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Hello friends! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Today is a GREAT day to be visiting The Enchanted Home, especially if you are a lover of blue and white porcelain:-)

Our final porcelain container for the summer is due in around August 18th, in under two weeks!  If there is a theme for this particular container, its all about NEW ITEMS….tons of beautiful new things that I am very excited about.

The extra large fishbowls are finally completed (gorgeous)  and I am happy to report, part of this container, plus a whole assortment of new beauties. And of course the return of things that we are always sold out of like tulipieres and foo dogs, we doubled up on those items to assure we are well stocked going into the fall.



This is always the best time to buy the porcelains as they are offered at their lowest prices and you are guaranteed to get a particular item as often things become sold out when they arrive.

As always there are a few rules to read over before placing your order-

  • There are TWO ways to order, call or email your order-  call 1-800-804-9565 (between 9:30-5:30 EST). Email all orders to [email protected]
  • IF YOU EMAIL your order in- you MUST include your name, address and phone number for us to send you an invoice
  • You cannot order these online, you MUST call OR email us to place an order
  • Everything shown is coming in on our August container (due here Aug. 18th) will ship within a week of that date an invoice
  • Many items sell out so first come first serve
  • Please refer ONLY to item numbers  (and pattern if applicable)
  • All porcelains are handpainted not machine made/mass produced
  • Many customers are already in our system but for those who have multiple addresses, you must specify which address you want your items shipped to
  • PLEASE do not submit an order if you cannot pay within 12 hours, this is not fair to us or to others who might want your item
  • Subject to availability, limited numbers of each item
  • We cannot hold items, only once your order is paid for is your order considered a completed order
  • Shipping is extra
  • Final sale
  • Orders over $600 get an extra 10% off
  • Some items are available for international shipping you must contact us for a shipping quote
  • Wholesale inquires must call 1-800-804-9565 (9:30-5:30 EST) or visit and register at our NEW wholesale site




ITEM 1. NEW! Gorgeous new style jumbo fishbowl. Just love this and will absolutely need one or two for my own home. Beautiful village scene fishbowl with elegant lion head rings on either side. Perfect for indoors or out, filled with a boxwood ball or topiary of some sort. Measures 22″ x 23.5″ x 23.5″ If you know the prices of these extra large fishbowls, you will see these are way less than a third of what most sell for.


ITEM 2 NEW! This might be my new favorite ginger jar (OK one of them) Stunning large new floral with bird trellis paneled ginger jar with foo dog top. Love this jar and its sure to become a best seller. Great size too. Measures 18.5″x 19″ x 10″

$170.00 OR a pair for $330.00


ITEM 3 NEW! Stunning new paneled large vase, isn’t this gorgeous! I can see big branches or cherry blossoms in this, how amazing would a pair be on a mantle! Measures 22″ tall by 7″ at the widest.

$120.00 OR. a pair for $230.00!

ITEM 4 NEW. The fabulous jumbo pheasant fishbowl is back! Finally…..these are beyond gorgeous. I own four, 2 are kept outside on my patio (year round they have survived arctic brutal NY winters) and 2 are indoors with palm trees.

These are truly magnificent and handpainted on the entire planter, they go for upwards of $1500 and more in the few places that sell them. This beauty which measures 24″ x 24″ x 20″ is sure to beautify any space where it is used. If you know the prices of these extra large fishbowls, you will see these are way less than a third of what most sell for.


ITEM 5. NEW! As part of our cherry blossom collection, we now offer this iconic pattern in this wonderful mid sized vase, elegant and perfect for your weekly flowers. Measures 16.5″

$105.00 OR a pair for $205.00

ITEM 6. This fabulous hexagonal mid sized jar is coming back after being gone for a long time. A favorite of mine, love the rambling floral vine design which is handpainted on each panel. Gorgeous alone or as a pair. Measures 12″

$110.o0 OR a pair for $210.00

ITEM 7.  Finally getting these back! Talk about statement pieces, these are the ultimate.  These original style tulipieres are so incredibly beautiful. I own two and love nothing more than finding a reason to fill them with flowers, they make such an incredible vignette. I use mine year round and use  seasonal flowers to change up the look.

