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Hello,  I had fun the other day taking a little time off to do what I love most, play around the house, do a little holiday decorating and “table dress up”. I am deciding how I will do my Christmas table this year. It is always fun to change things up a bit.  There is nothing quite like the magnificent gleam of silver during the holidays. Don’t you agree? And to prove my point, I have put together a post showing all the beautiful ways that silver can be used to add some holiday sparkle to your home.

We just got in a huge replenishment of our silver to have great stock for holiday entertaining, including the chargers, planters, serving pieces, mini table lamps and candelabras!

One of my proudest accomplishments was bringing my carefully curated silver collection to life. When I couldn’t’ find pieces I loved (that were new) I started creating my own little line of silver which has grown considerably. Apparently many of you out there also want to see high quality, affordable old world looking silver too!

Offering a fun gift with purchase- for every $100 spent on silver you get a gorgeous mint julep, you get  one for every $100 spent! This will end Sunday evening. Click here to see the entire silver collection.


I am also offering a fun silver giveaway,   all details at bottom of this post. So what do you think about silver? Love it? If you are not sure, this post just might hopefully change your mind. To me, few things are as elegant and beautiful as silver but add it to the magic of the holiday season and the effect is pure “wow”!

So let me demonstrate and show you all the ways I love to use silver during the holidays, well actually year round:)


Nothing like the sparkle of silver on a table, everything here is from my shop except the china (which is from

My beloved chargers were created because I loved the look of silver charges but had a very hard time finding them. I finally found a set of 12 but they were antique and extremer expensive. Plus 2 weren’t in great condition so began the idea. It took months to have it materialize but was it every worth the wait! Shown here are my square scalloped chargers, we just got them in again but they are going fast!

And love my round pierced chargers, aren’t these wonderful! So elegant, very similar to the antique pair I had found but in perfect condition:)

The incredible covered platter looks like a valuable family heirloom, this is one piece that really can elevate a table to new heights, it is spectacular!

Love using my planters as the most elegant utensil holders, especially gorgeous on a buffet table!

Ad my fabulous serving pieces are spectacular looking and so reasonable!

One of my biggest successes has been my silver mini table lamps, they use a votive and are simply exquisite. Now offered in three classic styles, if you are looking for something to have everyone oohing and ahhing, this is your piece!

Our large beverage wine cooler is incredible!! I have used it so many ways, as a punch bowl, to serve wine/champagne at parties and even a huge shrimp cocktail. It is a beauty!

Our large beverage wine cooler is incredible!! I have used it so many ways, as a punch bowl, to serve wine/champagne at parties and even a huge shrimp cocktail. It is a beauty!

The mint juleps see double duty, they make the pretties holders when creating a tray of appetizers, perfect for nuts, dips, chips and more

Another large planter which I have used as a wine cooler

Love my stag wine holder and cooler, the larger hammered bucket is also offered in a larger size which is a perfect ice bucket, these both make great hostess gifts as well

These mint juleps offered in three sizes are incredibly versatile and work for so many things. I also took the wine cooler in center and used it as an elegant planter for a spray of white roses….see, super versatile!

Whats prettier than water or any type of drink being served in a fabulous silver pitcher, we have three beautiful styles. The one above I bring out every holiday





One lucky winner is going to win this fabulous silver bowl/planter which is not only incredible filled with flowers of any kind, holiday plants,etc…but also makes a wonderful utensil holder if serving for a group (looks so elegant on a table)!

Just visit our silver  by clicking here and come back and tell me your favorite piece or two. That;s it, it will put you in the running and I will announce a winner this Sunday!



For every $100 spent you get one of our gorgeous mint juleps! So spend $200, get 2 and spend $300 and you get 3, etc…….this offer will end Sunday evening, Dec.9th.


Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a wonderful day and great end to your week. I have a feeling many people are going to be busy busy this weekend doing holiday decorating, myself included:) Until next time……….

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Elizabeth Kelly on


Elizabeth Kelly on

Stunning table!

Eve on

Love the large punch bowl. Can be used in so many ways.

