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Hellooooo friends!  You are  going to be really happy you follow my blog today:) The day many have been waiting for has arrived (and that includes me).  Our ornament presale is officially on, finally.

This was a long time in the making but alas we are here, these babies are out of production and on their way to fill many beautiful holiday homes and add a touch of blue and white magic this holiday season.  We do not have the professional pictures on all the new styles but think the ones we have included will suffice. Plus you get a sneak peek at my vision for this Christmas season:) They will arrive in plenty of time for all you early bird holiday decorators….and don’t forget a box of these make beautiful gifts and favors!


We are very excited about this years collection, our best yet! We have several  new styles of the ginger jars, new Staffordshire dogs, new added styles of the darling gift toppers and bringing back many of our best sellers from last year. A few rules to read over before placing an order-


  • You  must either call or email you order to 1-800-804-9565 or email [email protected]
  • The only way to order these ornaments is emailing or calling
  • If you email your order- you must include your name, address and phone number in the email order request for us to send an invoice
  • Please order using ITEM NUMBER ONLY (and color if applicable)
  • Limited numbers of ornaments available during this sale- subject to availability
  • They are approx a whopping 20-25% less than what they will be when they go online so it is wise to be an early bird planner
  • This sale is on for three days and will end Thursday evening at midnight
  • All invoices sent must be paid within 12 hours or they will be canceled
  • Shipping is extra
  • Some of the ornaments (most balls) are in stock now in very limited quantities
  • All of these come in white The Enchanted Home giftboxes (orders of 4 ornaments or more)
  • The ornaments are due here on or around Nov. 22nd and will ship out upon receipt (we ship orders out in the order they have come in)
  • Sold individually or by the box (there is extra savings when you purchase a box of 4)
  • Any order over $500 gets 10% off
  • Final sale
  • International or wholesale orders? Call us at 800-804-9565


I was chomping at the bit to share these pictures below with you!  So,  before we get started I am sharing with you a very special picture that I was working on a few weeks ago. I decorated my tree to the brim with blue and white for a photo shoot and could not have been more thrilled with the result…it surpassed my vision and I love it so much, this very arrangement is still up in my living room and will likely just stay there. I love seeing it even if we haven’t celebrated Halloween yet!

I didn’t get to use the new style ornaments as we don’t have them here yet or the new gift wrapping but the effect is still the same. Ready??? Take a look at my vision for Christmas this year……cue in the  Christmas music:)





Feeling  blue and white Christmas fever coming on? Join the club and forewarning- it’s contagious! By popular demand, here is an ornament guide to give you a  rough idea of how many ornaments we recommend as per the size of a tree. We went through this many times last year with many customers asking us for estimates, this is a rough idea but gives you some guidance (largely depends on if you decorate the entire tree and how full you like it)-



ITEM 1 NEW! Fabulous new ginger jar ornament with all over floral design is a newcomer….this hexagonal beauty measures 6″

$11.00 each or a box of 4 $40.00

ITEM 2. NEW! Beautiful floral ginger jar with Chinese double happiness symbol, measures 6″

$10.00 each or box of 4 $38.00

ITEM 3. NEW! Incredible new chinoiserie all over floral/bird ginger jar. Measures 6″

$11.00 or a box of 4 $40.00

ITEM 4 NEW! This large ginger jar will really make a statement on your tree, 6.25″ gorgeous classic design.

$11.00 each or a box of 4 $40.00

ITEM 5.  NEW! Stunning new trellis/floral jar, measures 5.75″ tall

$10.00 each or a box of 4 $38.00



This fabulous new trellis style pagoda measure 6″ tall

$10.00 each OR a box of 4 $38.00

Here is a picture of one “intact”

ITEM 7 Our fabulous pagodas are coming back. Offered in two solids and one pattern-

7A. The solids are offered in white or navy, both measures 5″

$10.00 each or a box of 4 $35.00 (specify white or blue)

7B. The fabulous white/blue pagoda measures 5″.

$11.00 each or a box of 4 $38.00

ITEM 8. 5″ balls, these highly decorative large balls make a real statement on any tree. The popular pheasant ball is decorated with a pheasant and florals and was one of our best sellers.

$11.00 each or by a box of 4-$38.00

ITEM 9  5″ balls, these highly decorative large balls make a real statement on any tree. The popular classic dragon ball is one of our best sellers.

$11.00 each or sold by the box of 4-$38.00




ITEM 10  Beautiful all over floral balls in two great sizes. Love this ball and it goes beautifully with any ornaments.