All three sizes coming in, get them while they last- they sell out fast!! (these are going up as of September so take advantage of these lower prices now)

Large 33″ $225.00

Medium 22″ $190.00

Small 14.5″ $105.00


ITEM 8.  NEW! Our beautiful large pair of foo dogs are finally coming home:) These are beautiful and have a lot of impact. I will most certainly be taking a pair home, they are also gorgeous on mantles.  Imposing size and beautiful handpainted detailing . Measures 16″ x 11.5

$145.00 for the pair

ITEM 9.  Our fabulous best selling new porcelain wine cooler/ice bucket with removable bamboo handle is back. This is one of my new favorite pieces, looks amazing filled with up to 3 bottles of wine/sparkling water.

Measures 10.5″ x 9.5″ $120.00

ITEM 10. NEW! How pretty is this new square planter with plate! I love it and cannot wait to put aside a pair for myself:) Perfect size for orchids or potted flowers or any kind, even a fern would look lovely in this piece. Measures 10″ x 10″ x 8″

$120.00 for the set of 2 pieces

ITEM 11 Getting back our top selling double happiness ginger jar, a perfect mid sized jar sold alone or as a pair. Measures 15.5″ x 10.5″ at it’s widest

$115.00 OR a pair for $220.00

ITEM 12. NEW! Fabulous paneled flat top, cannot wait to get this and add it to my ever growing collection! This is a vert special jar with a stunning scenery handpainted on the entire jar. Measures 11″ x 10.5″ x 10″

$110.00 OR a pair for $210.00

ITEM 13 NEW! This is a new version of our best selling fruit handled vase. I love the paneled design and elegant “fruit handles” measures 16″. Perfect for weekly flowers, or I could see two on a mantle, very elegant. Measures 16.5″ x 6 at it’s widest

$115 OR a pair for $220.00

ITEM 14 NEW! Another stunning large fishbowl  17″ x 17″ x 18″ This large bowl is beautifully handpainted with an elegant village scene. This size makes it ideal for indoor use as well as outdoors on a patio or by a front door. If you know the prices of these extra large fishbowls, you will see these are way less than a third of what most sell for.


ITEM 15 NEW! Fabulous figurine tea jar with trellis detailed top. I love this pieces and would love a pair even more:) Perfect size, gorgeous scenery and love the lightly antiqued finish as well. Measures 10″ x 8″ x 8″.

 $105.00 each OR  a pair for $200.00

ITEM 16 NEW! So excited about these extra large double happiness jumbo vases. These are very tall and dramatically beautiful. I can see a pair on a console or sideboard, with or without tall branches or cherry blossoms. I could see beautiful evergreen branches for the holidays too. Measures 25″ tall

$155.00 OR a pair for $305.00

ITEM 17. We need plates so badly, totally out and thrilled to be getting these beauties back in. So happy to have these back- finally! Blue and white oversized porcelain plates are incredible accessories to use in so many ways, to hang, to serve, on a plate stand for display. Three fabulous blue and white oversized porcelain plates are coming in-

17A This beautiful plate is a favorite, measures just a tad over 17″ round $ 110.00

17B A beautiful coordinating plate that has lightly scalloped edges, a real showstopper. Measures a bit over 17″ round $115.00

17C This beautiful scalloped oval is a stunner, perfect for display or serving (as I have done a number of times) Measures 17″ x 15.5″ $120.00

ITEM 18. NEW! Fabulous new style ginger jar, this is a beauty and love this pattern as it can mix well with other more open/larger patterns really nicely. Love the foo dog lid and great size too, 14.5″ x 6″ x 6″

$105.00 OR  a pair for $205.00

ITEM 19. Our wonderful mini blue and white foo dogs are back. They are one of our most popular items for a reason.Fabulous quality, heavy and beautifully painted with such attention to details. The perfect accessory to top off any vignette, also due to their weight, they make great book ends! 4″ x 6″


ITEM 20. NEW! Another beautiful small/mid sized ginger jar. This is new and fabulous! I like this size a lot, love the crispness of the white background, what a pretty jar to add to existing vignette. Love the bird and floral design and the snazzy foo dog top. I also could see these used with fresh flowers, ooh la la! Measures 14.5″ x 8″

