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Hello friends! Today marks a turning point in Bluff Diaries, last chapter it featured the actual move in date. This post today,  is about the next few days as we settled in a bit albeit with minimal furniture. We put some of our outdoor furniture in the living room until we get it in June, but did get our dining room and barstools. Got beds and nightstands, the bare minimum to stay there for a few days which was heaven. Still have  A  LOT to do including all bedding, tons of accessories, art, mirrors, etc…this will take (and patience on my end) as it’s trickier doing this from afar. But just to be there means so much.

There are honestly so m any things I love about this house, from the openness, to how light and airy it is, the huge windows bring in a ton of sunlight and it just feels like a happy home. I love that we will use all the rooms, and that no room feels off limits, it’s a very inviting house with generously sized rooms and high ceilings.Of course I also love the palette we chose, soft creams and pale blues…very soothing.

One of my favorite parts might have been going out to the porch early morning and late day….soooo relaxing. So today features how things looked the day after we moved in. I am also taking the time as I promised last time,  to answer many questions I have gotten over the  last few weeks. So first answers to your questions then some more progress pictures. Here are some of your questions answered-


What color is the exterior of the home? It is Benjamin Moore’s Easter Lily (also used on trim)

What color are the shutters? Sherwin Williams Nantucket Blue

What is the brand of the mattresses we used? Shifman, which I highly recommend

Who did the landscaping? Hilton Head Landscapes (in resource list)

What kind of screen was used on the back patio where you hardly see it? It is called “N0-See-Um” and I highly recommend it

What color was used to paint inside the house? We did Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster throughout the entire house and White Dove on the trim

What kind of flooring was used in the back entrance and throughout the back kitchen/mud room? Paris Ceramics limestone pavers

What kind of windows did we use? Pella doublehung windows Proline in Poplar White

What color trim did we use? Semi gloss White Dove by Benjamin Moore

Where is the guest bed from? Vanguard, from their line of upholstered beds

Size of herringbone floor in my sons room? 1″ x 6″ from Basketweave Mosaics (in resources)

What kind of countertops did I used in the kitchen/back kitchen? We used Calcutta Gold on both, bought beautiful slabs from and had them honed. The backsplash were beveled Calcutta Gold subways from Basketweave Mosaics (on list of resources)

What color stain was used for the hardwood? Weathered oak

The rug in dining room? From Decor Market (Tibetan collection)

What kind of window treatments will we use? There are some being done as we speak, I love the Silhouettes from Hunter Douglas, they look like a roman shade but function much better and have an option for a built in blackout. They are pretty enough alone or you can add a window treatment to them, in my bedroom I will eventually had  panels over them but for the boys rooms just using them alone. Also using some wood plantation shutters in a few rooms.

Where is our living room mantle from? We purchased it from Classic Stone Creations

What kind of mattresses did we buy? We bought from Shifman , they are fantastic, we have them in our house here. All cotton and so comfy!

Where is our kitchen hardware from? Bought it through Palmetto Cabinet Studio (in my resources)

Where did we get our gas lanterns? Copper Sculptures (highly recommend them)

What color are the kitchen cabinets and back kitchen cabinets? The cabinets are  Simply White and back kitchen is Blue Manor

The shoes I was wearing in the picture? They actually were shared on Sundays post, click here to see them

Where are all the bathroom mirrors from? All are from Decor Market (make sure to use your 10% discount as an Enchanted Home reader, use code “enchanted”. Click here to see all of them.

Who made our beautiful hood in the kitchen? Custom Classic Metalworks (on my resource list)


Now time to come on in………..

Those shoes at the door, a sure sign there is life inside:)

The bedrooms getting their furniture moved in (all furniture from Vanguard)

Decisions, decisions. Love both these papers, have a favorite……weigh in!

This TV is not only very large but the resolution is the best I have seen yet!

Staring to look and feel very much like home:)

So in awe of my gorgeous metal hood from Classic Custom Metal works…it is a work of art!

And we have barstools! The colors are perfect

The back powder room and 2  more wallpaper contenders, a large pattern over small……have a fave?

Meanwhile, in the kitchen unloaded some of my melamine which is perfect for this house!

Love this patio and the Provence planters fit right in!

Can’t get enough of those gas lanterns!

Laundry room just about done

Love a house at dusk:)

And the back kitchen/pantry is done, got the last of the hardware put on, love that space

And as I always do my “gold star” list of all the resources we used that we love and cannot recommend highly enough- CLICK ON NAME OF COMPANY TO VISIT



METAL HOOD- CLASSIC CUSTOM METAL WORKS (ASK FOR CINDY)   if you are on Instagram click here to follow them, they are brand new to it!  (their website is under construction)





MARBLE FLOORING– TILE BAR  (ask for Jacob and tell them Tina from TEH sent you)

ALL STONE SLABS- AGM STONE (best slabs in the south)








Wow, feel like I wrote a mini book….seriously though really enjoyed the process immensely and of course seeing our dream realized and then some made it especially sweet! Thanks for sharing the journey, will be there in a few weeks and look forward to sharing more with you as the decorating and pulling it all together starts to take shape! Wishing you a wonderful day, until next time……

PS All tabletop today is 20% off, that includes all linens, the gorgeous wood servers, all our basketweave just came back  in stock…good time to stock up for your summer entertaining! Ends tonight at midnight, click here to see all tabletop


And yes, tabletop includes the melamine!!! Click here to see melamine


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What kind of mattresses did we buy? We bought from , they are fantastic, we have them in our house here. All cotton and so comfy! Should love to know the brand of mattresses your bought. Am in the market. Please advise. Also, the same for the TV.
Shall appreciate.

