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Hello, did that title pique your interest? Well I am excited to announce this fun new series I am starting. Since the crux of my business started off being all about blue and white porcelain, it seems only fitting that I continue on with my passion and talking/sharing all about blue and white. And I love it more than ever, with no end in sight. So…….are you a member of the blue and white club?

I will pick a topic with every post and occasionally offer blue and white giveaways and discounts.  Once in, you will never want to leave:) Today I talking bout garden seats, love them and not only do I carry my own line of them but no surprise, have many in my home. I. have them in my living room, my breakfast room, bathroom and outdoors. They function beautifully as extra seating, as an end table or just sitting pretty.

Today a look at how versatile garden seats are. And if this post finds you wanting one, for today only all garden seats on my shop are 20% off *use code garden (today only). So lets take a look-



Always loved this vignette from Ashley Whittaker and adore seeing a pair of garden seats under a console like this

My own patio where you will always find at least a few garden seats, I move them around for wherever/whenever I need them

They are beautiful and function as an extra “pull up” seat in a living room, Mark Sikes

My covered porch where garden seats serve as small end tables

Beautiful in a bathroom, Better Homes and Gardens

Pretty bedroom featuring a solid colored garden seat as a small occasional table

A project I worked on for a design showcase featuring a pair of garden seats which doubled as small end tables

My bathroom….see I practice what I preach!

Liking how they used these in place of a cocktail table and how it gives the room such a fun punch of color, Traditional Home

Mary McDonald did a beautiful job layering this beautiful room where the garden seat serves as a small table/extra seating

A beautiful outdoor space by Miles Redd, also loving how he used lamps out there, Arch Digest

I have seen garden seats used many times in the shower, makes a perfect little bench, Pinterest

I like the way a pair of garden seats were used in this wonderful bedroom, Mark Sikes

Isn’t this pretty…..and a perfect table between a pair of chaise lounges

Beautiful setting at Aerin Lauders pretty Hamptons home

Tory Burch clearly loves garden seats too!

My own pair on my covered porch

Love them in a living room and recently added one to my own, Mark Sikes

Adore the way that Ashley Whittaker used this next to a chair in this dreamy bedroom

Beautiful covered porch, Tory Burch’s home via Arch Digest


So…….what are your thoughts on garden seats? I love them (obviously) and have several all over the place, just love their function as both a table and an extra seat. Do you have garden seats in your home or outside maybe? Time for you to chime in. Stay tuned for next time where we explore another way to use our beloved blue and white! Thanks for stopping by, wishing everyone a wonderful day and great start to your week! Until next time……


One lucky winner will win a beautiful village scene bud vase to add to their blue and white collection and to be sure of course that their lifelong love of blue and white remains strong:) Simply leave a comment on this post telling us what you think about garden seats and you will be in the running! A winner will be announced on Sunday so check back.

Today and tomorrow, all garden seats on my site are an extra 20% off! Use code” garden”  click here to see the collection-

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Love this post on Garden Stools! I have always layered them in rooms Ive designed and think they are an underused accessory!

I agree with you. Very versatile piece to be used anywhere.
I love and never though about using in the shower. I like that idea a lot.

I’m definitely a member of the blue and white club!! I have a blue and white garden seat for years that moves around my living room at a side table or extra seating. Love how the garden seat adds style and function and is kid friendly too.

Love garden seats….. and Blue and White makes them even more lovely. So beautiful and functional too! Thanks for the ideas

Have always loved garden seats. I have a blue and white one that I bought years ago. I use it as a side table in my living room. At our beach house we have white ones in 2 of the bedrooms along side a chair. Perfect for a book or cup of tea! They never go out of style!

I love garden seats and also use them everywhere. I have them in my showers , outside, everywhere. Can’t get enough !!

They are just the right size to fill in that space where a little something is needed. I have one next to my front door and put a planter on top. The height is just right. I can’t wait for Spring so that I can put it out again.