5″ ball $11.00 each or a box of 4 for $38.00

4″ ball $9.00 each or a box of 4 $32.00

ITEM 11. Our fabulous navy cherry blossom jar with white blossoms is such an eye catching ornament. Measures 6.25″

$11.00 each of $40.00 for a box of 4


ITEM 12  NEW! The beautiful new Staffordshire dogs! These beauties are 4″ tall and come in three colorways- ivory/gold, black/white and blue/white. These are sure to add so much to any tree they are used on.

$10.00 each or a box of 4 $38.00 (specify color)

12A Ivory/gold 5″


12B Black/white 5″

12C Blue/white 5″




ITEM 13.  Thrilled about the return of our pheasant flat top jar, lovely style and beautiful pheasant design. Measures 4″tall.

$10.00 each or a box of 4 $36.00


ITEM 14  Getting in these fabulous icy blue 5″ balls again. When doing a blue and white tree theses are the perfect finishing touch. They add a lot to the tree and make a beautiful statement, the icy frosted pale blue is such a gorgeous color too.

Only sold as a box of 4- box of 4 $32.00



ITEM 15. The darling foo dog is coming back. This is. a wonderful ornament that measures 4″, works beautifully alongside all the jars and ball ornaments.

$10.00 each or a box of 4 $36.00


ITEM 16. Fabulous white ginger jar with elegant blue floral all over pattern, measure 6″.

$11 each or box of 4 $38.00

ITEM 17.  So happy to be getting this back! Fabulous large flat top all over floral ornament, measures 6″ tall

$11.00 each or box of 4 $40.00

ITEM 18. The return of our darling 4.5″ dragon jar is also coming back and will be a welcome sight.

$9.00 each or a box of 4 $34.00

ITEM 19. Solid balls. We have limited numbers of these fabulous 5″ oversized balls in red, blue, copper and ivory. They have a pearlized finish and really add a lot of impact to any tree especially when paired with our beautiful chinoiserie ornaments.

Box of 4 only $30.00 (specify red, blue, ivory or copper)

ITEM 2o. GIFT TOPPERS! Yes we are getting these back by popular demand, this year offering them in 3 styles. They all  measures 3″ and there is no more fabulous way to wrap up a gift than with these, and they are a gift unto themselves as they are an ornament once the recipient opens their gift! They are also great ornaments for smaller trees or decorating a wreath, which I personally plan to do:)

Sold in 4’s $22.00 for a box of 4



ITEM 20C (this is sadly the pic of the broken one but gives you an idea of the style- sorry)!



One lucky winner will win a box of blue and white ornaments (assorted styles) to give you a heads up on your holiday decorating! Just leave a comment on this post telling us your most favorite ornament(s) and you will be entered! A winner will be announced on Thursday so check back:)

Well, if this doesn’t put you in the mood for the holidays not sure what will! This has me dreaming of tree decorating and wrapping gifts to my hearts content! Just wait till you see the gift wrap, they are a match made in giftwrap/ornament heaven (presale on giftwrap next week) Email or call your order in-


[email protected]


PS As of Wednesday morning our semi annual Antica Farmacista sale is on! Will be on for four days, click here to visit the sale



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My favorite has to be the blue and white foo dog ornaments. They are a great contrast to all of the “jar” shapes and we are major dog lovers with four dogs!

These are fabulous! I have to get lots of Christmas gifts this year and these might just be the perfect thing!!!

Love seeing your tree all decorated! Definitely getting me thinking of all things blue and white for Christmas.

The Staffordshire dogs are my favorite-you can’ miss with these-they are the perfect size for any size tree, it doesn’t matter how formal or informal your style is, they add buckets of charm to any interior style-

I love them all! Love the pagoda gift topper. Can’t wait for the salt and pepper shakers to come in.

After 5 days with no power,water, internet after hurricane Michael, the first thing I check is what did I miss on the enchanted home. Lol. Love the. Foo dogs

Love them all. Especially the new dog ornaments. I can’t wait to start decorating the tree.

These are all so beautiful! Love them all but especially the trellis style pagoda!

Item 10, the all over floral balls, are so beautiful. Using both sizes offered would make for a beautiful Christmas tree.

Absolutely love the entire variety of styles. And, the gift toppers were a big hit last year!

I adore the cute Staffordshire dogs!! They are all fabulous and would be thrilled to win any of them to decorate my tree with blue and white!!!

Love them all, but lucky 13 is my favorite. You tree is absolutely beautiful. I can understand wanting to leave it up now.

Love the classic blue and white double happiness! Will forever be wonderful! Gorgeous ornament to celebrate Jesus Birthday

Love the ginger jars! I could see the majority of these ornaments appropriate for year around displays.

