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Hello friends and happy Friday. Well after nearly 5,000 votes (amazing) you have selected two wonderful finalists, one from each round. If there is a theme, it must be cute kids loving summer.

There were so many incredible pictures, but it is hard to deny the cuteness overload in both of these pictures. So now the hard part, voting for your favorite. Take a look and cast your vote. A Summer Love winner will be announced on Saturday!






Time to cast your vote-


Thank you again to everyone for sending in your beautiful pictures reminding me of all the reasons to love and embrace summer. I enjoyed seeing each and every one and thanks to everyone else for voting! Wishing you a wonderful day and great end to your week. Hope the sun shining, the flowers are blooming and those birds are chirping:) Until tomorrow…..

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So very missed:)


Dearly missed:)

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Lynn on

Time to get another sweet golden to love!❤️🐕😍

Susan Haidon on

So Adorable. So hard to pick. Congrats to the Winner! Happy Summer Love!

Frances on

Omg! I love it so cute!

Denise on

Lynn is right, It is time to get another baby to love.

Helana on

Who makes the pink suit?

Maria Murray on

I vote for both!

Elissa on

Hi Tina
Can you recommend someplace to buy a double base for 71/2 x 31/2 glass table top for dining room ?
My email is
Thanks for your help!

Mary Elizabeth Dunlap on

Whenever a beloved pet dog passed, I always seeked to get another one in his/her honor and memory, preferably a “rescue”. I think, when possible, it’s good to have two at a time to keep each other company. My last two fur babies each lived to 20 years…….gave them a teaspoon of organic extra virgin olive oil each day……..good for humans, too!

Lisa on

Both pics are ADORABLE….it was a tough decision!

Joni Theis on

Omg, your baby doggie passed. I’m so very sorry. I knowthe pain is unbearable. Bless your heart, he was a real family member. All the very best to you and your family. He will be sorely missed.

Roz on

Both photos are winners! This was a fun viewing of summer around the country. Congratulations to everyone.

Design Chic on

They are both so adorable that it’s hard to choose! Happy weekend!

Linda Plemons on

Awe precious Teddy.

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