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Hello friends! Happy Sunday, hope you are having an enjoyable and relaxing weekend. Mine has been a fair amount of both work and play. No complaints except for the weather, more rain, more clouds and cool. Just when we think summer is really here, we spring back to this. I want summer!

Only good news is that with quite a bit of rain in the forecast over the  next five days, it means a better chance for beautiful weather (fingers and toes are crossed) for our party next weekend! Here we go with my Seven on Sunday….



2. AN AP WE ALL NEED ON OUR PHONE. Leave it up to my super tech-y son to tell me about this ap….such an amazing idea! A smart water bottle, why didn’t I think of that!!  It’s called  Spark Hidrate 2.0 and not only does it track how much water you drink (and glows when you need to drink)  but I love that you can compete with others (who you know or don’t) to see who is drinking the most and making sure everyone is keeping up their required consumption….genius! Click here to find out more about the ap. Gotta love technology!


2 EXCITING NEW ARRIVALS Oh boy last week and this coming week are such exciting weeks for us, so many beautiful things coming in, it’s like sensory overload! I just got these progress pictures of my next tole container and to say I am over the moon would be an understatement.  Then we are getting in the long awaited silver container plus the bunnies and giftwrap, it will be like Christmas in June this week! Loving how gorgeous it all is……

For anyone who has been waiting on silver, it will be coming in this week! Included are the chargers coming back, the blue/white pagoda flatware and serving set and these GORGEOUS new Chippendale style gallery trays, offered in silver and ant. brass, the workmanship is fabulous!

And moving onto the tole…..


The stunning tops to the popular tray tables- love the blue/white, and green/gold (both new)

This container will have the last shipment of Provence planters for the summer so if you have been dreaming of owning 1, 2 or 3 this will be your chance!

So happy getting back in these gorgeous wastepaper baskets and tissue holders, new color- blue and white, love it!

And to show you how painstakingly these are each finished his quick video highlights the sheer artistry of each of these pieces-



3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Lots to love this week, so much beauty out in the world. Here is my roundup this week-

And my fave this week is this, because it made me laugh out loud we all need this “cutlery” in our lives:)


4. A GADGET YOUR KITCHEN NEEDS. I am all for gadgets….that work! I have tried some that don’t quite deliver what they say but this Veggetti Power  is fantastic! I bought it at Bed Bath and Beyond and I use it all the time. I used to buy prepacked containers of the zuchinni spaghetti but this is so much cheaper and convenient. We eat zucchini spaghetti as a side at least twice a week and sometimes use it as a main dish with shrimp (scampi style). This little electric spiralizer is a cinch and a must have in my book:)

And speaking of food I need to share a super simple but very tasty Dijon mustard vinigarette I have been making a lot (this recipe came straight from a friend who lives in France-

  • 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
  • 1 tablespoon white wine vinegar
  • Kosher salt
  • Freshly cracked black pepper
  • Extra virgin olive oil (4-6 TBSP)

In the bottom of a large salad serving bowl, whisk together the mustard, vinegar, salt, and pepper with a small whisk until the mixture is completely homogenous and emulsified ) . If you don’t have a whisk, use a fork. Add the olive oil, and whisk again until completely homogenous and emulsified. Tumble enough salad (butter lettuce is a traditional for the French but other soft lettuce’s work as well)  This is enough dressing for 4 people. I normally double or triple it to have plenty for the week. Simple and so tasty!


5.  A GREAT EVERY DAY SNEAKER Several of you spotted my feet in these sneakers in a few PB pictures and asked about them. They are my everyday work shoe because they are soooo comfortable and look a little better than wearing a traditional sneaker. Available in several colors they are also super affordable, found at Nordstrom. Click here


6. A WHOLE NEW WHOLE FOODS. I go to Whole Foods about once a week,I can count on them for quality fresh produce, fish and more. I LOVE their hummus, and it is a staple in our house (in case you haven’t tried it). Whole Foods just broke out a new concept, in only one store for now…but a shop within a store (first one is in Bridgewater, NJ) . Called Plant and Plate meant to catch the wave of all the “lifestyle” type shops springing up. It has a mix of home accessories, flowers and plants. I like the idea, what do you think? Think this concept will be a hit or a miss?

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. This is all about down time, you time, me time….whatever you might call it. Recognizing when you need some time to yourself and need to take time to unplug a little. Are you good at recognizing that? I must admit, me not so much.