$105.00 OR a pair for $200.00

ITEM 21. NEW! Lets finish this with a bang shall we. This magnificent pheasant jar is so majestic. Alone or even more beautiful as a stately pair. Just love it and no doubt will need to add it to my collection! Measures 18″ x 9.5″

$175.00 OR a pair for $340.00



One lucky winner is going to win this wonderful and super decorative flat top jar. Just leave a comment on this post telling us your most favorite piece from this new container brimming with porcelain pretties. I will announce a winner on Sunday. Be sure to stop by and see if you won on Sunday!

See something calling your name? Simply email or call your order in-


[email protected]



Thanks for stopping by, it is always a good day when we hold a porcelain container sale, gets my mind racing about all the new pretty possibilities and combinations! Lots to love here, and getting in new items is the icing on an already sweet cake:) Wishing you a fantastic day, until next time…….

PS Second day of the silver sale….click here to see all silver

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Mary Anne Liljedahl on

I love your dog!!!

Ellen on

The new ginger jar is just beautiful, the pattern so delicate, just lovely!

Karen W. on

Item #18 – ornate, yet simple at the same time. I love the design over all the jar.

Charlotte on

Love item number 20. What else can I say but me, me, pick me.

Karenann on

What beautiful pieces you are offering. My favorite piece is Item No. 20. I love the ginger jars, and this one has the cutest foo dog handle. It is so gorgeous, it would look stunning in my living room!

Kristen on

Wow, the new large fishbowl are gorgeous!!

martha sappington on

Love the Foo dogs large and small. They just make me smile! I am going to have to order the small ones, been wanting these for way too long! Once again the blue and white is to swoon over for sure.

Ashley on

I love the “magnificent pheasant jar”, and always come back to look at the tulipieres!

Demi on


Beautiful porcelain as always! My favorite piece is Item #20, the mid sized ginger jar. Would look great in a vignette.

LB Combs on

So many lovelies to choose from. Swooning over the jumbo fish bowl – a timeless classic!

Jeanne Surs on

Item #21, pure artistry in blue and white!!

Jeanne Sours on

Item#21 Pure artistry in Blur and White,love it.

Joan on

Love all your new pretties! I have been looking for a blue and white ice bucket – thank you!

Lynne OBrien on

They all take my breath away, but for me the best of the best is #14 – the large hand painted fishbowl – WOW!!!! I love it!

Alissa on

It’s so hard to narrow down a favorite because of all the beautiful pieces. I can picture the perfect spot for each of these in my home, but I am currently loving #18 for on my dining room buffet. . .although #4 would be just gorgeous on the porch!

Grace on

Wow! The new fish bowls are spectacular!! ??

Connie Windham on

Love Item 8 foo dogs! Can see them on my mantle now!

Patty on

Item 8- Large Foo Dogs?

Ann on

Dear Tina — Love everything! Such a beautiful porcelain collection! My favorite is the wine cooler / ice bucket because it would look lovely at a party, on the bar counter, or with other blue and white porcelain. Just ordered it and can’t wait to receive! Thank you!

Leslie on

I love the jumbo double happiness vases!

Perfect offering on

The large panel vase would look beautiful with fall foliage and enjoyed even more with a hot toddy!

Sandy W on

I love almost every one of them, but the plates are really pretty.

Elaine on

Love item #21 – They are so beautiful. !

Judith Poremba on

My favorite is the ice bucket/wine cooler. I love the pieces that are beautiful and functional. I would be using this one a lot!

Laurene P. on

I am craving Item #14, I can picture so many rooms I could use it in. So beautiful!

Jill Kadish on

I love the cherry blossom vase!

Jill on

My favorite pieces are the extra large fishbowls. Would love to have them on my porch with some topiary trees or ferns.

Peggy on

I love the larger foo dogs and the plates… just lovely

Ccchintz on

#11 this classic vase(s) would be where I would start if I wanted to start collecting blue and white pieces. In pairs , this vase knocks it out the park for great decor versatile choice. Use with or without flowers , would be a forcal point to any room

Nancy H on

So hard to pick just one favorite, but I really like # 20, the Ginger Jar.

