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Hello! Hope you are having a wonderful holiday week… we have been in Palmetto Bluff and it has been so wonderful getting to christen our beautiful new home with family and celebrating my grandmother’s 101st birthday! This post was prepared last week featuring the highlights of the previous week or two.

I share the good and pretty because let’s face it, no one wants to see my burnt chicken dish, my poison ivy breakout, my frustration behind the wheel  during a 2 hour commute into the city or my meltdown over a contractors missed appt:) No not everything is flowers, beautifully set tables or 35 minute commutes into NYC but I do focus on the good when I do these posts, and thankfully there is enough of it to share:) So onward we go with the good, pretty and positive…….




My hydrangeas are blooming like mad, these are the Annabelle variety

Love getting in goody packages from the amazing LB Originals….the best source for all things monogrammed. How darling is this buffalo check makeup bag and small monogrammed note cards? Love!

Amazing boat trip highlights!

A very special boat trip with a group of girlfriends….such a fun time. Needless to say we did not go hungry:)


Every time we get in a new batch of monogrammed napkins, I want to order a set for myself…love seeing all the combinations of fonts and colors

My last blue and white alfresco setting

Love hitting my most favorite farm/flower stand our east and packing as many peony bunches as I can fit in my car, the prettiest I have seen!

And gorgeous berries to boot that were freshly picked!

Enjoyed a beautiful day in Sag Harbor and went to Le Bilboquet, so scenic!

And spotted this picture perfect house, isn’t she a beauty!

My current NYC project and the library lacquer redo….so loving how it is coming along! I want this room!

And the incredible Paul Montgomery chinoiserie paper we have installed in the foyer….cannot wait to see this foyer complete.

Can’t wait to see these beautiful pillows made up from this stunning velvet and trim

Beautiful custom pillows going out to a very lucky client!

Love the trim, from Samuel and Son- maker of most beautiful trims on the planet!

Lunch at a local restaurant with a view on a perfect day:)


And that is a wrap of the previous 2 weeks or so… that July 4th has come and gone, realizing summer is going by fast! Time to savor every last drop and do as much as we possibly can while it lasts. Cheers to relaxed summer days and taking time for a little rest and relaxation. Until next time……

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Tina…could you please share the color of the lacquered walls in the Library? It’s exactly the color I want and can’t wait to see the final look! Also, without sounding like the giveaway police, was there ever a winner announced on the gift wrap? Ha! Such beautiful papers.

Love this post as I do every post of yours! I got my tray table and silver items and must tell you the quality is superb. Pictures do not do them justice! I love your hydrangeas and your clients apt/home is going to be out of this world! They are lucky to have you at the helm. I too would love to know the shade of blue that was painted if you re able to share this with us.

That lacquered room is spectacular!
So sorry to hear about your poison ivy outbreak! I made the mistake during a hot, humid NJ summer day of wiping my forehead sweat away with the back of my gardening glove and the PI trail across my brow was NOT attractive. I was just lucky I didn’t get any onto my eyelids! One thing I’ve learned since our property was Poison Ivy Central during construction is to keep any lemon-scented dish detergent close by and use it to wash off any affected areas. The citrus cuts through the Poison Ivy’s leaf oils and stops its from spreading across your skin. I keep a small travel-size bottle of lemon dish soap in the mud room bathroom during the summer just in case. Wash everything that touches Poison Ivy – your cotton gardening gloves, clothing, etc separately in the wash (using hot water) because if you just toss the items into a hamper with other clothing, that PI oil will spread onto whatever the affected item touches. And whatever you do, DO NOT burn PI (even old leaves dried onto a log for the fireplace) as the resulting smoke is very irritating to your eyes.
That pale home is so pretty, looks like it belongs in the deep South, not LI!
Have a great weekend all!

Boy was I surprised to see my monogrammed napkins on your blog!!! Can hardly wait to use them….Only makes me want to order more…Loved the pictures of your peonies and strawberries….and of course that wonderful basket of crudites!! Looks like summer….

Wow! It would be hard to be down hearted with what you show us and how well you live. Even the most blessed of us have bad moments but it’s all about what you do with those moments that gets us through them. Love your attitude.

Going through your vignettes is sooooooo de-stressing for me. Be they your rooms, garden corners, accessories — ALL of it. I can’t get enough of them. Keep them coming.


Please please please tell us. Is that lacquer color Hale Navy? Or something else? I am dying to know! So beautiful.

Happy Friday Tina,

I hope that your poison ivy is healed, how did you get that? Love all of your summer photos, especially the peonies! Enjoy your weekend.

Hi Tina, thanks for another beautiful, uplifting post. As a fellow blogger I too try to focus on the positive. I think people visit us for the happy place we provide, even though often life is never exactly how it appears. Sorry to hear about your poison ivy which I know is all around Palmetto Bluff. Hope you are enjoying a great 4th of July weekend.

I always enjoy your postings; lovely photos!
Question: Where can one purchase the lovely

God bless your grandmother! One hundred one is a milestone not everyone reaches! Glad to hear you had a marvelous Fourth. I’m watching with interest your progress on the lacquered walls because I want that finish in our master bath, I absolutely love it! Can’t wait to see your finished room. BTW thank you for the pictures of your hydrangeas, we don’t have much success with them here in Florida. Enjoy your weekend!

Nothing like coming home from a temp job and reading your posts and seeing the pics. Great way to start the weekend. I am curious….how many homes do you have? I would love to see a pic of all of the rooms after you have completed the décor.

Use milk on your poison ivy. That’s all I’ve ever used, my grandmothers remedy. Always works and no unsightly calamine covering your rash. I’ve gotten it on my toes this year!! A first.

Hi Tina,
Never have an ounce of guilt about posting the positive. Any intelligent person knows we all have our ups and downs (and traffic and ruined meals and everyday issues). I come to visit you via your blog because you are so positive, so beautiful, humble & grateful. Ok now I am on a quest for the turtle server in one of your pics. Not sure if it is from your shop or not, but I WILL hunt it down. Have a fabulous (much less humid Saturday)!!
Fondly, -Lisa

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