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Good Tuesday morning friends!  And how is your week going? Over here,  I am finally starting to be on the mend,  not quite 100% but getting there. It is gong to be a busy week between making up for lost time, having gotten the porcelain and chinoiserie tole shipments in.

The porcelain sale will be on either Wed night or Thursday morning, as we are still working on getting all presale orders out and want to have that done before we hold the arrival sale. Moving along to the Palmetto Bluff home front, crazy isn’t it that we are on chapter 32 and in the home stretch (about another 2 months till completion)!

There isn’t much to show this week that is so different from what I shared last week, so only a few pictures (shared a lot last week) but we are definitely moving fast and furious in the right direction and it’s very exciting to be entering the home stretch! But here are a few taken last week-



Today I am not tackling one specific subject as I generally do, but instead touching on several differnt ones/updates. One major decision was made, we chose and ordered our patio furniture, this was exciting!

The patio is enclosed and very large, I have a feeling it is a space that we will use a lot, so besides being good looking it was important that we choose something comfortable and Lane Venture delivered for us. We own some of their outdoor now and love it, it has held up beautifully even against harsh NY winters.

This is the collection we are doing, called the Requisite, we are not doing their tables but considering one of these below. Would love to know, as I always do your preference, if you have one. The fan is from Circa Lighting and a good compliment to the transitional vibe out there. All I need is some great pillows, a few sisal outdoor rugs, my planters and I am good to go!


So here are the two tables under consideration-


CHOICE 1 This one is from Bernhardt and is as you see it, a little more modern than what I set out to look for but somehow I do like it, I think the mix of the weathered wood with the metal is really interesting-


CHOICE 2 This one is slightly less modern, great color, comes as a round then expands with two leafs if needed. From Vanguard-






And a few of the fans that are contenders both for the porch and the rooms that get fans (all from Circa lighting)

Really appreciate the input on the wallpaper for the back powder room last Sunday. I have ordered samples and will tape them up in the actual bathroom next time I am there and make a decision at that time.

I normally like to see the paper in the actual space before I can make a decision and now I may be adding ship lac to the bottom 42″ of the wall for an extra accent so this is in limbo but for all who asked, these were all from Schumacher. The first two were my absolutely faves (with the right originally being my first choice) but I am still torn so will try all four-

Then I saw this on Schumacher’s Instagram and it made e really like the stripe a lot too, so will have to see how these look in the actual space-

For the main powder room I am not going to do a thing until I actually see the room all cleaned up, right now it’s covered in paper and plastic, I love the floors and my vanity. I may or may not consider adding some kind of molding to the walls, may just do a beautiful wallpaper. This is a very similiar vibe to the main powder room with wallpaper front top to bottom (have the same vanity but ours is in nickel)-

I have a few sconces being sent over and will decide which go in which bathroom when I am physically there to decide, a few contenders are below.

Also considering these mirrors, have a favorite?

This below is one of my all time favorites (from Worlds Away), they used to make it in silver but now only in gold which is gorgeous but the sconces/faucet are nickel…

Onto the kitchen, was super excited to get my island lighting ordered, I knew the minute I saw this…that this was it.

It was fun to find some rooms with it to help me visualize-

All bedroom furniture was ordered (beds and nightstands) since we need those to move in, will work on upholstery for things like an accent chair, benches soon. Ordering several pairs of lamps as we will need them for every bedroom, foyer, living room, study, etc….here are some that were just ordered (all from Circa lighting)

For the stair railing, want to do a darker gray/ or gray/taupe instead of a harsh black. Here on left are the two floors with our paint color, which railing (metal) do you prefer? The two choices are on the right, top or bottom?

Here are. few pictures of gray/taupe colored railings-

We have an upstairs window seat off of the stair landing where I see a pretty bench cover probably in an ivory linen (solid or very simple small print) filled with soft blue/ivory pillows….have narrowed it down to these and love them all!

In the laundry room did white cabinets with a quartz top, I was so busy making so many decisions that I totally disregarded considering a backsplash so now that the counter tops and cabinets are in, decided to do a backsplash, always loved the look of a clean white porcelain beveled subway tile. And this one is a deal!

Here is the overall look-

And I may even do a light gray grout to pick up the countertops and the gray in the floor-


My treasured resources so far- (click on company name to visit)






BASKETWEAVE MOSAICS (ask for Eric and tell them Tina from TEH sent you)

TILE BAR  (ask for Jacob and tell them Tina from TEH sent you)

AGM STONE (best slabs in the south)





So that’s my hodge podge post on Palmetto Bluff today, so exciting to be at the stage of selecting furniture and accents. Stay tuned, much more to come! Thanks for stopping by and sharing this journey with. me, wishing you a wonderful day. Until next time…….