Megan Bobbitt on

My favorite is the ice bucket with bamboo handles.
So many wonderful items!

dale on

Number 10. I like the square shape to go with all my round pieces.

Lucy Porter on

I never tire of your beautiful selections! Great job!

Debbie on

Am loving 17B, the oversized scalloped plate. Really speaks to me! Wonderful size for entertaining.

Karen N on

I love #12 the flower basket design.

Suzanne Johnson on

I love it all, but I believe the Large Foo Dogs are my favorite!!! 🙂

Jennifer on

I of course love all your items, but I especially love the wine cooler and large fish bowls. I almost ordered the Aerin wine cooler from W.S. And I’m so glad I didn’t as the one you offer is far superior and less expensive. Thank you for making such beautiful decorative items available to those people without decorators but who love design and beauty!

Todd on

Love this stuff.

Southern girl on

I especially love the new ginger jar with the bird trellis design! It would be a perfect addition with my other jars. I love your homes and your blog too!

Susan K too on

The 3 oversized porcelain plates are fabulous!

Mary Alice Taylor on

My heart is beating so fast!! Love every piece: my fav is Item 20 . Fairly new collection and your suggestion that the crisp white background will lend itself to other pieces shows your experience and knowledge . This is why I love your descriptions!

Ellen on

I LOVE item 21, the pheasant jar with it’s interesting hat lid. Really, you can’t go wrong with any of these new porcelains! Tina, you’ve gathered such a wonderful collection. Beautiful!

Vickie H. on

WOW! Love these oh so special offerings!! The new jumbo fish bowls and those new tea jars have caught my eye!!! Thanks, Tina!

Tim Finley on

Item 8. – The large Foo Dogs.

Sandra on

All of the beautiful blue makes me so happy! The flat top jar would look adorable in my new condo!

Kelli Williams on

These sales are amazing! Can’t wait to get my order!

Regina on

Love item 10 & 17c! That square planter! All the feels!

Linda G. on

I love it all, especially the large fish bowls, and oval platter.

Suzanne Ruff on

The ice bucket needs to join my collection. Love my blue and white!

Mirna on

I love everything in your post, hard to choose just one.

Mirna on

I love all the new items, it is going to be very hard to pick just one. Cannot wait to see what you have in store for Christmas.

Samia on

So happy to see the large foo dogs are available. They are the perfect complement to many different vignettes. Will be ordering the pair to add to my ever increasing collection of blue and white. Thank you for the beautiful pieces you offer

Mirna on

Tina, beautiful porcelain is always a great thing in any home.

Eileen on

Blue and white Foo dogs forever!! I love them !!

Tommye on

Love the double happiness jumbo vases with cobalt band for contrast.

LaTricia Dickman on

All of the pieces are lovely! I really like the new plates!

Dianne on

Lawsy ….the wine cooler/ice bucket is divine???

Connie W on

Love the new cherry blossom vase and mini foo dogs.

Sara on

Love the tulipieres!

Jennifer on

I like the cherry blossom vase, item #5. Two vases would look great on my mantel.

Kelli Williams on

#7 the tulipierre those are my favorite! I ordered two mediums. I will add on later. Your blog is my new obsession!

Tereza on

Your selections are fabulous!!

Karen C on

Love the fishbowl and the ginger jars.

Janet Cole on

My favorite is the tuliperies – they remind me of our trip to Amsterdam; I wish I had gotten one on that trip, but no way to get it home without smashing it!

Donna a. on

Hmmm – Tough choice! Item #2 or #9? I would put both to good use.

Sonya O. on

Love the new tea jar!

Annie on

My favorite is the jumbo fishbowl!
I’d love to put a fig tree in it!!

Pam W on

Item #21 is my favorite!

Millie on

Love the Foo Dogs, would fit in any where in my house :~)

Karen on

#14. The new large fishbowl is exquisite!

