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Good morning friends…some days I still can’t believe Christmas is over. I just took down my very last decoration and while I miss the holidays, there is something so therapeutic about a clean new slate.  It’s a new year and for me 2018 has a lot in store!

It always takes me at least 2-3 weeks to readjust to getting back to “normal” but normal can be good too. It just takes time to get used to things. The upside is there is a lot of fun and very exciting things happening over here and I do mean A LOT.

Lots of new things going on behind the scenes and I have finally understood that in retail, seasons start WAY ahead of time. As in next July I will be putting the finishing touches on my Christmas holiday line of ornaments, wrapping paper and some other new things up my sleeve. I just couldn’t wait to share all this with you.

Dreaming up, designing, creating and eventually producing all of these items is a huge process. It happens to be a process I genuinely enjoy…the creative process can be exhilarating and gratifying beyond words. but it takes time, patience, and of course faith in ones investment:) I always say I create the things I want to see and buy, things I want to own that are not necessarily out there.

In the meantime, though we are in the dead of winter, spring is alive and very well inside the office of Enchanted Home. I have some wonderful new spring additions in the works that I am beyond excited about and you are the first to know about them, I am excited to share these exciting new ventures with you. I am not at all good about keeping secrets and some have said not to share these until they are here but I can’t keep them under wraps!

**This is kind of like my twice a year Enchanted Home newsletter, telling you all about it and giving you a chance to come “behind the scenes” to see all that is happening….and it’s good. Very good:)

**I suggest grabbing a cup of coffee (or your drink of choice) sitting down putting your feet up, and giving yourself a few minutes to go through this as there is A LOT to take in (and consider this a disclosure that reading this post could bring on heart palpitations over excitement of all the beautiful, new things coming in- if you are anything like me)!


GIFTWRAP- Speaking of wrap, my gift wrap has been such a huge hit, that I am going to be introducing seasonal collections. These below are the spring collection papers which I am beyond excited about.

These will all be reversible which I think makes it especially great, it’s like getting two papers for the price of one. And think of how excited your gift recipient will be  opening up a gift that is as beautiful unwrapped as it is wrapped!

Then these new colors for my chinoiserie paper are sure to be a big hit, thinking with weddings, showers, etc…these will be huge hit. I love these and think the gold leaf design makes them extra special. The only one that is being changed is the pink, they did the wrong pink…it needs to be a much softer, paler pink and the white will be ivory. These are already in production-

All have the gold chinoiserie print


And then there are these beauties…love each and every one. These are handpainted designs with a coordinating floral trellis on the reverse side. Just love them! I would love to. know your three favorites as I may not bring all 4 (huge minimums) but possibly three to start though I am so torn about which three, so need your input-

OK your turn to weight in with your three faves-

MELAMINE- Unbelievably excited about the two newest collections I am introducing for spring thought these are amazing year round and are all we mostly use on a day to day basis. They look great, are lightweight super easy and can’t break….how can you beat that!

I am in love with how they came out and just cannot wait until they are here. I said these are so pretty they will make your good china jealous:-)

As with my last ones, they will be offered in dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowls, two serving platters and a large serving bowl. Feast your eyes on these beauties-


The orange/blue/white collection

The blue/green/white collection-

For the above blue/green please tell me which large serving platter you like the most (there are two on the right). I will only do one design and need to decide (look at them in the context of the entire collection)

And here hot off the presses are a few of the samples, I just love them and cannot wait to start setting spring time tables with them!

And the best part is that all three sets (including the. current pattern) go beautifully with my pagoda flatware!


I am also introducing chargers, many requested them and I think they are a great idea. One charger will be in the blue trellis (same as current melamine pagoda pattern) that will work with both my current pattern and the new orange/blue pattern. Because the minimums are very large numbers I would like FOR THOSE WHO WOULD POTENTIALLY BE BUYING THESE to chime in if you would like the charger and you think adding is a good idea, your input is most welcome-

This gives you a general idea of how they will look- the current pattern and the orange/blue will work with this large blue trellis charger

The second one will be for the new blue/green pattern-



One of my all time favorite table settings was done with my current blue and white pagoda melamine and of course my tulipieres!


