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Hi there, prepared this ahead of time so really hope its posts when it is supposed to. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, hard to believe July 4th is just about here isn’t it! Once July 4th arrives, to me summer is on the high speed highway to fall.

Though fall is my favorite season, I am enjoying summer very much so far and want it to stick around a while….I am just getting into my summer mode:)  Here we go with this weeks Seven on Sunday-



1 ONE FABULOUS PARTY PLANNER Follow them on Instagram and incidentally a friends cousin used Easton Events for her Southampton wedding, I just love what they do and their aesthetic whether they are doing a wedding in Savannah, Aspen or the Hamptons, one thing is for sure- it is gorgeous! I would absolutely consider using them for one of my sons weddings:) Let’s take a look at some of their work below and click here to learn more about them.

2 MY TALENTED READERS/CUSTOMERS Few things in life make me as happy as when I get pictures from my super talented taste mater customers/readers. Tlak about a talented bunch!


3 NEW RECIPE ALERT I shared this a few years back and it is GOOD. Also not terribly bad or fattening so eaten in moderation, it is a good choice. Very tasty and flavorful, also very pretty:) I will be making this for our July 4th BBQ,  a great side dish, found at Cooking Classy. It is easy, and can be made ahead of time and kept in the fridge.  Click here to see the complete how to.


4 A SUMMER ARRANGEMENT I AM VERY PROUD OF AND AN EASY FLORAL HOW TO ! So we had friends over for drinks and I picked up some pretty summer flowers at Whole Foods and created small arrangments in bud vases. A few days later they were still going strong so I decided to experiment with a look I had been wanting to try. In fact it gave me a few ideas for a summer dinner which I might plan for August with a small group.

Few things are as pretty as flowers in a big ginger jar, it is showstopping. There is an easy way to do it, which is the florist trick of using a plate (salad normally) and tape along with your oasis. It is so much easier than it looks. I found out about it when the florist made incredible arrangements for mother in laws funeral in my huge ginger jars, though it was genius.

Wendy, a reader/customer sent in her “how to” pics which are below and shows in four easy steps,  how it is done (thanks Wendy)! Love seeing your gorgeous arrangement in our beautiful vase!

Just love how this came out in one of my favorite ginger jars. If you can believe it which will be hard, the few white hydrangeas in this arrangement are from my white party on JUNE 9TH!!! I cannot get over that some are still going, proof they just might be the hardiest “best bang for your buck” flower-


5 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such a beautiful round up this week that captures the best of summer, a little bit of everything…..such inspiration!


6 ONE TALENTED ARTIST. Found Camimonet via Instagram and was immediately in love with her work. Her invitations are swoonworthy and she is as skilled at painting beautiful florals as she is holiday and pets, her envelopes are works of art in themselves and I just may have a hard time opening it!  click here to see more of her work.


7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY.  I am very aware of how obsessed/reliant we all are upon our various tech devices and social media, and yes I include myself there but will say I have gotten really good about turning off everything (especially my ipad) at night knowing I need to get into a relaxed state to get a good nights rest and science has proven if you are on your iPad up until you go to sleep your brain is far too wired to fully rest.

But what I think is really sad is seeing young kids whose iPads or phones almost seem to be taking the place of real life face to face interactions.  I read about some schools that are allowing kids to take part of their class at home on their iPad and jobs that now are allowing for work to be done in the home which they call remote workplace (click here to see how many of the big Fortune 500 companies are now doing this). While it might be convenient to work in your PJ’s, the social component is taken out and to me, that is significant.

I was in line at a Starbucks the other day and there were several younger adults (all part of some group)  in front of me and every single one was on their phone and not a word was said among them.There are now countless articles on the perils of encouraging this dependency and the isolation that ensues cannot be a positive thing. So I know I think it is out of control and it actually scares me to see an entire generation so totally dependent on a tech device that has now included a large degree of how they socialize Would love to know if you agree or feel differently. Choose all that apply-

PS THE SUMMER LOVE CONTEST. We have room for about 4 more pictures for the Summer Love contest and have gotten in some incredible pictures so far.  Send your two best to [email protected] and make sure you put SUMMER LOVE on subject line. Click here to read all the details and please look over some of the  great examples I have included of what your pictures should look like.


PPS If you have had your eye on one of our gorgeous Provence planters, now is a great time to snap one up while we still have some stock- all Provence planters are 20% off, there is no prettier way in my opinion to grace a front door or back yard/patio then with these most elegant planters.  Click here to see them.

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This phone obsession will only get worse, the more advanced our technology becomes. One of my sons, at 32, is tied to his phone. He is the head pitching coach (baseball) at a university and so much of his day comes and goes through that phone! When he is with me, which is rare he’s so busy, the phone must be turned off. I want him looking at me while we chat and to engage the world around him. It’s difficult.

Both of my grown children are obsessed to a degree. My son has always been in the tech industry so I understand to some degree. Unfortunately it has caused a communication decline socially with family and probably otherwise as well. On the other hand my daughter is a lovely stay at home mom. Very active but if she gets messages she’s obsessed as well. No matter if I’m visiting (shes 18hours away) she has to immediately respond. The social interaction automatically declines because she of course has this on her mind. She has greatly decreased her time as well as her daughters from using iPads iPhone laptop. I know she at least knows there’s a problem. As far as the world is concerned what is the answer? Thanks for the sounding board.