Judy Kuhlman on

Too hard to pick just one BUT if you would consider the new plates as a pair (I couldn’t just pick one…) they’re both fabulous!!! 17A and 17B!!! Love them on a dining room wall on clear acrylic brackets..or used for serving. What a presentation….I’m sure the plates would upstage the food.

Mia Davis on

Item 20 is the perfect shape, size and balance of Blue and White!

Marcia Moorhead on

Love the Pheasant jar and the square planter, I could see the square planters on long farm tables with flowers for a Fall blue and white party.

Cindy on

I love the new fish bowls!!!

K Miller on

I would love to have a set of FOO Dogs.
Something different to go with my jars.
I am obsessed with BLUE AND WHITE!
It’s your fault TINA!

Aelish on

I love the ice bucket/wine cooler with the bamboo handle!

Donna Henson on

I’m usually a “ginger jar” or “plate” gal always, but the tea jar stopped me in my tracks. Love it

Faye on

I love all your blue and white porcelain, but my favorite is #1.

Michelle Oleary on

All of the items are beautiful. Especially like item 2 and the plates!

nancy on

What a great collection arriving! Love the new shaped jars and my favorite is the new large pheasant jar- beautiful shape!

Joan on

Too many pretty things to choose from, but have to admit am always drawn to the more ‘antique’-looking pieces, so #21, the lidded Pheasant Jar is my favorite item in this shipment. I find that these pieces look best on the antique European pine pieces in the kitchen and family room. A pair of these jars have the perfect scale for my mantle.

Kathy M on

The new plates are gorgeous!!

Jenni Toebben on

LOVE it all, but I would have to pick Ginger Jar #18- the pattern would mix great with everything else, and it would add a little darker contrast.

Mary M on

I love everything especially the fish bowls!

Martha McC on

Plates are stunning!

Jennifer Eisele on

Craving those pheasant jars #21
Look at you… saving the best for last!
My daughter is getting married in Late September…these just might be my MOB gift to my first born?

Barbara W. on

All are so beautiful. Have to go with #14 large fishbowl.

Catherine on

Love the extra large fishbowl with all of the pagodas! Would fill it with champagne bottles and ice for parties!

Lisa P. on

Love the foo dogs!

Tempie on

#13 is a must have. The entire collection is over the moon gorgeous!

Lexi on

Loving those tulipieres! Just stunning!?

Katy on

Honestly, the flat top ginger jar is my favorite!!

Donna Scully on

Beautiful new pieces!

My choice of favorites, currently, are the tulipieres……

Nikki K Tully on

All of this is so beautiful! My favorite is #2! Must have ginger jar ?

Karen McLeod on

Love #16 so much! Love Teddy too! Beautiful pieces.

Susan on

My favorite and a must buy is Item #3, the 22″ vase. I have not seen a pattern like this before and it is exactly what I have been looking for to go with coordinating pieces in my bookcases.

Karen Terrell on

Wow! Such pretties! My favorite is the wine cooler/ice bucket. Ooh la la!

Trudi on

Dear Tina,

My favorite item is the mini blue and white foo dogs!

Susan Osborn-Sanders on

I Look forward to seeing Teddy at the end of every post ????????

Kim Gay on

The large new floral with bird trellis paneled ginger jar with foo dog top is my favorite

J Fain on

I simply cannot make up my mind how to treat myself to a late birthday present. I think it is the large foo dog set.

Cheryl Barbour on

The scalloped oval platter is my favorite. It’s so pretty!

Linda Wishart on

Item 16 has my heart. The double happiness jumbo vases are so elegant, yet very simplistic. So right for so many situations!

airicapuckettstyle on

Your pieces are my all time favorites!

Vickie on

Always fishbowls…my favorite. Therefore Jumbo Number one.
Second, number 9, I have a nice collection of vintage and antique burnt Chinese rattan curios, desks, glass china cabinet etc. Even flatware. Would work with my collection

Debra on

Love everything! I especially like all the ginger jars! My birthday is August 17th so the timing is wonderful, especially since we celebrate birthdays for a week! The porcelains are simply delicious art. Love your blog!
Thanks for being you!

Kathy on

Love all of it,especially the large Foo dogs and the large fish bowl.

