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Hello friends! Forgot to announce the winner of the tole planter, congratulations goes to-


Please contact us at [email protected] to provide your shipping address so your planter can be on it’s way!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, mine has been really nice, relaxing, had dinner with friends and yesterday was in the city. Of course I had to hit the flower market since it was an early morning and the fun I have there is indescribable, it is truly one of my happy places (more on that next week) .

Today, plan on relaxing for a bit then heading over to the Longines Masters Grand Prix horse show, cannot wait! Hoping you are having a wonderful weekend……



1  THE POSH VENICE SIMPLON ORIENT EXPRESS  I must go on this one day, the pictures get me dreaming every time. Maybe for a big birthday or anniversary. Anyone been? I think it would be such a fun to travel this way through Dr. Zhivago! Looks so opulent, elegant and sophisticated beyond description. I had fun prowling on their website, so many exciting options. Definitely  putting this on my bucket list!  Click here to visit or go on the most luxurious virtual train trip you can possibly embark on.


2 PEEKS INTO A FUN PROJECT  Working on a great design job in NYC and we are doing several rooms at once having such fun,  because we are working on my most favorite color palette, creams and pale blues for the master. I found so many exquisite fabrics and trims, just had to share-

And isn’t this palette fabulous for a living/family room (rug from Ralph Lauren)

Here is a loose mood board for that room


3 AN EASY AND SO DELICIOUS RECIPE! I love shrimp and unfortunately love pasta. I have given up the pasta for almost a month now and it’s definitely a lot easier now than it was 4 weeks ago. I bought this great little gadget (a spiralizer for vegetables) and must say I not only love using it but done right, the zucchini almost tastes like pasta. This was so easy and really delicious and satisfying with zero guilt-

I used vegetable stock and omitted the Parmesan (as much as I love it) added lots of extra lemon though and it was delish:)

Use a small amount of olive oil and saute the cleaned shrimp for about 4 minutes or until pink, set aside.  Then saute garlic adding butter and chicken stock, salt and pepper then, add juice of lemon and parsley, add zucchini and saute in sauce until done (normally 3-4 minutes) Once done carefully add shrimp and make sure everything is well blended. At this point you can add the Parmesan if you wish.


4 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST This is one of my favorite parts about putting these Sunday posts together, I just find so much inspiration on Instagram. This weeks round up is pretty breathtaking if you ask me-

5. A MUST HAVE SNEAKER Since I have been working out (moderately) I realized I needed new sneakers, I went out and bought a pair but hate that they are so hard to put on…really annoying. I saw an ad for these and instantly bought them,I liked the look and being they were a slip on was a huge bonus. Well, let me tell you these are fantastic!!! Super comfortable, so easy to slip on and off and they can even be worn casually with jeans or capris. Plus the price is right! Click here to see

6. A NEW BOOK ON ENTERTAINING/TABLETOP THAT YOU NEED ON YOUR COFFEE TABLE ! I have been a fan of Charlotte Moss’s for a while, she has impeccable taste and I own several of her books. Just opening this and drooling over the cover, I knew this was going to be good. But how good I did not know. Put aside all your favorite books and make room for one that you will want to keep front and center. This is nothing short of sensational.

From cover to back cover, this book is filled with the most beautiful images, they literally take your breath away. I cannot recommend this book highly enough, also great gift idea. Truly sensational, I haven’t been this excited over a book in a long long time. Click here to get yours

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY The Royal wedding……….are you as excited as I am? I have to say it as I do often,  I was so born in the wrong era, I might physically be here in 2018 but mentally I am back in the 1920’s, donning my fancy dresses, pearls, floppy hat and gloves . Downton Abby, The Crown, I can’t get enough! And the Royal family brings me to back to a much more genteel proper time and I love every part of it.

Sometimes I even day dream about dressing in the era I wish I was born in, setting a proper table every single meal, having nightly turn down with sprays of lavender and handing out calling cards, but then I think about the looks I would get from my family (can you imagine me asking my boys to call me Mummy)!

Not to mention walking through a supermarket and the reaction that could get haha. Suddenly I am brought back to “real life”, call me an incurable wander luster and time traveler. So…….because of my admiration for the Royal family and because Harry is so adorable,  I am going to be tuning in to all the pomp and circumstance that day and watching every minute. Wondering how much company I have out there? Will you be tuning in to the Royal Wedding?


So that is a wrap, anything here excite or delight you? Hoping you are having a wonderful weekend, always appreciate you stopping in and making TEH part of your Sunday morning routine, until next time…….