The navy ginger jars (item 11) along with the ice blue balls are the perfect “add to my tree” ornaments this year.

I love all the blue and white ornaments, especially items # 3, 13, 16, and # 20 a&b, the gift toppers are just adorable! I will definitely want these to gift wrap my sisters presents. Wish I could buy enough ornaments to do my small table top tree in just the blue and white. What a wow factor that would be!

LOVE them all! Would be great full to win any of them. Can’t wait to decorate for the Christmas season. You’ve given lots of inspiration!

LOVE them all! Would be greatful to win any of them. Can’t wait to decorate for the Christmas season. You’ve given lots of inspiration!

Your tree- be still my heart! That is the most beautiful Christmas setting I have ever seen Tina!!

Normally we do a gold/red/green tree but now I am thinking I need an all blue and white tree after seeing yours.Too beautiful for words.

Though its hard to name a favorite would have to say all the ginger jars and the cute Staffordshire dogs. I also love the idea of the gift toppers.

You did a beautiful job on this collection, congratulations.

Hi Tina, I love them all and will be placing my order soon. Because I love blue and white so much, I purchased a whole new tree just for my blue and white ornaments! Your new ornament offerings will make my tree, truly unique and gorgeous. I received so many compliments on my blue and white tree last year, that I cannot wait to add some more of the new ones. I cannot wait for Christmas!

My little grandsons would adore the little Staffordshire dogs so I’ll pick those as my most favorite!

I love the gift tag ornaments. I’m decorating table top trees and they are perfect.

Hello from an Irish man who grew up in London, UK and is living in Puglia, Italy!
I love all of them, but my favourite is no.18 the Dragon jar because it’s my sign in the Chinese zodiac system! ? I’ve been looking for ornaments like this all my adult life, I’m now 54 so thank you, thank you. The gift toppers are the next favourites which I will also use as napkin holders for my Xmas tables. ??

I adore the vase gift topper and the floral ball ornaments! These are so beautiful, I can’t wait to snap some up!

Love the white ginger jar with blue floral! But let’s be honest….they’re all really lovely.

Just made my order for the Staffordshire Dog Ornaments; they are so cute! The photos of your home and Christmas Tree are gorgeous! I would leave it up through Christmas too. It takes a lot of time to decorate a tree. Can’t wait for the new wrapping paper and ribbon.

How can you choose? They are all fabulous! Love the new flat top jars and of course the dog ornaments!

Love the gift toppers, versatile for many occassions …

Your tree is breathtaking, Tina!

Who let the Dogs out???? Loving both the Foo and the Staffordshire – so unique and fun. Your tree is amazing!!!

Love them all because they’re beautiful en masse, but I’m into birds so I’ll choose the pheasant ornaments.
Tina your photo shoot is front-page-ready for a December issue of House Beautiful or AD.

I LOVE all of the ornaments, but the Staffordshire dogs are my favorite. I can’t wait to add these to my collection of blue and white ornaments!

Absolutely love the staffordshire dog ornaments! they are going to be my go-to for topping hostess gifts this season!

Love the ginger jar ornaments, large and small. Your lines are busy. Hope I get a call-back soon.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!! This Christmas will be so unique with these beautiful blue and white ornaments!!

Oh I’m so excited about these ornaments! I love the black and white Staffordshire Doggies and the Blue and White Pagodas. All of them will be perfect gift toppers, wreath embellishments, and cake icing.

Item 20c, the gift topper, is adorable. What a lovely add-on to a holiday or anyday gift!

These ornaments are lovely! And my entire house is blue and white and they suit a tree in any room of my home.

They are all so lovely, it is hard to decide a favorite!..but if I must decide, I think it would be the round pheasant ornament! Thanks for the lovelies!!

Love the floral/bird ginger jar, as well as, the pheasant flat top ginger jar. My tree always has a bird theme, so these would be lovely!
Actually I love them all!!

Look forward to your posts every day. My favorite ornaments are the staffirdshire dogs. Have collected these for years but never for a tree.

I adore the dragons! What a great design and addition to traditional Christmas ornaments.

The tree and ornaments are stunning, but the ornament with the double happiness symbol really makes me happy!

I love all the new ones, but my favorite is still the large dragon ball! The decorated tree is gorgeous!

Obsessed with all of these ornaments. It especially love the blue and white ball ornaments. I love mixing these traditional styles into Christmas decor!

Your Christmas picture looks gorgeous! It definitely makes me want to plan for the holidays. Numbers 1 and 17 are may favorites.

