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Hello and happy Friday afternoon….TGIF. First an AMAZING flash sale is starting this morning on a much demanded item, the chinoiserie panels! Click here to see.


Moving along…..Today is my husband’s birthday, so happy birthday love. We will shower him later today with love and goodies:)  From time to time we sponsor contests where you get to send in your pictures and enter for a special prize. This contest is called Summer Love and as the name implies this contest is all about summer. Whatever summer may mean to you- kids playing in the pool or park, your dog enjoying the lazy days of summer, a lobster roll, your favorite BBQ spread, your blue and white jazzed up for summer, or maybe a favorite summer vacation picture.

Anything goes as long as it centers around and/or was taken in summer. A great prize lies ahead for the lucky winner. This contest will be held starting July 19th and the winner will be selected on Friday, July 22nd. I always like to include a few pictures that really epitomize the quality of pictures that are suitable  for entering this contest. Truth is these days, most phone cameras take really good pictures. A few rules and guidelines below-

  • Email 1-2 pictures to info@enchantedhome (max 2 pictures per person)
  • Be sure on subject line to put the words SUMMER LOVE so we can identify your email as an entry
  • Be sure your email includes your full name
  • We find the best pictures involve natural light, flashes and bright lights do not make for good pictures
  • If your picture(s) cannot be accepted we will email you and tell you why and offer for you to resend
  • PLEASE look at the pictures below as a barometer of the quality your pictures should be
  • There is a cap of 75 pictures, once we receive 75, we will not be able to take your pictures
  • No former pictures are allowed (if you submitted pictures for a previous contest those are not allowed for this one)
  • Questions? Feel free to email or call us 800-804-9565 or email [email protected]



Some previous entries from other contests that are great examples of what the quality of your picture should be-


Yes, my readers/customers are unbelievably talented, always so wowed by what you send in! Cannot wait to start getting in your pictures……rules are simple but please read over. It is maximum 2 pictures per person and the subject must center around summer in some fashion, whatever summer might  mean to you. Once we reach 75 pictures, we must close the contest so don’t wait too long. Now onto the prize-


One lucky grand prize winner will win 3 months of Enchanted Home goodies! A  surprise box will arrive once a month and could contain anything from our extensive home accessories collection, part of the fun will be the anticipating of what is coming in. So don’t delay in getting your pictures in.


Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a wonderful Friday and great end to your week. Hope the sun is shining and that you are enjoying summer so far, it goes by fast so be sure to stop and make time to enjoy the many pleasures of summer:)

Never ever forgotten Teddy:)


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Good morning Tina, a happy birthday to your husband. I am sure it will be a wonderful celebration tonight. I love your contests and am looking forward to seeing the beautiful photos! Have a wonderful weekend.

These are so much fun, I am definitely entering this time. I am going to arrange my first crop of hydrangeas this weekend for a BBQ we are doing for my dad’s 70th birthday. I am copying your idea of a long table for 30 people and putting blue hydrangreas all down the center. Your contests are the best, and wishing your husband a very very happy Birthday!

The panels are so beautiful…think my bedroom just might need one (or two). I need to measure and have a few questions, but will call you.
Contest sounds fun, I will see if I can get my kiddos and new puppy to cooperate for a picture on the beach!

I will be entering for sure! We are hosting a July 4th bash and will be sure to get some good pictures, hope your husband has a happy and healthy birthday. Have a nice weekend!

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