Every now and then there is a deal of the day, here is this Sunday’s deal, click here to see the item- (when you check out the discount will appear at checkout)





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Some friends and I are having a sleepover party to watch the total wedding- tiaras are optional!

Another great Sunday post, love your varied topics. The recipe sounds great. I also love your client’s apartment ideas, they are lucky to have you!
Yes I too am fascinated by all things Royal, you had me laughing about living in the wrong era, I say that too….things move too fast today and I am 48 saying that! I want to go back to a calmer, more civilized time.

Will definitely be watching with my daughter,daughters-in-law, my two granddaughters, four sisters and several nieces. We make it a special occasion. We dress up, decorate in English style, have English breakfast/ brunch, etc. Just another wonderful time to be together. This will be our third time enjoying Royal weddings like this. We have so much fun.
Oh yes…. i’ll be taping it too.

Can’t wait for the Royal Wedding. I will have my grandson that weekend, so I will have to set the dvr!

My parents went on the Orient Express for their 50th wedding anniversary last year, they travel a lot and called it “the trip of a lifetime”. Hoping to go for my own 25th wedding anniversary!
Getting those sneakers, love the idea of a pull on sneaker. Anything you have recommended that I bought i have been thrilled with.
And yes will be tuned in to the Royal Wedding, I love Harry, lukewarm on Meghan but hopefully she will change my mind in due time. Fun post!

So nice to see your Instagram of Clary Bosbyshell of Atlanta (Margaux Interiors). Her mother, Margaret, helped us decorate our first house, wonderful result. ….Love seeing the pale, pale pinks again in a sophisticated way and not just the pink of little girl’s rooms. It’s a wonderful color for any room when done right. So refreshing!

Wonderful seven on Sunday! Going to purchase sneakers for upcoming trip.
Want to try Shrimp scampi recipe. Where can I get prep directions?
So many spiralizers out there! Which one did you purchase?
Thank you for inspiring my Sunday!

Please add a print button to your fabulous recipes. It would make life so much easier for us to use ourselves.


My daughter and I have been up at the crack of dawn to watch the royal weddings since Charles and Diana. This time my eight-year-old granddaughter will be joining us – she’s as excited as we are. Obviously we’re a family of incurable romantics!

I am looking forward to the royal wedding as well. I love those beautiful and elegant times.. However, I like the conveniences of today but how I enjoy the British traditions, floppy hats, pearls, beautiful dresses, the pomp and circumstance, English tea parties, beautiful table settings and, the sophistication of it all.,

floppy hats, pearls and long dresses, beautifully dressed tables, fine china, English tea a traditions fascinate me. I

As a Brit now living in Canada I will be watching another Royal wedding for sure.

Can you share details of where to see that fabulous rug from Ralph Lauren please.

Always love your Sunday blog. Thank you for sharing so many great ideas.

The pictures of the orient express … Wow . Talk about luxury !
Recipe looks good , will definitely try
Have all of,Charlotte moss books , one of my favorites is A Winter House and just love her new one
Love your blog !

I went once ten years ago, with this orient express when I was living in France. I will never forget the luxury train which is so beautifully decorated. Thank you for bringing that article back and thanks again for reminding about Charlotte Moss new book.

Hello dear Tina!! I would love to take the Orient Express! Love the new Charlotte Moss book. Hope all is well and have a wonderful week.

I enjoyed your post! I loved seeing inside Charlotte Moss’ new book! I am hoping to get it soon. I would love to travel on The Orient Express. How luxurious! I did not realize they still had trains like this. And thanks for showing the tennis shoes too. I need a new pair. They looked cute AND comfy!

Tina another fantastic blog! I love so much here, from that luxurious train to your recipe to all the instagrams and just ordered Charlotte Moss’s book, did not know she had a new one. Met her once she is lovely and very warm. I am excited to get the book, thank you for your Sunday posts.

As usual, a great post.

Ah, the royal wedding. I too am lukewarm about Megan, I truly hope she understands that this is a lifetime commitment and not one that will just be fin for awhile!

Would love to make the Zucchini Shrimp Scampi but cannot print the instructions for cooking, can’t even find them, just the ingredients. Could you please print the cooking instructions? Sounds so very good.

Would like to make this recipe but you didn’t include the instructions???
And the “click” button for the book doesn’t work.

Oh Tina, your posts and images continue to take my breath away! So many beautiful ways to use blue and white! Stunning! I look forward to getting my email so I can see just what ideas you are going to share! Keep up the great work!

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