Hi Tina, i have several ornaments from last year and can’t wait to get more this year. The new ginger jars are precious. I am in love with all of the toppers as well. Thank you for bringing such loveliness to us.

Your tree is the most beautiful I have ever seen and I have seen some beautiful trees but this one takes the prize- wow!

I love the ornaments, they are the prettiest I have seen anywhere. So so lovely, what a great idea you had to create this. Working on my order and would love to win!

I absolutely love the ginger jars and pagoda! All are so beautiful – never seen anything like it before!!

I am in love with this collection of blue and white ornaments!!! My absolute favorite is the new blue and white Staffordshire dog!! So adorable!!

Love the Staffordshire dogs…in fact ordering as soon as I get done here…..I think I will add a Foo dog too!




I was excited to see the pheasant flat top jar ornament. It is a favorite. So glad that I was able to finally snag some gift toppers!! Last year I waited too long to order and they were all sold out!! Learned my lesson!!

I love the little Staffordshire dogs. They will add personality to any tree. Adorable!!!

You have truly inspired me to start planning Christmas decor! I love the little Too dog ornaments so much!

I love the Staffordshire dogs, but I would be so very happy with any of the blue and white ornaments They are my absolute favorite!!

Do you mind sharing the wall color you used in your blue/white Christmas tree room?

My favorite is still the Navy Cherry Blossom Jar, but all of them are super cute!

Two comments: one, these are absolutely lovely, especially if you want blue white! Two, there is a concept of showing more of the tree itself and not needing to have a minimum 100 ornaments on a 10″ tree. The ornaments themselves become more special.

Wow…nothing could be prettier than having these beautiful blue and white ornaments on a tree!

I can absolutely see mixing and matching a variety of the blue and white balls with solid silver ball to fill my large blue and white platter on my coffee table.

Love, love, love everything but my absolute favorite is the black staffordshire dog! I just ordered some for my tree. Can’t wait! Thank you!

I Love the new ginger jar styles and can’t wait to start decorating( usually the day after Thanksgiving!)

The salt and pepper shakers are over the moon for me, I’m turning them into tassel toppers and shade pulls. So beautiful.

I love 20c…broken or not! I have a perfect little tree that will be extra special with those.

I feel like I’ve been waiting forever! Last year I purchased from the blue and white ornament collection 3 times! I’m looking forward to my first order this year and probably a couple more after that! I think my favorites of the new ones are numbers one and number six!

Tina, I love the Pheasant ornament, will be adding a box of the green ones to my tree this year ?????

All are perfect- But I think that the Trellis Style Pagoda is BEAUTIFUL! Such pretty work & art- Avail as Item 6 & Item 20C

Your tree and the entire setting literally took my breath away!, you are inspiring me to play copycat ?. I actually love all of the ornaments but the new style pagoda and the first three ginger jars are my favorites

Everything is so beautiful! My favorite is the blue and white floral ball ornaments. Thank you for the generous giveaway!

I like the ginger jar ornaments. Thank you for the giveaway. Your tree is beautiful.


I collect Staffordshire dogs so I covet all three ornaments, plus the Foo dog. Oh, I just love ALL of the ornaments!

It’s very hard to choose a favorite, but I do love the new hexagonal ginger jar and the lattice pagoda. Hopefully, I will be adding these beauties to my collection!

Love all the ornaments, simply beautiful. I am decorating several smaller trees this year instead of one giant tree. I look forward to adding to my blue/white collection.

So hard to choose a favorite among these beauties but would have to pick the foo dogs!

I just changed my interior colors to a neutral grey, Benjamin Moore Smoke Embers, to focus on my blue and white pieces. My house hasn’t been changed in 23 years! Can’t wait to hang my Ming Dove curtains to pull my chinoiserie look together.

I have bought a white tree and had planned to collect blue and white ornaments to decorate it with… your collection is absolutely perfect… and I would be honored to win them! I even have ordered blue and white ginger jar gift tags to decorate gifts!

Thank you for considering me! I am in love with these!

Donna from Richmond, VA

I love the 3″ gift topper ginger jars. I want to give these out as small favors for my annual cookie exchange.

The Staffordshire dogs will appeal to so many—animal lovers, Staffordshire lovers, and blue and white lovers. I think Charles Faudree would have loved these!

