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Hello! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far, here it’s been a super busy week. My design job in NYC is coming along beautifully and my clients are moving in so we were very anxious to get as much done that involves heavy work/lots of dust before they move in. The furniture is trickling in, and we look forward to it all coming together but so far it is simply beautiful……….as in I could move right in:)

Plus busy working on 2 great edesign jobs, and believe it not already working on holiday items……crazy as that might sound! So as I periodically do,  I share life’s happenings as seen through the lens of my little iPhone which has  a way of telling a story all on it’s own. Here we go…..



Got this gorgeous box of exquisite stationery on super heavy card stock from Sister Parish featuring a design from Dempsey and Carroll

My hydrangeas are enjoying a very good summer!

Love this palette above for an edesign project I am working on

Went to a fundraiser where Fergie was the singer, the presentation and sheer volume of food was astounding and inspiring (got some good ideas:)

Nothing like a good old fashioned farmers market

I don’t eat bread really but boy this looked good!

When I am in the city stuck at a stop light,  and see a tiny little place like this for rent, my mind starts racing with possibles:) I see a blue and white awning, little bistro chairs with white tablecloths and a cute little Parisian style cafe….that’s how my mind works!

Beautiful highlights from the NYC project, I love every inch of this apt!

Dining chandelier getting hung

The library is incredible….I would love to duplicate this very room. The Stanton carpet just got put in and the navy blue lacquered walls are to die for

My blue hydrangeas in full bloom!

Love using my little faux boxwood balls all around, they are so easy!

 More peeks into the NYC project as the lighting was getting installed

In love with the fabulous Paul Montgomery chinoiserie panels and newly reupholstered French chairs for foyer

Met a friend at Match 65 for lunch on one of the many days I was in the city, felt like I was at a little French bistro

When I am stuck at a light which is often in NYC,  I like to snap pics of inspirational around me, both of these I could call home and love those flower boxes:)


And that my friends is a brief look into life around here the last week or so…..busy but I always try to find the beauty wherever my travels may take me, even in traffic:) Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a great weekend! Until next time…..

PS The Provence planter sale is on through Sunday, they are going fast with these exceptional prices,  since we are closed over the weekend you can email your order in and invoices will be sent Monday. Click here to see the sale

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Good morning Tina.

I love the look of the NY apt. I am sure it will be spectacular when finished. Perhaps one of these days while sitting at a light you will see a storefront for The Enchanated Home.

I’ve a question about the foyer. What do you plan to put on the wall? Wouldn’t a mirror cover the beautiful wallpaper? I ask because I’m finishing my foyer and smoothed the wall out but can’t bring myself to cover the birds and pagodas, etc.

EVERYTHING in your project is so beautiful, so my style. That foyer and library are so amazing, they must be so excited to be able to move into such a beautiful apt! You have such a talent.

Love farmstands too and in fact heading to our local farmstand today (Santa Barbara) that comes every Sat. Nothing like fresh produce straight from a farm in the summer.

Loved your comment about seeing that little store or rent, I am like that too, a hopeless dreamer! I always tell my kids if you can dream it, you can do it.

Love your snapshots of New York scene while you’re stopped at a traffic light. That’s a good use of your time and gives you moments of joy! But I could fall right into your scenes of white hydrangeas under shady trees.

I ? New York. Great job on project. Can’t wait to see it put all together! Enjoy,!

WOW! NYC Project is outstanding. Your work is incredible. That library with the that “Navy Lacquer” is impecable Tina, and those chairs in the foyer; with the black/white marble floors; set off by the beautiful chinoiserie panels. What a gorgeous apartment. When can I move in? Can’t wait to to see the furniture and the finished product. You must show pics. Thank You for sending us views through your lens. So enjoyed. Happy weekend, Tina!

Love the navy blue lacquer
Period Homes in Fort Worth just did gray lacquer in study of fabulous remodel
Check out their Instagram!!!

Love the presentation of food at your fundraiser.
Lacquer is a gorgeous look. Tons and tons of prep work. Shiny shows every spec of imperfection!?

Love your imagination. I also love to check out my surroundings and imagine how to change it into a thing of beauty. Looks like the apartment you are working on would also be my cup of tea.

When I see a charming storefront of a small business, I can only think the landlord has increased the rent beyond what the small business can afford to pay. Sad.

I love navy everything!! The Navy laquered walls are gorgeous!! What an apartment!

Many many moons ago there was a little cafe there before the shoe repair. If you have not discovered yet…Tender Button next door is a real treat

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