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Hello friends, hope your weekend is going well. Crazy that we are already into our second weekend of 2018! Well being sick was not exactly how I planned to welcome a new year, but hopefully that will be it for a long time and it’s  now full steam ahead since I am starting to feel better and getting my energy back. Keeping a low profile this weekend and canceled a city outing to be extra safe, but by Monday hope to be good as new.

We are in the throes of getting all presale/backorder porcelain orders out and expect all to be shipped out by end of day Monday. Then we will hold the one day porcelain arrival sale most likely on Tuesday or Wednesday,  so be ready:) Onto my Seven on Sunday…..


1 ARABELLA JUNE Have shared her work before because well……..simply put, it’s so astounding! I had a custom crest done by her about 2 years ago and she fulfilled every one of my dreams in a beautiful custom work of art. I have used it on stationery, notepads, gift stickers and I am sure there will be other ways to use it in the future. Her works make the most gorgeous stationery and invitations…her talent is just “beyond”.

Here are some examples of some recent work. Click here to contact her via Instagram to have a custom monogram or work or art made, you can thank me later:)

Here is the magnificent work of art she created for me, means even more now that Teddy is no longer with me-



2 OBSESSED WITH MY NEW TULIPIERES Got these beauties in, my brand new stlye of tulipieres,  a few days ago and just obsessed with them. This is the medium but I also got in large which are magnificent.  I had to of course put them to use and now dreaming of hosting a spring luncheon! I can see a pale blue, pink and white theme now.  They are now for sale, click here to see (down to the last few pair).

And the finished product which I put on my dining room mantle, only wish I was having a party to “show them off”-


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST SO much beauty this week with a healthy does of blue and white thrown in…….of course-

And my faves this week are these two beauties both featuring my products!

4 A FEW RECOMMENDED DOCUMENTARIES  With my being sick last week it gave me plenty of time to read, watch tv, movies, etc……..I always rewatch a few of my most favorite movies but discovered a few new ones that were pretty cute. I also watch documentaries on a weekly basis, it is not unusual for me to watch 2 or 3 a week,  I love them. They can educate you on so many levels about so many things.

I love wine and food documentaries so these are some of the best I have seen, if this is also your thing, you may want to check these out-

Have seen this several times but it is good and  a really unbelievable story even if you are not a wine aficionado-

And this is one of my most favorite documentaries of all time, so much so that I bought the DVD, fascinating and so tragic, even if you do not love art you will find this incredibly compelling, I promise!

5 CAT CAFES? OK I guess I have been under a rock. Did you know there have been an explosion of things called “Cat cafes”? Nor did I. This apparently is a trend first started in Japan (somehow not a surprise given their penchant for quirky fetish type things) and now has descended upon the U.S namely larger cities.

As an example there is Meow Parlor in NYC, click here to read about it and  now there’s the first dog cafe opening up in NYC, called Boris and Horton.  Stay tuned:)

Here is  a video that kind of explains the logic behind these pet cafes-

6 TIM AND FAITH’S PRIVATE ISLAND. If I didn’t think they were one of the cutest most grounded couples in showbiz/music, I woud be seriously jealous! I actually watched a documentary on them and they are a really inspiring and incredible couple/family, in what they give back and just being “good people”.

Very admirable…..If I owned this gorgeous island in the Bahamas,  I don’t think I would ever leave. I would stay and become a recluse aka Howard Hughes. Just incredible!!

All pictures from Architectural Digest (click here to read more about it)

7  SUNDAY’S SURVEY  So this has to do with life and the pace in which you live it. For me, personally, I did things a little backwards. Married at 21, had my first son at 22, so my “career” as a buyer for B. Altmans in NYC was cut short very early.

I spent a good 20 years raising my kids (who I am kidding, that job never ends lol) and in the last few years, once I started a blog, began my online shop and hence the rest is history. The pace has picked up considerably and there is never any grass growing under my feet, and I work full time (and then some on some weeks).

But the funny thing is I like it this way, it actually makes me thrive and somehow energizes me. Gives me a purpose every single day to be and stay productive. Not to say it will be this way forever but for now it suits me just fine! I don’t miss the more leisurely days of playing tennis, having lots of free time, does that sound crazy? I like the structure and keeping my brain active that owning my business is giving me How about you?