Janice Gallaway on

I love the stunning over sized fish bowls. So very lovely.

Terry Rossiter Harvey on

Item number 5, the cherry blossom vase! Brings back beautiful memories of DC and a wonderful time in my life ❤.

Kelly W Miller on

I love the 17X17X18 large fish bowl with the elegant scene. This would make a beautiful home for a topiary gardenia or any other tree like plant.

Mary on

I love all the pieces but my favorite is #14…the shape is just gorgeous!

Arlyn on

LOVE, LOVE< LOVE the 24 inch double happiness vase. What a statement those would make! Keep coming with all the gorgeous selections of blue and white.

Martha Davis on

Oh my goodness! I love it all! But the jumbo fish bowl planter is my favorite! The lion heads on either side are the perfect touch! Stunning!

Holly on

So hard to choose, they’re all so beautiful!!! But I especially like #13, the fruit handled vase.

Anita. on

So many things calling my name but the smaller foo dogs and the tulipieres are on my birthday wish list.

Mary M on

Love the cherry blossom vase!

Arell on

So many beautiful pieces! Who can choose just one? I always like the double happiness jar, it seems so classic. But there are so MANY gorgeous pieces. Honestly, I want all of them!

Terry P. on

Wow – am at a loss for words! SHOCKING – isn’t it? LOL (loving 17B)

Rebecca on

#1 and 14 WOW! I love your new fishbowls!

Kelly Spanbauer on

#15 hands down! something about this one just makes me smile!! but then again all blue and white does!!!

Beverly Rowntree on

Wow! So hard to choose. I absolutely adore no. 1, the large fishbowl. Gorgeous.

Marilyn on

I love those plates. They are gorgeous. Thank you for the giveaway.

Eve on

They are all beautiful pieces. I love #20 small/medium ginger jars.

Lynn on

I think #3 is my favorite of this round. Two of them would be gorgeous on my mantel!

kim b on

my favorite is the large fishbowl – beautiful!

Lydia on

Wish I had room for the beutiful laeger pieces but the mid size jars


The larger bowls are gorgeous but the mid sized jars#6 and 12 speak to me too.

Jennifer S on

The jumbo pheasant fishbowl is fabulous!

Cindi T on

What a lovely collection of porcelain, but the over-sized foo dogs have really caught my attention.

Megan on

The bamboo-handled ice bucket/cooler is my favorite!!

Susan Haidon on

Absolutely love the new plates. 17 a-c The oval is a beauty.

Lynn Tinker Toye on

Love the Pattern #12. Gorgeous!

Karen P on

I adore the new giant fishbowls! Stunning!!

Barb Moreau on

Item 9 – wine cooler/ice bucket. Gorgeous ‼️

Kelly Hinkley on

I really like the mini foo dogs. I received them a few weeks ago and they are georgeous! So in case that doesn’t count…#15, the tea jar is my new favourite. 🙂

Bettina Woodring on

All spectacular, but still in love with the ice bucket & large fish bowl!!

Kathy Cousart on

Oh my gosh….I love the give away flat top jar! I have been painting and sketching some chinoiserie figures and those are just fabulous. Favorite thing to paint is a piece of chinoiserie with beautiful white flowers in it. I am a new fan and can’t wait to shop!!! Thank you!

Deri Terry on

You have so many lovely pieces, but #18 is a really neat new style ginger jar!
Thank you,
Deri Terry

K on

Those tulipieres are divine!
They make a unique and dramatic blue and white statement alone or as a pair.

Mary Catherine on

I love Item #21, your new Pheasant Jar. It will mix well with other patterns, and it has a beautiful, complementary shape. It’s a very nice addition to your offerings, Tina.

Cathy Clark on

My favorite is #20 but all the pieces are gorgeous!!

Shawna B. on

Love number 13. Thanks for the inspiration and the comparatively great prices! You never disappoint!

Christy on

The wine cooler is me favorite. I’ve seen similar ones elsewhere but none with the same attention to detail. I have the large tulipierre and the small foo dogs and would buy again if I didn’t already have them. All are gorgeous.