I have used a garden seat for years as a side table next to a chair. I just finished design classes at a local university, and hopefully will be adding more blue and white to my collection.

Garden seats are so versatile. I’ve seen two of them topped with a thick piece of glass to make a lovely coffee table.

I love garden seats. I am presently using one in my guest bathroom to accommodate guest towels and a scented candle. I will probably purchase more to be used in my patio!!

The garden seats are such a easy way to add a punch of color to any setting. The fact that they are weather resistant adds to their versatility in all settings.

I absolutely love garden seats! They are great to use as tables, extra seating or just decoration.

I was a garden seat girl long before my chinoiserie days! My favorite place is one in my outdoor shower where we use it all summer. Love your seats!

Tina, what an inspiring post! Your shop has a lovely collection of garden seats that can turn those pictures into reality in our own homes.

I too am in love with garden seats. I have them in my living room, patio, and bedrooms. They truly are quite versatile!

Blue and white is timeless. I’ve always wanted a garden seat, but with dogs running about, Ive thought twice about it!

I have one in my sunroom that my mother gave me. It looks beautiful with a nice floral arrangement on it.

I just purchased one of your blue and white garden seats. They are so classic and timeless. Wonderful as extra seating or as a small table to hold your cup of tea. It looks beautiful and hand painted. We don’t regret buying quality. It stands the test of time.

I wish the summer season was much longer here in Connecticut. I would put several out on my deck and patio to match my blue and white umbrellas.

Have always loved a perch to hold a book and a cup of tea. The enchanting part of course is their versatility to be moved at a moments notice, to add color , extra seating, or to freshen up a space. Can’t get enough blue and white!

LOVE garden seats and also use them everywhere- living room, covered porch, patio and by my pool in the summer. So easy to use, multiple purpose, and they add a pop of color, too. Am thinking of adding a couple more inside my house!

The pictures are really pretty but for some reason I am not a fan of them. If I were to change my mind I would like the solid color ones or the hex blue and white.

I love the garden seats and how versatile they can be. They serve so many purposes and are stunning

I love them. I move mine all over. They make a perfect table next to a chair. I really like being able to use them outdoors as well as indoors. I have had one for 30 years and am looking forward to more! Yours are beautiful!

We have two garden seats that we use as little side tables poolside. Mine are more of an “ocean” blue and we love them! I love the blue and white ? I never thought to put one in a shower… great idea.

I love garden seats in lots of colors and patterns but blue and white garden seats are my favorite! I use them in many rooms in my home and outdoors as well. Really enjoyed your pics!!!!

I have an orange and white chinoiserie garden seat in my shower that has been there for at least 5 years. It looks very pretty and is easy to clean with the same cleaner that I use on the shower. I have two regular size blue and white seats that I use as end tables on my deck. I also found one half size blue and white garden seat that I use on the deck as an end table beside a reclining chaise. It’s the perfect height for my drink. They are very pretty and very versatile. The ones that are outside can be cleaned with bleach and a hose.

Garden seats never go out of style. They can be used in every room of the house, too…even bathrooms. And Tina, speaking of bathrooms, I love your bathroom but have to admit that every time I see your tub with those gorgeous ginger jars on each end, I panic and fear one will fall! 🙂

Garden seats are great versatile pieces. I have a pair in in the patio, one in the living room and one in the shower. Beautiful decor, extra seating or table.

My garden seat (yes blue and white) moves around my home with the seasons… the summer on the patio for an extra seat or side table and in the winter in my living room for the same use, and when we had lots of company an extra seat in the mudroom for to sit on to take off their snowy boots and sometimes when my granddaughters visit we use it in other ways… they can eat appetizers on their own little table or next to their bed for a nightstand. (we put their sippy cups on it) I just love garden stools! Pretty and practical!

Tina I love the Blue and White Garden Seats too. You have a great selection in your shop but with four grandchildren under the age of three will have to put that purchase off for awhile ☺️

My front porch is all done in blue and white. A garden seat would look lovely with the glider and rockers.

