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Hello! Hope all is well on your end and that you  are having a wonderful week. Here enjoying such a great week in Palmetto Bluff and I have to say the weather has been nothing less than a perfect 10. Spectacular…70’s, sunny, breezy, my most favorite kind of weather!

I am having such a nice time spending this week with friends and have to say it is much needed downtime,. The older I get the more I realize the necessity to find time to completely unplug.  I feel like I am building and reserving my much needed energy for the marathon long days that lie ahead during the bustling holiday season.

We have had such a relaxing time getting to fully unplug, long bike rides, going into Savannah, keeping as busy (or not) as we wish. I think we can all agree our favorite thing to do is either sitting on my porch later afternoon with wine or our long, leisurely bike rides . Thought I would do my random musings post but a Savannah edition based upon our day spent there, so here we go-


The one and only Forsyth Park and this iconic fountain, always feel like I stepped back in time and onto the set of Midnight in the Garden of good and evil!

Lots of cute little coffee shops where weary shoppers in need of a break and dogs are all welcome!

The sight of the beautiful squares/fountains with the added layer of the fabulous trees and moss just take your breath away and are quintessentially southern!

Loved this beautiful building, apparently it was one of the most expensive homes to build back in the late 1800’s- at that time nearly $170,000 ( a fortune back then)!

The original cotton exchange!! Fascinating history

Always enjoy my lunches at The Vault in downtown Savannah

So fun getting to see movie prep in action, the Disney company was setting up for filming of the new “Lady in the Tramp”

Fun seeing the many tours out and about almost on every block

A nice place to stop in for tea (a former apocaparthy shop)

How fun is this? A little cafe (part of SCAD) that moved a double decker into their space and turned it into part of the establishment…clever!

Enjoyed seeing all the beautiful metal work on almost all buildings and that dogs are very welcome in Savannah:)

A cute new bar we stopped in to

The famous Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

Looks like a piece of art!

SCAD’s presence is felt practically at every corner

Just a few of the elegant rooms at Olde Pink House

Beautiful monuments at almost every square, each with a story to tell-

We came home and I gave them a tour of the incredible stables at Palmetto Bluff, a world class facility that would make any horse feel like he won the equestrian lottery! Here is the elegantly appointed club room.

And look how picture perfect this is….a painters class was taking place and they could not have had a more beautiful backdrop or day!


Tour guide- Need an amazing tour guide who knows everything? Look no further and call Robert (use him every time and he is wonderful) 1-912-441-9277

Restaurants- Circa 1875, Old Pink House, Husk, The Vault, 45 Bistro, Alligator Soul, Mrs. Wilkes Boarding room (for a quintessential southern lunch)

Landmarks- You have to visit the squares, they are the foundation of this great city and each has a charm uniquely it’s own. Forsyth Park of course, the many chapels, Victory Drive for the elegant old beautiful homes, visit the Telfair Museum (oldest in the southeast), Bonaventure cemetery,

Shopping- The retail scene is spread out all over the city, the little area where Number Four Eleven is has some charming shops and there are many unique shops exclusive to Savannah spread out all over the city, so you just need to start walking and chances are you will find a shop worth going into:)

Hotels- Cannot really comment as I am not that up on the hotel scene, however the tourism seems to be booming and several new hotels are popping up. The newest is Perry Lane, a beautiful boutique hotel with a rooftop bar that is supposed to be fabulous.


Savannah is a wonderful, old beautiful city that explodes with a wealth of a rich and colorful history.  Strolling the cobblestone streets under the canopies of hundred year old live oaks dripping with moss makes you feel like you have gone back in time. Being able to dive into the history of Savannah is such a treat I can’t get enough and every tour I learn something new.

It is always fun to see the city through another persons eyes and I am fortunate that it’s only about 25-30 minutes away from Palmetto Bluff. I must say though returning to the comfort and welcoming arms of Palmetto Bluff is always a wonderful treat and a  sight for sore eyes at the end of a long day and we took advantage of every minute-

And would you just look at the sunsets we have had two nights in a row!!! I want to to paint this…..just wish I knew how to paint!

Such fun! Thanks for stopping by, and wishing everyone a fantastic evening. Until next time………..

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What a beautiful city. Thank you, General Sherman ?? and thanks for sharing, Tina!

I doubly love your posts on beautiful Palmetto Bluff. I enjoyed the virtual tour of Savannah, one of my favorite Southern cities. My son lives there and is the weekday morning Meteorologist for WJCL. If you are ever in PB on a weekday and rise very early in the morning, watch him deliver a wonderful forecast to plan your day! Spoken like a proud mom, I know. ?Love your blog and Enchanted Home…can’t wait to pull out my Christmas ornaments!

My City- so glad you appreciated what Savannah has to offer. Just got back from summer in the mountains and was craving the beautiful Live Oaks with dripping Moss.
Lived downtown for years but now just over (THE) Moon River bridge- Johnny Mercer was a native son.
Hard to beat the Low Country.

I love Savannah! So cool to see it through your lens. Don’t you love the pink house? Do you ever sit downstair in front of the fireplace with a drink?

Have a great tie.

Thank you so much for sharing your pictures. Your phone takes great pictures! Loved seeing it ALL, especially love the Olde Pink House, it has a great basement bar. I love Savannah and Charleston. I’m glad that Savannah is so dog friendly but just wish that Tybee beach was! It may be by now. Folly Beach is very dog friendly though.

Love PB and Savannah! Have you tried “The Ordinary” in Savannah? They have the best Vodka Basil Gimlets and Oysters Rockefeller.

Tina, you live a beautiful life. Thanks for sharing it with us. Savannah truly is a special city that I too have enjoyed and look forward to my return. Happy Halloween!

One of my very favorite cities!! SCAD is a wonderful place to design book shop. Always wanted to spend a yr. living there and attending SCAD. The cemetery south of town is amazing, the tombstones unreal and the drive into it is like being in a painting with the trees reaching over the road to form a bower of sorts. If you haven’t been there I would highly recommend it.

Always fly into Savannah on our way to Hilton Head. Have stayed in the carriage house at the Gastonian, a luxe B&B on E Gaston St, where many of the old mansions have been converted into boutique hotels. Love how dog-friendly the city is, but that could be because their owners are equally considerate. There’s definitely a more gentile vibe in Savannah and Charleston where people still say ‘Good Morning’ to strangers they pass on the sidewalk – you say that to someone in NY and you get growled at!

Loved the pictures, what a beautiful and charming city! Must get there one day…had to laugh at myself, when I saw the picture of the city dog pound picture, I thought “how charming, they use an old car that looks right out of Disney’s Lady and the Tramp!” Then I read your caption…silly me!

Fell in love with Savannah – was there in September – your photos brought back pleasant memories‼️

I also recently visited Savannah and this brought back all the lovely memories. I wish my pictures turned out as good as yours! To anyone who hasn’t been, it is truly a magical place and every few feet there is something new and breathtaking. I really enjoyed the Gryphon. I completely agree with all the recommendations. There is a feeling that Savannah gives you that is like no other. If you are looking for references to Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil, there are tours based solely on that. I wasn’t able to take one while I was there but the cafe and other notable places are easily found if that is your interest. Thank you for sharing, Tina!

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