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Hi everyone, hope everyone is having a great week and TGIF!  Here, we are digging out of a major snowfall, as in 16 inches!! As much as I am over it, I have to admit it does make for amazing picture taking which is a large part of this post.  I can’t help myself. So the snow pictures kind of hijacked this post:)

Happy it’s Friday, been a busy but really exciting week in that I got a small batch of my new melamine patterns and all I can say is I am in love with both and cannot wait till they come! We will be holing a presale on them for all who have asked sometime next week. My gorgeous giftwrap (new patterns) and bunnies/eggs are also in production, very exciting! So lots of good things are blooming at TEH!

Anyway as I do from time to time I share recent happenings via the lens of my little iPhone, so here is a look at the highlights of the last week or so…………




All I can say is this better be the last of the snow for this year at least…….

Got the last of the porcelains out, no easy feat….lots of happy porcelain lovers this week:)

This vignette makes me happy for spring (if it ever comes)

Loving the palette for PB, took this quick pic of fabrics I am playing with

A room I love bur spend so little time in, so as the days are getting longer, I am finding myself coming and sitting in here when I get home at the end of the day just to relax and regroup, its a very calming space

So excited to get these new planters in! I so love the design, they will be here in about 5 weeks

Upstairs hallway and late day sun

Got these beautiful monogrammed towels for a design client, lucky thing these are not my initials, otherwise would want to keep them!

Stopped a friends house who got this orchid to use in her dining room…pretty!

Loved seeing my favorite candle of all time, the large hurricane with gardenia in her living room, smells soooo good


And her darling pup, Max is the official greeter

And our newest tray from last silver shipment on her bar cart

Nothing says spring like a huge spray of both real and faux cherry blossoms mixed in

Got these gorgeous chinoiserie murals framed for a design customer, wanted to kidnap them for myself:) Great fretwork frame, these are now online on the shop under “art”

And these stunning Anabel Ingall bags all going out to local customers, love these colors!

“Scheming” and totally inspired by this magnificent bundle of flowers from my last trip to the flower market

Got to meet a friend at a wonderful and so beautiful restaurant, Le Coucou for a second time (definitely one of the most photographed bars and with good reason)!


So that’s a wrap of all the good and pretty from this last week or two. Always fun to share the highlights, and it is pretty amazing how a little phone can narrate a story all on it’s own…what did we ever do without our phones! Wishing everyone a wonderful day and a great end to your week. Over here, it will be considered a success if there is NO SNOW in our forecast! Until next time……

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Missed every single day:(

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Lisa on

Lovely musings. It’s so calming to know someone else is going thru the snow blues as well! Flew home from Naples, Fl to 12″ of the beautiful, white fluff all over! But it’s sunny, milder and I still see that my daffodils are itching to bloom!

Barbara Fox on

Honestly , the photo of your dog brought tears to my eyes…

G.Lundin on

I live in Michigan and we see this stuff all the time, but it was hard to view the amount of snow on your umbrella! The picture of the snowy lanterns look like our Michigan State University! I love your photos!

Design Chic on

The snow makes me cold…hurry, hurry Spring! And I love seeing all of the beautiful flowers and monogrammed towels – lucky client! Happy weekend, Tina!

Celia Becker @ on

Your blog post today is an absolute thing of beauty. What a charmed and beautiful life you lead. From the gorgeous snowscapes to the bounty of beautiful flowers, to your serene living space, love it all. Enjoy your weekend!

Casey Noone on

. Dogs always hold a special place in our hearts.

franki on

My camellia “trees” are in total confusion and shock…*sigh* when will it ever end…when will it ever end… Thanks for the morning upper with all the beautiful flowers!! franki

Teresa on

Beautiful pictures, Tina! Guessing spring is now on the way.

Karen on

Beautiful pictures of your home frosted with the snow. Your little village shops must look like a fairy tale book. But the last photo is the sweetest.

Lindsay on

I love your PB palette of fabrics! Could you tell me who makes the chevron pattern fabric? It would look amazing on a chair I’m recovering for my bedroom!!!

Jony Baron on

Hi Tina your home is truly stunning I love your love of flowers and your selection is very spring like,even with all that snow. I feel your pain with all that snow even though I’m a Canadian girl you can keep that snow. We had very cold temps but no snow hope we all get spring soon. Hang in it will come soon(hopefully). Have a great day! Jony Baron

norina on

I’m always in awe of the beauty in nature. What spectacular photos of the snowfall ! I love your sofa. Can you tell me where you bought it.

Eve on

The snow did look beautiful, but like you, getting old fast~!!! Looking forward to more Spring like weather.

Can’t wait for the bunnies and eggs to arrive!

Christy on

Love, love, love the bunnies!

Jennifer on

I miss his sweet face and fun personality! Maybe you can think about giving another dog a great, happy life?!?

Regina on

The snow photos are incredibly beautiful and the interior home photos are stunning.
Thank you for sharing.

Dans on

We all miss Teddy. I’m glad their are people in the world that love their animals as much as I love mine, past and present♥️

Elizabeth on

I love the photos of the snow! We really only had one good snowfall this year and I am missing it. Love all of your flowers. Have a wonderful weekend Tina.

Pam on

When will the melamine presage start? Please tell me I haven’t missed it.

Mary on

Really beautiful “snow-to-graphs”. A magical scene in and around your home. Seeing the flowers made my heart leap for Spring. Am already thinking about how I am going to set my table using the b&w, Pagoda melamine on my deck. Can’t wait to see the finished PB home. It is a textbook in selecting great finishes. Have a nice weekend, Tina.

Patti on

After seeing your pictures of an abundance of snow…Aren’t you even happier about your Palmetto Bluff retreat? 😎

Nancy Kelley on

Hi, Tina! Teddy would have loved playing in all that snow! Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures of your beautiful landscaping! Hope you enjoy a relaxing weekend!

Peggy Ekena on

Seeing Teddy frolic in the snow makes me sad and happy at the same time. He looks so happy running in the snow. I am in central Illinois and we are experiencing a snow storm, the last one I hope. It is beautiful, but early in the week I was thinking about plants for the yard and some places have plants to buy already. Your home and its surrounding grounds are beautiful when it snows, especially the Evergreens. Enjoy your weekend.

Jessica G on

You should carry some framed chinoiserie murals in your shop! There seem to be so few out there!

Eirah on

Enjoy reading your posts, especially the blue and white stuff. I’d love to order one of those tulipières. Where & how do I find them on your site? Thanks!

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