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Hello! Hope everyone is having a great week. I want to first announce the winner of the tole planter giveaway. Congratulations goes to


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Our party was a huge success and I cannot wait to work on a post to share all the highlights with you…..such a fun party! Today it’s all about one of our favorite subjects……blue and white. Every few weeks, we have a “virtual meeting” for all the incurable blue and white lovers out there (and there are many)!

I have to say few things are as pretty as a party both big and small centered around blue and white. It is so fresh and clean, striking and dramatic all at once. Whether for a luncheon or a wedding, a blue and white them is simply magnificent.

I always joke that hopefully one of my sons will get married to a girl who loves or is open to embracing blue and white and might consider a blue and white themed wedding. I know just the place to source for elegant vase and containers:) Be forewarned there is a lot of beauty to take in that just may prompt you to start planning a little fete of your own, it was such a fun post to put together…….


What a incredible party scene, Lauren Chitwood Events

LOVE. an oversized blue/white bowl to use as a elegant beverage tub….use this idea all the time

Mixing tones of blue and white as well as patterns makes for a very festive look, Veranda

A party we had about 3 years ago with my favorite color scheme

Even just the addition of a single piece of blue and white on a table can add just that special touch, this was from a wine tasting dinner we hosted

Gorgeous setting indeed, love the blue glasses, Veranda

Ginger jars filled with big mounds of flowers make the most beautiful , DFW Events

This picture brings back wonderful memories of a fun luncheon I threw, mixed in the vibrant pinks for a punch of color

Adore this beautiful dinner party setting from Mary Carol Garrity (Nell’s Hills)

Beautiful elegant party setting India Amory

Love this vibrant and inviting blue and white table set by KD Hamptons

An oldie but goodie, this is how an intimate blue and white dinner should look! Veranda Magazine

This is from a dinner party about 3 or 4 years ago, I just added a bunch of blue and whites, a few bouquets of hydrangeas and it made for an instant tablescape

Even doing smaller dinner parties, I like to add pretty touches that elevate a table

This beautiful setting is from a shower I attended a few years back, it was blue and white heaven:)

Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to mix patterns and colors (my own  small table set for four)

Isn’t this pretty! These are our beautiful floral/trellis bowls being used as stunning centerpieces for this elegant table!

Another example on how to mix colors/patterns, it is like a fun experiment every time, here I used Quadrille’s Bali Hai as a tablecloth

Always loved this table, the arrangments are fabulous and so dramatic!

Have you ever!! Elizabeths Cakes

One of my most favorite table settings that I have done, a perfect dinner party setting (or shower)!

Love a clustered effect of blue, white and of course flowers!

How beautiful is this, love the addition of the wicker, great contrast Ana Marias Events

A picture from a clients beautiful rehearsal dinner, love the blues/purples mixed in with blue, white and green

Pretty much in. love with everything single detail in this picture, Melissa Schollaert Photographer

Ales Papachristidis shows how to set one heck of a stunning blue and white dinner table

Like the mix of the bolder blues here with a touch of bright cherry yellow, Dixie Does Weddings

Even for smaller more intimate dinners,  you can still create the wow factor with blue and white, Heather Chaddock

And yes even blue and white favors can add that special crowning touch, in this case I gave my blue and white ornaments as small take home favors in the picture above and small moss “purses” filled with flowers in the one below


OK I apologize in advance if this suddenly makes you want to plan a party with a blue and white theme…I have to admit it has my own wheels turning:) I may have to make this years Christmas Theme blue and white all the way! How about you?

What are your thoughts on a blue and white party theme? Do tell! Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous day and hope the sun is shining! Until next time……..

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PS Also second and last day of the hurricane/centerpiece bowl flash sale, click here if you missed it.

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Elizabeth on

Good morning Tina!

So many beautiful ideas for using blue and white to entertain! I love them all.

Decorative Interiors on

Thank you for these lovely & fabulous photographs & details, It is time for ‘The Enchanted Home’ to publish your very own ‘coffee table’ book of all your design ideas & accomplishments!

Dianne Kropp on

Hi Tina, Did I miss the announcement of the contest winner Sunday. I looked for my name but didn’t see it!!! LOL!!!

