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Hello friends! Hope everyone is having a great week and starting to feel some spring air moving in. Happy Passover to my Jewish friends and readers and happy almost Easter weekend to everyone who celebrates Easter.   Here, we are not quite there weather wise but slowly inching our way up in the temperatures, think we might hit the  50’s this week, not ideal but better than 30 and snow. And Easter Sunday looks to be pretty mild, so no complaints.

So the PB house is really moving along as the finishing stages continue at an efficient pace. This is by far,the most fun part and not being there makes it bittersweet. I am the kind who would be running over there every single day (as I did with this house). Thankfully everything. has gone smoothly thanks to my superb team with our builders, Cameron and Cameron. They keep us updated every step of the way, next best thing to being there:)

We have ordered some furniture (the most important things like beds, dining table, outdoor furniture, etc….). Realizing however, that there are many many things that still need to be done. That said, we also want to be able to live in the house for a bit to determine what we want,  there are some things you just need to wait on until you actually get to live in the space.  I think you will be surprised by how much. has happened the last two weeks. Without further ado here we go….


Wow what a difference the shutters and the gas lanterns make!

I love the color of the shutters, Nantucket fog (even like the name)

Love the finished bookcases now just need to get some hardware and fill them up!

Beautiful kitchen progress, lanterns over island got installed as did sconces on either side of kitchen sink/window

Still having a love affair with my hood:)

Tub got put in my bathroom

Pretty hardware in the study cabinet

Got to love those gas lanterns!!

Laundry room just about ready for that first load of laundry!

These beautiful sconces got installed in the powder room, very happy I chose these:) Backsplash is being fabricated and will soon be added

Tub in the upstairs bathroom

These beautiful gas lanterns below will go on top of the columns at the driveway

Final set of shutters got put in (on far left side of house) They are closed to protect the windows as the landscaping begins-


I normally pick a topic to discuss after sharing recent progress. As we complete the construction stage within about 2-3 weeks (hard to believe) we move onto furnishings, we are installing fans and lighting as we speak and I am starting to look at fabrics for various rooms.

I do very much like the idea of having the beds and carpet installed in rooms before I decide if I want to keep things more monochromatic or add pattern/color. One area I am working on is the two powder rooms. I have found several wallpapers that I love and that could work really nicely.

Also the important thing on the list right now is choosing mirrors for all vanities. I have found some at Decor Market (very reasonable) as in $200-300!. Click here to see their mirrors.

These below are from Freidman Brothers (possibly for powder room) Click here to see the mirrors over at Friedman Brothers

 They do this fretwork mirror in silver which I just love

On the back/family powder room may go with a white mirror (pedestal is white) and this is going to be my blue/white bathroom, I have narrowed it down to 4 wallpapers but am leaning towards one (however will not make a decision until I actually see them posted up in the actual bathroom) These pagoda/fretwork mirrors below could be really pretty for that bathroom-

These were on my Pinterest board but one of them is from Bungalow 5

Yes,  lots of really major improvements happening over there, cannot wait to go back for the final walk through in a few weeks. I really appreciate you following along and it’s been such fun to share this journey with you all. As anyone who has built a home knows, it is a true labor of love, highs and lows but for the most part worth every minute and ounce of energy spent.  I must end this post as I do every post to sincerely thank and acknowledge each of these key players below, for without them this beautiful home would not have happened!


Each and every one of these resources I cannot recommend highly enough, they are AWESOME in what they do and provided perfect customer service and delivered an outstanding product, can’t beat that!




METAL HOOD- CLASSIC CUSTOM METAL WORKS (ASK FOR CINDY)   if you are on Instagram click here to follow them, they are brand new to it!  (their website is under construction)





MARBLE FLOORING– TILE BAR  (ask for Jacob and tell them Tina from TEH sent you)

ALL STONE SLABS- AGM STONE (best slabs in the south)






Thanks to everyone above for helping make my southern home dreams come true:)  I must say it is daunting to do this from afar, but the internet sure makes it a whole lot easier:) I am thrilled with every decision thus far and so happy to be approaching the finish line.

Thanks as well  to everyone for following along with me and sharing your two cents on various matters along the way. I have read over every comment and so appreciate all of the valuable feedback and encouragement! That’s a wrap for this week, until next time………

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The cutest Easter bunny there ever was:)

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What a gorgeous house. I can’t wait to see you whip your magic and decorate it. Have a wonderful Easter, dear Tina.

Is Alabaster White the color used on the trim and the walls?… Beautiful home!
Happy Easter!

Good morning, Your house looks lovely! I am putting new siding my house and I’m wondering what ciyou used on your Palmetto Bluff’s house and what color?

