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Hello and happy Sunday to you. Before we begin I want to announce the winner of the flat top porcelain giveaway. I used random number picker and  congratulations goes to-

#14 Pam on

Can’t wait to order the Phoenix Ginger Jar! Can’t have enough. Our and white.

Please email [email protected] with your shipping information so this beauty can be on it’s way!


Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, ours has been busy but no complaints. After 8 consecutive days of being sick, it’s nice to be out and about though amazingly  I am still experiencing remnants of the cold so taking it slow.

I am happy to stay in and hibernate on those really cold days and we have had plenty! I am looking forward to a relaxing day today however we have a dinner party to go to tonight so going to take it easy during the day. Moving along….



1 THE MOST AMAZING COOKIES! I am so in awe of Lorena Rodriguez,  who I found via Instagram. Her cookies are astoundingly beautiful works of edible art and maybe its a good thing I don’t live in Costa Rica (where she is based).  No calories to admire from afar:) Click here to see her awe inspiring Instagram filled with the most beautiful cookies! I could go through her entire Instagram oohing and ahhing all day long!



2 MY AMAZINGLY TALENTED CUSTOMERS. I cannot tell how much we enjoy getting pictures from our very talented customers showing us how they are enjoying goods purchased from our shop. It is always such fun to see what you do with them and these are some recent ones that I just had to share. If you have any you would like us to add to our online gallery send them to [email protected]. Thank you and keep them coming!


3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Never at a loss of amazing instagrams to share with you…this weeks are sure to put a smile on your face with some decadent treats thrown in for good measure:)

And my absolute fave this week is this……because well, it really doesn’t need an explanation!



4. SOMETHING WORTH THINKING ABOUT. So was out with friends the other night and a friend of mine (thanks DK)  was telling me about an article that she read that inspired her to go on a “crusade” of not buying a single thing for herself for one year. WOW. I was awe struck and strangely curious.

I too, echoed what she was saying…about feeling like we have so much “stuff” and that really if we are honest, there is not a single thing we need. She sent me the link and it really resonated with me. I do not shop nearly the way I used to, by the time you are 50 you both have plenty of what you need and become quite pragmatic at the same time.

So I am thinking of trying this for a month, a self imposed embargo of buying anything personally. I will let you know how it goes. In the meantime for anyone who is interested in learning more click here.



5. HILARIOUS SHOW. I had heard of Portlandia but didn’t really know what network and time it was being shown, so it kind of fell off my radar. Then someone was talking about it again so I looked into it and laughed myself silly over a few of these series. I thought these were so apropos with our times and it might give you a good laugh too!

This restaurant scene I could so see happening and especially in Portland:)

And here they are at the dog park. Can you imagine? Sadly, I can see this happening!

6. SHRIMP SCAMPI Read about this somewhere (possibly on another blog) and did some “investigative research”, it was a surprisingly very easy recipe. And it’s also one of my sons favorite dishes, so I decided to give it whirl and boy, am I glad I did!

This can be made to serve just the shrimp with a big salad and/or vegetables OR the really indulgent way, over a plate of fresh pasta. I will tell you this is good.……really good and quite easy. A good recipe to have in your repertoire! It calls for medium shrimp, I used large and used a bit more fresh lemon juice as I like it really tangy but it was super tasty-

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. OK, today is about magazines. I admit I am somewhat of a magazine “collector”. When I get a magazine I love, I just cannot part with it. In fairness I will say that I go through my magazines over and over (when times permits) the way I go through my favorite coffee table books over and over.

Good things just don’t get old. So as a result I have stacks of Southern Accents, Veranda, Vanity Fair’s (best articles) and some Town and Country’s. Wondering if I have company….do you save your magazines (at least the ones you really love)?


Thank you for stopping by and making TEH part of your Sunday mornings….always enjoy “visiting” with my amazing readers from all over. Wishing you a great day and wonderful end to your weekend. Until next time….

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Gone but not forgotten

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Always enjoy your posts! So funny, Portlandia! My husband and I cracked up when we watched the chicken episode. We always tease each other with quotes from the show!
Thanks for the great Shrimp Scampi recipe! It looks good!
Glad that you are feeling better!

I can really relate! I used to keep all of my shelter magazines, but it just got to be too much. So several years ago, just before a move, I got rid of them all without even looking through them “one last time”. It was a tough connection to break let me tell you. Now I look through them a couple times and then, once a month, go through them and tear out the pages I want and file them. I go through my inspiration files every year and a half and lighten the load. IG and Pinterest have put a big dent in what I save on paper. Very freeing!

Good Morning, loved all the pictures today and those cookies are a work of art. They are Amazing and way too pretty to eat. Thanks for the Shrimp Scampi recipe and I will make it for sure, serving along side a salad and french bread. Hope you feel better soon.

I love Ann Patchett and could have written that article (if only I was a writer!) I too have noticed that as I get older, I have less and less desire to buy “stuff”, especially items for myself. This began with clothing, etc. but has now extended to my home. I used to spend a lot of time “browsing” in stores, buying items I really did not need or even really want. A lot has to do with the entire decluttering movement, I am sure, as well as the aging process. Not to say that I do not appreciate beautiful things, (which is why I follow your blog) I just don’t feel the compulsion to buy that much. My enthusiasm for stuff has just kind of faded away. Anyway, the money saved makes me happy, and I appreciate the things I already own.

