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Hi friends! A quick post to say hello and to remind you we still have a few spots left for your pictures, today is the last day to send them in. We are busy acknowledging all entries as to whether we can enter your picture(s) or not. The prize is THREE MONTHS OF ENCHANTED HOME GOODIES COMING RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR:)

Quality is very important and regrettably some pictures we cannot accept due to poor resolution or being out of focus. However we have gotten in so many beautiful shots, I cannot wait to start the contest in just a few days.


Just a few rules to go over before submitting your picture-

  • Your picture(s) must include an item purchased from The Enchanted Home
  • There is no limit as to the subject, it can be a room shot, an outdoor shot, vignette, a table setting, etc……
  • 1-2 entries max per person (cannot be same picture but slightly different angle)
  • Please email ALL entries ONLY to (if you email to any other address we cannot process your submission)
  • On subject line please put CONTEST (so we can distinguish your emails from others)
  • Please in your email include your full name
  • We reserve the right to not accept your picture due to clarity, exposure, blurriness, size, etc……we  will definitely let you know if we cannot take your picture and give you the opportunity to submit another
  • We are accepting pictures today through Oct 2nd (or until we reach 80 pictures whichever comes first). The contest will start October 4th. A winner will be crowned on Sunday, Oct 7th.
  • Question? Feel free to give us a call at 800-804-9565


And a few wonderful examples of previous entries that exemplify the quality/colors/resolution-


Email your pictures to (don’t forget to put the word CONTEST on subject line). Be sure to check back later Thurs, Oct 4th when the first round of Enchanted Home Love will get underway!! Wishing everyone a wonderful day. Can you believe it’s Oct 2nd!! Until next time……..

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Amanda on

All beautiful hope to send you one of my beautiful Provence planters later today!

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