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Love it all. Wanted to suggest a grout I used called Mabe Pearl. It is a light taupe and gives definition but is much paler than the light gray! Looks great with marble or a marble looking quartz. I have London Grey Ceasure Stone. What a summer you will have in your new home.

Pick your favorite (gold) mirror and mix your metals; I think it would be beautiful. I prefer the bottom color for your metal staircase. Agree with Kim above / below on going with a bit softer color for your grout if you don’t do white. The light taupe seems more in keeping with your style (i.e. less trendy). I don’t care for the dark gray grout trend. Personally would order ceiling fans without lighting in them. It’s a much more sophisticated look, imo. We have fans in our home, and I cringe at the light that comes out of them when they are turned on. Maybe for your porch, where getting exterior lighting is more difficult, but for interior I would choose a non-light option. Your lighting choices are all beautiful!

It all looks great! I will say I don’t care for the legs on that round table. Too many people would end up kicking a leg.

I love all of your choices and have been inspired. Only I have been reading lately that subway tiles may be on their way out??
Also, I looked through your archives and found all of the recipes you’ve posted through the years ( some pics featured sweet, Teddy). I was thrilled!
You really are amazing, Tina. Thank you!
Many happy, healthy years in PB!

I’m not surprised, Tina, that out of all the decisions you’ve had to make, you forgot one item. The home is going to be beautiful. I recently had my master bath and guest bathroom gutted and redone. I selected the Arabesque tile, for the floor, in white and a dark gray for the grout. It really accentuates the shape of the tile, blends well with the dark gray cabinets, and best of all, it won’t look dirty! So glad that you’re feeling better.

Hi Tina, hope you are staying warm. I just wanted to throw in my two cents worth, haha. I’m referring to your powder room where above you have sample of the wallpapers. I have always felt that the bigger the pattern in a small powder room, the better. I am really in love with the sample on the left. It is stunning and will make a great impact in the overall look of the powder room.

I’m ready to move right into this lovely home, Tina! I can’t decide between those two tables for your patio. Love that Bernhardt modern style, but maybe you can find a place for the other one too so you don’t have to choose! It is going to be absolutely stunning. Thinking of you as you recover 100% and wishing you peace as you manage your shop, design, and make dreams come true. xox

Congrats on all the progress. And how nice that you still love your builder and treasure your resources, so often that’s not the case. And, how exciting that you have reached the decorating stage where you are buying furniture. Love it all!

I’d like to know the source for the pillows too. My daughter has bought a new house, and they would be perfect!

Love the Greek Key pattern for powder. Other patterns seem to “cute” for the elegance of the home.

I just got back from PB this morning! Always a wonderful getaway. Your house looks fabulous!

Love Palmetto Bluff, we have been there twice once for a wedding an second time for a girls trip. You are not kidding when you say how pretty it is. Love the house progress, every single choice is spot on. Cannot wait to see it all done!

Love everything! You must be so excited to be close to moving in and enjoying it. I agree with others about powder room wallpaper, go with Greek key.

Stunning. Just stunning details and selections. And yet, somehow through the elegance, it feels like the project is completely wrapped up in family warmth and a home for for gathering.
I like your method and process of gathering and managing so many decisions. When looked at in whole form-Crikey! That could be very overwhelming and overstimulating.
But you show a terribly good example to take parts of the project and maneuver choices into sets and sub-sets. Much more manageable.
It seems when all the details are deconstructed into smaller amounts: it’s easier to digest all the choices. Then clarity arrives to decisions, comparisons and selections-
Then all put together, the components bring out the best in what that particular product has to offer and highlights the best features the products in the room it’s sharing. Like a symphony.
So Tina, you are a Maestro Conducter?
As I read the process- I imagine anyone of your readers, if they desired, could apply this deconstruction of materials and then rebuild selections into a space the reader might be considering to renovate or construct. The process could be applied to many budgets, materials, styles, job sizes and more.
Thanks for the sources and for sharing the journey.
Minneapolis, MN

Wow just love every single choice. The color palette is so pretty and soft as a lake house should be. We built a home on Kiawah about 3 years ago and did a similar feeling but somehow i still have not managed to have the house feeling completed with all the right finishing touches. Maybe you can come work your magic?

I love those wallpapers and your outdoor furniture is so pretty! Great job, Tina. I also got my tuliperes and fishbowl today and must say they are even more beautiful in person.

Which quartz did you do with for your laundry room? I am struggling to find one that I like.

Tina, “God is in the details”. You are doing a great job with your choices. The millwork, trims, built-ins, tiles, etc. Beautiful. Keep up the great work! Looking forward to seeing your finished projects.

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