Love garden seats and have several in my home. Once you make the decision to add them to your design scheme, you’ll realize the extra sparkle they bring to a room.

Love garden seats and I have a blue & white one that I have moved in many locations as I be had it for decades. It is now in my covered patio.

I adore garden seats and have one in my bathroom, bedroom, foyer, den and living room! I also use several outdoors in the summer!

Just a thought for your new ventures that I did not think of before. Your wrap papers are magnificent. Why not do matching/coordinating gift tags. Also…..those same motifs would make fantastic guest towels as a “new” business

Love Chinese porcelain garden seats.I use them currently in my bathroom,however feel like their addition to my entryway would add some real interest and colour!

I have always loved garden seats, and at times have thought I had too many—but this post made me realize that I need several more!! As with blue and white, I see that you cant have too many!

Now that I have finally gotten to a stage in my life where I don’t have to worry about little children knocking things over and breaking them… I realize how much I would like to have a garden stool in my own home. I never have enough small end tables to set a drink or snack upon… When we lived overseas, I had access to purchasing a garden stool, but the quality was spotty… and I never could find just the right one…

So instructive to see the innovative ways in which garden seats can be used. I’ve seen blue and white and all-white seats of a similar size and shape but it was enlightening to see the more drum-shaped seats in Tory Burch’s house. I hope you’ll be able to stock some of those, Tina! Would also like to see garden seats in other sizes. I have seen much smaller ones used as part of a table vignette or even as book ends. Thanks for the wonderful photos. I love looking at all this glorious blue and white!

Love the look. I think they would work nicely with the antique wicker on my front porch. Perfect size.

Love, love, love my garden seats. I currently am using 8 in my home and bought 2 apiece from your shop for our daughters for Christmas. We especially love the chinoiserie ones. They are so elegant. Many thanks for all that you do Tina. You continue to inspire so many of us, especially those of us who love your blue and white!

Love garden seats. I have a couple of them in my home!!! Useful and very attractive additions to many rooms

I love garden seats and have some in my living room,den, bathroom,powder room and on a deck. They are so versatile , useful and add a personal statement wherever they are.

Garden seats are FAB! I love my dark blue and white one, and find it is the perfect place to set a glass of wine or ice tea.

Beautiful! I have 3 garden seats already but now think I can certainly use more of them!

I love the garden stools! I have a few in my house and use them as tables. Have a great day Tina.

Just ordered the dragon garden seat, will be used in new bath along with the Kohler dragon sink. Thanks Tina

I would love to add the bud vase to my small collection of blue and white. Garden seats are so versatile. Thank you.

So interesting to see garden seats used in the living room. Hmmm. Might need one myself!

I love the garden seats and move mine around as needed. Perfect side table for small space!

I love garden seats and all the versatility they offer. They make any space more beautiful!

Blue and white garden seats played a prominent part in our previous (large) home, especially in the garden room. Now in my small retirement apartment I have only one which is used as a small side table or a seat for the great grandchildren. Still have a lot of blue and white and your beautiful tulipieres.

I have several placed around my home. They are perfect for small areas that require a small table or as extra seating. I have never thought of inside the shower but I absolutely love the idea. Thanks for your clever thinking.

Reading your post made me see several areas where I could use these adorable garden seats! Love the blue and white ones! The solid white is also lovely. Never thought about the shower! Very clever.

I have always loved garden seats! I’ve used them in my own home and in client’s homes. They are so versatile and take up such little real estate.

I’m going to buy two right now for my outdoor balcony! Love all these photos! Thanks for the inspiration!

I just started decorating with garden seats. You’re, right, they make great end tables, and the ones you have in your shop are so so beautiful. I bought one elsewhere, and came running back to your store, because your garden seats have so much color, texture and beauty. Love your home so very much…

Love garden seats and own a few. But most importantly, I love all things blue and white, which is why I started following you!!!

I love the beauty and the practicality of a beautiful garden seat. Can’t wait to check out your collection.