Jewel Powell on

I love love no. 2. The ginger jar is gorgeous. Especially w my blue and white collection. I move my collection throughout the house.

Mary Elizabeth Dunlap on

I love EVERYTHING,…….will definitely be ordering the square planters/saucers and small foo dogs for gifts….. can be placed in so many places: side tables, powder room, etc.

Shawn Kuzel Smith on

Tulipieres are my fave~They have such personality.?

Abby on

Love all of the blue and white! My favorite is #1, the impressively-sized fishbowl with the lion handles and vibrantly colored village scene!

Susan Ledbetter on

I love #4! The extra large pheasant fishbowl is glorious. I can see my large fiddle leaf fig taking up residence there. A girl can dream…

Wendy L. on

They’re all beautiful, but item #4 is stunning! Love anything with birds!

Mary Baker on

Item 7, The Tulipieres are my next addition to my growing collection. I love all the sizes and would fill them with beautiful flowers. They are a statement piece all by themselves. Thanks for sharing all the new collection. Have a great day.

Susan Malizia on

Love them all…just getting “into” blue and white porcelain. Love #2 ginger jar. =)

San on

So hard to make a decision; but the plates are lovely! Can’t decide which one to get!

Patricia Rafalski on

Your beautiful Tulipieres!!

Susan on

I am excited to see the jumbo fishbowl. Perfect for around the pool!

Susan Cahill on

Love all the beautiful pieces, especially the new ginger jars!

ruth bernhard on

#21 is my favorite! Gorgeous!

Susan McLaughlin on

My new favorite is #14, the fishbowl with the village scene and handle detail!

Deb on

Wow! Those fish bowls are amazing… all of them.

Mariae on

Fabulous pices! I love the classic tulipiere, they are beautiful and timeless!

Joni Theis on

#21 is my favorite! So eye catching! Pattern is beautiful!

Denise on

Just crazy love #18! All are gorgeous and your taste for beauty is amazing!?

Denise on

Just crazy about #18! Your taste in all things blue and white is amazing!?

Jeannie on

My favorite is the last item. The pheasant jar ?

Junie on

Love all the porcelain ! Color me BLUE!

Erin C. on

All of it really but if we have to choose…large foo dogs and the extra large planters. Whoa, AMAZING!

Vicki Sewell on

Love #20, Ginger Jar with the bird and floral. Just eye candy for me !

Vicki Sewell on

#2 ginger jar with bird trellis!

Diane McCord on

Waiting patiently for my ice bucket and love the Fish Bowl. Need to order it now.

Denise on

I think my favorite is the mini foo dogs. How cute.

Tziporah Tapp on

#1 fishbowl!

Tziporah Tapp on

The first fishbowl is beautiful!

Anne Nelson Morck on

Love the ice bucket with rattan handles. And love the give away jar!
Everything is beautiful!

Dale Banning on

Oh my!!! So hard to choose just one fav thing!! It’ll have to be the wine bucket with the bamboo handle!! So completely unusual and different!! ??? it!!!!!

Arlyn on

I just am so elated about the pheasant jar. They are stunners on a mantle. Thanks for the wonderful selection of blue and white.

Cay Miller on

Tina, what a fabulous collection you have brought to us. Bravo ! Love the large blue and white foo dogs. Have just the place for them on my living room console. Also, the large plates are just grand. So beautiful. Thanks for making so many decorating possibilities available to your clients.
Cay Miller

Suzanne on

So many beautiful pieces!! Love them all but my favorite is item #2.

Amy Callis on

The pheasant large fishbowl planter is just gorgeous!!! I can see it flanking an entry beautifully!

Gayle on

I love it all.. but just ordered #21 for our cabin!!

Jane on

Love the wine bucket! So different and useful!

Debbie on

So in LOVE with the fishbowl planter and boxwood!!

Kathryn Griffin on

Everything is so beautiful, but my favorite are the tulipieres. Such an amazing piece! Thanks for the giveaway! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

Kathleen Coalter on

So many beautiful pieces!! I really love item 15. The tea jar’s cylindrical shape would look wonderful in any decor! I probably should have purchased it!! ??