EASTER BUNNIES AND EGGS  With spring not so far away (woo hoo) these have been on my mind a long time. Every spring needs a little blue and white. and that includes these beautiful blue and white bunnies and eggs. The bunnies will come in two styles and two sizes. The eggs will stand about 4′ tall and come in one of four designs. And there will be a beautiful tray that can be used to hold these cuties or it makes a beautiful perfume/vanity tray as well.  Super excited about these.

We are in the final stages of development and tweaking a few things but this will give you an idea of how they are coming along, think they are sooo cute!

Here are samples that have been done so far (also adding this pretty tray to the left but it will not have the navy “ribbon” it will be white)-

Eggs (will be same blues as bunnies)


SILVER NEW INTRODUCTIONS! So the small nickel lamps that I had about 60 of were a huge instant hit and sold out immediately. The good news? I have designed a few new styles and they are in production.

Here are the two molds for the actual lamp bases, can hardly wait to get these! They will also include the shades and will be same size as above.

Traditional and bamboo….both fabulous if you ask me

The molds-

With luck will have them by mid to. late Feb! Stay tuned, along with those are several new style chargers, another top seller. VERY excited about all of the beautiful new silver pieces I have coming out…..promise you will love them!

I am bringing back two older styles of charges (including the very popular square scalloped charger) but bringing two new sttles which I am thrilled about, one is a pierced rim charger and the bother a bamboo border charger-

This is the edge for the bamboo charger that will be hexagon shaped and fabulous!

And here are one of the fabulous new chargers, the bamboo hexagon which will be offered in silver and brass-

And my most favorite tray of all time is coming back!! This incredible Chippendale tray is a sheer work of art. Doing it in a rectangular vs the square.

GORGEOUS PILLOWS! I will be adding a lot of new pillows, some will be custom pillows that I have made for myself and clients that many have asked about and there will be gorgeous collection as a collaboration with a favorite pillow source, Studio Tullia. Here is a sneak peek of what’s to come-

PORCELAINS On the porcelain front, lots of new BEAUTIFUL items in development. The tuliperes have been a mega hit and honestly with good reason, they are super hard to find and normally they are antique ones from Holland which are very expensive albeit beautiful. I make them pretty and very affordable. We will be restocking all sizes and colors (including white) in our Feb. and March containers.

In addition to those, there are other new products in the works now and throughout 2018. I normally am reluctant to share something too early (don’t want copiers and it’s happened)! but I am taking a chance and showing you any way just because I am so thrilled with how these are shaping up.

Love this new mid sized hexagon planter that just came out of production. Great pattern, will be offered in two shades of blue (coming March) just in time for flower season!

I had thought for a long long time about a beautiful Provence style planter in porcelain (blue and white). I had seen an antique one in an antique auction journal years ago and never got it out of my mind. It was so exquisite, a fortune and there was only one. So……….I created it! Here are a few early in production pictures

Here is a sneak peek at one sample, the actual designs I love but the “borders” on them, design and finials re being tweaked (less white space) and more of a floral/trellis type border. I can just see these now with big boxwood topiaries or imagine lemon trees…ooh la la!

These measures approx. 17″ x 17″square so a great size for outdoors and in!

Now I need your input on two things one is how you like these in general. It will require a large minimum which I am prepared to do, as I have not seen anything like these and suspect they will do very well.

The price point with slim margins will be approx $300 retail (at least to start) as an introductory price. Thoughts on the price point?

Then this planter which has been received with rave reviews is a definitely keeper and we will restock these in our late Feb. container…exquisite doesn’t do it justice. I am considering going them in two more colors.

The contenders are a rosy red, green, brown, burnt orange. Would love your take which two would you most like to see in this planter?

CHINOISERIE TOLE So thrilled with the new style planters in production right now, they will be here in time for spring planting. So I will introduce those and just got in the new style Provence planter which I adore and have already put a stash aside for myself:)

These are the two new styles that will be offered in ivory and black.

Debating on a third color and would love your input!

Also getting in these fabulous new tables, love them and think they are beautiful, practical and super functional.

