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Hello friends! First I want to announce the winner of the porcelain giveaway. Congratulations goes to-

#25 SUSAN who said “I love the jumbo fishbowls. Would love them for my front porch.”

Please email us at [email protected] with your name and address so your prize can be on it’s way!


How is it going over on your end? Hope you are having a great and relaxing weekend. Busy one here, with the most beautiful fall like weather. LOVING it, you know my feelings on fall……by far my most favorite season. Have had a busy, productive and fun weekend. We are headed into the city later for a party. Here we go with my Seven on Sunday-


1 NEW ITEMS ALERT! So much happened this past week, lots of samples came in for new products and you can say that our holiday prep our at TEH  is in full swing! I am over the moon with all the new products coming in. So much goodness:) We will be having presales on ornaments, gift wrap, chinoiserie tole, silver and more all in the coming 2-3 weeks so stay tuned (many of you have asked).

These are not the professional pictures but these are too cute to not share with you immediately! How could I possibly keep this all to myself? How precious are our new 4″ Staffordshire dog  and gorgeous new ginger jar ornaments!! Cannot wait! We will be bringing back all the best sellers from last year as well.

And just look at how stunning some of our new chinoiserie tole items are that are already en route-

Introducing that rich  mossy green color to the group:)

Fabulous new chinoiserie wastepaper baskets

VERY excited for these exquisite new planters-

And sit down for these, ….just got my samples back on a small collection of exquisite blue and white stockings!! LOVE them and will be having a presale in the next few weeks for them! They have not been pressed or had professional pictures taken but I couldn’t resist sharing with you:)

And finally in love with these pagoda slat and peppers in production, will be here in about 5 or 6 weeks (wlll be part of presale )

And then the ginger jar salt and pepper, I will want to place these on every room in my house and can’t decide if I like the ginger jars or pagodas better!


**Also for anyone who was waiting, the fabulous scalloped tabletop lamps and the pierced chargers just came back in on Friday!!! Very limited quantities left and they always sell out.

Click here  for lamps


And here for chargers


2.PUMPKIN MANIA OK now that fall is officially here, my fall decor has begun. I scored two ginormous white real pumpkins for my front door and along with the giant white mums, its like “honey I blew up our front door stoop” but I love it, and bigger sometimes really is better:)

Paired my faux pumpkins with these white mums in my blue/white fishbowl

Can you get over these mums below they literally measure about 42″ across, I kid you not!

Then as if you don’t already know, I am in love with my blue and white porcelain pumpkins. I keep moving them around the house in different spots….and what can I say they look great everywhere!

***For all who have asked you can preorder the porcelain pumpkins, click here for info

And I have had such fun placing these around the house in different sports/different vignettes

My newest below, love this arrangement-


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Never a shortage of incredible new Instagram favorites to share with you. This weeks round up definitely has a fall flavor to it and with good reason, these are so beautiful, how could I not share!


 4. QUADRILLE I have always been a big fan of Quadrille and their fun, happy yet sophisticated fabrics. Just got this lookbook and there were so. many good ones to share, in case you might be in the market for some gorgeous fabric! Take a look at all the latest and greatest from Quadrille and click here to visit the world of Quadrille.


5. THE CUTEST THING I’VE SEEN IN A LONG TIME!  I am sure some of you saw this but my heart melted when I saw this video of the Chilean military marching during a parade with their newest “recruits” the cutest golden retrievers….I mean seriously, have you ever seen anything so precious? TOO CUTE!

6. A NEW FAVORITE HAIR GLOSS SPRAY. Who doesn’t want shiny hair? I know I do. A friend recommended this spray and it was love at first spray. It makes my hair look super shiny but not greasy (that is the key)! It is very light weight has some argon oil and makes my hear look healthy and shiny, adding it to my arsenal of must haves. Click here to find out more.

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. Today is about my blog and finding out which types of posts you most enjoy reading and try to find the time to read. As you can imagine, blogging is very time consuming but I get so much out of it, it really fulfills me in a unique way hard to put into words.

I am trying to streamline and work on the types of blogposts that you most enjoy. So please click all that apply with the  mini poll below and as always thank you for participating and therefore helping me to be the best I can be.  Choose up to your five favorites and I am open to suggestions for new post ideas (where the blank is) if you have a great idea.


And that friends is a wrap for this Sunday. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and the gorgeous weather we are….doesn’t get better than this! We had guests for dinner last night and had cocktails on the porch next to a fire, and it was perfect…..those kind of nights are my favorites.

The art of entertaining at home is not gone and I am happy to see and hear many seem to be bringing it back! Thank you as always for stopping in, wishing you a great day and smooth end to your weekend. Until next time…….