Tina I have to start by telling you how magnificent your tree is and the way you styled it with all the presents and bows and porcelain pieces is “off the charts” as my kids would say ::-) If I were you I would leave it just like that until Christmas! I also love the way you did the mantle, I think a great post would be a mantle tutorial for us mere mortals who are clueless. I would love to decorate my mantle that way for the holidays. Maybe something to consider?
As far as the ornaments, I can’t pick a single favorite but do love all the new ginger jar styles, large pheasant ball and that little foo dog still is the cutest little dog to me, such a beautiful collection and excellent prices to boot.

Tina you outdid yourself again! Love them all! The gift size are so unique for adding to a package!

It’s so hard to choose! But I did love item number 17 with the striped top! It reminded me of the nutcracker for some reason! This whole post has gotten me so excited!! Thanks Tina for bringing us the most beautiful things! ~Stephanie

Hi Tina,

I have already commented but I wanted to ask if there was any way you could have a blue and white Christmas tree topper. I bought a whole separate tree and bought a basket tree skirt for my tree that I painted blue. But for the grand finale, I would really, really love a blue and white porcelain Christmas tree topper. I know you put these creations together very early in the year but I thought many of us (including myself) would just adore a Christmas tree topper. Keep bringing us your lovely creations! We all love them.

My favorites are the chinoiserie floral/bird ornament, #3, and the stunning ice blue ornament, #14.

The Blue and white ginger jar ornaments are gorgeous but the Staffordshire dog ornaments have my heart! Love them all!!

I loveeee the beautiful chinoiserie all over floral/bird ginger jar!!! They are simply divine. You have converted me to a having a blue and white decorated Christmas tree this year! ♡♡♡♡

Well I love them all, but especially the new ginger jars. And the solid blue ones. Your tree is fabulous.

Tina I am not Christian and do not celebrate Christmas but appreciate the beauty of the holiday.

I just had to comment to tell you that your tree is the prettiest one I have ever seen, simply perfect.

Really enjoy your blog!

All festive but the flat tops and pagodas are my favorites. Looking forward to the announcement for ordering the. holiday gift wrap.

I love the idea of using the ornament as a gift tag and have been doing it for years… not sure I can part with these beauties though….. :-0

The ornaments are such fun and you won’t see them anywhere else. Love the new Staffordshire dogs; think they may have to be gifts to several friends!

The new pagodas are just too cute! Love them and can’t wait to gift them to a friend who is using a pagoda theme in her daughter’s wedding next June. She will love them

I’m so excited about the ginger jar ornaments being in stock again, especially #3! They will complement my hand painted chinoiserie bulbs perfectly. Can’t wait for my order and thinking of skipping Halloween and putting my tree up early.

I love the mini ornament ginger jars. I was fortunate to get some last year and would love to have more. Marie

Tina all these ornaments are absolutely gorgeous . My passion is everything blue and white. I am so looking forward to decorating one of my trees with your beautiful ornament collections. Thank you so much for providing such lovely products!

The Staffordshire dogs – any size – are perfect gifts for friends who not only have dogs but collect antique porcelain and china. Nice work, Tina!

Trellis pagoda and double happiness ginger jar. Just returned from China trip so love love love all of them really?

I love any chinoiserie, a love inherited from my father. I’m lucky enough to have his foo dogs so those have to be my favourite.

my favorite is the navy cherry blossom jar with white blossoms, however its really hard to choose just one 😉 I just found this blog/pin today…made my day!

I absolutely love the dragon!! My mother was born in the year of the dragon and dragons hold a special place in my heart.

I love all the ornaments but especially love the 5″ Staffordshire dogs, #12C. Would love to have them all!!!!

It’s almost impossible to pick only one but I’ll choose Item 11, the navy cherry blossom jar. So beautiful!

I bought several of these last year for myself and as gifts. My friends loved them. And I’m glad there are some new ones.

Be still my ???
The crowning glory on my Blue and White Tree this year will be the adorable Staffordshire dogs! I cannot wait!

The staffordshires spaniel ornaments are just too adorable! Those are definitely my favorite.

I love the classic style of all the ornaments but the ginger jars are my favorite

Your blue and white ornaments are extraordinarily beautiful! I would dearly love to win a set for my tree!

These blue and white ornaments are beautiful and perfect for my small dining room Christmas tree!

I love these! I looked all last year for something like this! These blue and white ornaments are beautiful and perfect for my small dining room Christmas tree!

Oh no, I totally missed this. 🙁 I hope you’ll offer more of those adorable Staffordshire dogs.

These are absolutely stunning! I love that you’ve handpicked so many great styles to compliment each other and make a blue & white Christmas fantasy! I would be so grateful to win a box! ?

Are you going to be getting any of the Ginger jar ornaments in again this year for Christmas? Just curious. I just discovered them & absolutely love them!!!

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