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Hello and happy Sunday to you!  Hope you are having a wonderful and relaxing weekend. No complaints here, celebrated a good friends birthday last night and today we are invited to someones home, we may stop by for a little but may just enjoy a relaxing day at home. The beauty of a lazy Sunday is having no obligations to have to do anything!

We need to enjoy these lazy summer weekends while we can, I feel that once fall rushes in the holiday hoopla soon follows. And we all know that is a time where there is no rest for the weary:) OK moving along to this Sunday’s post……


1  ONE STUNNING ISLAND HOME. Well if you are going to dream, might as well dream big and this fabulous villa will do just fine. Located in idyllic Mustique this incredible home was just done by Veere Grenney. I love how open, airy and simply elegant it is. The abundance of white allows the sea views to really stand out. Just beautiful……Click here to learn more about this wonderful home over at Veranda Magazine.


2 MORE AMAZING CUSTOMER PHOTOS. I am seriously amazed by the pictures I get in from my customers, so many beautiful shots featuring products that have been purchased from my shop. It makes me so proud and completley validates what I do and just why I love doing it so much. Check out this breathtaking recent batch-

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Never a shortage of magnificent instagrams to share, here is this weeks roundup with some really wonderful newly discovered accounts-

4. MY SCOUT TOTE. Love my Scout oversized tote, I have had it for years and it’s my go to bag when I  need a big, roomy bag that I can stuff a lot in. I think the one Iown is called the Four Boys tote and it holds a lot!  When I go to PB I actually use this instead of a suitcase and just the other day as I was packing it up, I realized it is my “go to” tote and one I needed to share on my blog.

It is super roomy and holds a lot. These are fabulous travel bags, and make great beach/pool bags. Offered in a wide range of both sizes and designs, these are literally indestructible and you can wipe them clean. Love my Scout bag! Click here to find out more about these amazing bags!


5. LOOKING FORWARD TO THE CROWN SEASON 3? Then by all means, read on. Town and Country magazine has the scoop on the first stills and inside information on the new series, which I am waiting on pins and needles for. Talk about an addicting series. I will cross anything and everything off my calendar for the start of season 3. Anyone else? Click here to read the entire article.

6. BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS! I am busy starting to reorganize my own bookcases and working on a clients library at the same time. There was a great company out of California that did the best collections, sadly the owner moved back to his native Spain. I have been looking and found a few other companies in the meantime that do the same thing. Such a wonderful concept! There are a few companies that do this- E. Lawrence and Books by the Foot. Such a great idea!

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. This has to do with dining out and not being happy with your meal. I am a firm believer in piping up but respectfully. If there is something clearly wrong with my food that I am paying for, I am going to bring it to my server’s attention and expect something to be done about it. I was out with a small group and two people got the same thing, both did not like it but neither wanted to say anything which surprised me. I told them I would call the server over and did, and was very nice and he promptly took the plates back and brought each of them out another option.

We started talking about this and I was amazed out of the 5 of us that 2 said they don’t let a server know when the meal is not to their satisfaction. I am quite the opposite (as anyone knows me will attest) but again believe in being nice about it but at the same time believe in the importance of getting your rights for something you paid for. Why should it not be 100%? So your turn to weigh in-


And that wraps it up for this Sunday. Always appreciate you stopping in and making TEH part of your Sunday morning routine. Would love to hear what you have to say! Hope you have an enjoyable and relaxing Sunday, here its hot hot hot but  no complaints! Until next time….

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Teresa Hatfield on

As always, beautiful Sunday post!

Deri Terry on

I so enjoy yourSunday posts. I was a youth leader for my church, for many years. My high school students told horror stories of what they had seen chef’s and servers do to food that was sent back. They warned me to never send back food. Another tip was to never ask for lemon in water or tea. The lemons are never washed before they are cut, and they are often cut on the same cutting boards as raw meat.

