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Hi friends…ready for round 2?  Sit down for this one, there are loads of great deals here today.   We are clearing out our warehouse and shelves. Lots of beauties up for grabs, very limited quantities of each. As we continue to organize and clean up, we will hold these clean up sales over the course of 2 or 3 sales. This is round two with a bunch of new things plus a few things that did not sell from round one that have been reduced.

You know how things go fast so first come first serve, everything here is heavily discounted! Please read over the following rules before you submit an order especially if you are new to this-

  • Call in or email your order 800-804-9565 (9:30-5:30 EST)  or email [email protected]
  • You cannot check out online, the only way to place an order is to call or email
  • Because there is such limited stock, calling in your order is advised to get your pick of items
  • If you are emailing your order- you MUST include your name, address and phone number in your email
  • Please refer only to item number and quantity
  • VERY limited numbers of each item shown, so subject to availability
  • Please do not submit an order unless you are able to pay your invoice within 12 hours
  • Final sale and shipping extra
  • All items in and ready to go
  • Any questions- feel free to give us a call at 800-804-9565


ITEM 1  Calling all foo dog lovers. These absolutely darling and super decorative mini foo dogs are just too cute. Measures 4″ x 6″ they are offered in four colors, pale green, mossy green,  turquoise and pink. Also makes a great pair of bookends. Any color for the pair $45.00!

Specify color, pink, light green, moss green or turquoise

ITEM 2. This a stunning large fishbowl. Beautiful for orchids or any flowering plant and. I. have used mine even as a very stylish beverage tub! Measures 16″ wide by about 7.5″ tall  Today it is $175.00

ITEM 3. A wonderful scalloped songbird planter is such a beauty and perfect for an orchid or flowers of any kind. Measures 12″ x 7″ x 9″ $125.00

ITEM 4. Wonderful obelisks, measures 22″ tall. These are handpainted and a stunning decorative object.

Have one left of black, ivory and two left of the pale blue/gold.

$60 each or the pale blue pair is $115.00 below cost!

ITEM 5. SOLD OUT A fabulous pair of exquisite chinoiserie prints in a beautiful gold toned bamboo/trellis frame. I wish I had a place for these, just love everything about this pair! They were made for a clients home (custom) but by the time they were ready, they had sold their home so I ended up never delivering them.   These beautiful prints are framed and matted. Measures- 19.5″ tall x 16″ wide

Sold as a pair only $365.00 for the pair (cost)

ITEM 6 SOLD OUTThese incredible acrylic glasses will have everyone fooled, I have never seen such realistic These glasses are AMAZING, they look like cut crystal and the most realistic I have ever seen. Seriously you can fool anyone with these and they cannot break, best part. Lightweight too. Sold in sets of 4, low ball and high balls.

Set of four low balls  $25.00

Set of four high balls $28.00

ITEM 7. Love Lucite? Me too, got these in and never put them on the shop but they are amazing. These pieces are so great for stylish entertaining, easy to transport and works with every color scheme.

These beverage buckets are amazing, you can fit several bottles quite easily into them and they each include the Lucite scoop.

5A.   Tall beverage bucket with scoop  measures 11.5″ wide by 12.5″ tall $45.00

5B.Wide bucket beverage bucket with scoop, measures 19″ x 10″  $50.00

ITEM 8. Incredible green ikat pillows are back, this GORGEOUS shade of green in the iconic Quadrille pattern, Bali Hai. Keeping a pair for myself! Sold by the pillow $145.00 each (down insert $20.00) OR a pair for $260.00

ITEM 9.SOLD OUT A stunning pair of lamps is up for sale. These beautiful pair of jewel toned scalloped lamps are so very pretty.  Includes hard with porcelain  finial. Measures 27″tall with a three way socket (max 150)

One $190.00 OR pair is $365.00

ITEM 10. And last of these beautiful tea caddies, down to just 1 or 2 of each. These are also super easy to convert into lamps and would make gorgeous lamps!

10A. Cream colored octagonal tole caddy jars, hand painted and beautiful for decorative purposes or to make into lamps!

$60.00 each all time low price!! Measures 14″ x 7″

10B. Pale blue chinoieserie measures  18″ x 8″ round $65.00

10C. One left of this white/ivory square octagonal tea caddy 14″ x 7″

ITEM 11. Have 3 left of these beautiful raffia straw bags, great for travel, beach, pool,etc…..large and roomy with an interior drawstring closure to insure everything stays intact. These are about 18″ wide by 15″ Any one of these $80.00 (all time low price)




ITEM 12.  Three left of this stunning garland planter. Love this and have one in my bathroom to hold toiletries, love the garland border and the wonderful etchwork the kind of planter you just don’t see much anymore, $85.00

H 6 ins. x L 11 1/2 ins. x Inside H 5 1/2 ins.