Felicity manas on

Absolutely beautiful ! I just cannot get enough of this color combination.

Susan K too on

I’m starting to plan a 90th birthday party for my mother. She has a fabulous collection of blue and white, so she would just love this theme for her party! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas.

Mary Baker on

Each and every picture was just beautiful. What a wonderful way to start my morning, now I want to have a party!

Paulette P. on

Tina, your work is always a treat to view. You are the ultimate party planner and designer with glorious ideas and never-ending ways to create a truly memorable event. How can any one person be so talented in so many areas? As one person commented, “You need to publish your very own coffee table book.” It would surely make the New York Times Best Seller List. Thank you for always being so gracious to share your creativity with us.

Caroline on

Wow, yes this DOES make me want to plan a party! In fact we host a Labor Day party every summer for about 80-100 people and your post has given me some really good ideas here, I can incorporate a little red and think it will be beautiful! By the way used my melamine for a small dinner the other night with friends and it made the prettiest table, everyone complimented me on them and could not believe they were not china!

Lisa Tague on

Hi Tina,
I am in blue and white heaven . Such lovely photos.

Arlene on

What a great post. Wow

Emily on

Speechless at the beauty and I am joining the chorus for you to come out with a book! Your talent is needed in a world where frankly good taste seems to have gone out the window. Your style is timeless and so elegant. I would stand in line to get one!

Eve on

Beautiful post! loved every one of them. I love blue & white with sunflowers or daises–always puts a smile on my face.

Sandy R. on

Just gorgeous!!

Katherine on

Your timing is impeccable! I WAS planning a blue and white party for mid July but this morning I fell and broke my wrist! CURSES! I’ll have to wait awhile now but I am now armed with lots of your great ideas… many thanks!!!💙🍾💙

Jo Shafer on

Lovely ideas for layering table linens for summer al fresco dining!

Rebecca on

Totally agree with the Enchanted Home coffee table book idea! A project for 2019!

Susan Haidon on

So many beautiful tablescape; thoroughly enjoyed viewing all of them. Great ideas! Makes you want to throw a dinner party or luncheon.

Ethel J Craig on

The 8th picture down is not Cathy Kincaid. It is Mary Carol Garrity from Nell Hills. It is the dining room of her former home in Atchison, Kansas.

Elaine McCarty on

Love all the blue and white❤️❤️❤️

Karen Hnatyshin on

Well, this was a great post! It came along at the right time! I just did a beautiful bridal shower for our daughter, Olivia on Saturday and yes EVERYTHING was blue and white! It took a lot of planning but it turned out amazing! I am also lucky that she has acquired a taste for all things blue and white! So her wedding will be filled with China blue dishes, vases, flowers etc!

Peggy Ekena on

Here’s an idea for you; as if you don’t already have enough irons in the fire! I know that you love coffee table books and you have an abundance of beautiful photos, so why don’t you create your own coffee table book and have it be about blue and white? You write very well and continue to be an inspiration on incorporating blue and white into one’s own decor. You would be a natural! Chapters could include: floral arrangements in blue and white containers, Christmas decorations in blue and white, room designs incorporating blue and white, weddings of blue and white, clothes in blue and white, outdoor parties using blue and white, etc. The subjects could go on and on….. See what your blue and white lovers club has started? Just saying,,,,,,

classic casual home on

I love your tip to not be afraid to mix patterns. Beautiful examples!
Mary Ann

Tracy on

My very favorite post, ever!!! 💙💙💙

JJ W on

As always…beautiful…with so many wonderful ideas. It is a joy to be in “The Club”.

Terry on

Blue and white never goes out of style. Crisp and bright but yet neutral palette allows us choices. Love the your posts!

Debbi White on

I too am a Blue and White Freak! Yes freak, I love it, have to have it! My WHOLE house is done in blue and white, every room! We just moved into our 2256 sf country home and I’ve had so much fun putting it all up!
Thank you! For this site, I used it to show my husband that I’m NOT the only one out there, Lol I will be following from now on! Be Blessed!

Kimberly on

Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous

Carmen on

Huge fan

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