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Hello and happy Sunday!  What a Royal wedding yesterday, I just loved every single minute and could not pry myself away from the TV…..fairytale indeed! Well still trying to readjust to life back in NY. I am not going to lie, it is taking some time:)

I loved the pace at Palmetto Bluff, where everything moves a bit slower and people in general are much calmer. Plus getting to be in my house just felt so good and so right, however I love NY too for different reasons. Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend, we were in the city last night which was a lot of fun. The energy that reverberates there is infectious!

Today will be a day to relax and regroup, catch up on a bunch of things and even possibly do some planting if the weather cooperates. Let’s move along to my Seven on Sunday….


1 BOXWOODS THAT CAN FOOL ANYONE I love boxwoods of all varieties, they are so classically beautiful. I carry the preserved boxwoods which are fabulous, they are real boxwoods that have been preserved and will last many many years. Only downside is they don’t come in the really large sizes, like 24+ and above. So I finally found a great and incredibly realistic line of faux boxwoods that honestly could fool even the greenest of thumbs.

My primary reason for wanting them is for the PB house, a home we will not be in all the time and therefore will not be able to care for them. So I started looking for really realistic boxwoods and I found them! I love them so much I am going to start carrying them on my shop site as I have a feeling many others are looking for these too as it is hard to tell from a picture when ordering them online, here they are, these will be available on my shop site as of Tuesday!

I put them next to my real boxwood and honestly I don’t think you can even see a difference!

How pretty do they look in my blue and white fishbowls!

And I also got the smaller ones (9″) and used them indoors, love that I will never have to worry about them!


2 A NEW FAVORITE INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT I love discovering beautiful new accounts, and was wowed when I came across the account, The Kitchen McCabe. Not only is the food incredibly beautiful but the photographs are incredible too. A definite “must follow” if you are like me and enjoy your daily does of beauty via Instagram, click here to see the account.


3 CLIVEDEN HOUSE- Where Megan Markle stayed the night before her wedding….and you can too! This is a beautiful English estate that was turned into a  very luxurious intimate hotel.  It looks spectacular and like a place I would love to visit, especially with it’s incredible setting in the idyllic English countryside. Plus you could channel your inner royal:)

I read somewhere that if there were such a thing as a 6 star hotel, Cliveden House would be one of them, one look at these pictures and I couldn’t agree more!  Click here to go on a most wonderful virtual trip to a  grand English country home:)



4 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST An amazingly beautiful roundup this week, from gorgeous flowers to inspiring interiors and of course a few mouth watering food pics to top it off!

5. ALWAYS AT THE CARLYLE Whether you live in NY or have visited chances are high you have heard of or been to the iconic Carlyle Hotel in NYC. Hordes of royalty, celebrity and other notables have waltzed through their doors and now there is a movie to learn all about it’s storied history! I cannot wait to see it…….looks incredible entertaining.


6 WINING AND DINING THROUGH THE LOIRE VALLEY When they say youth is wasted on the young, they aren’t kidding ( I say this to my kids all the time). If I were 20 again I would forfeit working right away and would travel the world to see as many places as I could fit in.

I have been fortunate to have done my fare share of travel but it’s never enough! I have a few things on my bucket list and one of them is spending a good month in France. One would be to rent a home in Provence and the other is driving wining and dining through the Loire Valley. When i found this article in Travel and Leisure it was like an omen to just go and do it (click here to read article)

There are so many beautiful chateaux and wineries that nothing could sound like more fun than getting a convertible and driving from one to the other with zero agenda.

7 SUNDAYS SURVEY Summer……. its almost here! I never realized that I really do love summer until we had a winter that felt like it would not end. Not that it was a particularly harsh winter but just long and drawn out. To me, summer means a less rigid  schedule, more down time, long days of sunshine, green grass, farm stand shopping, beach outings, lazy afternoons spent by the pool and trips both big and small:)

I know we will be going to Palmeto Bluff and are supposed to attend a wedding in Austria, which we are working on, but my mind has me going all over the place. Suddenly I am feeling like I am 53 years young and don’t want to even waste a minute not doing what I really want to do, and getting to travel and see as many places as possible. I thought as you get older you mellow and want to slow down. For me (just like my dad) who travels all the time, I find myself daydreaming frequently about my growing travel wishlist. How about you?