Sue Haidon on

Happy Sunday, Tina! Enjoy your weekend?

Piper B on

I’m so excited for The Crown -S3! Thank you for sharing the link, Tina.

I wonder what fabric was used on the Chesterfield sofas in the Mustique home? Interesting choice for an Island home. Lovely!

Just FYI Zulily has an a very nice selection of Scout products at their usual deep discounted prices:)

Liz on

Always enjoy these Sunday posts. The Mustique home is amazing and I am so excited you shared the source for the colored book sets.I have been looking for these for a while. Trying to finish a small bookcase in my library and these are just what I need.
Hope you have a relaxing Sunday, Tina

Maryann on

EVERYTHING is gorgeous! I love that island home and your instagrams are the best!

Carol on

Great post, need a Scout tote. They are adorable. Tina, on the subject of not being happy with food- my son is a chef and is part owner in a restaurant in California. To the person above who implied that food is tampered with if returned, that is wrong to imply every kitchen handles it this way. I can tell you my own son takes much pride in his food and looks at returned food as an opportunity to turn a disgruntled customer into a happy one and always aims to please. I feel sure this is one reason why his restaurant is so successful and consistently gets high praise.

Most “good” restaurants care about their customers satisfaction and he is the same way when he goes out and patronizes a retsaurant. If something is not to his satisfaction he will quietly call the waiter over and tell him so. He says he generally orders something else because the way the first dish was made is generally their way of preparing that particular dish. I will always respectfully speak up and normally they offer to show me the menu to choose something else. I work hard to earn what we do and when I go somewhere I expect to be satisfied. Its the seem thing as going out and buying a material item, if it does not live up to your expectations, you don’t just keep it, you return it.

Just my thoughts on the matter:-)

Mary on

The beautiful, gray home came out of my dreams. Going to have to order a Scout Tote….want the baby, too! Although it will take a few episodes to adjust to the new cast, like you I am looking forward to season three of The Crown. Thought the first casting was brilliant. On the restaurant situation…within the past two weeks my family and I had to walk out of two different establishments. In each venue we ordered and then never again saw our waiter. After waiting thirty minutes we got up, told someone why we were leaving and will likely not return.( Never order lemon with your water or tea as a previous reply mentioned.) I know that there are wonderful waiters who work very hard and deserve a generous tip. Too bad the few with bad attitudes spoil the experience.

Judy Walters on

Seven on Sunday is always a pleasure! Thank you, Tina. It helps wash away last week and bolster my soul to face next week with so much beauty! I appreciate it so much!

Lisa on

Yes, it is amazing to see your customer’s/followers’s pictures of how they use or display your lovely produits! Please keep posting them, it gives me confidence to someday post my photos. Plus it’s loads of fun to see how creative people are!!

Peggy on

Like all your readers, I get my cup of coffee and read Seven on Sunday even before my email. I love to relax, escape from the world and its problems, and see what beauty you have to read about and view each Sunday. I especially love your surveys, because it gives me a sense of where I stand with my feelings or ideas about various situations.

When going out to dinner, I expect the service and food to be equally good. It is important to make the server, or sometimes even the manager, aware of a problem. I can think of two specific times, one a fast food experience and the other in a restaurant, where either the service or food was bad. I called the manager of the fast food store and explained the problem, in a nice way, and was given two free meals. I wrote a letter to the restaurant chain’s home office, for the other problem, and was sent a letter of apology and a gift card for my next meal. I had the receipt, with the server’s number, store number, and date and time of my visit, which I could refer to in my letter of complaint. I think restaurants want their patrons to have a good experience and if they don’t, most will do something to enhance your future visit.

D O'Meara on

When can I purchase more scalloped tea light lamps I bought 2 & would love to buy more. Are any more coming in.?

Lynn on

ALWAYS let your server know when food is not acceptable. You are doing the restaurant a favor and your wallet. A good establishment will appreciate the feedback and “make it right” whether removing it from the bill or offering something else. I used to be in a family owned restaurant business and know this full well. To NOT say something is a big mistake. As long as it is said in a courteous manner.
Love the books recommendation, those are fantastic!

