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Hello friends, well I have waited a very long time to share with you that my PB house is done!!! It was such an exciting week as we had my sons’s college graduation and moving into our home. I will tell you this house has surpassed  my expectations as the coastal home of my dreams and though doing it from afar at times felt overwhelming and like a crazy idea, everything has turned out just beautifully. Spending the night on that first night was such a happy time, I had all three of my sons with us and everything felt right.

Getting to wake up and have my coffee on that gorgeous porch watching nature in full force outside my window was a treat that is hard to put into words. Needless to say we are simply thrilled! And not for a second do I think that this would have happened without a wonderful, trusting, professional crew of tradespeople (almost all of whom I highly recommend).

So…..this post is all about that bridge between the building of the house and moving in. Granted we have a long way to go and have only moved in a small amount of furniture, but certainly enough to live with! We moved our outdoor furniture into the living room until our sofas/chairs/coffee table are ready and it made for a very comfortable arrangement. Bluff Diaries will continue but onto a new stage of the game…..the decorating stage!

Before I even begin though I must acknowledge, as I will with every blog post on Bluff Diaries all of these people/companies who were such a joy to work with and really helped bring our coastal home to life. We trusted in them and they did not disappoint. Every step of the way were highly professional and very communicative.And here is my own “gold list”-

 MY PERSONAL GOLD LIST- (click on name to visit website)




METAL HOOD- CLASSIC CUSTOM METAL WORKS (ASK FOR CINDY)   if you are on Instagram click here to follow them, they are brand new to it!  (their website is under construction)





MARBLE FLOORING– TILE BAR  (ask for Jacob and tell them Tina from TEH sent you)

ALL STONE SLABS- AGM STONE (best slabs in the south)





Many of you have sent emails and asked many different questions about everything from the screen company that we used to the colors of paint. If you want to leave your questions in the comment section, I vow to make my next Bluff Diaries all about answering many of your questions, will try to get as many answered as possible. And now onto moving day and the wonderful five days we spent in our beautiful new coastal home!

Seeing a moving truck in front of the house was a day I waited a long time for!

Seeing all the carpets in the house was a thrill….was so happy with my choices! Decor Market is amazing, incidentally they are also having an amazing sale on all rugs- 18% off with free shipping!

These sisal outdoor rugs are fabulous!  These are part of the Natural Fiber collection from Decor Market

As I stated we used some of our outdoor furniture (from Lane Venture)  in the living room for now to have something to sit on since our living room furniture will not be in until June

The patio is far from being put together but what little is done…I love!

One of the pretty nightstands from Vanguard

This is one part of my bed which unfortunately came with a missing part- so back it went! I love it and it was such a tease to get it then have to send it back, its coming back in June! (from Vanguard)

The custom carpet for the office/small family room

Pale blue shutters and gas lanterns just make me happy:)

Guest bath

Guest room in the making, really loved all the carpets we chose and we did upholstered beds in all the bedrooms

My sons bedroom getting put together, really love how the rooms came out, but they were not ready for their closeup

Getting the dining table centered just right and love that I can see my beautiful kitchen and hood from almost every room on the main floor

It was so exciting to see my planters find a home:)

LOVE my pantry/back kitchen, waiting for the final knobs to be put in, hopefully by the next post

This picture above makes me happy….it is a reminder of how wonderful the simple pleasures in life can be!


Just putting this post together makes me wish I was there right this very minute. It really does put me in such a relaxed state of mind and truly is my happy place. It’s the kind of place that you go and just exhale and take in the peace and relaxation, something I need more of:)

There is plenty more to show and share, which I will do next chapter. Though the building stage is a lot of fun, to me it really revs up when you start putting the furniture and accessories in. So stay tuned and thanks for sharing this fun journey with me……..