That is a wrap up for this Sunday. Hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful and relaxing day, and wishing you a great end to your weekend. Until next time……. (Neiman Marcus)



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Love the new faux boxwoods. We just moved and I look forward to working them in to my new home.

thank you for another great post. I too was glued to the Royal Wedding yesterday, It did not disappoint in one aspect! The Cliveden House is an amazing place. I have actually stayed in the bedroom in these photographs… not once but twice. and I felt like a princess. …… your large boxwoods are wonderful. I may have to get a few. Happy Sunday

The faux boxwoods are fabulous. I think yours could use a little pruning–LOL!!
At my parent’s cemetery plot, I had two urns with live plants. I have had to replace them numerous times. I finally placed 2 faux boxwoods in the urns and they are so lifelike. Never have to worry about watering them.

Oh, sweet Teddy. How does a dog have so much personality in a photo? He had to be such a great pet and companion.

With everything going on in the world, it was certainly nice to escape for awhile, and watch the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. It was better than any movie; all the pomp, glitz, and glamour. We have certainly seen a 360 change in the British Royal Family. It will be interesting to see the mark Meghan will make as she transitions into royal family life and duties. She is a strong young woman and, like Princess Diana, sees so many places in the world where she can make a difference. I wish she and her new husband all the best in the future.

If you’re like me and can’t leave England you must read The Mustresses of Cliveden: Three centuries of scandal, power, and intrigue by Natalie Livingston the current mistress. I loved the Audible version because it’s narrated by the author with a charming British accent.

Faux boxwoods…won’t they fade outdoors?
Better to install drip irrigation, I think.

A week or more wining and dining through the Loire Valley sounds just like heaven to me! Check out this instagram for beautiful flowers and a wonderful idea on how to give them 2nd and 3rd lives: @repeatroses

I was so interested to see you might attend a wedding in Austria. Our daughter was married last December in Vienna. We stayed at the wonderful Imperial Hotel and I would highly recommend it. In fact, their schnitzel was the best we had—much better than the famous Figlmuller!

Those boxwoods really do look real! Each year I buy real ones to keep outside in containers but they don’t always do well. I would be very interested in those faux ones! Have a great week!

I was lucky enough to have been at Cliveden House for my Brother’s wedding years ago there. I can assure you it is quite spectacular, luxurious and peaceful all at the same time….
We had his wedding cocktail reception in the library and a formal wedding dinner in the private dining room. First class all the way!

Great post! I too, have such an urge to travel. I want to stay in France too! I figure that I could stay in Normandy for 6 months and travel out from there. Paris is only an hour train ride away. How fun would that be?

I used to propagate boxwood on our farm and these faux look amazing! Loved this blog today!

Loved watching the Royal ? ? Wedding. I too couldn’t pull myself away. I thought the ceromony was so refreshing. Although some of the Royals seemed a bit uncomfortable ?

I am looking forward to getting those boxwoods for my blue, white and gold planters!

Your plan to spend a month “driving, wining and dining” through the Loire Valley sounds glorious! Every time I read You May Be Wandering and see our friend Sandy’s beautiful photos, I add another place to my travel wishlist!

Hello dear Tina,
Im so glad you enjoyed the Royal Wedding. I loved every moment, and was very moved by the service especially. With my family we watched, listened to the exquisite music,cried a lot and drank champagne to celebrate the most special of days that was perfect in every way. I just knew it would be incredibly wonderful, and I do hope with all my heart that it is a marriage of love forever, for a beautiful young couple.
I am so happy for their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Many Congratulations.

I hope that you will add England to your travel list dearest Tina. I can highly recommend a stay at Cliveden, it is amazing elegant and luxurious I attended a wedding of close friends there. It is not too far from London… and of course Windsor!
I hope the sun continues to shine for you this week, its sunny and gorgeous over here
With fond love
Sally xx

Good morning Tina, loved this Sunday post. I need to get those boxwoods, cannot believe how real lookign they are. We own a second home and us not being there most of the time is what keeps me adding house plants but these are the perfect answer!

Cliveden House looks incredible and I share your love and desire to travel. My youngest is going to college in Sept and my husband and I are going to Italy end of Sept, and 2 weeks to Argentina and Brazil end of November, we vowed we are going to finally start traveling to all the places we have talked about! It really does change your perspective and just opens your eyes like nothing else can. Hope you get to go on that trip to France for a month, sounds perfect to me.

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