Another fantastic post! The orzo looks really good and like something I would love, thanks for that. Your flower arrangement is unbelievable! Thank you for your tips (and the readers pictures). I am going to have to give that a try though something tells me its not as easy as it looks and requires some skill, which I don’t have much of.

Tina, the whole dependency on tech gadgets is scary to me too. My husband who is a physician attended a conference on this subject about a year ago and the facts were startling- and this is attributed to the huge increase in depression, isolation, etc….we have young kids (12 and 16) and we restrict how much they can use their computers and phones. We can’t control what they do out of our. house but we can when they are home. When home they are given 4 hours a day to be on the computer (mostly for homework) we got a great little gadget which is a timer on the computer and it turns it automatically off after 4 hours, they hemmed and hawed for weeks but now are used to it and use their time VERY wisely.

Something for other parents to consider, sadly this is not going away.

Easton Events is an outstanding organization! They did the engagement party for one of our daughters and not a single detail was overlooked. Simply exquisite…

Another beautiful Seven on Sunday post. I always look forward to reading your Sunday post and having a cup of coffee after church. The salad recipe looks yummy and am anxious to try it. The survey question for today is something that really bothers me, as well. I really hate to go into a nice restaurant and see an entire family on their phones and/or ipads. Dinner time is an opportunity to discuss your day and converse with each other. We are so “in touch” with our electronics, that we are actually “out of touch” with each other.

About tech devices and social media: I’m 55 and have sons in their mid/late 20s who live out of state and a husband who works out of state most of the month. One thing I love is location sharing. It’s reassuring that my family knows where I am when I’m driving over 1,000 miles by myself in a thirteen-year-old car.

We use our devices in a very personal way and tend to individually message one another rather than make general posts. Sons and I are on Facebook. I post mainly about our dog, because the family adores her and wants to know what she rolled in and what she had for lunch (kibble with creme fraiche, thank-you-very-much). Older son is very discriminating with what he posts, maybe once every couple of weeks; younger son hasn’t posted anything in years. I’m visiting our younger son and his wife now, and my phone has had so much personal traffic in the last few days! Older son sent updates and links from a protest he attended (OK, and an adorable photo of someone’s pet mouse with a rodent-sized sign bearing an activist slogan), husband and I coordinated car repairs and flirted, younger son and daughter-in-law made plans and grocery lists and made sure I messaged when I reached my hotel room at the end of the day, even though I had our large protective dog with me.

People can isolate themselves from one another using anything if they are inclined or vulnerable to it. Tech is a tool like anything else, and we need to give one another the loving framework in which to make devices part of the connection we share with one another.

Orzo salad is a staple in our house! In place of the dressing I use a jar of pesto which packs a lot of flavor!

I’m a senior citizen and could not live without my iPad (actually, I’m typing on it right now); it’s my window to the world, and I’d be lost without it. It has all my of my newspapers, books, music, photos of my loved ones, favorite shopping sites, and is a virtual encyclopedia that I can take with me anywhere.

Progress is as certain as death and taxes, so there’s no going back to the way things used to be. The kids that are driving us crazy with their gadgets today, will be driven crazy by their own children with gadgets that haven’t been invented yet…and so it goes. It’s important for parents to impose restrictions (as I did with my children and television),but I embrace the new technology and how it benefits my life.

Tina, enjoy your blog and yes we are losing our social skills, connections and face to face interactions. I am a nurse and the newer nurses coming along can’t put their cell phones down. Some keep them by their desk. I attended our hospital (mandatory) skills in-service and instead of listening to the instructor most were looking at their phones, I thought how rude. I am a nurse with a lot of longevity and know from experience you need to pay attention to what you’re doing. Please put them away and pay attention. In my line of work lives are at stake.

Everything shown is simply beautiful -I am impressed by your floral skills ,

The insanity is about the only thing I argue with with my teenage kids they are up SAST with their phones and can never put them down . My husband who is a much better enforcer has Incorporated some new rules this into our household And surprisingly my kids seem happier though they would never admit it . When they do not have their phones it is like I have my kids back!

Progress is a great thing but not when it is putting how people socialize in jeopardy .

I think it is so sad to see for example two high school or college age girls walking in the mall and both on their phones not talking to each other. Apparently people don’t even speak on the phone to ask out someone on a date. It is only texting!

I have to tell you what happened to me yesterday. I was waiting for a store to open with four other ladies and two of them were arguing with each other as to who was your biggest fan. They kept going back and forth with stories of your life and blog and how much they loved you. I consider myself to be a big fan and they knew more about you than I do. It was great fun learning new facts about you and being part of the “We love The Enchanted Home” club. Thanks for such a creative, beautiful blog and for being part of my Sunday.

My husband and I often notice when out to dinner, even at nice restaurants, how many young couples hardly speak to each other. They’re too busy looking at their phones! While technology is fine, there’s a time and a place for it. It saddens me to see how dependent the younger generation is on all the gadgets. Meanwhile, they’re missing out on real life.

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