Love the garden seats on your website. I have used garden seats in various rooms in the house, as well as, next to a chaise by the pool.

I love garden seats and have them in several locations in my home. I never thought of using one in the shower before. Fabulous idea!

I have notice these everywhere in magazines, too. So handy and practical in every room of the house. And blue and white is the best color combination!

I too use garden seats in my home. I have one in a bath room next to a tub and have two in my garden room. I love the pictures you have shown today. So versatile and add a lot to a space.

Garden seats are multi-functional, beautiful as décor under a table or as a side table while sipping coffee.

The possibilities are endless when decorating with Garden Seats! I love using them whenever I can in a design.

Love the comment that you practice what you preach! Everything you do is perfect and beautiful!!! I thoroughly enjoyed all of the vignettes. I’m working on adding a few more garden seats to my indoor and outdoor decor.

I definitely have them and don’t think you can ever have enough! They are so versatile and you move them around and even store them if they are in the way.

I have always loved garden seats! I have a green foo dog seat on my patio. I would love to add blue and white!

Love garden benches – probably because they’re so versatile! I only have one but over the years I’ve had it in just about every room of my house. In the summer it’s always on my patio or porch either as an end table, plant stand or extra seating.
Karen – another blue and white lover.
P.S. Love seeing pictures of your beloved Teddy too.

I have several and use them as side tables and extra seating. Can go anywhere with any style!

Garden seats are a wonderful addition to any room! They add a pop of color and are also super functional….a table, a seat….even a nice place for your favorite cat to perch!

Blue and white garden seats add flexibility to
my limited seating in my cozy home!

Garden seats = practical.
Anywhere any place.
We have three different styles in three different places inside and out!

Even though I live in a small (3 bedroom) house, I have 4 garden seats and will buy more today. I LOVE them and move them around seasonally! Thanks Tina for yours! ???

I love them too. I have six in my home. Love to put a round glass on top to use as an end table.

I love the look of garden seats, and as you said, they are so versatile. I have two that I move from outside to inside. I bought my sister two garden seats for her birthday last August! Can’t wait to purchase more after seeing your post.

I especially love those larger garden seats in Tory Burch’s home in the last photo.

Such a versatile accessory. I use them in the shower as a seat, as a small table in another bath and also as a pedestal in the garden for a display of potted orchids.

Hi Tina
Love garden stools and have a good number of them but could always add more! I have some in a few bathrooms, on my screened in porch, as a side table in the great room and also as a foot rest.
My favorites are one in blue and white from One Kings Lane purchased many years ago and a gorgeous Imari which I purchased at an auction.
Would love to have one each of your!

Garden seats are a beautiful way of adding color while providing space for drinks and sitting. Love them!

I have a blue and white or solid blue garden seat in most rooms in my house. Perfect side tables that don’t take up a lot of room and add interest to my decor! Been a member of the blue and white club for 30 years.

I am a big fan of garden seats! They are great for a small side table. Been thinking of adding one by the bath also!

I love garden stools. I think they look absolutely gorgeous on an outdoor patio or porch, and they look just a stunning indoors as well. They are a great accent piece at a very reasonable price.

Garden seats are a great piece of furniture, that you can place in any room around the house! love them!!!

I love the garden seats you offer and your prices are so reasonable, especially with the discount!

Garden seats are just fabulous and these are wonderful ideas. I use them on the portico and in the sunroom. There is always a spot for another…especially a blue and white.

Garden seats are so versatile and practical. I love the idea of adding one to a shower!

Garden seats are classic. I am planning on getting one in blue and white or solid to place becide my blue leather wing back in my kitchen reading nook.

Garden seats are so versatile. Blue and white seats bring such a cooling touch to a beach house in July!

I love garden seats! I have two in my front hall under a console table. They are the perfect combination of functional furniture and decor!

One can never have too many garden seats! I hope by getting your posts we are members of the “blue and white club”!

I love garden seats and hope to have one of my own soon-now to figure out where to put it!