Kathy on

The silver planter I bought for my daughter a few years ago was suppose to be no tarnish but it is not it is terribly tarnished?

Trish Hertsgaard on

My favorites are the silver planters, because of their versatility, and the mini table lamps. These create such an intimate glow for the table and I love that.

jill on

I’ve asked Santa for the large domed platter but not sure I’ve been good enough this year. Usually Santa is good to me so maybe it’s under the tree?

Mary Alice Taylor on

My fav’s are etched Mint Julep and large planter so versatile! The serving pieces come in 3rd and would b an addition to myVictorian pieces I hunt high n low for while antiquing. Inspired

Sandy w on

I love the chargers and the mini lamps. But it’s all beautiful

Betty Sue Newton on

I have always loved wreaths for any holiday, but especially Christmas. So my favorite piece of silver is your mint julep cups with the wreaths! “Hands down” my favorite! Thank you for your wonderful designs and a Merry Christmas!

Natalie on

I love how you use your large punch bowl with ice to cool drinks. It is very elegant! Happy Holidays!

Lauren on

I love the silver planter/beverage tub! Beautiful collection of silver. ❤️

Liana on

So beautifully put together. Always exciting to see such lovely displays.

Rose Frasher on

The ornate round chargers and large punch bowl.

Marilyn on

Love it all, but the square charger is over the top for Me!

Cindi T on

The Chippendale gallery tray is on my Christmas list, although it was also on my birthday list. Can only hope that Santa is paying more attention.

Michelle B on

The silver embossed bowl is so gorgeous. I love the texture it adds 🙂

Eileen on

I bought the beaded table top lamp and am thinking about more. They are so sweet and versatile.

Mary Noel on

Love ALL of your silver, but the napkin rings have long been a favorite of mine. Obviously, others love them too, since I see that a lot of styles are sold out!

christine on


Peggy on

I love the mint julep cup with the wreath on it. I also love the small lamps, which would look great down the center of the dining table.

Bev on

Love the “punch bowl” and planters as wine coolers

Millie Drehmel on

Nothing says Holidays like freshly polished silver ( old and new!) mixed with fresh flowers and greens of all types. Your chargers and beverage tubs grace not only my table, but mantle as well. Really NEED some julip cups with the wreaths to add another layer!

Tim on

Love the covered platter.

Janelle Seebach on

Love the domed silver, stag horn wine cooler, and mint julep cups!! All fabulous!!

Linda on

The mini lamps are so pretty! And I love the chargers too.

Linda Primeaux on

How can I comment on just one or two silver favorites? Your selection of all of these silver pieces are absolutely gorgeous! I see so much variety in the pieces from the mint julep cups, like the Kentucky Derby (Run for the Roses) to elegant (Downton Abby) formality. My choices are:
1) Silver Square Charger; a must for formal Downton Abby table settings. As all the other ornate chargers.
2) Beaded Tabletop Lamps, like so chic uptown dinner clubs from the 40’s and 50’s years ago. I can see Betty Davis from across the room. Love it!

Christy on

What is the name of the china pattern you show in the first photos with the chargers? Love it!!

Pam Kelley on

So excited to have just ordered 4 of your beautiful chargers… I have 12 silver chargers originally purchased from Ralph Lauren home… Your bamboo styled chargers will go perfectly with my others. As for which piece of your collection is my favorite….. Hard choice, however one can never have too many trays 🙂 Cheers!

Nancy on

Mini lamps, pierced basket bowls, planters. Love them all and I would be thrilled to receive the gorgeous bowl/planter.

Carol M on

The mini table lamps are my favorites! Each style is so lovely.

Anita. on

The serving pieces and the candle lamps are among my favorites. They also make lovely gifts.

Donna Dowd on

The gorgeous and versatile punch bowl and the table lamps captured my heart!

Meg A on

I still use the silver tray I ordered from you years ago.! The mint juleps with a wreath are lovely and the planter/beverage tub is so clean lined and classic. Hard to choose just one item!

Cindy on

I do love all your silver & own a bit. One of my current favorites is the STAG WINE HOLDER. I use one for wine & my other for a soap dish. I put a rubber soap strainer in it and use it by my bathtub.

