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Hi friends…it was exciting to get our latest container in about a week ago, we are always like kids in candy shop oohing and ahhing over all the new pretties! All presale orders have shipped and as we always do, we hold a two day arrival sale. Some items, we only have 1 or 2 left of and a few we are sold out but there is plenty to go around so today is a great day to take advantage of special savings before these go online for their normal selling price.


For anyone new to these arrival sales, please read over the rules below before placing your order. As always any questions or clarification you might need feel free to call us anytime 800-804-9565.

  • There are TWO ways to order, call or email your order-  call 1-800-804-9565 (Mon- Friday 9:30-5:30 EST). Email all orders to [email protected]
  • IF YOU EMAIL your order in- you MUST include your name, address and phone number for us to send you an invoice
  • You cannot order these online, you MUST call OR email us to place an order
  • Everything shown is in stock and ready to ship!
  • Please refer ONLY to item numbers
  • All porcelains are handpainted not machine made/mass produced
  • Many customers are already in our system but for those who have multiple addresses, you must specify which address you want your items shipped to
  • PLEASE do not submit an order if you cannot pay within 12 hours, this is not fair to us or to others who might want your item
  • Subject to availability, limited numbers of each item
  • We cannot hold items, only once your order is paid for is your order considered a completed order
  • Shipping is extra
  • Final sale
  • Orders over $600 get an extra 10% off
  • Some items are available for international shipping,  you must contact us for a shipping quote
  • Wholesale inquires must call 1-800-804-9565 (9:30-5:30 EST) or visit and register at our NEW wholesale site


ITEM 1. NEW! LOVE this gorgeous new jar, sure to become a favorite and I will be reserving two promptly upon their arrival. Measures 17″ x 11.5″ at its widest

One- $130.00

Pair- $240.00

ITEM 2. Possibly our all time best selling fishbowl is coming home to mama. Love hits piece and the braided handles add that extra special touch. Measures 18″ x 7.5″ H $140.00

ITEM 3. The fabulous mid sized songbird ginger jar with foo dog lid is a beauty. This jar has a lot of white space so it’s very eye catching and works nicely with an existing vignette. Measures 17.5″

One $125.00

Pair $240.00

ITEM 4. Love this figurine square tea jar. The scenery is handpainted on all four sides, unique beautiful jar! Measures 12″ x 8″ square

One $105.00

Pair $190.00

ITEM 5. Gorgeous figurine/scenic jumbo fishbowl. This is a beauty indoors or out. I have this and it survived beautifully in our harsh NY winters. I also have it indoors and have a large palm in it….so beautiful. Measures 20″ x 21″



Our best selling bowl, the extra large oversized village scene fishbowl is a beauty. Gorgeous classic scenery is handpainted on entire circumference of this elegant bowl. Perfect for a centerpiece, even planted with orchids, this could be spectacular! Measures 17″ x 10″  round


ITEM 7. Finally got these beauties back and ordered plenty to be sure we do not sell out! This incredibly elegant scalloped planters are my all time favorites. Everything about them, from the scalloped profile, to the pierced base and the handpainted panels is just the height of elegance. Gorgeous for orchids or any holiday flower/plant. Truly spectacular.

7A. Round floral/village scene round hexagon scalloped planter featuring six distinct scenes (village and floral) measures 14.5″ x 9″ $175.00

7B. This fabulous octagonal rectangular pierced scalloped planter features a stunning village/floral scene. Measures 9″ x 14.5″ $170.00

ITEM 8. Love these darling cups/holders. Perfect for things like pens, makeup brushes, paint brushes,etc….these cuties measure 5.5″ x 6.5″. Specify style, figurine or floral.

$28.00 either style

8A Figurine $28.00

8B Lotus

ITEM 9. Adore this classical dragon garden seat and two grace my own patio. A perfect substitute as an end table or a extra seat indoors and out! Measures 18″ tall


ITEM 10. This cutie is a perfect size jar, to use as part of a new vignette or add to an existing. A great mantle jar as well. I have used it with the top off to create a beautiful floral vessel, and how cute is the foo dog lid. Great mid sized jar. Measures 16″ tall

One $90.00

Pair $170.00

ITEM 11. If I could only take one ginger jar to a remote island this wold be one of the two that I would take, seeing is believing and this jar is unbelievable in person. Truly gorgeous and very substantial, looks like a million dollars! Measures 22″ x 13″

One $175.00

Pair $330.00



ITEM 12. Beautiful double happiness flat top mid sized jar, everyone’s friend! This just fits in so easily to an existing vignette, and a great jar for mantles too! Measures 8″ x 8.5″

