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Good morning, I first want to announce the winner of the new gift wrap giveaway! Congratulations goes to-


Please email us at to let us know your shipping information so your gift wrap can be on it’s way!


We have lots of very exciting things going on here. So many beautiful things coming in over the next few weeks…it’s like sensory overload and Christmas all rolled into one:)

As we speak, a new beautiful chinosiserie tole and Provence planter container is en route and due here about May 30th. We are offering by popular demand, both mossy green and red mirrors as well as a return of the gorgeous blue/white mirror colorway. These items are a mere fraction of what they are elsewhere.

Also getting in more fabulous tray tables and by popular demand our spectacular Provence planters, which are the lowest prices around. They can retail for thousands so I am sure you will recognize the exceptional deals here today. Because I now directly import, you are saving the cost of the infamous “middleman” and I can tell you that is A LOT!

So the beauty of this presale is that these items will be here in less than 2 weeks, almost instant gratification:)  As I always do we offer the contents up for special presale pricing. For anyone new to our presale please read over the rules below-

  • There are two ways to order, call or email your order-  call 1-800-804-9565 (between 9:30-5:30 EST). Email all orders to
  • You cannot order these online, you MUST call OR email us to place an order
  • IF YOU EMAIL– you MUST include your name, address and phone number for us to send you an invoice
  • Please refer ONLY to item numbers  (and pattern if applicable)
  • All pieces are handpainted and there are limited quantities
  • This sale and all pricing is valid through Thursday night, May 24th
  • PLEASE do not submit an order if you cannot pay within 12 hours, this is not fair to us or to others who might want your item
  • Subject to availability
  • This is a presale/advance purchase- this shipment is due here approx. May 30th (will ship first week of June)
  • Shipping is extra
  • Final sale
  • Some items are available for international shipping you must contact us for a shipping quote
  • Wholesale inquires must call 1-800-804-9565 (9:30-5:30 EST)

OK ready to see the goodies? And here we go…….





ITEM 1 One of our best selling tole planters, absolutely exquisite! Perfect for orchids or hydrangeas and makes one gorgeous wine bucket filled with your favorite drinks! I used mine recently and filled with it Rose and Pellegrino and it was gorgeous! A beautiful piece to use indoors and out. Measures 6.75″ x 17..5″ x 11″ $110.00



Pale blue/gold

NEW! Ivory/blue

ITEM 2 NEW!  By popular demand! This incredible long awaited floral/vine chinoiserie mirror is such an elegant mirror, complete with beautiful gold accent detailing. In the few places that offer handpainted tole mirrors, they are more than four times the price that these are today. Offered in blue/white,  red or green. Measures 16″ x 52″ x 30″ Offered at an unheard of price- $325.00

Specify green, blue and white or red when ordering

Mossy green/gold

Dark red/gold


ITEM 3 NEW!  This fabulous chinoiserie figurine mirror is a beauty! Handpainted and finished with an elegant gold leaf border. Measures 16″ x 52″ x 23″ A price you simply cannot find anywhere for beautifully handpainted mirrors-  $315.00

Specify blue/white, red or green when ordering

3A Ivory/blue

ITEM 3B Green/gold

ITEM 3C Red/gold

ITEM 4 Provence planters. Getting in another round of these gorgeous metal  planters just in time for the warmer months ahead when we will all be busy beautifying the outsides of your homes! These are spectacular by a front door, on a patio and by the pool. They each have four holes for drainage and are painted a weatherproof paint.


SMALL 18″ X 18″ plus 3″ finial
MEDIUM-20″ x 20″ plus 3″ finial
LARGE-22″ x 22″ plus 3″ finial
EXTRA LARGE- 24″ X 24″ plus 3″ finial

4A. The elegant paneled styled Provence planter is offered in Ivory, black and pale blue

Medium- Black, ivory and pale blue/gray $375.00

Large- Ivory, black and pale taupe $390.00




ITEM 5 This beautiful new style has quickly become a favorite, just. in love with the design!! As with all the others, these are metal and painted in a weatherproof paint (but we always recommend spraying or applying an extra sealer). There are four drainage holes as well.

Medium-Ivory, black and pale blue and taupe $380.00

Large- black, taupe and ivory pale blue/gray $400.00





ITEM 6. NEW!! Our fabulous  tray tables are incredibly beautiful… much more in person if you can believe it. I love them and they are a classic that will be part of my line permanently!

Offered in two beautiful color combinations, blk/gold or ivory/gold. Love the bamboo legs, beautiful, elegant and functional. Includes removable top round tray (24.5″ round) that can be used separately. Ideal for use as an end table or a convenient tray table,one client is using it as a bar…love that idea. The tray comes off for entertaining and serving in a most grand style. A truly multi functional item offered in two colors.