Looks like paradise to me…………
Would you share your acrylic hardware source………

Love your new home. Still would like to know the mattress company. It didn’t apppear in your Q & A. Thanks!

Your PB home is light-filled and airy -can’t wait to see final results after it has been “Tinaed”

I am obsessed with the hardware! LOVE the doorknobs and handles on cabinets. What a perfect home!

Actually LOVE the trellis but voted for the floral for the bath. Love to see the trellis in another area of your hone.

What a beautiful House!!! love it all, nothing I would change if it was mine, the kitchen hardware is so unusual, very elegant!

House looks gorgeous !! Love the Calcutta gold and would love to use on kitchen counter but was told that it leaves rings and stains. Your comment?

Everything looks great! I cannot wait to see the updates. Have a great week Tina.

P.S. Would love to know the source for the mattresses, there was no source in the post. Thanks

? Congratulations, You did a beautiful job! Your choices for detail are right on! Enjoy! ?

Thanks so much for sharing. Looks beautiful. Would you mind sharing the make of your mattress and TV? Always a helpful resource. Thanks so much.

Love your home, I really love the view from your great room to the kitchen area. Thanks for sharing can’t wait to see it all come together especially with your great flowers you add to your rooms.

It is all so beautiful! So relaxing; I know you and your family will enjoy this place for years to come. Great Job!

FYI: Whoever chose to use an image of CNN’s coverage of the riots during the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem on your tv above the mantle did you a great disservice. No one wants to be “hit” with a political statement (which is what it is) while perusing and enjoying your website.

You have done such an amazing job on the home itself, as well as all the design selections inside. I do have one questions. The rug size for the dining area under table….When you are actually sitting at table, given the length of the pictured rug, would the end chairs be setting on floor beyond the rug? I have had problems in the past where chairs got caught up in the rug when pulling them out to dine. I would appreciate your design point of view. Again, your home is breathtaking…congratulations!

Both your homes are beautiful! I wouldn’t want to leave either one, when there. The PB home looks so relaxing; a place to slow down the pace of life. Love all the furnishings and colors. I especially like the acrylic door handles. Have fun completing your project.

Gorgeous! I am ready to move in. My husband is a SC native and we get back to the low-country as often as we can.

I’ll opine on the wallpaper, b/c we are currently renting a home due to my husband’s job and I love nothing more than living vicariously through others’ design decisions until I am a homeowner once again 😉 For the first, I prefer the floral (lovely!) b/c I think the trellis pattern is too similar to the ogee tile floor. For the 2nd, I liked the larger scale of the far left sample–felt like the middle and right options were too close in scale to the floor. Almost felt like they were competing. Just my .02. All are beautiful, I hope you will share the finished products.

Your new home is stunning. Congratulations and it has been fun watching the progress. Would you mind sharing where you got your counter stools from?

Tina, I simply cannot express enough accolades to you for the “planning and executing a house from afar” talents you have shared with us. The house is stunning, sparkling, airy, and absolutely wonderful. I cannot decide whether I would live perpetually on your back porch or in the kitchen! At any rate, welcome to the South, dear Tina!

Gorgeous beyond words. You really outdid yourself and I give you a round of applause for doing it from a distance, no easy feat. I have several favorites- the ktichen, back ktichen, patio, your choice in color selections, it goes on. Well done, and may it always be filled with lots of wonderful memories with those you love!

What a beautiful home, exquisite! Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions!

Could you please share the source for the kitchen counter bar stools please.

Love your new home.

Thank you.

Wishing you and all your family all the best and many blessings as you get settled in your warm and welcoming Southern home.

Tina, you are beyond generous. Thank you for sharing your well curated resources with us.
The gloss/lacquer finish on your cabinets and hardware are gorgeous!
Wishing you many happy years in PB. When are we starting the Provence house??:)

Welcome to our beautiful South Carolina lowcountry Tina!! Wish you and your family the blessings of happiness in your beautiful home. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!!

Do you have mail’s quarters? I’m applying for the job! You’ve brought us through every step of your incredible design journey, I almost feel i could just move in! I hope your home will provide you with a lifetime of restful enjoyment — you deserve it.

Hi Tina, 2 words… Absolutely Beautiful. Thank you for sharing beauty. Till next time, Esther from Sydney.

Absolutely love seeing your new home in P.B., so happy for you and your family, and appreciate all that you share…but, I was so disappointed to see the photo of the biased channel CNN on the new t.v. you were featuring. It came across like a political statement, was it? I’ve always gotten so much enjoyment following your Blog.

The mattresses are Shifman available at Bloomingdales
Hardware is from Palmetto Cabinet Studio see above resources list ask for Ashley
The barstools and all furniture from Vanguard Furniture

Love the ending pictures of Teddy, I still get a little tingle when I see him and all of his antics. Great dog.

Tina, So glad you kept the full wall backsplash in the kitchen. With the house furnished its not overpowering and a beautiful textural detail. A perfect accent given the minimal/tonal decor scheme you are going with. I am in love with the relaxed, over scaled Southern effect. Total heaven!!! My Mom’s college roomate and her husband pioneered Hilton Head (Charles & Mary Fraser) and I hope I’m so fortunate to have a place like yours one day! I know you will make many happy memories and strengthen your family bonds in that beautiful place! God Bless

Dear Tina,
What a beautiful home!
Could you please tell me the maker of the glass desk
and chair behind the sofa in the den?

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