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Hello by the time you are reading this I will be all the way in Tulum, Mexico for a wedding, should be a really fun action packed weekend! But I did manage to put together my Seven on Sunday post well ahead of time and fingers crossed it will post on time. Ironically it was suppose to snow in NY yesterday,  not sure if it did but sure glad I am not there this time around:) Although something tells me if it’s humid in Mexico I may be daydreaming about snow afterall… know humidity and hair! Anyways moving on to my Seven on Sunday….


1 SHOWER HIGHLIGHTS If you follow me on Instagram you  know that I did the flowers for my niece’s baby shower last week. I had so much fun!! I am actually going to do a post on how and what I did because they were that pretty if I say so myself. I however captured just a few pics from the shower, here is a peek at the fun day-


2 ONE AMAZING MAN WITH TWO VOICES!! You absolutely MUST watch this!!! Astounding, this man was blessed with not one but two outrageous incredible voices. And he hardly exerts himself until towards the end as he get this……sings my all time most favorite song, the beautiful duet by Andrea Bocelli and Catherine McPhee, The Prayer. This is nothing short of a miracle, astounding!

Then he almost tops it with his Celine Dion rendition and no one can sing like Celine……..until now!

And I nearly fainted when I heard him as Celine Dion! This guy singlehandley could put the entire music business out of business!!!

3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such a gorgeous batch this weekend, lots of beautiful interior design inspiration with a chubby baby one thrown in because I just can’t resist:)


4. COOKIES TO BE BELIEVED! I am a huge fan of Lorena Rodriguez Sanenz (on instagram, click here to follow  her) and her cookies and am astounded at her level of artistry with her cookies. They are like mini works of art and each is astoundingly beautiful. She sent me this picture which literally made me gasp, incredible! Click here to follow her on Instagram.


5. ONE BEAUTIFUL HOME This gracious Mississippi home is so pretty, love the soft soothing colors and elegant traditional style that still feel fresh and inviting. This was a complete renovation and worth sharing.Click here to visit Traditional Home to see and read the entire article.


6. NEW PRODUCTS! We are getting in so many beautiful new things, I am over the moon about them! Just got back our professional pictures and had to share….


How beautiful are these new florals! Now online, click here to see them on the online shop

And sooo excited over the new BPA melamine, they are now available online for a presale purchase to guarantee you will get them when they arrive around April 23rd just in time for alfresco season! Click here to place your presale order.

And of course the super popular tabletop lamps are now online we are sold out of the silver scalloped and have a handful left of the bamboo, click here

And how about this new planter/beverage

And how about these beautiful new place mats and napkins, hand blocked and 100% cotton. Click here to see


7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY So still on the tech issue, last one (at least for now) This is all  about social media. I was admittedly show to warm up to social media, it took me a long time to get onto Instagram (thanks CZ and AF) and then it was Facebook (not personal but for business) though I am not active on it. And that is the extent of my involvement on social media.


I don’t go on Twitter, or Snap or any of those so clearly I am not a social media whiz but do enough to make me happy:) How about you? Are you social media addict? Or could care less for it? Curious were you stand on the whole social media craze? When I refer below to forms of social media, I am talking Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat,etc…..(am sure there are many I do not know about)! I can’t wait to see the results…..



So this is a wrap, and this will be it until Tuesday once I am back. Soon after will be the exciting April porcelain presale, cannot wait…so many beauties coming in! Well, friends enjoy your weekend and thanks for stopping in! Until next time……

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I saw your gorgeous vacation view on Instagram!! Could you even imagine biting into one of those works of art cookies?

No it didn’t snow on Saturday, but they are predicting rain/snow for Tuesday morning–just in time for you to get back!!!!
Soak in as much sunshine as you can!
What an amazing singer! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing the video with us. How extraordinarily talented the artist is. The contrast was amazing!

Oh, those tabletop lamps!!!
I couldn’t find them, however. So let me know, please. What enchantment for the table.
And, the COOKIES !
Love to you, my precious friend.

I so enjoyed this particular Seven on Sunday. So many beautiful things to look at and listen to. That male vocalist that sang both male and female parts is amazing! That is one of my favorite songs and I first heard it performed by Josh Groban and Charlotte Church. And, the arrangements you assembled for the baby shower were gorgeous. I bet that you had a lot of fun doing them. Enjoy your time in Mexico, I’m sure the wedding will be beautiful.

Oh thank you so much for the video – What a WONDER! I found him on YouTube just to listen to other songs – Amazing voice and he is so intense.
I always love your Instagram posts but this time I especially loved seeing the photo of the Napa Valley Wine Express – What an elegant trip – that’s on the bucket list now.
THANK YOU for sharing and hoping your Mexico trip is fun and safe and the wedding just above fabulous!

I never considered Pinterest a social media in the same category as Facebook. Hmmm….I use it like we used to keep tear sheets from catalogs or magazines for reference. It doesn’t seem the same as posting personal pictures and comments as on FB. I like Pinterest and Houzz but just to collect information on projects I might want to take on later or for an item I might like to purchase.

Tina, i live in central Texas. I would not go to Mexico if my life depended on it. I do not care where…Tulum…is NOT safe. Nowhere in Mexico is it safe. I am a retired police officer and can tell you I the cartel is engaged in war in every turn of the road.

That niece of yours is pretty darn lucky to have a talented aunt such as yourself to do her flowers for her shower. They looked positively stunning, Tina. That TH house is gorgeous!! I hope you saw Cam’s (Southern Charm) instastory about her TEH plates. Have a wonderful time in Mexico!!

Love your posts , always full of surprise ! Thank you for sharing ! Enjoy your trip. Lorena .

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