These are old, I had gotten these beautiful wood sconces/brackets long ago and love them. Thinking of creating them and adding to my collection. Wondering what you think?

Finally I love and greatly value your feedback and would love you to answer the following mini polls. Obviously I have expanded considerably, particularly with my private label exclusive Enchanted Home products which I plan to develop and offer even more of. But in terms of categories, obviously some are more underrepresented than others. I would love to know what you think and what you wouldn’t mind seeing more of-


These polls below are for people familiar with my online shop. I cannot tell you how much I value your opinions and input, and the last time I did this about 6 months ago I read every single reply and the feedback really is so helpful in terms of. helping us here at TEH to get better and better! As TEH continues to grow,  are looking to take on a few more wholesale accounts and this is where your input is very valuable, so thanks in advance.

When you are done with question 4 please check “continue” there  are two more questions-




TWO lucky winners will each receive  four table settings of my beautiful pagoda melamine. All you need to is participate in the polls and tell me your favorite new item(s) in the comment section. I will announce the winners on Friday!

So as you can see, lots and lots is keeping me busy! I thought I could have said there was one favorite item that I am most excited about, but now i have stopped counting! But of course i have a special place in my heart for the items that I created from scratch born out of my love for blue and white and chinoiserie

I am really excited about the expansion of The Enchanted Home and looking forward to a lot of exciting new things and changes for 2018. And you. have a front seat for the ride:) I so appreciate you stopping by and taking part in my polls and to thank you I am offering a giveaway to two lucky winners. I never would. have dreamed that it would have expanded to what is has, and I have you to thank!

That’s a wrap for today! Lots to take in, wishing you a wonderful day and hope those temps are starting to creep up, I am so over winter! Until next time…..

PS The monogrammed tray flash sale ends today, click here to see

Gone but never ever forgotten

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The melamine is beautiful but deadly. If you are selling melamine make sure it is BPA free.

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Karen F. on

Thrilled that you will be doing seasonal giftwrap. I bought several of the reversible styles at Christmastime just so I could use it all year round. Congratulations on all your expansion plans – we are the lucky ones!

anitapelayorivera on

Oh Tina, it’s been far too long since I’ve visited you, and I’m so sorry to see here at the end that Teddy has passed. Wishing you well and much love forever! Anita

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Love the new tole table and hope to purchase depending upon size. Also, the new tole lamp that you showed in an earlier post is lovely. Beautiful color palette.

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Two of my favorites are the orange/blue/white melamine and the petite black table with bamboo legs. I am increasing my collection of small tables…so useful and beautiful throughout my home.

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All the new items are fabulous! Love the new wrapping paper, Easter eggs and rabbits and the new dishes, especially the platter.

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So hard to pick one favorite — I love all of your new products!! The mid-sized hexagon planter is a must (perfect size and design) and I’m intrigued by your new tables. Thanks for all you do!

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Mary Balagia on

This was a great blog and the survey actually helped crystallize why I buy what I buy from you. Also you have great staff. Margaret is the best.

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Mary Balagia on

This was a great blog and the survey actually helped crystallize why I buy what I buy from you. Also you have great staff. Margaret is the best. Love the planters and the new melamine. Anxious to add it to my blue and white.

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Tina, you have so many great ideas for expansion. Good luck!

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Loving the new tables, hope you can offer them in two sizes, one being a perfect ‘drinks table’ beside an occasional chair. Perhaps offer the table(s) in Chinese red as well as black?
The new Provence planters are wonderful & looking forward to possibly seeing your darling antique repro porcelain planter in another color. Can see a pair in red or green filled with holly & other greenery on my dining room & living room mantle.
And those hex bamboo silver chargers: be still my heart!

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Some very lovely new things! Please send out an email post when the small table lamps arrive. TIA!

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Wondering if you’ll be offering ribbons for your wrap? Or can recommend where to purchase the beautiful ribbon you use?

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Linda J on

I love the new melamine sets the best of all the new products, especially the blue and green pattern!