Franki on

Just a FYI…I ABSOLUTELY LUV THE “LOLLIA WHITE TEA/HONEYSUCKLE” hand cream you recommended!!! franki

Michelle on

Books by the foot!…wonderful.
I loved today’s insta offerings, thank you. As for a meal, service or anything that I pay for, I will pipe up (respectfully of course) unless it was an innate misunderstanding on my part. I’ve misunderstood flavor profiles and in some cases they weren’t fully represented by the server or menu. In that case I will take it as a unexpected happy surprise, but not on quality.

Amber Lipari on

OMG, there was a huge controversy recently on our local Nextdoor about the restaurant meal thing. I think you have make a distinction between there being something actually wrong with the food, versus just being disappointed by what you ordered and not really liking it. In the first case, of course it should be sent back and a replacement brought out at NO CHARGE. In the second case, sometimes I ask for a replacement, sometimes not, but I would never automatically expect it to replaced at no charge to me, though sometimes the restaurant OFFERS to do this, and that is nice (the same goes for cocktails, btw). I don’t hold them responsible for my poor food/drink choices 🙂 But a lot of people on Nextdoor thought the restaurant should ALWAYS bear the cost, no matter what; I don’t think that’s fair and disagree…

Melissa on

I am amazed at the idea of buying books by the metre to fill a library. I have just finished my new build and have the opposite problem, boxes of well beloved books that just won’t fit and need to be culled. It more than pains me as I had already discarded many boxes of books when they were packed for storage. While in storage for two years, there were so many that I missed and wanted and unearthing them again was like greeting old friends. How am I going to live without them? My previous house had books in each boys bedrooms, the study, the huge library and my kitchen had a big bookcase for my huge collection of much used cook books and another bookcase in the guest cottage.
To have a library filled with random books chosen for their spine seems pointless. It is the love and meaning that the books hold that give real soul and warmth to a library. Each book must be one that you love and want to read again, you are intending to read or belonged to a beloved family member or be on a subject that interests you and has been built up by expanding your knowledge.

Suzanne on

Love the books idea! Genius….we have a library already filled with books and book collections that mean something to us, now we need to fill in and I want it to be aesthetically pleasing. These are perfect!

Onto restaurants, we live in an area with no shortage of amazing restaurants, San Francisco and I can tell you it is expected that if food is not what it should be, by all means you should speak to the waiter or manager. That is a given. Anyone who does not speak up is being ridiculous. They are in essence paying for something they are not getting and then will leave unhappy. Why not rectify it right then and there and take a chance of being happy and pleased the 2dnd time around and then being able to tell others of your experience. Never ever got anyone who won’t speak up. I have to assume it is someone shy or who lacks confidence that does not feel secure enough to do so.

Interesting topic, as an example two weeks ago we were in a very good restaurant that normally has excellent food. i got the fish and it tasted funny, not bad but funny. I told my server, who promptly removed it and the manager came over very apologetic and told me he was bringing me out something else and it was on him. It restored my faith in the restaurant and the dish he brought out was fantastic. That is the way it SHOULD be.

Julie Thome on

Every Sunday morning I look forward to reading your Seven on Sunday! This morning was exceptionally fun seeing the crest that Arabella designed for my daughter and her fiancé for their September wedding! Arabella is so incredibly talented and so lovely to work with! We are so lucky to have found her. I would definitely suggest her to anybody that is looking for special artwork.
Thank you so much for all of your beautiful posts!
Warm wishes,
Julie Thome

Celia Becker @ on

The Crown! Oh, I loved it and am happy to have some information about its return. Can’t wait. I was so surprised by your survey about restaurants that the majority of respondents would not speak up. I’m like you and have no issues letting my server know if I’m not pleased.

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