Love it all! Dinner and a show..Thanks for helping organize my day, Tina! Yes to Veranda and Traditional Home. I consider them periodicals and reference material..VF and TC ( one that has lost its posh ) usually hit the recycling bin. The New Yorker, I find hard to toss – love the covers ( can the mag get any more liberal?! I have a L/H relationship). I have Martha Stewart going back to when she writing a newsletter out of CT Her pre-2000 I treasure and should insure. They’ve been rescued a few times over the years! Ever since MS gave up the E In C position my dedication has waned.

Glad you’re on the mend, Tina..Enjoy your dinner party!

No clothing shopping for a year? I think I will start with a month. With good sales popping up on and among web and social media, it’s hard for me to ignore. I think that 350 sweater now on sale for $79 -in my size-pops into my shopping cart. I emotional shop, lonely or have anxiety about attending some function with out wearing some thing new (to me) . I am getting better about it, so I am going try and avoid all personal clothes. This does not include my 4 year old grand daughter. Kick my soap box and enjoy a good book

Those Portlandia videos are hysterical! The cookies amazing and now I am suddenly wishing I had that shrimp scampi cooking (my husband’s favorite). Love your Sunday posts, way better than any. magazine or newpaper! If your blog was a magazine I would save every single one!
Have a great day, Tina

Love Portlandia, just hilarious! Isn’t it so great to laugh? The cookie’s are stunning. Check out @sugardayne on Instagram for another talented cookie artist.

OMG… I’ve heard about Portlandia but never saw a trailer. It looks soooo good. I’m looking for a good one to binge watch. I don’t think I could do that crusade. I’d like to say I could but there is just no way. More power to your friend. I have tons of magazines that I have saved over the years. Some are 20 years old – still can’t throw them out. I have cut all my subscriptions except one – “People” which is my lifeline. It was late one week and I almost had to go on a ventilator. Glad to hear you’re feeling better. Have a wonderful week, dear Tina.

Hi Tina,
Happy Sunday and so glad you are feeling better. This virus is affecting the entire country and is nasty. I am so very thrilled to realize I am not the only magazine collector!! Must tell my husband LOL.
Best, Marie

Love your blog:-) Movie suggestions and documentaries are Welcomed. One question on your magazine survey that you might consider adding is the following. I used to get tons of great Magazines Gardening, Interiors and cooking. Then I found the app called Zino. I can keep all my magazines and never throw them out. The travel with me on my iPad. Great way to reduce any clutter that I had in the past.

So guess what I started doing while reading today’s post… Watching Portlandia and laughing out loud. I’m happy you’re feeling better. Enjoy dinner and have great Sunday!

Regarding magazines, I subscribe to all my magazines on digital Zinio. I have all my favorites and I save them for years. That way I do not have a stack of magazines that I love, sitting in my closets, etc., but can access them on the computer. I used to subscribe to many magazines and when I decided to move, I could not take them with me. The recycling men were shocked when they saw them stacked and tied on the sidewalk. It took them 15 mins. or more to put them in the truck. Now I can read them over & over. Never having to get rid of me favorites. You should try it. I love, love, love, Zinio!!

I could definitely be a fellow magazine collector, but we’ve moved too often to save piles! By the way, check out the book “The Year Without a Purchase” by Scott Dannemiller – humorous and insightful.

Hi Tina ~ Thanks for a fun post ~ Always lovely, informative and inspiring in one way or another. And much love and compassion for where that beautiful fur boy above left an empty part in your day. I always enjoyed and continue to enjoy the photos of your sweet Teddy. As our English Golden is approaching eleven ~ It seems he has suddenly aged. In more ways than I want to think of or face. I’m loving him every single day and knowing that just like Teddy, he feels it and knows he is cherished beyond words. A Tina and Teddy fan ~ Terri

Tina….You always make my Sundays better with your humor and great posts!
Those videos were hilarious!!!
Keep those posts coming and have a great week!!!

Hi Tina what another fantastic post, I have to give you credit you never disappoint. From the beautiful cookies to the inspiring Instagram‘s and the hilarious Portland’s videos- they really gave me a good laugh and I’m not sure how I did not know about these, I will be certainly checking more out ! Thank you for helping this Sunday to end on a high note, and love to see Teddy sweet picture at the end of every post

Love starting my Sunday with your blog. Those cookies are works of art, impossible to eat.
I am going to give the year without purchases a try. Have been thinking about it lately, especially after so many people nearby lost everything by the California Fires. Why do we give material things such a high priority in our lives?

Those scottie cupcakes! Just the cutest thing I have seen today. So happy to hear you are better, Tina!

Hi Tina,
What a beautiful reflective post. I have to say I believe those cookies are just TOO BEAUTIFUL to eat…so, I probably would be safe with them displayed on my counter top!
The Instagram photos are an inspiration of love. (-exactly what Martin Luther King Jr said)
And finally, scampi is an all time family favorite around here too, and boy, am I glad because you are right – easy peasy!
Have a beautiful Monday

I am not getting your e-mails anymore and I tried to sign up again and it showed I was already signed up HELP

I just had my 1st grandchild so I am a bit behind reading the blog. Did Teddy pass away??

I recently became a first time grandmother and am a bit behind reading the blog. What happened to your sweet Teddy

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