Marcia Wall on

Sorry I had an issue leaving my comment when the cat jumped on me. I strongly believe that you need to develop a return policy. I can appreciate and understand why you haven’t until now but I can assure you that I (and I suspect others) would be inclined to order more if I cold return something that didn’t work out for me. While your pictures are great there are some items that require the “feel test/see it up close test” especially if you include items like bedding, art etc. I also would suggest rethinking the shipping charges especially for smaller items and frequent customers. Most retailers do and again it bothers me at times and prevents me from ordering some items.

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Hi Tina
Love ypur new additions to your range.My top two would be the little lamps and the new melamine.

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How exciting for you to expand on your dream! I love the new pillows and hexagon planter. Thank you for bringing such wonderful items to the market. Congratulations!

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I’m in love with the Chippendale pierced tray shown on today’s blog chapter. Perfect for the dining room huntboard!
Especially appreciated your reaching out to us for our input today with the survey. You really are keeping your shop relative and personal! Thank you, Tina!

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Very excited about new tole items. I love my pieces I’ve bought from your shop. Love ideas in bamboo as well.

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Have you considered selling your items at the Galleria in Edina, MN.? This is a very, very exclusive smaller type unique mall in my suburb of Minneapolis – Edina. MN. Not sure what store would work well for you but you can look at the stores and decide. Fabulous customer base.

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still producing more wonderful items for all of us to devour! Love seeing your new products for spring. A great spring gift wrap selection, fun Easter bunnies, a beautiful Chippendale tray, yummy pillows-love the long one, a definite must-have small table with removable tray and those gorgeous outdoor planters! Thank you for your constant creativity!

Marcie on

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Wow what a post. Actually love it all but my absolute favorites are both melamine patterns, teh new blue/white Provence planters, all the giftwrap, the bunnies, the silver little lamps, chargers and bamboo tray. Let me stop now, I love it all! Every single item I have gotten from you has been even nicer and prettier in person. Your sale help is so good. The Enchanted Home is one of a kind and I always tell people about you!

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I appreciate you asking your customers for their opinions and suggestions. I look forward to seeing your brand expand! I love and want the beautiful table ! Exquisite

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Favorite new items…… New chargers and new melamine dinnerware! So excited to order those!
And Paper!!!!! And and and☺️ Love your shop!

Beverly on

I love it all, but I love all the custom pillows! So pretty!

Jeannie on

I really like the blue green color combination on the new melamine dishes.

Becky on

It’s almost impossible to choose a favorite, but for me personally, I am excited about the blue and green melamine collection and the bunnies and eggs!!! Always love the giftwrap and received so many compliments over the holidays using your topiary and ginger jar papers!!! Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

Judy Clark on

The blue and green melamine is beautiful and so well designed and the Chippendale tray is gorgeous!

Teresa on

So much beautiful here! You have been busy

Susan N. on

Gorgeous new items Tina. My favorites are the chippendale tray, the black table, the blue and green dinnerware, and the gorgeous pillows. Thank you for the chance to win a gift.

Jane Braica on

I love the new spring wrapping paper and the whole melamine collection, including the chargers!

Jeanne on

Love all of the new exciting items especially the little silver lamps

Jennifer on

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Kayln on

The Chippendale tray is gorgeous!! Also love the pierced rim charger.

Kathryn Casa on

The Provence planters are gorgeous! I wonder what new color you will choose. Also, the gold and white paper!! Perfect timing for bridal season!!

Andrea on

my favorite new items are the small table and the candlestick lamps (especially the bamboo one). Keep up the good work!

Donna on

My favorite new item is the blue/white/green melamine. Definitely want to get some place settings.

Barb on

My favorite new items are the blue and white place settings! Beau-ti-ful!! But am loving the bamboo silver chargers too! Please don’t make me choose!

JoAnn on

Love the new styles of outdoor planters, and that they will be available in black.

Patricia on

My favorite is the Melamine Dinnerware. The patterns are delightful and full of Spring/Summer Ideas!
Patricia (NC Coast)

Alice Genzlinger on

Love the planters and would love two grey ones. I have a blue and white fish bowl of yours and it is so pretty. I have an Apostle plant in it and it sits on a pedestal draping beautifully over the sides. I tell my visitors it belongs in a castle. Awesome.