So that’s what’s cooking on this Sunday, anything here interest you? Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday. I know I will! Wishing you a great end to your weekend and speak to you soon. Until next time…..

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Always the highlight of my Sunday morning and this did not disappoint. Your tuliperes are so beautiful! I love the color combination.
Thanks for the movie recommendations, my daughter is a fine arts major and would love the Art of the Steal, I will tell her about it.
The Bahama island owned by Faith and Tim is a dream and I agree they seem to be people of substance who give back to the communities and people that have supported them. Have a good day, Tina and happy you are feeling better.

I used to work as I owned my own graphic design business which grew quite a bit and was eventually sold. I miss it on some days but now that I am a freelancer, it gives me the best of both worlds. I also have twin girls who play soccer so now I have time to be there for every game and just to enjoy life with them, because we all know it goes by too fast.

The florals you did are exquisite. I love those monograms too, what a special piece of art. Thank you for sharing all the beauty.

Happy to hear that you are feeling better Tina! Love 7 on Sunday, I always find an Instagram I did not know about!
Have a fabulous weekend.

Made me smile…these “cold” days and having a “cold” I’ve been taking advantage of our Amazon Prime!! Keep those smiles comin!! franki

Cat Cafes!! Heaven help us! Private islands in the Bahamas without any cats…take me away! Thanks for another great Sunday morning pick-me-up. Excuse me but I need to go pet my dog.

Hi Tina — Your IG favorites always send me on a search for new feeds! And have you tried David Letterman’s new series on Netflix? His conversation with the former president is wonderful and so human. Your poll today has me wondering why on earth we are still debating working women? Of course we work; it’s who we are. Keep up your good work and stay warm!

I loved B. Altman’s so much, that I kept their credit card. Don’t ask me why. Just loved that store. Franklin Simons, Best and Company, Peck & Peck, etc. to name a few others. I just went into my desk drawer and found it immediately, because it’s a peachy colored card. It’s so old that it has my name AND my husband’s name on the card. That’s when a woman couldn’t have a card on her own. And yes, that’s how old I am! Since I got rid of the husband, I think today is a good day to get rid of the card! A good Sunday to you all.

Great post, many, many thanks for sharing. Arabella June is amazing!!!! My best.

I enjoyed this post 🙂 I purchased one of the small blue and white tulipieres, but now am wishing I’d gone with the medium – I may have to spring for a second one, LOL! I think your poll is missing an option – how about “I used to work and now do not, and feel lonely, unproductive and rudderless”? Well, something like that, you get the point. I find myself in that situation right now as I recently left my full-time job of many years and moved to a different state to be near my only child. I don’t have to work anymore, but I am still relatively young (a couple of years older than you, I think) and it doesn’t feel good to me not to. Plus, that is how I socialized and met people. I’ve picked up a couple of clients and am doing a little work from home, but I liked it much better when I had to get up and dressed and go to the office! The enforced structure, routine, and human interaction was good for me. I may end up trying to find another job…

I was laughing at the cat cafe, what next? The monograms and the tuliperes have me dreaming of beautiful spring days. Lovely post as always, Tina.

B. Altmans: those were the days of getting dressed up to go shopping; it was an event… Too bad it’s not like that now..
Class, elegance: I miss those days.

I love your family crest! I hopped over to her Instagram and followed her. Must be good to be Tim and Faith!! Thanks for the tips on the documentaries. I know the Mister will love them. Another cold gray day today. Hope you have sunshine. Enjoy your week, and hope you’re feeling 100% soon.

Always look forward to your Sunday posts. Was delighted you mentioned the Sour grapes documentary. My husband, Michael Egan was the principal Expert for the US Justice Department in the Rudy Kurniawan trail. Sadly he got no mention in the documentary but what an incredible story.

Hi Tina happy you are starting to feel better, the flu is particularly wicked this year. My husband is an ER doctor and tells me he has not seen it this bad in. many years, so do take good care of yourself!
Those monograms are breathtaking, as our daughter is getting married in 2019, I will keep that name handy since both she and i are monogram freaks.
Your tulipieres are so very beautiful. I bought a pair of the small and have really enjoyed them but now thinking I may have to treat myself to a pair of the larger ones too, maybe an early birthday gift to myself. Love seeing sweet Teddy at the end of every post.

I too love the Netflix documentaries, today I watched Harry and Snowball, one of the best ever.

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