That’s a wrap for this time, thanks for stopping in. Wishing you a wonderful day, until next time……

PS Second day for the chinoiserie tole and Provence sale, make sure to stop by  as there are many beautiful things! Click here to see the sale

Gone but never ever forgotten


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Congratulations! graduation, your PB house is finished and fully done, its been a task but a fun one!
your great taste reflects everywhere, love these colors, enjoy your PB home, it is a truly magnificent place, the surroundings and your beautiful home will give you endless relaxation and a wonderful place to go to!

Hi Tina
Your costal home is beautifu. Love all the details. As the saying goes; “it’s all in the details” ❤️
Please share the information about the rug in your dining room.
It’s exactly what I am looking for.
I know you will make many beautiful memories in Palmetto Bluff?

I appreciate your assistant sending the taco

The most beautiful aspect of your new home is how consistent and well integrated the design choices are across the entire house. There are no jarring changes, just a peaceful serene environment in which to treasure family time. The floor in one of your son’s bathrooms was a beautiful herringbone pattern. Can you tell me the size of the herringbone and who makes that particular line of mosaic tile? thank you! Enjoy Palmetto Bluff in good health! best wishes!

Beautiful! Love the fabric on the guest room bed frame. Can you share the Mfg name and information? Looking to reupholster some chairs Thank you for your time and consideration

Wow this is so very beautiful! I just love all the choices, I can certainly imagine why you re so happy. Wishing you and your family a lifetime of happiness there, Tina.

Dear Tina,
I have been waiting for this post since you first wrote about building in PB. I have a second home in nearby Hilton Head Island and visit PB almost every time I am down there….it is a lovely boat ride from HHI to PB. So far everything looks fabulous (of course). I love the colors you have in your home. I read in a past post that the walls are all painted in SW Alabaster so I was wondering about the rest such as the trim and ceiling you used and what sheen you used on each surface. (Eggshell, semigloss, etc…) I am looking forward to seeing all the magic touches you use to decorate as you have amazing taste. Enjoy your time in the Lowcountry and perhaps one day we will meet there.

Tina….congratulations on a job well done! Must be so exciting to be moved in to your beautiful retreat. Looking forward to seeing more photos soon ❤️

Who was your landscaper & are you happy w/them? My brother & wife live in Colleton River Plantation & looking for one

Tina, it looks fabulous! I am sure that it was a dream come true to have all of your boys with you the first time you were able to stay over. I love it all and cannot wait to see the decorating.

Everything beautiful thus far! And if you’re sharing – I wish to know what BRAND of shoes when you’re showing pic’s of the rugs!

Thanks much:)

How exciting! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. It was so fun to watch the development of your beautiful home from beginning to end. Wishing you and your family many blessings there!

Palmetto Bluff is beautiful! I was looking through some of my pinterest posts today and was wondering what color paints you used in your New York home in the kitchen such as the island, wall cabinets, walls and trim. Thank you for sharing.

What a beautiful home! I am so happy for you and your family. Please let me know the paint color and paint manufacturer for the outside of your home as well as the shutters. It is so pretty and classic. Thank you

I love the rug in the kitchen dining area and how beautifully it coordinates with the kitchen
Is the rug from Decor market? What is the name of the rug?

It has been fun following along and the end result does not fail! Job beautifully done Tina! Also I too wish to know what BRAND of shoes when you’re showing pic’s of the rugs! Thanks!

Hey Tina, ( that’s what we say in the south vs Hi)
Congratulations on the moving in stage of your home! Everything looks wonderful!
Hope you will have an open house for those loyal followers that live in the area! No pressure on time but eventually would be great! You don’t even have to do much for us, maybe some cheese straws and ice tea would be ideal! It would be a great chance to meet you and your other followers.
Just sayin!
Love your choice of rugs and actually everything you’ve managed to do from far away!
You are one remarkable woman and I for just one, appreciate you, your dedication to your family, you quality of life and your work ethics. Been reading your blog forever! Believe I was in the beginning when your sweet dog was hurt, many years ago (5-6 years).
Welcome to South Carolina!
Linda Miller

O. M. G. But you have outdone yourself! Love, love, love the carpet, counters, and how everything is so inviting! If you need a house sitter, I’ll be willing! Thank you for sharing.