Megan Bobbitt on

Love the new melamine collection. Would also love to have the new chargers. To be honest, I love it all!

Megan on

Love the Provence planters and all the gift wrap! (and just about everything else!)

Helen Laidlaw on

Although I would gladly take everything in your shop,the new Melamine dinner set. I have a particular love of green.

Brenda Murphrey on

Love all your things but the new blue and green melamine is my favorite new item.

Arlene on

I absolutely love the new bamboo chargers

Donna Lovold on

Loving the new green andnwhite melamine collection and the new square planters!

Bonnie on

My favorite new items are the small nickel lamps and the silver chargers. Would use both.

Shirley Hischier on

New Provence planters

Carol on

Hard choice. But I really love the Chippendale tray and the bamboo chargers!

Terry P. on

As a BLUE/WHITE collector & lover – is how I initially found your site and from there the Online Shop. Have just received my very 1st TEH order recently and look forward to my 2nd order of Mini Foo Dogs in the coming weeks. It sounds as though you have really branched out – and only hope it is not too BIG, too quick (especially from a standpoint of the ordering process, receiving confirmation and ship dates, and finally receiving said product in timely fashion) My Blessings to you and STAFF!

Carmen B on

I am loving the silver chargers!

Deb Harris on

I love the new green, blue and white melamine dishes. Have been looking for some beautiful yet unique ones. Cant wait!

Martha Q on

I love the new green/blue melamine dinnerware! Gorgeous!

Donna W on

The melamine dishes are quite intriguing and I simply cannot wait until the tray tables arrive !!!

LaTricia on

I’m swooning for the black tray table!

Sherry S on

I am absolutely in love with the Easter bunnies and eggs. I love everything!!!

Carolyn Agnew on

Love the bamboo charger – have not seen anything like it.

Vickie on

The large planters and bamboo chargers..fits Florida best

Joan on

I love the orange, blue and white melamine, and looking forward to the little candle lamps too! I must have missed them if you offered them before.

Regina on

Sweet Teddy! I know you still miss him so much. My two favorite new items are the green and blue melamine and the new spring wrapping paper. I did the survey!

Karen N on

Love the little traditional lamps with shades.

Michelle M. on

I love the style of the table and agree that they are very functional and great style!

Ingrid Ayres on

I love the new planters and the new melamine. The designs are classic and timeless.

Leslie on

I have never seen so many beautiful items in one place! Just swooning over all of it but the bunnies, melamine new blue and white outdoor planter, silver lamps and wrapping paper are things I k now I will order as soon as they are available. ALL just so beautiful. You are very creative and love your style. I found you via instagram and a recommendation from a friend.

Karen P on

love it all!!

J Michele Graves on

Hi Tina,
I love the porcelain bunnies!! Please consider doing something with sheep or lambs. There really aren’t as many beautiful offerings for sheep or lambs as there are for bunnies.

I think the classic blue and white melamine is stunning, and is my personal favorite. I would love them and would feature them front and center all spring and summer!!

I appreciate your attention to quality and beauty! Keep it up! I can’t wait to see what you feature next ☺️

J. Michele

Kimberly on

Love the blue and white bunnies and Faberge inspired eggs. Very fresh and elegant for Spring!

Michelle Kaplan on

Really looking forward to your new chargers! They would look great with many different place settings, especially my all white ones. Also the silver square charger is gorgeous!! I think chargers make a setting POP!

Janice on

The black Chinoiserie table is outstanding! I hope there will be more than one size available.

Jennifer Smith on

I love all of the gift wrap, melamine, planters, and tulipieres. It’s great to see the addition of lamps, figurines, and sconces as well.

Christine on

I look forward to ordering the table lamps – I love the bamboo design . Anything bamboo is casual elegance at it’s best .
The new blue/green and white dinnerware is perfect for spring and summer entertaining . I can picture my table now …

Donna on

I love so much of your inventory! I’m very interested in the new Provence style blue and white porcelain planter – better start saving!

Kesha on

I love the new tables

Susan H. on

Had fun with all your surveys. I love the chinoiserie table with bamboo legs and the chargers with the cut out border. Will that be offered in a brass finish?