Our deal of the day is our gorgeous exclusive fall themed acorn mint julep! Only $18.00 perfect for fall decorating/entertaining, click here for details

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Not fair!! Only pick 5? I love them all!
Can’t wait for the salt & pepper shakers to come in!

Your blog never disappoints in fact just gets better! I love all of your posts but my favorites are Seven on Sunday, Bluff Diaries, anything to do with blue and white and of course any post announcing all your beautiful new products!
I need one of everything coming in , from the ornaments to the salt and peppers, pumpkins, oh dear I am in trouble! Love your pumpkin displays, so beautiful, Tina. I just used a Quadrille fabric in our sunroom and it is so pretty, their line of fabrics are so pretty.
Thank you for your blog, way better than any magazine out there!

The stockings, pumpkins, ornaments, tole….whats not to love? I can tell my family no need to go the mall they can shop right at The Enchanted Home for all my needs:-) Well done Tina.
PSThose stockings were a great idea, almost impossible to find blue and white stockings

Your enthusiasm is always contagious and I can’t wait for the Staffordshire Dog Ornaments to arrive! I scored an authentic Staffordshire Dog in a thrift shop for $20.00 and snatched that puppy up! Obviously, they didn’t know what they had. Unfortunately, it was only one dog so I had to go elsewhere to get a mate and pay the real value of the dog.
I love seeing how you style your home with seasonal items and really like the blue and white pumpkins with the Forsythia in that beautiful jar/vase. Those white pumpkins are ENORMOUS and look so pretty with all your other white, at your front door.
Enjoy your fall weather and the remainder of your weekend.

Enjoy all your posts but the ones where you invite us in your home and share your life are the best. Great idea doing the stockings and thank you for your blog!

One of my favourites is Seven on Sunday. It’s a day were I can dawdle over my coffee and enjoy your eye candy. From time to time you post a recipe. I’d love to see that more often. From time to time you post fashions you are interested in buying or already have in your closet. Everything you choose is elegant and classy. I would love if you had a post with the trends you intend to follow, putting together outfits, etc. I know this isn’t a fashion blog but I believe you have impeccable taste. Just a few ideas!

I could single handedly choose my entire Christmas list just from this post. You are definitely filling a much needed gap in the market so thank you! Just love all the new products coming in.

The video of the Goldens is just adorable, as an owner of two. Lucky and lulu I am partial to them being the best breed out there?

It was hard to only choose 5. I say in all honesty, that I enjoy all of your posts about various topics exposing a whole different world that I often don’t have time to explore. I often take advantage of your doing the hard work of finding unique experiences, decorative accessories, clothing, entertainment trends and restaurants for me. I can just click on to purchase or learn something new all thanks to your sharing an array of knowledge and reminding us to find the beauty in life. Thanks!

Tina as a newer follower I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed going through all of your past blog posts since I discovered you on Instagram .
Your talent is quite remarkable and I think you’re just going to get bigger and better ! I am not sure if I’ve missed it but have you ever discussed or considered the possibility of doing your own coffee table book ? Your talent and beautiful pictures would make a best seller .
I got my first order from you about two weeks ago and was delighted, everything was so well packed and was even prettier in person. I cannot wait to order the pumpkins, the ornaments, and those beautiful new pale blue planters.
The video of the golden retrievers is so adorable ! Hope you are enjoying a nice and relaxing Sunday .

Absolutely love the pagoda salt and pepper shakers! All the items coming in for the Holiday’s are beautiful Tina. Love the Christmas Stockings, so Beautiful! Happy Sunday, make it a wonderful week!

Hi Tina! Interesting how I’m always happy when I see emails from The Enchanted Home in my inbox. Keep them coming please with all your beautiful photo inspirations and lovely products. Thanks for adding moments of delight to my day, sincerely.

Alway enjoy your blog. and look forward to it’s arrivals. My hope, while selfish, is for blog daily. I receive great joy and brings happiness to viewing the beautiful items, home decor, etc and Teddy.

I enjoy seeing pictures of your dog and my heart aches with you because I know how badly it hurts to lose an animal… like your heart will just break in two. I know you and your husband are busy and that is probably your reasoning for not getting another dog…or you could never find one as good as the on e you lost. My advice: Please get a new puppy. We got a goldendoodle after our beloved Golden Retriever died. I still miss Floyd and will always have an empty spot in my heart for him, but the healing began for me when I held the new puppy, Bob, in my arms. I wish this for you also. I named Bob after two older men in my life who had been real encouragers to me as I was growing up. And believe me, Bob has been the encourager for my broken heart.

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