Measures 24.5″ x 24.75″ x 24.75″ Offered at a truly amazing price of $335.00 (specify color)





One lucky chinoiserie tole loving winner will win this beautiful tole planter. All you need to do to enter is leave a comment on this post telling me your most favorite item. I will announce a winner on Sunday.

To place an order just call or email it in. Remember if you email your order request you must provide your name, address and phone number. This offer is in for 3 days only and the items will ship within 2 weeks. Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day and a great start to your week!


PS Also for today and tomorrow- purchase $100 or more of melamine and you will receive a free scalloped platter ($30 value) Click here to see all melamine.

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Janet on

Love the mirrors! Measuring for my guest bedroom right now!

Karen W. on

My favorite today is the black and gold tray table. It is exquisite!

G.Lundin on

I want to redo my master bath around 2 of those mirrors. I love your architectural pieces!

Janet Anna on

Love the mirrors! Measuring for my guest bedroom right now!

Regina on

I love the ivory/gold toke planter. A very versitle piece!

Marisa warren on

The green and gold mirrors…it’s the same gorgeous colors as the Royal Wedding portrait!

Dana Munoz on

How do you even make a decision on a favorite piece??!! Each is spectacular 😍 I will have to go with the Provence planter boxes, since I need them so badly in my backyard! You are truly the BEST! ❤️

Joan on

Too many yummy choices, as usual, Tina! I’d have to choose the Chinese red floral/vine Chinoiserie mirror, although the original paneled Provence planters are wonderful! Just have to figure out how many I need!

Linda Owens on

Love the mirrors!!

Marge on

Item #5 is my favorite item.

Judy Toline on

The mirrors😍

Jenni Toebben on

Everything is fabulous, but the tole table speaks to me!

Lauren on

The new ivory and blue tole planter – beautiful!

Allyson Smith on

I am “in love” with the Provence Planters. I always love to see how you decorate your own home with these beautiful items.

Kristin Koegel on

My favorite item is the Provence Planter. I especially love the ones with the flower detail. They would look amazing on my new deck!

Elizabeth on

Tina, good morning! I LOVE the new tea tables, they are gorgeous! And the mirrors would be fabulous in any room.

Tracey on

I love the tray tables…ordered one last month and can’t wait for it to arrive!!

Lynn Tinker Toye on

Loved the mirrors!

Judy Clark on

As always, the Provence planters are beautiful. I would love to be reminded of the dimensions of each size.

Polly on

Love the blue/white and gold mirrors!!!

Eileen on

The mirrors are fabulous!! Lots of bang for the buck !

Denise on

Always pretty things to look at. Thanks!

Sharon Simms on

Love all the tole items but especially the ivory and gold ones and the black and gold tray tables-so many uses in a variety of places!

Donna A. on

I could use two large black Provence Planters at my garden gate, so item 4 is my top choice right now.

Nancy Heider on

I am loving the Blue and Ivory Tole planter. My orchid would look lovely in it.

Joanna R on

LOVE the black and gold tray table! Just gorgeous!

leigh on

Love the planter boxes…My favorite!

Vickie H. on

Oh goodness! Item #1, Tole Planter is so perfect for so many things! Just need to decide on a color! Beautiful, beautiful offerings!

Laura Willis on

Hi Tina,

All of this is beautiful! It’s hard to choose a favorite item but I could use the tray table in either color. Beautiful workmanship!

Dianne M Kropp on

Such beautiful choices make it hard to decide!

Christy B on

WOW!! Fabulous collection. I’ve been looking for the “perfect “ mirror for one of our guest bedrooms and I’ve just found it. Can hardly wait to receive it. Thanks!!!

Jordan on

Your chinoiserie figurine mirrors are beauties! The green & gold is exquisite!

Mary W. on

Love, love, love item #2 in blue and white. Gorgeous

Margianne on

The mirrors are great but then everything else is too! Love your style!

Ann M on

I adore the tray tables!

Brenda M on

Great tole items! I can attest to the quality of the mirrors since I own 2. I am in love with the ivory tray tables.

joy on

Well I’ve bought TWO monogrammed trays, so TRAYS it is!!!

Jennifer S on

The tole planters are so multi functional and lovely!!!

Anne Marie O'Connor on

Item 1, very nice! Timeless!


Love it all but the Provence planters and the mirrors have to be my favorite. I am measuring my new powder room redo to see if one of the green ones can fit, I love them. Nice job Tina!

Michelle Oleary on

My favorite item is black provence planter. Would like them all over my yard.

Yolanda on

I love the Provence planters., me favorite is the pale gray/blue.

Mary H. on

The red mirror is exquisite. What a beautiful addition to a powder room or hallway.

Sherry B on

Oh my, how to decide. I love the Provence planters but also the Tole tray tables!!

Susan Hellberg on

The red chinoiserie mirror is beyond stunning—both styles!