Such pretty uses! I have one of the garden seats on my screened porch as an end table next to a chair. Julie

I adore garden seats & could picture one right now in my sun room. Or patio. Or living room. Or bedroom. So many options but alas, no garden seat yet.

Love Garden Seats. Have two. One in my courtyard by a chaise lounge. One in a guest bathroom. I want more. Never thought about inside a shower! Great idea. My love for blue and white is older than my two daughters. Now they collect it too. We try not to “overdo” it and have never tired of it. It is amazing how it can freshen a room. Tina… are amazing with it.

I really enjoy the way you show us how to use different pieces of furniture. I am new to the blue and white world! Loving all of your suggestions!

How lovely garden stools are, and blue and white are without doubt my favorite if all time. Thank you for all the lovely pictures showing the many ways to use them. I have them indoors, outdoors, in my bathrooms, guest bedrooms, etc. Love, love, love them. I can’t tell you how I cannot wait to see your posts every day, you are such a lovely personi

Love garden seats!! Can you bring in the shorter, fatter ones and the flat top vase shaped ones!! Like to have different styles and colors too. Green grass colored would be perfect!

Loving the garden seats in bathroom showers and as side tables. So beautiful and unique!

All the garden seats are gorgeous! I love all my blue and white I have ordered from Enchanted Home!

Blue and white..oh so right! Love the garden seat pix!
I have two in my living room that give an extra place to put that evening glass of wine!
Thanks for sharing..

Blue and white..oh so right! Love the garden seat pix!
I have two in my living room that give an extra place to put that evening glass of wine!
Thanks for sharing..

Hello Tina- I like the Elegant Garden Seat. Let me say that i will look at garden seats differently now after seeing them on your site and reading comments on how versatile they are. Still waiting for your design book to place on my new garden seat.

I love garden seat! Thinking i’ll add one inside the master shower. Lovely picture and lovely idea.

I love them! I use them everywhere and move them constantly to accommodate more seating or table options. Blue and white ones are the best though!!

I love the use of all things blue and white outdoors in my garden, especially garden seats used as small tables. So pretty!

Love your Blue and White Garden Seats. Spectacular! How much weight would they hold?

The “ONLY” downside to this post is – my Blue/White “budget” needs to be enlarged:)

I love, love, love ceramic garden seats and have used them indoors and out for years!

Love my garden seats; have some outside and a few inside next to comfy reading chairs.

This post came just in time! We just moved in to a new house and the decorating fun is just starting. I got so many good ideas here- I love seeing them outside and in living rooms. I never thought of them for a bedroom but do love the examples you showed. Off to order my garden seats:-)

Thanks for the invite – I definitely want to be a member of the blue and white club!

Love them all especially in the shower! never thought of that!
They make a room inviting, functional and elegant, have several myself although you can never have enough!

I have also used 2 of them under glass for a coffee table and as plant stands. They have been in the bathroom f and are currently on the verandah add extra seating or as side tables. Their versatility is remarkable!

Love them. A great accessory. Considering one for my screened porch. Will pick one after I decide on new cushions.

Have a garden seat, blue & white of course, in my bedroom. Will soon use it as part of a blue & white scheme for the stage of a Fashion Show. Blue & white goes everywhere!

I have several garden seats and use them everywhere. They are so versatile and always add a little extra spark either as a small table or plant holder, etc. Love the blue and white – can’t have too much !

Garden seats are incredible! They offer versatility in their functionality (seat, mini table, plant stand), as well as durability in their ability to perform in indoor as well as outdoor settings. Just one more way to bring that little pop of blue and white color into the vision and feeling of a room! I love the way these little gems can traverse formal as well as informal settings with ease.

I love garden seats! I have 1 in my living room, 3 outside on my patio and 1 in my powder room!!! Thanks for all the beautiful photos!

I’ve never met a garden seat yet that I haven’t loved !
The beautiful designs,various patterns and colors provide an instant professional , decorated look to a room – inside or outside of your home !
Your post today proves this . Lovely .