ITEM 13.SOLD OUT Calling all Antica Farmacista fans we have a few left of one of my most favorite fragrances, Baby…smells so soft and floral like a beautiful spring day. We have four left of the delectable room spray and 4 of the 250 ml of the diffuser, a wonderful way to smell up a room.

250 ml diffuser $58.00


ITEM 14   Incredible black chinoiserie tole sconce, have four left of these beauties, they are showstopping and are electrified. Very grand and a fraction of what anything like  this sells for elsewhere….don’t miss out. Features handpainted gold on black with beautiful bell detailing. Measures 24″T x 14″W x 9″D These are electrified. Unheard of price $130 each!

ITEM 15.  These wonderful metal and iron square Provence planters are so stylish. Perfect for summer planting and a great planter for orchids or boxwoods. All three for $ 120.00 or

Large $48.00 11″sq x 12.5″

Med $42.00 9″sq x 10.5″

Small $35.00 6.75″sq x 8.75″ SOLD OUT

OR all three sizes (one of each) $120.00

ITEM 16. Have several sets left of the beautiful lime green chinoiserie pagoda disposable place mats, we use these all the time year round but especially great in the warmer months for outdoor dining.
50 sheets per pad.
Recycled content.
Made in USA.
11.5″ x 17.25″


ITEM 17 A few last mirrors are up for grabs and these are deals!! Only left of each color, and these are a STEAL! Where else can you find handpainted chinoiserie wood mirrors for this price!! A steal of a deal on these last two chinoiserie mirrors. Unheard of pricing, measures 54″ x 30″ Either color $290! These are practically cost and can retail for up to $1500.


17A. SOLD OUT The tall more narrow mirror with figurine scene is a beauty fabulously painted figurine and village scene in gold

Measures 23″ x 57″

Moss green/gold

17B. Black w/gold

 ITEM 18. There are two left (one each of these colors) of the wide mirror featuring this stunning gold flowering vine gold design- either color $295.00

Measures 55″tall x 27″ wide

18A. SOLD OUT One pale blue w/gold

Here they are in my home-

18B. One ivory w/gold $295.00


ITEM 19.  These fantastic made in Morocco straw totes are so chic with their leather braided handles, they scream spring/summer dressing. Being sold almost at cost, green, navy or tan handles.

Specify color choice any color $30.00!

ITEM 20. Fabulous deals on these two chinoiserie tole items. This stunning lamp is 18″ x 9″ x 9″ is done in pale green/gold on a gorgeous scalloped painted base, a fantastic deal on one of my favorite lamps $165.00 OR pair for $320.00 unbelievable deal!


ITEM 21.  This is the last of this beautiful bright yellow handpainted jar with richly colored flowers,it is missing a lid but perfect for fresh flowers or branches. 8.5″ tall $60.00

ITEM 22. Excited about these beautiful new small arrangements. You know sometimes you need something pretty for an end table or nightstand? Well, these are prefect! Our super lifelike peonies in these beautiful square chinoiserie planters.  Will always look beautiful, no water required!

Sm measures 10″ x 8″ x 8″   ( in ivory or black) $75.00

Med measures  13″ x 12″ x 12″  (in ivory or black) $95.00

ITEM 23. A few wonderful serving pieces left, this is the last of them all at rockbottom pricing-

23A. SOLD OUT 4 wicker handled servers $30.00 for 4

23B. 2 antler and 1 horn servers $15.00

ITEM 24. Extra large green tole planter, this doubles as a fantastic wine cooler as well. A  celadon green with gold accents and pretty dainty feet, measures 17.5″ x 11″ $70.00 One left for non payment


Lots of great goodies here! Just email or call if you see something you simply must have. Calling is quicker and we can tell you right away if the item you want is available but email orders accepted (just make sure they include your name, address and phone number so we can send an invoice). Thanks for stopping by.


[email protected]

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Do you have 2 Provence planters Item # 15 in size Large. They would be shipping to GA. Can you give me an idea what shipping cost would be?


I just received my garden seat! I’m in love. It’s prettier than I even expected. Thank you for ALL of your hard work!

When will the blue and white rabbits be for sale or did I miss them?
I have been ill and have not even been on computer for days.

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