Regina S. on

The tall silver pitcher is perfection!

Mary M on

I love the mini lamps and square scalloped chargers!

Lynne on

I love the mini table lamps

Carole Potter on

Love the serving pieces!

Maria on

I love the julep cups in all the different sizes. The ways to use them are endless!

Daryl on

The etched mint julep cups are the best! The perfect size and so versatile!

dale on

The. Domed platter is magnificent. It would finish any table.

Nancy on

Gorgeous table! Favourites…mini table lamps (which I have purchased) and the square charger.

Mona on

Simply Gorgeous! Love the square chargers.

Fern Kohler on

Absolutely love love the large chippendale gallery tray! It is so beautiful! Also love the large punch bowl.

Lauren Hitter on

Without a doubt the giveaway planter is my favorite – just gorgeous. My second and about to be purchased are two of the table lamps which I will use on my kitchen island – surrounded by a buffet of snacks for our new house move in opening party – If I ever move in!! Seems like it’s never going to happen. I’m sure any of you that have built your dream home from scratch would say the same! I just wish it had happened before Christmas..

M C Galloway-Davis on

It was difficult to choose favorites. I particularly like the large scale tray and the table lamps. Very nice assortment of pieces.

Maureen Winchell on

You really want us to pick just one favorite??

Bettina Woodring on

In love with the tall embossed water pitcher….omg!! Also any of the chargers.

Linda G. on

Love all of your pieces. The silver pitcher is my favorite!

Vanessa on

What a beautiful set of ideas for the holidays, thank you so much for all the inspiration! Love the silver pitcher, it is Perfect! So enjoy your blog and all the blue and white pieces I have purchased from you.

Judy on

Absolutely love the square silver chargers!! Want to add 8 to my silver closet!!!

Amal Elhage on

Water pitcher, punch bowl and planter/beverage tub!

Susan on

Classy snd elegant

Martha McC on

I’m regretting I didn’t buy table lamps and a punch bowl! So pretty!

Christopher Brackett on

Oh my goodness- the silver square chargers are the most exquisite things I have ever seen….I must have them in my collection. You have impeccable taste. I’m in awe of all your amazing items that you offer.

Jennifer Jones McIntyre on

Happy Holidays Tina !!

I just love your post this morning on adding silver to the table – I’ve shared with a few friends.

All the pieces are lovely, but I especially admire the stag deer wine coaster. I think I might need two !!
Have a great day.

Sherri Mccormick on

The table lamps are so elegant.

Connie Windham on

Absolutely nothing more elegant than beautiful silver. I especially love the idea of utensils in the silver bucket and the mint juleps for appetizers. Wonderful ideas and truly beautiful items!

Tempie on

The large planter. Do you have the cloche featured on your table for sale.i have a collection hanging on my dining room would be great to have one for the center of the table.

cheryl p on

I love how you have shown your readers different ways the mint julep cups can be used! I could use the large size! And I must tell you I ordered one of your new mini silver lamps, and it is just so beautiful and well made. Thank you for adding it to your silver pieces. Happy Holidays!

Vicki C. on

My favorite item is the large punch bowl.

Kimberly A on

Your silver mixes beautifully with our heirloom sterling. There is an elegance and beauty in silver that complements crisp linen and fine china. I would use the large bowl for lots of festive bubbly!

Christine on

My favorite item of silver in your shop is the large candelabra. It instantly elevates every table setting whether it be an intimate dinner in the dining room, or an alfresco meal on the patio.

Suzanne on

Love your scalloped table top lamps. So beautiful and elegant, and could be used so many different ways.

Kathy on

Tina, I am so thankful you have “curated” and developed this wonderful line! I love silver, have collected it for years, and am having a most difficult time finding any new silver out there. It seems to require hunts through antique stores and occasional yard sales to ever snag a piece. Of your line, there is absolutely nothing less than beautiful. But I am loving the domed covered serving platter, all the chargers (the squares are unique show stoppers), and the lovely pierced chippendale tray. Well done! You make this girl very happy. And the photographs you have posted- well, just WOW!