Connie Windham on

Love the new melamine. Live on a lake with lots of visitors and find that it is both practical and beautiful for indoor and outdoor use!

Bettina Woodring on

Omg, totally in love with the Bamboo chargers!! love the new Mellamine. Would love to throw an outdoor spring party with this. Fingers crossed!

Arell on

Oh my, so many beautiful things! I truly love everything that you sell. The spring wrapping paper is very exciting to see! It is so lovely. And so are the melamine dishes! I especially love the new chargers! Thanks for sharing all of your products and polling us about everything. It makes it so much fun to play a small part in the creation of my favorite shop!

Karen Gunn on

Really interested in the silver chargers and and lightweight chargers.

Lee Ann on

The Chippendale tray is calling my name!

Kim on

Wrapping paper and ribbon are my passion and I LOVE your new spring line! I also love the blue and green melamine!

Claudia McCauley on

My Oh my…
So exciting!
The table is perfect… please do it in blue and cream…pretty please…with blue and white sprinkles on top!
Also, please return the wall sconces… love them… is there an additional color besides black?
Much thanks

Deb Jeffers on

Chinoiserie brackets/sconces! Love, love, love!

Sherry B on

I love the new outdoor planters and wrapping paper. Really hoping that the bracket shelves become a new product.

Nadine Middendorf on

Favorite new item is the sconce!

lisa naro on

I love your pillows because i think every pillow needs some sort of trim and your do!

Peggy Mae on

I love all the new items coming to your shop. Easter is my favorite holiday and look forward to adding the blue bunnies to my decor. I also love to decorate with lemons so looking forward to seeing the new dishes.

Blair on

I love the new Blue and green melamine dinnerware. Great color combination!

Deborah L on

Love the chinoiserie table and sconces in addition to the tole planters!

Judy on

I love the melamine and the new chargers. They would make such a beautiful table! I also think the new pillows are beautiful.

Mary Parshall on

I love the tole brackets/wall shelves! I have a space perfect for them! Please keep doing black and gold tole!

Debbie G. on

You have absolutely outdone yourself with this new lineup for 2018. I couldn’t possibly pick just one new favorite for this upcoming year, so I’ll have to wait until each one comes out and decide what treasures I need to bring home with me.

Sherry on

I think my favorite items are the gold tipped topiary containers and the chargers.

Marie on

I love the Easter eggs the green and blue flowered melamine and the pierced charger. Your items are beautiful. MM

Jo on

My favorites are the blue and green melamine.. lamps.. bamboo chargers and of course the chippendale tray.. all scrumptious!?????????????

Jill on

Love, love the Spring wrapping paper! Hi

Cynthia Webb on

Love the wrapping paper.

Gail on

Good luck Tina in all your ventures! I always love seeing your progress in your business,parties and especially PB. Glad you’re up and running again!!

Joanna on

Love how everything you offer is so fresh and bright. Love your 2018 plans!

Linda on

I am loving those blue and white planters??

Sabrina on

I love all of the new things you have instore for us, especially the little black table, I adore it !!! Your dish patterns and pillows are gorgeous !!! I’m very excited for you and your business as it is expanding!

Terri Michael on

I can’t wait for the new chinoiserie planters!! Love all the planters.

Bonnie on

Peanutlovr12 in Virginia would love to win!!!! Love everything I have purchased! So different from anything around my area!!!

Becky Mattingly on

Aww the bunnies. Love them as well as the “old” silver bamboo chargers. Everything is just beautiful.

Jill Y on

I love the Chippendale tray! ???

Karen C on

Chippendale tray is gorgeous ! And melamine is always a great choice. ?

Donna Scully on

I think you are doing an amazing job of discovering how to refresh lifestyles with home goods! I would encourage you to continue to marry in some traditional elements………just a few………but, you’re acknowledgment of new trends………for the future. I love your take on this.

Elaine McCarty on

I just love the blue and green dishes! Can’t wait to purchase a set!!!❤️

Jennifer on

I love the reversible gift wrap! I also love the new design/colors in the outdoor planters; I’m looking at you grey planters!

Pamela Wohlers on

I just love your gift wrap. The topiary design makes my heart sing.