I consider myself the quintessential multi tasker but even though I am capable of doing a lot at once, I still recognize (but don’t always do it) the need and importance to take off some much  needed down time and unplugging a little. This is something I am making a much more concerted effort to do, even if its a few hours a week or a day a week. We are always the better for it. And you, have you managed to unearth that secret formula between work and play?


And that is a wrap for this Sunday. Hope you enjoyed the post, anything in particular resonate with you? Wishing you a wonderful end to your weekend and an enjoyable Sunday. Until next time…..

PS Last day for the gorgeous planter/statuary flash sale, click here to visit

PPS Announced last week that I launched my wholesale site which quite a while in the making so it was very exciting. If you are a retailer and interested in our products please feel free to register for an account, click here

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Love your Instagrams. Relieves me of finding them since I almost never go to the site unless you post something so interesting!
THANK YOU~you always find something not only beautiful but so often useful as well. Those pretty hand printed envelopes are truly special, the mix of calligraphy and printing are intriguing. Really like the new blue and white waste can?

This concept at WholeFoods reminds me of Anthropologie’s boutique, Terrain, just outside of Phila. What an incredible place that is and one you would love! Tie it in with a trip to Longwood Gardens, Winterthur and Brandywine River Museum. A perfect weekend in fall or summer- when everyone is away at the shore!

Veggetti Power will be my next purchase. Thanks for telling us as being gluten free is a must for me and I no longer crave pasta because the zucchini spirals are perfect in replacing pasta and for us Weight Watchers its zero points. Your Instagram pic of lavender fields, peaches, and a single chair sitting in the white sand by the beach brought my blood pressure down 10 points! Needed that.

Those new tray tables, be still my heart ! And the beautiful Chippendale style trays , also beautiful !
Really enjoy the Sunday post on your Instagram‘s always Eve me great new leads to follow .
Thanks for the Dijon vinaigrette recipe I have had it but it never made it and always enjoy it I’m going to try today . Have a nice day ?

Thanks so much for including the shoe information I was one of the people who asked about them! I’m going to Bed Bath & Beyond later today to get that spiralizer, I buy packages of zucchini spaghetti often but they can get expensive . So happy to know that this gadget is tried and true and that you recommend it. Do you ever use a mandolin and if so do you have a brand that you like ? Your new incoming products are exquisite .

Wow! Such beautiful pieces coming in this week! I love the white table with the blue and white insert top. Such beautiful artistry and a great idea with the insert to add even more color impact. Can’t believe there is a “smart” water bottle-what will the world think of next? Thanks for keeping us all in the loop about exciting new things and great ideas. I look forward to your posts and enjoy seeing all of the gorgeous decorating ideas, which inspire me to do creative things in my own home. I recently had family to visit from out of town, and they complemented me profusely upon seeing my blue and white living room, dining room, family room, kitchen and downstairs bath (which all flow together), stating that I was a “quite a decorator with extraordinary taste”. I gather ideas from you and your readers and implement them on a shoestring budget with thrift store finds and a good bit of creative recycling. I like to think that my home is a “work in progress”, as I am always finding something new to try.

I definitely need those diet utensils ?!!!! Bought myself and my husband ( Father’s Day) those water bottles… thanks for the tip!!!

Happy Sunday, dear Tina. Brrrr it’s a chilly one here too. Congrats on your wholesale site! I am going to be so excited when I start seeing your lovely accessories in the stores. I need to buy those diet utensils! Have a wonderful week!

Whole Foods may have gotten the idea to do “shop in a shop” from Seattle’s Metropolitan Market. Mr. Bezo’s has certainly checked out Metropolitan. Hope they do that here in AZ and add a Whole Foods to the NW Valley.

Reading your posts/instagrams gives me time to have a relaxing moment. Cheeers!

How clever is that water bottle! I am ordering it for my husband for Fathers Day, I am always after him to drink more water!

Love this Sunday post, so much beauty in one place. And yes, think the Whole Foods concept will work well with their customers.
Tina I learned a long time ago no one in the world will take care of me the way I will so though I work full time (my own business) I take off a weekday once every 10 days to do whatever I please, it might start with yoga then move to lunch with a friends,an afternoon of shopping or maybe a round of golf. Whatever it is that one day to my self brings me many productive days working. Very important to take care of yourself.

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