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***For anyone visiting today hoping to see the porcelain arrival sale, regrettably it will not be until next Monday or Tues. A few people in the office are sick (including myself) and the rest are busy getting the presale/backorders  prepared to start shipping out today and tomorrow.

Please do check back for the sale on Monday or Tues…well worth the wait!****


Hello, hope your week is off to a great start. Unfortunately I am under the weather but hope to be on the mend soon, think the nonstop month of December might have caught up with me. Busy one over here with a new tole container that just arrived (too gorgeous for words) and the porcelain container arriving here tomorrow! For anyone who ordered during the presale, your order will ship by weeks end. Be on the lookout for a one day arrival sale as we always hold, sometime either Thurs or Friday.

For today it’s all about Palmetto Bluff and the new house. It was so great being there last week and getting to see the progress first hand, and to walk through really being able to visualize calling this wonderful gem of a place a part time home.

Though we will not meet the original deadline of late Jan. I think we are on track to close on around March 1st, fingers crossed! The painting is starting as the wood floors are finished, and now will start getting stained. Paint will take about 6 weeks but simultaneously we are ordering all the lighting, furniture (basics to start) etc……

I do not want anything to have a chance of holding this up as spring is a beautiful time to spend time there and I don’t’ want to miss out! As I always do I start with recent pictures, so these were all taken when I was there last week then pick a subject to talk about. So first here’s a look at how things are looking lately-



Still a construction site but the house itself is basically done except for shutters and gas lanterns

Yes its a construction site but a pretty one:)

Tbe covered porch all done,the screen they used is fantastic, you can hardly tell there is a screen there

Wood floors are in

Decisions, decisions!

And here is what we decied on, we want this house to feel really light and airy so this soft toned wood is perfect, we have dark wood in NY and love it but want something lighter and breezier

Marble sorting of the marble beveled Calcutta gold subway stiles for kitchen

All bathroom counter tops are in!

Love this great big tall window coming down the stairs

This is in the study, had this unit built, love this color

Bookcases are done in great room

Ceiling in master bedroom (we added this, loved how it came out in the study so decided to do this in the master, Christmas gift to myself lol

Closets getting done

Wood stair treads complete

All flooring complete

Some of the marble counter tops done in kitchen and pantry (this is Calcutta gold honed for those who asked)

We are now finishing up our paint choices, I want to go neutral throughout the house, so we narrowed it down to these two

On left is Ralph Lauren Tibetan Jasmine  and on right is Sherwin Williams Alabaster

They both look great, one is warmer and one is cooler

We will do White Dove on the trim

(If you want to weigh in please do, consider the flooring stain we have chosen)

Today’s subject is lighting for the stair hall, which includes a ceiling fixture and five sconces going up the stairs. I have wavered back and forth between brass and polished nickel but leaning ever so slightly to  stay with the polished nickel since that is what is most prevalent else where throughout the house.

Then again, the brass is so warm and I do love it and these days, mixing metals is almost always done.

As we are going a little more transitional, I think the ceiling will be a lantern with sconces to compliment the lantern we choose. Below are a few that we narrowed it down to-

A few sconces that I thought were interesting for the wall going up the main staircase and upstairs landing-


I am pleased to say I have ordered almost all the other sconces, and several lighting fixtures for other areas of the house. Now concentrating on the stair way lantern and sconces.

I am making decisions only on things we really need to have before we are done, otherwise I like to live in a home and take it all in before I make certain decisions. Thanks for stopping by and following along on this fun journey with me:) Until next time……

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Peggy Bryant on

Tina, Your home will be absolutely beautiful. Loving the choices you have made so far.

I have to say my heart breaks every time I see Teddy at the end of your blog. His sweetness shows in all his pictures.

I’m excited for you and your new home.

Best wishes, Peggy

Susan Schmid on

So much fun to see the progress! Everything is so beautiful. Would you share the dimensions of your great room/ kitchen area? Is the dining room in the center?

Patricia Q. Patterson on

Can not wait to see it all finished and decorated!

lily on

So beautiful! Love the herringbone stone floors. You are going to enjoy the early, gorgeous Southern spring in that home!

Ariane Marie on

Tina absolutely stunning. Love watching this home come together ❤️

Kerry on

Tina it looks like you’re using Circa lighting. I’m very familiar with them so I’ll pass on two hints.
The last chandelier on the left—I have the round version in aged brass in my foyer. The picture indicates 5 lights which I was happy about. But when it arrived it only had 4—not a deal breaker but I was disappointed.
Also the Darlana fixture tends to look a little cheap, at least it did in the gilded iron finish. It’s in my attic now!
Love all your sconces and hope you feel better soon!

Denise Reilly on

Can u tell me what brand and color of siding you used? I am trying g to find a cream colored hardie plank type and am having difficulty . Thx!


I do love the light fixtures you have chosen but please oh please consider an antique Chandelier fixture to add interest, warmth and patina. I have always believed that mixing new with old is the way to go! Just a thought…. Love everything else in the house- what a wonderful place it will be to get out of the brutal cold!

Cristina on

Hi Tina , where is the herringbone marble bathroom floor from? Did you purchase online ?! I love it and it would look great in my bathroom !!!!!