Nancy on

LOVE LOVE LOVE the wrapping paper!!!!

Anna Ingram on

Love your blog and shop. I adore the blue and white outdoor dishes.

Alexandra T on

Excited about the new paper and brackets!

Leanne Turner on

I love the large blue and white planters and the bamboo chargers.

Christine on

The melamine is just fabulous! And the 17” square planter.

Tammy on

I love the bunnies and the eggs!

Barb on

Hexagon planters are gorgeous.

Louise on

I live in Ireland and adore your merchandise! How I wish shipping rates were measured in buttons and not the shirt off one’s back!

Barb on

Oh Tina…!
I want everything here! Love the soon to come pillows, new dinnerware, monogrammed trays…
Yes please! ALL of it! ?

Northshoremimi on

Love the blue and white bunnies and the bamboo chargers. Can’t wait for the bunnies. All of the pieces are so inspiring.

Sharon on

Can’t wait for the new wrapping papers!

Melanie on

Love the new wrapping papers especially the ivory and gold one, also love the bamboo edged chargers. Looking forward to ordering them!

Edwina on

The tray table may be ,y favorite. So many uses for these.

Bev Freiley on

I just love the small black and gold table!

Pam on

I love the new blue and green melamine dishes! Your wrapping paper is so fresh looking. Love the styles and colors and look forward to your spring line.

Glenda Dotson on

Love the chargers!

Nancy Griffiths on

I think the blue and white Provence style porcelain planters you are designing are just gorgeous!!

Sylvia on

I am so excited to see all your new items, My favorite are the most beautiful pillows and the elegant silver chargers. Would love to own them.

Christine on

I would absolutely love to have a pair of your tulipieres. Can you please let us know when they will be back in stock? Thank you.

Susan Littig on

I love the melamine dishwater and the flatware. They would make a summer buffet eye popping with colored fruit and vegetables.

Terri on

Pillows! Can’t wait for the new pillows!

Deborah on

Thanks for your gorgeous designs

Ann on

Oh the melamine chargers would be great for backyard steaks and barbeque. (keep posting Teddy’s pictures … what lovely memories you won’t replace even with another dog)

Laurie on

You are a creative, busy lady, Tina! Love all of your products!

Terri on

Love everything of course!!! All of your things are simply beautiful. Love the planters!!!???

Lorin S. on

The Easter bunnies and eggs are adorable and I am looking forward to the colored melamine dinnerware.

cheryl on

I love the new line of the melamine dishes. So lovely for outdoor dining in the spring/summer!

Debbie on

I am in love with the Melamine collections, so many uses!

Todd Smith on

favorite new item = the lumbar pillow! Love it!

Laura kaiser on

Love all your things! The photos are so inspirational!

Debbie H. on

EVerything is beautiful! LOve the new dishes for casual dining.

Deborah K on

My favorite 2 items: The melamine would look lovely on my outdoor table and the new wrapping paper would dress up some special gifts!

Debbie on

I really like the new melamine dinnerware in the rust orange motif. It is lovely. And also like the porcelain eggs and bunnies

Emily on

So many beautiful things! I will be first in line to order the new big blue/white planters, love those. Have not seen anything like them and can see four alongside my pool with big lemon trees. Adore the bunnies, eggs, both melamine patterns, giftwrap, silver, well everything. WELL DONE and love how you added a twist to beautiful traditional classics.

Melissa Barton Thompson on

Adore the new planters and I would love to see them in a smaller size to use in various spots indoors. It is so difficult to find beautiful plant containers. I live in Florida so those items are used tear round. More please

Dana on

Hard to choose a favorite-but Tina has asked for help and one must answer the call of blue and white duty:
The Provence style porcelain planter containers are gorgeous! Followed by the wood sconces. Then the melamine. And the pillows. And the table lamps…….The Shoppe is a great resource

Sarah on

Looking forward to the new planters!

Eileen on

Your bunnies and eggs won my heart.

Shari on

Love the new planters you are adding to the collection. Spring bunnies too……so adorable!

Angie C Ruiz on

Stunning piece.