Lynne OBrien on

It’s all fabulous! But, I really adore the ivory tray table!

Sandra Sullivan on

Really hard to decide my favorite. The mirrors in my bathroom. The trays. Probably the Provence planter! Maybe next time ask for the least favorite!

Susan kneisel on

Love, love item number 5, the planter with the lattice!

Cindy on

I love the tray tables!!❤️

Jane W on

All of the choices are stunning, but the floral/vine chinoiserie mirrors in red or green scream out to me for a powder room. I currently have a similar one in my entrance hall, but yours are prettier!

Donna DeMarino on

❤️❤️❤️The giveaway piece, the soft white and gold are so pretty together. The melamine is gorgeous. I especially love the blue and green. Also crazy about the black French Planter.

Pam W on

The tables are my favorite!

Jayne on

I love the Provence planters! But I would call them Versailles planters because I have photos of HUGE planters just like that taken outdoors in the GARDEN/PARK the year I visited Versailles….swoon….

Christine Leary on

Adore ALL of it! Would like a mirror in every color!!

Susan K. on

Those tray tables are GORGEOUS!!!

Lisa on

I absolutely love the black tole tray-table! Such an elegant piece!

Melissa Moore on

It’s a tough call, but I think the ivory tray table is my favorite!

Judith Poremba on

Love the black tray table.

Cathy R. on

Oh my goodness! These are all beautiful! If I had to pick my top two favorites are the new planters and the tray tables.

Susan Bauer on

LOVE the blue mirrors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And everything else too!!!!!!

Margaret on

I’ll take one of everything! Maybe two or three!

Susan K too on

All of the mirrors are just incredible! Bravo!!! I equally love the red and the green.

Peggy on

It is impossible to pick ONE
All are special and are priced
With great value
Your selections are very special

Meg A on

The tray tables are gorgeous!

Ann Villier on

The mirror is my favorite – would love it in a powder room.

Becky on

Love the blue and white mirrors AND the new ivory/blue tole planter to use as a wine cooler!!! Just ordered mine!

Leah on

What stunning details!

Shirley Kaatz on

Love the white and gold tray tables!

Elaine on

The tray tables are absolutely fabulous!

Anita Morgan on

Love the ivory and gold tole planter for all the hydrangeas that are about to reach their prime. Thanks for the idea of using it as a beverage cooler because my wicker wine cooler from you is now filled with magnolia blooms.

Beverly Rowntree on

As always, I love everything, but the Provence planters are my favorite.

Holly on

Love the mirrors in all of the colors!

Janice on

I’m in love!
Chinoiserie is classic and these pieces are stunning examples.
The tray table is especially useful in so many situations.

lydia on

love,love,love the blue/white mirrors. wish they were not so high for my normal sized ceilings.

Vickie on

Most favorite is number two
in green and gold!
So rich and classic.

Becky Mattingly on

My most favorite is the tray table. Any color. I love them all.

meghan on

I love the table trays!

Carolyn Shea on

Best prices ever!!!!

Perfect offering on

With the summer season in place, the planters are a perfect addition to all homes.

Marilyn on

I love the ivory planter.

Joan on

I like the pale taupe planter.

Marion on

I prefer the ivory and white planter.

Susan on

The mirrors are fabulous. Was reading through your old posts and noticed tole planters with horses. So pretty, would love to have (as would several of my friends here in Kentucky.). Any chance of the return of equines?

Eve on

The tray tables are beautiful. Have you thought about doing it in blue and white?

Susan Smathers on

I love the oblong tole planters and tray tables!

Whitney B on

Absolutely love everything! If I have to chose a favorite it’s the ivory and gold planter. Love the idea of filling it with hand towels for the guest bath or to hold wine at a party!!

Kathi on

I think it has to be the ivory/blue planter…or maybe the pale blue/gold…I can’t decide, but I need one of them for champagne!

Arell on

I love the planters. They are really nice!

Kelly W Miller on

I love the green/gold chinoiserie mirror!! So beautiful!!

Karenann on

Everything is so beautiful. My favorite is the gorgeous ivory tray table.

Ann Marie on

I’m torn between the planters and the tray tables… Planters are such a classic style and the black tray table is beautiful ( a touch of black in a room just makes a room special) Can’t make up my mind!

Kelly Hinkley on

Absolutly love the black tray table! Love the fact that the tray is removable.

Jane Morrow on

my favorite is the tray table!!! It will be sooo versatile and solve a world of serving needs!!!

Keri Baty on

Absolutely love the chinoiserie vine mirror in blue & white. I’m refreshing my granddaughter’s bedroom in my home and want to use the mirror in her new room.

Debbie C. on

My favorites are the Provance Planters in Blue/Gray. . They remind me of my trip to Versailles.