Congratulations! Such a wonderful home. I’d love to know what mattresses you purchased for your new home and how you like them. I bought a Tempurpedic and hate it.
Wishing you and your family many happy, memorable years ahead in your new home.

Oops. I just sent you a comment asking about your mattresses and just when I clicked to post I realized my email is incorrect. I have fixed it.

All of your selections are beautiful together in what is sure to be a very relaxing home!
Welcome back to the South, there is no other place like it!

Wow! That is a beautiful home! Would you please share the name of the rug in front of the fireplace with the outdoor furniture on it. I have been searching Decor Market and I can’t seem to find it. Thank you! Enjoy your new vacation home!

Love the house!
Didn’t realize you had a “back kitchen” – Caterer’s dream.
The Tabby & Brick driveway is perfection.
Welcome to the Lowcountry – hope y’all love it as much as we do.

? Your new home looks STUNNING! Can’t wait to see everything in its place, accessories etc. BEAUTIFUL! ? How exciting for you. Congratulations!

So so exciting to see this! Will all of these wonderful posts be collected and put together so we can refer to them? I mean it’s like a bible! The best information with your personal take on everything….what more could a fan want?!

Tina, Your getaway house is looking so absolutely amazing. Congratulations on the completion; no small task. Let’s get some pillows picked out! Cant wait to unveil the PALMETTO BLUFF COLLECTION!

Yes! What mattress did you buy – I do dislike my. Ew Temperpedic —your hone is lovely 1 love your choices — beautiful & classic!!!!

Tina we are so excited for you. Look forward to decorating along with you! My Q is about Windows. I saw they are Pella. What color white and are they simulated divided light between the glass vinyl or clad wood? What type of blinds will you use? Bamboo shades and curtains? Thank you!

Can you tell me the name of the company you used for exterior shutters. Your house looks spectacular!

Congrats! Welcome to the beach world. Now you’re going to have to find us elegant beachy things to buy from you. Love all you do & watching from Port St. Joe, FL PS: silver doesn’t work at the beach – tarnishes in a day.

Your new home in PB is simply beautiful! I was wondering if you could share the brand name of your kitchen hardware? Also I really like your shoes. 🙂

Really like the fireplace and mantle in the Living Room. Can you provide info or source. Especially like the color rather than the natural concrete color usually seen

What a LOVELY designed vacay home……..very stylish, warm, and inviting! Maybe acquiring a rescue dog (or two) in memory of your beloved Lab would add a finishing touch!

Your home is just beautiful!! Enjoyed watching your journey. Can’t wait for the fun seeing your beautiful furniture!!

I am loving your posts about the new house. Question? Will your stools for the counter in the kitchen and the chairs around the table be the same fabric? I have the same situation. Also, I love the screens you used on the porch. Is there a weight or size?
You really don’t see the screens. Wishing you much happiness in your new home.

What is the name and manufacturer (and any other identifiers you can give me) for your kitchen countertops? Are they marble? And also include the name of the color? In other words, if I wanted to get the exact same thing, how would I refer to it? thanks and congrats on a gorgeous and very elegant home!

Your new home is just stunning! Congratulations! My question is a little unusual, but was wondering if you could share information about the shoes you are wearing in the carpet photos. I have been looking for some just like that! Thank you.

Love your new home and always look forward to your posts! Would like to know the colors of paint you used for the exterior. Thank you.

What colors did you use in the walls of the house and what color is on enr kitchen cabinets? We are decorating a coastal house in NC and i love your colors. Just beautiful.

Congratulations on your lovely new home! May it soon be filled with happy memories and good times with family and friends, Tina!

Your house looks beautiful! Best wishes to you and your family for years to come in that lovely home. I join others in anxiously awaiting details about your selections for the house. Hope you will share the name of your exterior paint color. It’s the perfect soft ivory and looks great with the shutters. Enjoy!

Hi! I recall that you love your PB screens. Who makes them? I want to use them on my wn house and copy your fabulous design here in Texas! Thank you!

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