Audrey on

Love the rabbits!

Msrie Economus on

Alive everything,

Patti Olsen on

I adore the new wrapping paper, Provençal planters and new tables. Actually I would enjoy owning all your new items!!!!!

jacqueline bunge on

Love the small nickel lamps – so dalring!

Annie on

When will you get the orange/blue melamine? Those are the colors for a shower we are throwing my sister in May and I am thinking of how amazing those would be for the long table for approx 50 guests we we are having. its her absolutely favorite color combination. I just love every single item on this page, the bunnies, wrapping paper, all the silver, all the planters, the list goes on. I WANT IT ALL!

Layne Helmering on

Love the new melamine. Always so useful and pretty-especially for entertaining outdoors!

Judy Toline on

Easter eggs and rabbit. Thank you for always going above and beyond my expectations

Cindy Patton on

Love so many things, but I think I would have to say the Provence planters are stunning.

Robin Primm on

My favorite new item is the square Chinoiserie Tole Planter with finials

Jacquelynn O'Boyle on

The bunnies and eggs are a must ADORABLE.

Ashley on

I love the new tabletop lamps, can’t wait to get them in again as they were already sold out when I went to purchase.

Cher on

Wow, and Wow again.

BonnieBee on

I love the blue and white porcelain planters with gold trim, and all the pillows!

Molly Ellis on

I am so excited about the new melamine dinnerware! I want to purchase for my outdoor kitchen. I am also excited about the year round gift paper. I purchased my first roll during the holidays. Looking forward to using it year round. Thank you for ALL of your hard work!!

Areti on

Hi Tina, I love the lemon tree gift wrap, the Easter bunnies and the eggs–I can’t wait to give the eggs as party favors at my Easter. Can we also get a blue and white dog bowl soon?

Anna Clark on

Love your blog. I have decorated with blue and white porcelain pieces since I fell in love with it in 1972. Many people have told me I need a newer more modern look. I’ve never given in. It is timeless!

Julie R on

I like the melamine platters

Marica on

Could not be more obsessed with the bunnies/eggs! Eagerly waiting for the presale!

Kathy on

I have been waiting for the miniatures table candle lamps!!!! So excited!!!

Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors on

I adore the chinoiserie table!

Lisa on

So excited for the mini bamboo lamps and the bamboo chargers.
In love with both and of course everything else. Not one thing I am not fond of.
Great post.

Gina M on

I absolutely love the bamboo chargers! They would go with everything!

Vicki on

Love the new chargers.

Lorene Crisalli on

Love the gorgeous pink addition to your wrapping papers, also love, love the small table lamps! Is there any chance that you may carry gorgeous disposable napkins to be used in the bath and powder rooms? I think they would be wonderful.

Patti Memsic on

Hi Tina – I think I am late to the party. I am inquiring about your post on July 30, 2017. PILLOWS…..what is it about pillows that is so addicting. So, back to your post. Could you please identify the green and white squiggle stripe fabric in the photo on a white sofa, with 5 pillows, total. 2 pillows are the green squiggle, a blue vase pillow in the middle and the 2 blue velvet pillows on the end. I am now in a new custom home that I drew 3 years ago, and just completed building. I THINK I want to do the great room area (living, dining and kitchen combined) in blue and green, with the green squiggle as the draperies for the living room area. Any help in identifying this fabric would be appreciated.

Kelly on

So glad that you are featuring some pillows with various trims and tassels. Love the details but, they are difficult to get on line. I adore all of them and my couch is waiting!

Paulette Peyer on

The little lamps are just exquisite, and the spring gift wrap is very special. Tina, you are truly a miracle worker.

Rosalind on

So glad this is back in style and these are. Great choices!!

Denise Reilly on

For absolute sure….. the blue and white bunnies!!!! I had a few rabbits when I was young and decorated my children’s rooms with bunnies when they were little. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for them and cannot wait to purchase these Beautiful blue and white porcelain bunnies!

Tracy DeLoach on

I’m most excited about the Incredible chinoiserie ivory garden seat and the incredible song bird planter as well as the Incredible chinoiserie pale green garden seat.

Sandy on

Love the new trays!!

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