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Hi friends, today is a day I have waited for a long time to come. My beloved blue and white bunnies,  eggs and the newest collection of the giftwrap all became a beautiful reality and are here! As of today, all of our presale orders have shipped so our arrival sale has officially begun as of this morning.

As I always do with new items,  I offer them up for an arrival sale which includes special pricing. It is your chance to make sure you get an item you have been eyeing for a lower price than they will be when they hit the shop site. For most of you, you know how these work but for anyone new to this, please read over the rules-


  • There are TWO ways to order, call or email your order-  call 1-800-804-9565 (between 9:30-5:30 EST). Email all orders to [email protected]
  • When placing an order, please refer to item number
  • Everything is in stock and ready to ship
  • IF YOU EMAIL your order in- you MUST include your name, address and phone number for us to send you an invoice (if you do not see your invoice within 12 hours please check your spam folder, as sometimes it goes there)
  • Please refer ONLY to item numbers  (and pattern if applicable)
  • This sale will end on Thurs evening
  • Many customers are already in our system but for those who have multiple addresses, you must specify which address you want your items shipped to
  • PLEASE do not submit an order if you cannot pay within 12 hours, this is not fair to us or to others who might want your item
  • Subject to availability, limited numbers of each item
  • We cannot hold items, only once your order is paid for is your order considered a completed order
  • Shipping is extra
  • Final sale
  • Some items are available for international shipping you must contact us for a shipping quote
  • For large quantities (orders over $650) , please call us for a special discount
  • Wholesale inquires must call 1-800-804-9565 (9:30-5:30 EST)




One is as cute as the other. I just love these so much, they are perfect for display year round. I have one customer who wants to order them for a baby shower centerpiece (love that idea).  Offered in three sizes/three patterns. To me they look the best all together but I could also see a matching pair.


ITEM 1A. This we will call papa bunny who stands 12.5″ tall and about 5″ at the widest $58.00

ITEM 1B This is baby bunny and she stands 6″ tall $42.00

ITEM 1C And here we have mama bunny who measures approx. 6″ x 12″ long $55.00

1D The 3 piece set. Buy all three and instead of paying $158.00 you pay $140.00 for all three!

ITEM 2 . The eggs come in one of four styles. They are 3.5″ tall and are handpainted. Great collectibles and beautiful paired with the bunnies. (two we don’t yet have the professional pictures back of) ALL BLUES ARE THE SAME BLUE though in these pictures it may look like they are different colors of blue.

$12.00 each OR all four for $42.00



Blue cherry blossom (did not take professional pics yet on this one)

White cherry blossom (did not take professional pics yet on this one)


This was a long time in the making but so worth it, it is absolutely beautiful, I made paper I wanted to find, classically beautiful paper that is as unique as it is gorgeous. The chinoiserie especially the ivory could double as a beautiful holiday paper. When I couldn’t find it, I created it!


ITEM 3A The gold chinoiserie paper is a must have for anyone who loves to create a beautiful present. Offered in four colors- ivory, pale blue, pale pink and pale green. These are 8 feet by 30″ and are TWO ROLLS for $16.00 OR FOUR ROLLS for $30.00. (specify color)

Pale blue w/gold

Pale pink w/gold

Pale green w/gold

Ivory w/gold

ITEM 3B. The stunning blue/white planter and boxwood giftwrap is amazing. Each roll is 5.5 feet by 30″ and they are reversible. TWO ROLLS for $16.00 OR FOUR ROLLS for $30.00.

ITEM 3C The lemon topiary is so fresh and happy. Each roll is 5.5 feet by 30″ and they are reversible. TWO ROLLS for $16.00 OR FOUR ROLLS for $30.00.

ITEM 4. THE REAMS OF PAPER. Sometimes you love a paper so much you want to be sure you have plenty that will last a long time. That is when a ream comes in handy! I know I will be keeping a number of them for myself.  Reams measure 204 feet by 30″.

All patterns are offered in the ream, remas generally sell for around $300 per ream so these are exceptional deals and an amazing value!!

ITEM 4A Chinoiserie reams in any of the four colors $105.00 (204 feet by 30″) specify color

ITEM 4B. The boxwood with trellis,  30″ x 204 feet $115.00

ITEM 4C. The lemon topiary paper with trellis, 30″ x 204 feet $115.00

ITEM 5. By popular demand, now offering the blue and white gingham ribbon many have asked about, it is a beautiful compliment to both topiary papers. Available with a giftwrap order, this 33 yard roll  (1.5″ wide) is $18.00 with the purchase of giftwrap only.



One lucky winner will win four rolls of her choice. Simply leave a comment telling us your two favorite items on this post, I will announce a winner on Sunday!

So excited about these beautiful new arrivals. And always look forward to sharing all the upcoming goodies with your first! These were what I would call a labor of love and so very much worth the wait. If you want to place an order please email or call us-


[email protected]

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Love the eggs as well as the bunnies. My favorite is the dark blue and white trellis egg.