Bev on

Did you use white dove on your kitchen cabinets? What paint color did you use on your pantry cabinets?

Eileen on

I went with the alabaster although the left was my first choice, only because it seems to have more gray in it, which is a nice tiein with your other choices.

Shirley Craine on

Everything looks amazing! Hope you feel better soon!

Ellen H. on

Love your floor stain choice! It and the one beside it were my two favorites. I thought you might have selected the other one because it had ‘blue-ish’ highlights in it. 🙂 I can’t wait to see the house again after the outside shutters are installed!

Susan N. on

Hi Tina,

Your Poplar Bluff home is beautiful, thanks for sharing your progress.

I have Sherwin Williams Alabaster in my home on all of my trim and cabinets and love it. In 10 plus years it has not yellowed and is a clean, bright white.

All of your lantern and sconce selections are gorgeous, my favorites are the brass!

[email protected] on

Everything looks fabulous! I am sure that it will be beautiful when finished.

I hope that you feel better soon.

Susan on

What type of wood did you use on the ceiling? Did you stain it or leave the natural finish. I love the look. I want to put the wood
behind the bookcases on either side of shelving on each side of the fireplace.
Thank you for your wonderful posts.

Marilyn Stirrett on

I love so many of your choices. Will you soon be providing a list of the resources for all your choices–tiles, fireplace mantle, screening on the porch, type of wood flooring, lighting, etc. etc.?

YB on

What a gorgeous home! How blessed you are! I’d like to weigh in about the paint and metal choices even though taste is and should be personal. It seems to me that you should go with the warmer paint color since your fireplace is warm in color. The eye will take that in immediately. Your floor seems to be neutral on my screen. It has both warm and cool tones but looks mostly warm. That would, in my mind, lead to warm brass fixtures. Everything peaceful and harmonious. And your blue colors will look so pretty against that background. I’m only opining because you opened the door. I have to admit that it feels a bit like advising
Monet on his choice of colors. 🙂

Megan Sant on

Palmetto Bluff is a very special place! Congratulations on your lovely new home. My vote is for the alabaster paint color (like the cooler tones). For the sconces I love the brass (and didn’t think I would!)
All your choices are exquisite!

Katie Clooney on

Oooh Tina! It looks stunning. It is so much fun following this journey. I love all of your choices and can’t wait until you wave your magic and decorate. Hope you feel better soon.

Donna Scully on

Keeping your goal in mind makes the choices easier. Do you want statement items or blending items. Motif or blending? What else is in the room?
Palmetto Bluff transitional is the goal,

Julie L on

So pretty! I spent 7 yearsin this area with our second home. You may find you want to spend more and more time in the low country! Paint is HARD. You are so knowledgeable! Watch out for undertones especially yellowish. All choices you made are so lovely. And there are interesting things to accessorize with from Savannah, Hilton Head and Charleston. And a wonderful folk art gallery — Red Piano for local very different art. Julie

Arell on

It is so exciting to see your home coming together!

Susan Haidon on

Your home is coming along so beautifully. I can’t wait to see the finished product. I know it will be so beautiful. Adore and love ❤️ to see Teddy.

Elizabeth on

Hi Tina, yes to every single detail! I just love what you are doing. I love that wood floor stain color and am a fan of the Alabaster paint, our home in Jupiter is painted Alabaster and its a great color, a crisp white that doesn’t feel too stark. To me, the other one appears too creamy/yellow.

I can’t wait to see all your beautiful lighting choices hung and lit up! I loved the building process so much and am having fun following this with you.

mariae on

It looks, fabulous and its not finished yet, can’t wait to see it all done and with your great taste it will be Fantastic!

Kayln on

Gorgeous kitchen countertops. What stone did you use for bath vanity tops?

Kayln on

Gorgeous marble in the kitchen! What stone did you use for bath vanities?

Linda Cashman on

I like the last sconce–it looks brass without hitting you in the face with bright brass. I used BM White Dove on my trim in my historic house. It is a beautiful creamy white. Have you thought about using your chinoiserie tole lanterns in your kitchen in the blue and cream? I have a beautiful blue and white double tier chandelier over my. Breakfast room table and it looks great with white dove walls and tall blue and white chinoiserie floor to ceiling draperies. The arms are oil rubbed bronze that goes great with the antique country French refractory table.

Margaret Ekena on

Your second residence in Palmetto Bluffs is going to be a stunner, for sure. So many decisions! Can’t wait to see it furnished. Hope you feel better soon. Rest is the key.

Cher on

I would think about the shadow pattern of the lantern you choose. The lines of the lantern will cast a shadow through out your stair well and that might effect your decision for the complementing wall sconces. Even though I like the lanterns with more designs on the side, I know I would choose a lantern with cleaner lines because of the shadow effect.
I love your wood flooring choice and stain color and would consider using it in my home. Could you reveal the wood floor maker and the name of the stain you are using? Hope you recover quickly.

dory on


John on

It’s looking great! You’ve just nailed the Southern feel. The high ceilings and open spaces remind me so much of our southern ancestral home! It’s just beautiful. You WILL enjoy this place more than you can imagine!!

Kelly Nitsos on

LOVE everything!! Can you tell me who makes the sconces with the crystal “torch”? LOVE them!!

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