a place in the South, and our Arizona cottage is on the market now so who knows!?! xox

Clay Mckissack on

I made the chicken pot pie yesterday and it was wonderful. Was looking for a great receipe and it didn’t disappoint. I made it in a black cast iron skillet and added a bottom crust.

DE Cannon on

I love all of the seasons but in North Texas summer tends to last longer than all of the other 3. I love winter because I love coats scarves and cashmere! I spend the hot Texas summers in Colorado to get away from the heat which I find miserable. Love the coziness of winter!

Leslie on

Love the #3 wallpaper with the gray floor….And with the blue mirror. Love your site, posts, and decor. Native Floridian so never lived in that kind of cold and not sure I could although I love the seasons and always wish I was north for the fall. I am looking forward to trying the chicken pot pie. Thanks for the recipe. Keep warm and feel better.

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