Linda Bauer on

First of all, thank you for the opportunity of possibly winning your giveaway. We, hubby and I, are currently renovating a home that hasn’t been lived in for 10 years and my initial ideas were to incorporate small doses of chinoiserie throughout the house. I have a Ralph Lauren bamboo cocktail table in black, limned in gold, very simple, without embellishments. My favorite would be the black and gold chinoiserie tray table to complement it. Needless to say, this reno will take some time, but when it’s finished I plan to sit back and offer a Salud! while I enjoy a Rose’ in our new home.

Bonnie G. on

The mirrors would be lovely in my powder room!

Linda Beth on

So many beauties! The planters are calling my name!

Bettina Woodring on

So loving the planters!

Catherine on

Loving my new blue and white planter I got for mother’s day! ❤️

Susan on

Favorites are the ivory tray table and new chinoiserie figurine mirrors!!!

Mariae on

The planters are my favorite, love all the styles, blue gray color is so elegant

Pam Bostick on

My most favorite is the blue & white chinoiserie figurine mirror.

Kim on

I love love love the black tray table! Elegant and a reminder of time passed.

Jeanne on

I’m loving the chinoiserie tole mirrors, especially the floral vine chinoiserie tole mirror. Gorgeous!


The black tray table is lovely.

Barbara on

4A……the planter. Always a favorite!

Lisa on

GREEN MIRRORS!! So fabulous Tina. I saw one bout a year ago at a beautiful shop in Chicago for about $3000 so your prices are crazy good!
We are in the middle of a move (back to Boston) but as soon as we settle into our new home in July, I will be paying your lovely shop a visit, I love your style and taste in a world of what I consider to be horrible interior design (for the most part)

Sandy on

My favorite is the chinoiserie figurine mirror in the blue and white. Just gorgeous!!!

Debbie H. on

I think the tole planter-#1 is beautiful! Would look so pretty in my home.

Joy Jensen on

Love the tray tables! Just the perfect size to tuck beside a chair or for use as a serving tray for friendly get togethers. The bamboo legs have the natural yet elegant style that would fit comfortably in any setting.

JoAnn on

Love the beautiful colors for the mirrors!

Linda Sikes on

My favorite is #6 the tray table. Favorite color is ivory. Such beautiful and timeless pieces.
Thanks Tina

Arlyn on

LOVE LOVE LOVE the figurine mirrors. I have eyed them for a long time for a bathroom. Thank you for offering such wonderful and unique pieces. I love anything chinoserie!!!

Fran W. on

It’s all lovely, but my favorite is the tole tray table!

Sharon Krost on

My most favorite Item is the blue and white chinoiserie mirror! I love the look- it is beautiful and very well priced- I just recently bought a similar mirror and paid a lot more money! My daughter-in-law just told me about you- in lovvve with your stuff!!

Megan on

Just ordered one of the mossy green mirrors. Can’t wait to see it with my blue and white accessories!

Sheila Kamensky Gerstein on

Love the black tray table.. my mom had one and I always thought it was so elegant!

Linda Ebright on

All so BEAUTIFUL! But I literally gasped when I saw the tray table in black. Sigh…

Deanna Mulet on

LOVE ❤️ anything in a tole planter….
Iced drinks to any floral-topiary display.

Kathleen Coalter on

Your PB home is perfect!! It’s fun to watch the decorating phase! Thanks for sharing! I love the red mirrors and also the pale blue gray planter!! Actually,I loved everything!!💙

Sarah on

Love the green and gold mirror!

Marilyn Cole on

The planters are absolutely gorgeous! I love all the different colors!
Wha a great addition to my sun porch!

Linda on

Such an excess of riches! This is really difficult… but I have to go with the round tray tables. The intricacy of the chinoiserie images is so much like what one would find on an antique. The black is so dramatic!

Robin Marks on

I love the pale blue/gold tole planter!!

Kathy Grigsby on

Love the mirrors. I am redoing my bathroom and would love to get two of these for double sinks.

Donna R on

I’m madly in LOVE❤️ with the tray tables. White or black, they’re gorgeous!!! Hopefully one day I will be the proud owner of one.😉

Cheryl Barbour on

I love tole collection! The black and gold tray table is my favorite.

Cheryl Barbour on

I love the tole collection! The black and gold tray table is my favorite.

Rachel on

Hi Tina! I wish you could;d come and help with my house! That would be a incredible give away!
I love all your items. The way you put it all together is a real gift!!

jacqueline on

Love the tables and the mirrors….actually, I love all of it! So elegant.

Marion on

The black tray table is great! It is versatile, even for a small space.

Carol on

The Provence planter boxes!

Janet on

Love the tray tables especially th e black one.

Barbara Ryals on

The taupe large planter!! 😍

Nayla on

My favorite is the tray table in the black and gold colorway. It feels bold yet classic. I’ve seen similar looking antiques go for much more so that is my pick.

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