Love the look in this post of the garden seats. They are beautiful. I do not have any in my home but after seeing this post I’m considering purchasing some.

I love the versatility of garden seats! Can be used in any room as far as I am concerned!

Still love a pair purchased in Toronto almost 32 years ago on our 10th wedding anniversary and glad to know they are forever classic!!!

Love garden stools ,,, extra seating or small table. Love the blue and white. Mine are solid colors.?

The history behind these Chinese garden seats is fascinating. Warm coals were placed inside which gently warmed the ceramic seat On chilly days. That is the reason that the old seats all have pierced areas on them. Love them!

The garden seat is so chic and classic. They can be used in nearly every room. I plan on using mine as an accent and a little table beside a sofa. I also like a pr under a table console. Oh , yes, they are great in a patio and can take the rain. And hold a glass of iced tea by a chaise lounge.

I absolutely love garden seats. I have a couple in front of the fireplace that can be used as extra seating quickly and as necessary.

The garden seats are stunning just as decoration, but how they project style and sophistication when used as seats and end tables… quite dashing in fact !

I have 2 seats that were my mothers. I use them everywhere and am going to buy more today!

I too am a fan of garden seats. They can be used in so many different areas for multiply uses. Enjoyed the post.

Yes, I love garden seats. I have them in family room, living room, shower and another one under our pergola! I enjoy the interest they add to a room.

I have a cherished antique garden seat purchased in Marin County (blue & white of course) next to the reading chair in my office. I escape there every morning with a cup of coffee to start my day

I would love the ivory garden seat for my living room, but it’s sold out. I’ll certainly order it when you order more.

Hard to add to what Tina have already said about the look and functional flexibility of garden seats. They add such charm and class to any room no matter how they are used. I love them. I have a one in the foyer of my home beneath a table of collected blue and white porcelain.

The bird garden seat would be a lovely addition to a space between two chairs in my living room.
Blue and white a favorite addition in most of my rooms. Always a pleasure Tina. Thank you .

I love using garden seats as a side table. Adding blue & white anywhere is always a good idea!

Garden seats are so versatile! I have two in my master bath and one in the living room. I plan to add them to the “garden” area next. Maybe a backwards design, but so be it:)

Adore garden seats. I have a blue and white one next to a chair in my sitting room. Planning to purchase another one to use in a guest room.

Oh , my god this is scary I have all pictures ready to post them except the bathrooms I’m in shock please follow my Instagram account I have recently started interior design and I love everything you post but this is way beyond scary! Im glad I checked otherwise people will think I’m copying exactly what you post ! It would be an honor if you follow my very new account, @chinoiserieandpeony

I love furniture that can be used multiple ways and can change with my decorating needs!

Love garden seats. Have 2 blue and white in the living room, 2 green and white in the family room and 1 each white in two bedrooms. Would love another blue and white for the outdoor porch. Thank you for the chance to win the beautiful bud vase.

I love garden seats because not only are they beautiful, but so versatile!! I really need a pair!?

The rooms in this post are beautiful. I can always count on you to get me excited about decorating. Yes, I have a beautiful garden stool in my family room and I have another one on my back porch. Love them!

I love the garden seat craze and hope it never ends. Don’t own one, but would love to one day!

I have one garden seat in my living room (it is blue & white), but after seeing all the rooms you showed….I am so inspired! I am searching all my house to see where I can tuck more in. Especially love the bathroom idea!

Absolutely love garden seats! I have one in my living room right. You can never have too many!

I’ll be honest.. I was never a fan of garden seats in the past, but in the past few years, I’ve seen how versatile they are.. I’m going to have to put at least one in my home…

That Ashley Whittaker photo is my dream foyer and that Mark Sikes photo is my dream living room so I must need a few garden stools, right?

I love garden seats. Have five of them in various places. Bathroom, covered porch, front porch and bedroom. They are to me a staple that can go just about anywhere.

