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Hello and happy Sunday! First I want to announce the winner of the porcelain jar giveaway, congratulations goes to-




Please email your shipping info to [email protected] and your prize will be on it’s way!

Hope you are enjoying a great weekend, here it’s been a busy but relaxing one. Had a photo shoot for an upcoming ad, dinner out  and today headed to a bridal shower, always fun to celebrate the exciting time of a young bride, and then it’s Oscar Sunday. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, lots of beautiful things to share this weekend with you, so sit back, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!



1 ONE FABULOUS WEDDING!  And wouldn’t you know, it’s in Palmetto Bluff! Always a beautiful place to host a wedding and who knows maybe one day even I will be so lucky:) Boys, are you listening? This is such a beautiful tasteful wedding, it was worth sharing! Photography by KT Merry Photography. Click here to see the entire wonderful gallery.


2 EXCITING TOLE HAPPENINGS! So many beautiful things are on the horizon for TEH, it almost gives me heart palpitations, and of course I want one each and every one of them! The tole shipment just shipped and will be here within about 4 weeks, a presale will be held next week so stay tuned. In the meantime, thought you might enjoy some of these pictures as it shows the true artistry and personalization given to each and every piece-

Beyond excited to get these exquisite tray tables, will be offered in black and in ivory- (here they are in progress)

How pretty are these new style planters, wastepaper baskets and tissues?

And part 2 of the silver shipment will be here in about 2-3 weeks, so excited. Included in this shipment will be among other things, two fabulous styles of the mini table lamps, my fabulous Chippendale style trays and more. I think it’s kind of fascinating to see the behind the scenes to demonstrate the level of workmanship that goes into masking these, don’t you?

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST So much beauty, I must say Instagram can be addicting at times, here is my round up of this weeks favorites!

My faves this week are these because I love seeing my products being featured in various peoples homes:)

4. THE BEACH HOUSE OF MY DREAMS! OK any blue and white lover, SIT DOWN, you may just faint from the beauty of this incredible beach house. When I saw this, I nearly buckled at the knees and started brainstorming about a way to buy it lol.

Then one step inside you will certainly see why. Is this amazing???? Done beautifully by Alexa Hampton, a beach side beauty! I could move right in and not have to change a single thing!

How great are those lampshades on the ceiling fixtures!

This bunk room is possibly the prettiest I have seen!

5. GORGEOUS NEW WALLPAPERS! So, even though I plan to use wallpaper in the powder rooms in PB, I decided to wait until we actually take ownership to make any decisions. It really is one of those things you shouldn’t rush, and its best to see it in the house and live with it a few days, I always tape up samples to the wall. I know one of them will be in blue and white, hard to believe I don’t have a blue and white room in my current house isn’t it! But in the meantime, it sure is fun to look!

All of these below are from Thibaut

6.FAVORITE MASCARA. I have spoken about this mascara before but Sephora changed things up on me, which I hate!  However,  since then they have come out with a new mascara I think I like even more. Best part, same great price:)  I like that it does not go on too thick but you can apply several coats if you want a more dramatic look, a few if you want it look more natural. I really like the forumla.  Click here

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY.  Are you a vitamin taker? My son swears by probiotics and things like Kambusha drinks and since he’s a really smart kid, I generally listen when he recommends something. I must admit when he first mentioned them I looked at him like he was speaking another language.

I have started taking Probioitics and don’t want to jinx my luck but……my stomach issues have really abated since I have been religiously taking my Probiotics. He told me the brand “to take” is Renew Live, Ultimate Flora 100 billion, variety.

The number 1oo billion first scared the dickens out of me too but turns out it was a good choice because I have felt noticeably better since I have started taking them as these help to restore the digestive balance . I also started taking a multi vitamin just because it can’t hurt and can only help,right? So how about you, do you take probiotics?


That sums things up for this Sunday…..anything here get your attention? Don’t forget you can still enter the rug giveaway for the Decor Market giveaway, click here to enter. Wishing everyone a wonderful and relaxing day. Until next time…..

PS Last day to take advantage of very special savings on the Annabel Ingall bags, such a gorgeous new collection, click here


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Teresa on

Happy Sunday! Always my favorite!

Lisa on

Have you ever tried filling a glass with very hot water and soaking your mascara in it while putting on the rest of your makeup? It goes on like Buttah!

Cindy on

Beautiful post with so much to enjoy and savor. The tole items are lovely Tina. I agree about wallpaper, it depends on so much, what else is going on in the room and the light.
That beach house- incredible and so “you”. My husband swears by probiotics maybe I should join him, he has suffered with lots of digestive issues his entire life but this has really helped him tremendously.
Hope you enjoy your shower.

franki on

LUV my probiotics!! One in the morning and one in the evening!! Your photos are stunning!! franki

Deborah on

Tina, I use to take probiotics but my doc told me to just eat some plain Greek yogurt so I eat three teaspoons/day and all is good. FYI my doc is a gastro guy

Mary Baker on

Good Morning, the photos of the beach house blew me away. Simply breathtaking and so easy to live in, could move right in! All the wallpapers choices are beautiful and it is hard to choose just one. My favorites are the choices with the vases in either color scheme. I can hardly wait to see what you choose. Have a good day.

Susan K on

Love the rug with the mums !

Suzanne on

Happy Sunday! Love your style!

Vicki Sewell on

That beach house was stunning ! Thank you for sharing it ❤️

Mary Balagia on

Thank you for taking the time to create this for us!

Anne Marie O'Connor on

Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your Sunday. PS That beach house is beautiful. What a dream. ?

Christy on

I had a problem with the link on Pinterest today.

Susan K too on

Love those new tray tables!

Nancy Pharr on

“It can’t hurt, right?” Yes it can!
No one should ever take a multivitamin. You should only take what you are defienient in. There are certain vitamins that do not mix well and if you are taking them all together, well….:…Also there is such a thing as overdosing on vitamins. You CAN get too much of one, therefore only take what you need. Mulitvitams are a money making scam by scaring you in to thinking “well what if…” and can actually do you more harm.
The food choices you make that you think are healthy astound me. I’m no expert but I do have a lot of knowledge from just reading and research. I’m your age and I’m extremely fit and healthy so I feel I do have a leg to stand on. Because you do have the resources to such knowledge, people tend to believe everything you say (shame on them!). Thus saying, you have a great influence on people reading your blog.
You have the technology, mind and even more so the monetary means to be very wise on dietian needs but I’m always shocked at your lack of in this subject and on what you and think is “good” for you to eat. It would be well worth it to you to spend some time and money getting more knowledgeable not only for yourself but your readers of you are going to post about health without the disclaimer of not being an expert in that area. Design is your forte. ? FYI with much love

Mo on

Oh, my! That beach house is exquisite! I particularly love the bunk room for grandchildren!

L.P. on

Tina I have been taking probiotics for about a year now, feeling better than ever. I had digestive issues as well and they have really helped me.

I found your commenters comment Nancy above extremely rude. Not sure if you read over all your comments but her “talking down to you” is not nice. I never fully have understood how some people come across in their delivery however well meaning on social media.

The gift and I do not mean it lightly that you give your readers is priceless both through your blog, shop and instagram (where I found you). I have learned so much from you and your opinion means a great deal. I cannot thank you enough.

PS Love all the new tole and that beach house- swoon!

Suzanne Moss on

Look at that little Boo Boo in the snow – I just thing he was the most beautiful baby boy. Hugs, Suzznne

Design Chic on

What a gorgeous wedding in Palmetto Bluff and the house designed by Alexa Hampton…perfection! Happy Monday, Tina!

Norina on


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