The boxwood paper and the lemon topiary paper- LOVE LOVE LOVE! These are gorgeous designs!

Oh, I love the bunnies! The papa and baby bunnies are my favorite, they are so beautiful. I hope the bunnies will become a permanent item in your store!

I’m obsessed with your wrapping paper! I love the lemon topiary and the boxwood topiary patterns. And the bunnies are so adorable!

My favorite items are the papa bunny and the white cherry blossom egg. Although the wrapping paper with the pale green and gold is a very close 2nd. I know my Mom will love receiving gifts in that paper so I will definitely be purchasing some!

I so love your design of the papa bunny but your papers are my favorite. The boxwood and lemon topiary (along with the gingham ribbon) would make any recipient feel very special.

Hard to pick….but I think the bunnies are adorable and all the gift wrap…love!

Baby bunny!!! Lemon topiary paper!!! Blue gingham ribbon…oops, I was supposed to stop with two favorites.

Love the gold chinoiserie wrapping papers. I would like a mix of all the colors. I can just see them with a beautiful satin ribbon.

Love the Bunnies and the eggs. They look so good together. I would use them all yeat.

Everything is beautiful, but I must have the pale blue chinoiserie paper. It’s a classic!

Gosh it’s all wonderful. I think my favorite 2 are the baby bunny and the boxwood planter/trellis gift wrap.

I love every single roll of your gift wrap but especially the boxwoods with trellis!

The lemon topiary paper matches my Royal Dalton dishes! How perfect to wrap dinner party gifts. The quality of your papers is the best, this will be my second order. Thanks for coming up with something that is quality and that you can’t get “just anywhere”.

The white cherry blossom eggs and the ivory with gold wrapping paper! But everything is gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️

I have been looking forward to the arrival of the gift wrap! It’s difficult to find lovely, unique multi-purpose gift wrap. I love the pale pink chinoiserie paper but think the lemon topiary and gingham combo is a fun surprise for housewarming gifts!

I love the bunnies. All of them. The smiles on their faces make me smile. Don’t you just love when you walk past something in your home that makes you happy!

My favorites are the lemon topiary and boxwood topiary papers. They are all so pretty!
Thank you,

I am just in love with the set of bunnies and the eggs both! They go together perfectly! Thank you for making them available!

The cherry blossom eggs are lovely. And the chinoiserie gift wrap is amazing! It looks so much like a wallpaper I’d be tempted to put it in my powder room, lol!

Hard choice to pick just two, but definitely the blue and white planter with boxwood and the perfect complement of blue and white gingham ribbon.

Rabbits are special in our family. I like the lemon topiary paper with the check ribbon and the gold in
Blue and green.

Will definitely order the boxwood and trellis paper and the gingham ribbon. Thanks for the option you provide by making the paper reversible.

I love the Boxwood Trellis and Lemon Topiary papers, and that adorable blue and white gingham ribbon. So fresh and unique!

How can you only choose two!! I collect bunnies and eggs! Love those! The paper is so gorgeous!! Makes a gift even greater!???

It’s a tough choice because I really love it all. But the blue and white eggs and the boxwood with trellis wrapping paper are calling my name!

The Bunny family is so beautifu hard to just pick one, the all occasion wrapping paper and ribbon is an elegance to any gift!
love them all

I Adore the wrapping paper. It’s just beautiful and the colors are fabulous. Also loving the eggs!
Doreen Ladin

I really love the eggs and the topiary wrapping paper. The bunnies are also very cute. Fun new things.

The Bunnies and Eggs are my favourite! These bunnies would complement any living space year round!

Oh my…all so beautiful!! My favorite has to be the lemon topiary wrapping paper…stunning!

Must say I love it all but the lemon topiary paper with the blue and white gingham bow really stands out.

My two favorite items are 1d and 3c. It’s SO hard to choose because they are all so fresh looking, and really pretty! Tina- you are amazing- I wish we could be neighbors, but here in Charleston!
Keep up the awesome work!!!

Love the bunny family and the blue boxwood topiary paper. Such good taste for décor items and wrapping paper! All very unique and adorable, Tina.

The boxwood topiary paper coordinating with the trellis paper makes me happy!! Add the gingham check ribbon and I can’t stop looking at it!!

The chinoiserie papers and the painted eggs are wonderful. Actually, everything is a winner!

Would love love love to see your beautiful paper with pineapples. I’ve been collecting pineapples for o at 50 years and am always looking for a new treasure?

I like the BOXWOOD / TREllIS gift wrap and the blue and white gingham ribbon
Would make for a great presentation !!!!

Boxwood topiary paper is my favorite with the cream with gold chinoiserie a close 2nd.

My favorites are the blue and white planter with boxwood wrapping paper and the white cherry blossom egg. Very nice.

Wow! #1 The chinoiserie papers are gorgeous ( the beautiful satin bows a +) and #2 the reversible trellis and topiary paper is genius!