One $65.00

Pair $12o.00

ITEM 13. Another favorite, own tow and they re beautifully displayed in my living room. A very very impressive jar, this is one grand piece. Love the extra details of the foo dog handles and “floral handles”, beautiful hand painted scene on entire jar. Big enough to even use on a fireplace heath, which I recently did for a design customer, this is a true beauty! Measures 22.5″ tall

One $205.00

Pair $395.00

Below are pictures taken of the actual jar in my warehouse, shows the incredible detail and intricate peacock design

ITEM 14. Our stunning cherry blossom mid sized fishbowl is just waiting for your personal touch! Whether used with a boxwood ball, a topiary or filled with flowers, this is a porcelain collectors must have, great for indoor and outdoor use! Measures 12.5″ x 9.5″


ITEM 15. This fabulous new arrival is a stunning village scene jumbo fishbowl that has been super well received. We got in a limited number of these beauties and indoors or out….this is a serious must have. Perfect for a large scale topiary or a 36″ big boxwood ball or a palm indoors. Measures 24″ x 22″

$345.00 (requires freight shipping to insure safe arrival) *very limited numbers

ITEM 16. This new mid sized fishbowl is beautifully handpainted in this most elegant village scene. A great piece for indoors or out, good size too! Measures 17.5″ x 18″

$225.00 *very limited numbers

ITEM 17. This gorgeous new arrival is a fabulous navy cherry blossom vase, perfect for your weekly flowers! The cherry blossom design is a classic and fits in beautifully to any decor. Measures 16.5″

One $105.00

Pair $190.00


Let’s end this with a bang, one of my all time favorites this is a true heirloom quality ginger jar is finally coming nome after being gone for months and months.  And yes, this is the other one I would take to a deserted island:)

This is very large and makes a major statement.  Measures 27″ x 13.5″, be prepared to be wowed! An all time favorite with good reason, this is the kind of jar that evokes ginger jar envy!  This jar would be quadruple these prices in other high end porcelain store, so this is  a steal!

One $235.00

Pair $450.00

ITEM 19 These double happiness jars are very tall and dramatically beautiful. I can see a pair on a console or sideboard, with or without tall branches or cherry blossoms. I could also see beautiful evergreen branches for the holidays too.This is one incredibly impressive vase.  Measures 25″ tall $155.00

ITEM 20 Pumpkins! These are just arriving as of today, all presale orders are shipping out Wed and Thursday. Once those are all shipped, we will start getting out the arrival sale pumpkins. These are officially for sale, and let me tell you they are fabulous.

What a beautiful tribute to fall to bring out every year (or be like me, and keep them out year round)! I plan to add one or two new pumpkins to this beautiful pumpkin family every season. These come in their own white Enchanted Home gift box with logo….perfect for gift giving!

Small $50.00

Medium $55.00


Set of 3 $185.00


We always offer up a giveaway to celebrate a new coming container. One lucky winner will win their choice of these wonderful pen/brush/utensil holders. Choose either lotus or figurine. A winner will be announced on Thursday. Leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite item and you are in the running!


So much to love and what could make us blue and white lovers happier than adding a piece of blue and white to our homes! I know with me, getting a new “member of the family” always puts a little pep in my step:) See something calling your name, then just email or call-


[email protected]

That’s a wrap for today. Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a fantastic day and hope your week is off to a great start! Can you believe its the last week of October, s c a r y! Time is going by way too fast, where is that pause button when we need it! Until next time…………….

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The village scene bowl is lovely, and I need a large fishbowl! Good thing the holidays are coming…have to put them on my wishlist for Santa!

Always lovely. And i was just saying aren’t those adorable cups, I don’t remember seeing those before!

Dear Santa,
I want one of the cherry blossom fishbowls for my dining room table, please. It’s my favorite. I’ve been a good girl!

The navy cherry blossom vase is stunning….so much so that I am buying a pair as a belated birthday present to MYSELF!!

I choose the scalloped planter (7b) for my credenza and the Lotus brush holder if I win.

Absolutely love all of your blue and white hand painted ceramics! I love the lotus cup!

The pumpkins are something I can’t get enough of, they are so clean and sleek! BUT, The little cups stole my heart. Can you imagine these with 3 sprigs of lucky bamboo growing out of them as a Holiday gift! Oh My.

My heart swoons for item 15, the jumbo fishbowl planter. Would love to have one in my dining room for a tall tree. It’s stunning!

I love the ginger jar that evokes ginger jar envy! It will have a special place in my home.

Love all the blue and white. If I had my pick it would be number ten. I just love a foo dog and think this is just as cute as it gets. Once again everything is wonderful.

Picturing the gorgeous Cherry Blossom fish bowl in my sunroom with a Topiary ball to top it off!