Jeanne on

I adore the jumbo pheasant fishbowls! Sadly, I don’t think I have a place for them. 🙁
That being said, there is so much more blue and white here to love…as always!

Diane Smith on

LOVE it all but especially drawn to the cherry blossom vase! Just ordered a pair of your beautiful cherry blossom needlepoint pillows! ?

Sharon on

I do not see the faux boxwood balls on this site…r they still available?

Mary W. on

The foo dogs make me smile! The fish bowls are spectacular.

Christine Isbell O'Hara on

I love the double happiness ginger jar, and everything else in that collection. I’m also OBSESSED with number five! Ahhhh…. please don’t make me choose just one because I love them all!!! Thanks 🙂

Bibi Tucker on

The giant fishbowl is wonderful and so many things you can do with it, Glass top as side table on a stand; hold a beautiful plant; in the fireplace with dried hydrangeas; so many optional!


So many fabulous pieces!

Carolyn Agnew on

I love item 19 the foo dogs. Would add just the right touch as bookends in my family room built-in bookcase.

Jessie on

Fishbowls all the way!!!! Gorg!!

Angie on

Love # 16, the double happiness vase. Great height for a stunning look.

Susan on

Love #14, the new shape fish bowl. Dramatic and special with the different curve.

Donna on

Such a great collection of blue and white pieces to choose from! I always love the fish bowls and these extra large ones are beautiful! I also like the large plates and the tea jar but my favorite from this group is the new cherry blossom vase – looking forward to seeing it in my home!

Mary on

I love the large pheasant fish bowl. So many beautiful new pieces!

Sarah on

I love #11, double happiness ginger jars! Definitely my fav.?

Susan H. on

Your giant fishbowls are out of this world!

Lucia Donahower on

Hi Tina
Everything looks beautiful! My favorites are #9 and #20!

Barbara N. on

The new, large fishbowls are beautiful. I also love the new panel vase…#3. So many great choices!!

Beth H on

Love Item #9, the porcelain wine cooler! I also like the fact that the handle is removable. What beautiful blue and whites to choose from.

Hayley Vaughan on

The last pheasant jar is stunning!

PBradyBostick on

Love it all but hoping I the tulipierre is what I covet because I don’t have one…yet.

Laura erenwert on

I am over the moon for the pheasant jar!

Arlene on

My favorite item is number 9 the beautiful ice bucket. It would be beautiful to use when we entertain or just for decoration on the counter

Dominique on

REALLY TINA! How am I expected to chose a favorite from this absolutely magnificent selection of Blue and White!! I adore every piece in this presale and want everyone of them! NO, I take that back…TWO! Seriously,…I definitely agree with you and think that ITEM 2 might be a new favorite ginger jar of mine as well. It is stunning and in my humble opinion will be a best seller!

Blair on

I love the first fishbowl in the list. Stunning!!

Tricia Drefke on

I love the new pheasant fish bowl (#4) and the new style ginger jar with the foo dog lid (#18)! Of course, everything you offer is Beautiful!!

Jane Morrow on

the pheasant fishbowl is EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

glenda Warden on

I love the hexagon shape of #6. the most although I would love to have any to the pieces.

Laura Koning on

I love the foo dogs!!!

Linda P. Ingram on

I have to say that Item #9 is my favorite of the moment as it combines the beauty and timeless appeal of blue and white with modern practicality. I can absolutely see it in use at my Thanksgiving and Holiday parties as well as at my gal pal get-togethers.
He’s practically screaming my name… he really does want to come live with me so very badly. Please don’t disappoint this handsome fellow. He tends to pout.

leigh on

I love item 6…the covered ginger jar!

Karol on

Everything is just beautiful, but I have a weakness for any ginger jar. They just speak to my heart. #20 is fabulous!

Lisa on

I love it all , too… but I love the ice bucket with bamboo handle!

Kelly Chaska on

I love them all but can’t wait to use 17c it’s gorgeous and will look great in my kitchen!

Melissa Moore on

I really love the square planter with the plate!! I can just see it holding so many different plants!

Judith Poremba on

I love, love, love the ice bucket with removable handle!!

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