Simply adore the boxwood trellis and the lemon topiary papers! Makes me smile! Gorgeous!

Who knew blue gingham could look so elegant? I can’t limit myself to just 2 items!

Favorite? How can I choose a favorite?
OK. If I must: it has to be the Chinoiserie paper in ivory…so classic and perfect for so many occasions, and the lemon topiary paper…such a surprise and so unique!

I love the white/gold and I love the pink/gold. The beauty of the wrapping paper would definitely add to a lovely gift.

Absolutely love the lemon topiary paper! And the blue gingham ribbon is a perfect touch.

I never thought I would “do” a blue and white Christmas, but I am. Which means I did not buy nearly enough wrapping paper. I love your gift wrap! It is gorgeous! Thank you… I guess, I need the ornaments also. lol. This is going to be fun! Christmas in June (who knows what craziness there will be in July? Maybe I’ll only give out gifts that are blue and white!).

Anyone would love a gift wrapped in these papers!
Wow how beautiful.
It’s all about presentation, presentation, presentation!

I love them all! I’m definitely in for a ream as I can see using the paper to line drawers in the butlers pantry as well as simply beautiful gift wrap.

I LOVE all the. beautiful wrapping papers, but the lemon tree topiary is especially meaningful. It reminds of the saying: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”

I bought 2 of your beautiful monogrammed trays as wedding presents and NEED a special paper to wrap them!!!

I love the boxwood trellis paper and of course all the bunnies. I am in blue and white heaven today. Thank you, can’t wait to wrap some presents with the paper, simply beautiful.

The bunnies and eggs are my favorite. I’ll use mine all year long. Perfect for bringing blue and white into a baby’s nursery!

Oh my! What absolutely stunning papers. Thank you for such a generous opportunity and for sharing your talent. I am sure these will sell well.

My favorite is the green/gold although the pink is sooo sweet. I’ll be ordering!
Are you designs trademarked?

The gingham ribbon is my favorite today. Because I have faved other items previously. ? Love good quality ribbon, grosgrain too, thanks Martha. Lol

I can’t help smiling. These beautiful prints remind me of a recent event in our families lives. My oldest son was married in the Month of May. And so much of our décor is reflected in the prints on these papers. Our reception was adorned with blue/white ginger jars of all sizes with wonderful hydrangeas. On the eve of the wedding, we chose to have boxwood topiaries as a point of beauty, Of course magnolia was every where so the fresh lemony smell permeating our homes with the smell of spring and newness. And as I shopped for the perfect gifts, the paper was just as important to me. I found a paper that reminds me of the chinoiserie paper you have displayed. Our invitations were all adorned with shades of ivory and gold with our children’s initials in beautiful ornate designs. So your paper selections have made me smile and remember a happy time for family! They just say Southern Elegance in a big way. I also am a bunny girl, I have all shapes and sizes through-out my home. And much to my delight, my new daughter in law is a bunny girl too. So now I buy 2!

The wrapping paper is so elegant that it elevates any gift and makes the recipient feel very special indeed.
The bunnies are classic and whimsical at the same time, and would look great nestled in with all our other blue and white pieces from TEH.

Love the beautiful bunnies and the eggs! Especially love the dark blue cherry blossom egg.

The boxwood planter wrap is so classic and the gingham ribbon goes so perfectly. Wonderful line.

I love the ivory and gold chinoiserie paper and the boxwood topiary….simply gorgeous !

The Chinoiserie ivory paper is so classic and so lovely. It would work almost always.
And the lemon topiary paper! So fresh and so unique!
I love them both!

What a hard choice. I love all of them, but you said Pick one. The blue and white planter and boxwood.
Those bunnies can hop on over any time.

Again, it is so hard to choose! Everything is stellar! I love all of the wrapping paper! And also the gingham ribbon. My favorite wrap is between the boxwood and lemon topiaries. I think they are soooo charming! Thanks for having such beautiful items!

The lemon topiary paper with trellis and the eggs. All of the items are beautiful.

The bunnies are adorable! They will be so cute at Easter time, or as you suggested, displayed all year long. But my favorite, however, is the gift wrap with the lemons. It just looks so clean and fresh. A gift would be beautiful with yellow or dark green gingham ribbon.

The blue and white planter and boxwood and the ivory and gold chinoiserie are my favorite gift wraps and must have items! I also love all three of the blue and white bunnies and can’t wait to display them in my home!

love the wrapping paper, all of it. I can just imagine the look on the faces of the people that receives gifts wrapped in it. how can anyone not love your bunny family?!! they will add a happiness to any area they grace.

The pale blue and gold paper is so elegant and the bunny family is adorable! I would like one of each!

Especially love the pale green chinoiserie paper with the dark green ribbon. So classic. Also I don’t think I’ve ever met a boxwood Topiary I didn’t like. The boxwood topiary paper is perfect!

Very exciting, Tina!
I love the Papa Bunny and the Lemon topiary gift wrap!

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