I love the darling pumpkins and would choose the lotus cup if I win. Thanks for providing this giveaway!

My favorite items are the new Fall pumpkins! I love them, you cannot find anything like them anywhere else.

The cherry blossom vase definitely is a favorite. It’s similar to a favorite lamp that’s been in my family for years.

The pair of figurine square tea jars are my favorite in this collection. However, all the pieces are very special, Tina.

I’m with you on #11! That ginger jar is the most beautiful one in your collection!

Kim FelloI have some of your big jars and you're really large plates, I will say that straight fishbowl is calling my name :-)ws says:

I just have to say 18 has been on my wish list for a very long time. So good to see it back!

Love them all, but 7B is one of my favorites.
I purchased the pen/pencil holder. Though it appears white, it really is a gray. Was a little disappointed, but it is lovely.

My absolute favorite is the jumbo fish bowl. But of course, I cannot resist those pumpkins.

Beautiful as always! Love #2 and #6. So many fun ways to use all of your Blue and White .

I agree, # 11 , the pair of Ginger jars are perfection! The giveaway small jar would be a great addition to a vanity set.

Ooooops !!! forgot to mention I LOVE the garden seat! I just love the waves on the bottom and the dragon looks so friendly!

So hard to choose- all soooo beautiful! Love that they are handpainted- the quality is evident!

We are in the process of building an outside room. Giant jars would be perfect on either side of the outdoor fireplace in niches.

Picking one item is hard when you want it all! I would love to have a pair of item number 15 – the jumbo fishbowl! They would look amazing on my porch!

The dragon garden seat is my favorite piece. It is so versatile, I can think of many ways to use it in my home.

Its very difficult to choose just one item! They are all amazing, but if I had to choose just one it would be the double happiness jar. It is spectacular in the picture…I can only imagine it in person!

The dragon garden seat will always be my favorite! So many ways to use…versatile and timeless!

I’m loving item #18! Really, all your items today…..and yes, the lotus pen/brush/utensil holder???

I love the lotus flower pencil holder; it’s definitely my favorite. Anything from nature, I am drawn to. <3

I really like #7B the scalloped pierced planter. It has an old world, antique feel. Very beautiful.

So many new loves! I actually like the pencil cup. But my favorite this go around is #9 the garden seat. I really like the design they painted on this . My birthday is in February, but might have to treat myself. No tricks!

My fav? Has to be the navy cherry blossom vase. So elegant, so classic…will never go out of style!

Item 2, the fishbowl is so special and would be the perfect touch in so many places! I can see it filled with jumbo pinecones, ornaments and magnolia leaves for the holidays.

Item 2, the fishbowl is so special and would be the perfect touch in so many places! I can see it filled with jumbo pinecones, ornaments and magnolia leaves for the holidays. There are many other “favorites” as well!

My favorite is #4. The square tea jar. Everything is lovely though. Everything I have purchased from you is my favorite! 🙂

I keep missing out on the large bowl. I hope I can get in line for one in the next shipment. LOVE every piece I have bought from you!!

I love the pumpkins, I have so many blue and white jars in my living room, that the pumpkins will be a nice change

Can’t wait till my pumpkins arrive. I could sit on the garden seat to wait for them.

Love #2 to put greens in as a filler n put silverware wrapped in Christmas napkin tied with a bow on my server for Christmas brunch also love #6 would put on dining table with poinsettias for the Holidays

I love the very large ginger jars for the sides of my Sheraton sideboard in the foyer. Extra special!

The pumpkins and the giveaway containers (pen/brush/utensil holders) are my favorites! Everything looks great!

Love the giant fishbowls! Enjoy reading your beautiful blog and I’m hoping I win the figurine pen holder!

I love the pumpkins and the garden stool. Though they are all very beautiful. Who can resist blue and white porcelain.

I just LOVE the pumpkins for fall! What a great unexpected color palette of blue/white with rusty orange and yellow leaves……swoon!

Waited for #18 to come back in stock and I got a pair. They are magnificent and a great addition to my blue and white collection.!

I love, love, love item #11. I would love to have a pair of them to place together under my dining room sideboard.

Love your blog and adore so many of the blue and white porcelain items being sold! Need to sleep on this tonight; they are all speaking to me but I need to decide which are calling the loudest, asking to be added to my collection.?
I will return – probably sometime tomorrow afternoon!

Was eyeballing these mini cups anyway! I must not be the only one who loves them, since they’re the prize!

Dear Tina
Really enjoyed your photos of Savanna!
My favorite is # 13! Lots of beautiful pots.
Thank you.

Item 6.I LOVE your best selling extra large bowl. It is a great size and has so, so, so many uses. The village scene is gorgeous.

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