Garden seats are awesome!! I use the for small tables and everyone always comments on them. I have two blue and white ones and two interchanged “coin” ones in solid orange!! They are fun…especially on the porch in the summer. I do love the pastel chinoiserie ones you now carry

I use them on my patio, in my living room, one as an end table with a stand up lamp in a tight space on my husbands side of the bed, and 2 as end tables to a guest room bed that is kiddy corner! I love them and they are all blue and white – of course!

I love my elegant garden seat! I’m to late to order a different one because it’s sold out already!! Maybe next time!

I am completely obsessed by blue and white, and am a life=long collector, However, until this posting, I have NEVER thought of using garden seats as end tables!!!!!! What’s wrong with me!?!?!!? That idea is BRILLIANT!!! I’m soooo glad I saw this amazing set of photos, Thank you!!!!!

Such a great accessory in so many places! I wish you would sell some that are white, with great patterns (bamboo, quatrefoil, etc) so many pretty ones in your pictures are white. I am a huge blue and white fan and have so many accessories in that, I am wanting to lighten things up and would love to see more options in white.

I fell in love with garden seats the first time I saw one! They are not only beautiful but oh, so practical. And you can always move them to your heart’s content.

I love garden seats! I have a blue and white one in my bedroom next to a French chair and keep a couple of books on it.

I agree with you, garden seats are so versatile! I especially love them outside in a seating area! I’m so enjoying your blog…. so glad I found it!

I love them, they are perfect inside and outside the home. They can be used to be just a pretty accessory or as a functional piece. Love all of your choices!

The blue and white Chinese garden seat, a lovely place to set my coffee, on those early summer mornings. Yes, my porch is a pretty blue and white scheme, with white hydrangeas and orange lantana.

I never thought of putting a garden seat in the shower what a great idea to help in shaving your
thx for the inspiration ideas!

You have truly brought the versatility of the garden seat to light. All of the photos are so beautifully representative of your love
of garden seats, and I am now looking at them with a new prospective thanks to you, Tina.

I love blue and white porcelains, and have recently added more to various rooms, including a garden seat in my living room – they add so much!

I love the garden seats and have them in my home. They are perfect for every room in the house and I love the variety of design and colors that you offer in your shop!

Love ❤️ Garden Seats! I have two on my patio, I use as little end tables for a cocktail or extra seating. I would like another one for my MBR. Happy Wednesday!

Love your post about garden seats, great post? Like you I cannot get enough of blue and white especially blue and white garden seats. .I’ve been collecting blue and white for years !! LOVE IT, LOVE IT?

Absolutely love the wider garden seats shown in Tory Burch’s covered porch! Tina, would you consider designing a wider stool to add to your collection? I have two in my home, one is in my guest bathroom for guests to put their purse on!

love blue and white garden seats! i have 3 in my upstairs den and when spring rolls around i use them on my patio as end tables. love the way the blue and white pops against black iron furniture.

Hi Tina!
We have two of your garden seats on our entry porch on either side of a cobalt blue bench! So perfect and welcoming.

I LOVE garden seats and I am so sorry that I missed seeing this post yesterday and missed the sale! Just beautiful photos….thanks!

After reading your blog about blue and white garden seats, I thought that your giveaway would be a garden seat. A bud vase! Really!

I am truly inspired. I am loving your garden seats and pics! Just started following. Would love to buy one from you, but both of the ones I like are sold out. Might you get some more in?

One of my addictions is garden stools! I have a sancai lion stool, an elephant head stool in blue and white, and a pair of blue and white square stools. Always on the lookout for more!

Great post! Read it everyday. I love using my garden seats in my shower and as a cocktail table in my living room. I have had them for years and always on the hunt for more. Blue and white never gets old!!!!!!!!

I love a garden seat! There are so many uses for them. I have one in my foyer with a plant on it. I will move it around for other things as the mood strikes.

I absolutely love them! You can sit on them, place things on them, or just look at them!!