The house is beautiful! Can’t wait to see it when it is all done and decorated.
A Happy & Blessed Easter to you and yours!

Breathtaking! I am in love with every one of your choices, you must be thrilled Tina.
I can’t pick what I love most but what a difference the shutters and lanterns make- exciting!

Oh my….your house is fabulous! It has been so much fun joining you on the construction journey.
Have a blessed Easter!

Wow! 2-3 weeks! Time does pass quickly!
Everything looks beautiful! Can’t wait to see the finished home.

Such a pretty project. The exterior color with the Nantucket Fog Shutter is perfect. Would you please share the exterior color you chose.

Hi Tina, So exciting to see your home evolve! The mirrors are delightful, but, I’ve had those with fretwork on the mirror and they drove me crazy because I could not keep them clean and they seemed always foggy behind the fretwork (ex: the gold one you posted). I either had to take them down, take them apart, clean them and then rehang them. Mine where super heavy and I also worried they would get broken. They are beautiful but give this some thought especially in a bathroom. I want something I can just wipe clean and go!
Ps. Love your Teddy Bunny!!
Love, Suzanne

Wow! It is really coming along. I am sure it will be wonderful to spend your first week there and see about all of the finishing touches. It looks beautiful. Have a very happy Easter week Tina.

Love the subltleness of the colors you picked, very very pretty. Everything is so beautiful and the setting is gorgeous – love the view from the kitchen window. Can’t wait to see it once the furniture and landscaping are in. Have a wonderful Easter.

Cannot believe the progress! I know you are planning every little detail, the love that goes into the building of a new home brings such joy. Beautiful, as always. Sending love, Tina-Poo

Happy Passover, Happy Easter wishing you a wonderful Holiday with your family. Love ❤️ the little girl dresses, just adorable! The summer home ? is really coming along, I bet you can’t wait to get some more of your handprints to work! So exciting. Added delicious recipe to my collection. ?❤️?

Your new home is beautiful, and it’s super exciting to see everything coming together.

You have, indeed, created a gorgeous show place, Tina. You have surely been blessed with so much talent and creativity, and you so graciously share with your readers your lovely thoughts and ideas. How we do appreciate your genuine and precious personality! From this native South Carolina girl to a new South Carolina girl, we thank you for sharing. It is always a treat to read your PB posts.

Tina, I am looking forward to seeing it completed and the magic you will do to make it your families “special” get away. Kudos for a job well done so far ❤️

It is just so beautiful, what a perfect coastal home, beautiful color palette. So soothing, it has really been fun to watch this come to life. My husband is a builder in northern California and he was looking at it and commented on how beautiful and tasteful it is (he does not give compliments easily). Can’t wait to see it all done!

It’s just stunning. I can’t wait to see the furniture and decorating process unfold. I must say, the kitchen backsplash and the range hood just shout “HEY LOOK AT ME!” Absolutely gorgeous!!! So excited when I see Bluff Diaries pop up!!!! Happy Easter!!!

I am so glad you kept the tile in the kitchen, it is absolutely spectacular, so rich looking and different. The hood with the tile just brought it all together. So happy with how it turned out and how you didn’t change out the tile, yay!!! You’re awesome!

WOW! You nailed it, on every single detail. I love how it is classic but current feeling and the colors you chose are just so beautiful. Learning a lot from you and keeping a record of your sources as we are due to start building a beach house in Cape Cod May or June!

Your home is looking beautiful! I would like to know who makes the sconces in the powder room? They look so nice!
You must be so pleased with the results!
Thank you

Your new home is just gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing the progress – very inspiring!

I love how your bathroom cabinets still have grain or texture showing, hard to tell in the photo, but it doesn’t look like smooth, solid white. I really like white cabinets but I know I would miss seeing my beautiful wood grain. Even though my kitchen cabinets have yellowed and need a fix from their original gorgeous, quality blond wood, I haven’t been able to bring myself to have them painted. I’ve been looking for a wash of some kind so that the wood would still show through but my house isn’t country French or farmhouse so big dilemma!! I may have to look into this look in your bath. It looks so nice!!! Love the hardware too.

All of it is amazing and I cannot believe you are almost done! How exciting, love all the lighting and hardware choices and really love the color palette you chose, it is so soft and ideal for a coastal home. Very well done, and very inspiring!

I love the view from the window above your kitchen sink! And, how wonderful that the shutters are not only gorgeous but functional as well!

Looking very nice Tina. I know the shutters are Nantucket Fog by B. M. but what is the exterior house color please.

Hello Tina:

I am a fan of you and your fabulous taste. Can you tell me what exterior paint color was used on the Waterfowl home? Thank you

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