Love, love garden seats, especially blue and white chinoiserie! They bring a relaxed but ordered feel to a room.
Great idea to use as a shower seat. It never occurred to me last month when I was sick with bronchitis. I could have grabbed my garden seat out of the living room! I’m getting a new one for the bathroom!

To be honest I have spent my adult years being a lover of the “blue and white” club, from afar. Isn’t it amazing when you finally admit your hidden, seems impossible dreams to God…at 56 my husband and I just moved into our dream home and as the yard is being landscaped and we wait to be able to use the pool, we ourselves cannot believe the words pool are landscape are in our vocabulary. The house is mostly empty and we are okay with that, it will come in time, I mean God bought us this far He knows we want stuff;) Having said that your site is lovely, filled w ideas, inspiration, vision boards, and what I already know will be that piece at a time purchases and each one will b so appreciated. So to whomever gets this giveaway will b blessed and I will join the club, one piece at a time. xoxo

I have 3 garden seats and move them around as needed. They serve as tables, extra seats and are nice additions to any room. Love all your pictures today on your post, simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing; hope you have a great day.

Love garden seats! I’ve never used one outside though. Wondering how well they would hold up in the elements.

Every instance where a garden seat was used is swoon-worthy!!! They are so versatile, adapting easily to almost any decor, and they add so much to a room. I think they are timeless and will never go out of style. My favorite is your ivory floral seat, but sadly it is sold out.

I love all of the inspirational photos of the garden seats, I had no idea how versatile this piece could be. Your selection of garden seats are just beautiful and would love to order one. . . the baby blue one caught my eye and I have just the place in my entry way for it!!

I personally don’t have any garden seats (yet) but bought one from your collection for my daughter for Christmas.

I am a hoarder of blue and white accessories my mother set the example for me. Garden seats live everywhere in my home. Between chairs in living room outdoors by the pool and seating areas. Big blue and white jardineres in dining and living rooms and outside. I probably need a bigger house for my expanding collection!! I guess it is no longer a preference but an enjoyable addiction!!!!

Garden seats are the most versatile and overly used pieces of furniture in our home. Whether inside or outside we use ours regularly and when not in use they’re beautiful accent pieces

Hi Tina,

Garden seats are so functional. I do own one and definately want to add a few to my patio.

Blessings, Peggy

Love garden seats! Have been thinking about adding one to my front porch bench after seeing how you have one by a little bench in your back yard.

I adore garden seats, I am looking for just the right one to place in the screened porch of my new home in Charleston, SC!

I LOVE garden seats…so versatile! My only caveat is that I recently made the mistake of buying one that has a slightly rounded top, which makes it difficult to balance a glass on. Next time I will pay more attention to that tiny detail!

I have garden seats in my bedroom and living room AND I have bought them from TEH. I am looking now for a couple for my patio, so your sale is very timely for me.

I love garden seats as they are very versatile and can be placed almost anywhere. I love your blue and white seats particularlly the one with the willow-like pattern.

Garden stools are the best! I use them everywhere, Blue and white, solid colors, love both. I even put a large ( faux) candle underneath some of my white ones, and the flame flickers through the openings. Pretty!

I love garden seats, although I don’t own one yet. I can imagine one next to my clawfoot tub, so practical and pretty for a bathroom.

I love garden seats and these are beautiful examples of how to decorate with them! I think I need a few more… Enjoy your weekend!

I love my garden seat! So does my granddaughter……she uses it to play her dolls on! Perfect height for a 3 year old!!!

Love the garden seats, I could see many creative uses for them. Unfortunately, my house is too tiny to integrate them now!

I love garden seats as table’s, I use them out side in the summertime, bring them inside when the snow comes

I LOVE garden seats….so versatile!!! However, I do not have a blue and white one yet…

i use garden seats in various ways. right now i have one on the back porch to hold a plant. on the front porch i have one used as a table. very versatile!

I love blue and white, and I have three garden seats in my home. They are so attractive and functional!

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