Vickie on

The Vicky Archer flatware and the equestrian horseshoe min juleps are two faves.

Cathi R on

Tina, first, your pictures, above, are just fabulous! Your silver is just stunning and I’m so thankful you have created this beautiful collection. I have given several pieces as wedding gifts ~ and I own your beautiful etched serving pitcher. I love ALL your chargers and was so sad to see that the etched ones are all sold out; I likely would have begun my charger collection! I also love the domed covered serving platter. Actually, I love it all!

Caroline on

#1 love the large flared silver planter #2 the small etched pierced sliver planter, All beautiful!

Leslie on

I love the table lamp. I think it would be so beautiful on the dining room table, or on a vanity in the bathroom.

Susan on

Oh how I covet the covered platter!

Rachael W on

I love the wine bucket planter with etch work….gorgeous!!

Arlene on

I love the octagonal bamboo chargers. Would go great with my pagoda silverware I got from you. Love my place settings of that too.

Hildred Sullivan on

The Elegant Silver Beverage Tub is my absolut favorite! I had stopped using my silver serving pieces the last few years except for my but you are inspiring me to take it out again! Have a wonderful holiday season!

Joan on

I keep coming back to the Silver Bamboo Mini Table Lamp w/ Beaded Shade. Besides gracing the dining table, think one would look perfect on the vanity in my main bath, holding a battery-operated votive (just to be on the safe side) during the holidays!

Catherine Shell on

I love the pierced bowls but also the large containers that can be planters or serving pieces such as the punch bowl.

Deri Terry on

I love the tabletop candle lamps and the Incredible Ornate Centerpiece Display Piece.
Thank you,

Natalie H on

Love the chargers and the mint julep cups!

Donna on

I have the silver lamps for each seat at my dining room table, and I love, love, love them. I also love the small and medium mint juleps. Perfect for snacks at a party. Thank you for the giveaway!

Valerie on

It’s difficult to choose. I love your etched planters as the square chargers.
The real question should be is there a least favorite ?

Kathy M on

Absolutely love the round chargers and mint julep cups. But it all is lovely, and your table is beautiful

Lynne on

My favorite silver piece is the etched silver planter with lions rings. Just stunning….

Charna Wiese on

It’s so hard to choose!!!
I have to say I LOVE the incredible three tiered server. I can envision it with bon bons mixes with mini ornaments for Christmas dinner, tiny pastries for Easter.. and lovely lemons in the middle of summer!!! I wouldn’t mind completing the table with the tea light lamps at every other place as well!!
Beautiful !!!

Joan on

I love the look of silver beverage coolers. The table lamps are also a favorite!

Joan on

Love love love the chargers!

Melissa Moore on

The Stunning Silver Etched Water Pitcher truly is stunning!

Linda S. on

I especially like the mid sized elegant planter. Perfect for my Christmas dinner table.

Judy Toline on

The punch bowl?

Trudi on

Dear Tina,

My favorite silver pieces are the Bamboo flatware and the bamboo serving pieces.

Cindy on

My very favorite item is the silver punch bowl! It is so elegant and has many uses. But I also love ALL of the planters.!!!

Susan on

The silver punchbowl is exquisite! Can be used year round for formal and informal gatherings!

Judy on

All of your silver pieces are so versatile. I do love the Embossed Lion Ring Centerpiece Bowl and the Etched and Footed Scalloped Planter. Your tables are so festive and I can’t believe the reasonable prices. Merry Christmas!

Kelly Hinkley on

What a fabulous looking give away! I also really like the square charger and the mint julep cups. Love your idea of using them on a tray for nibble’s.

Karen McLeod on

Love all the beautiful silver planters.

Diana T on

I just love your mint juleps:) So classic and elegant. I love your display with white roses and I can see they are great for snacks on a buffet too!

Deanna on

Love the following three pieces…the Christmas Wreath Mint Juleps, the Incredible Silver Embossed Bowl and the Mini Table Lamps. They are the perfect special touches.

Linda colburn on

The mini table lamps are my favorite!

Christine on

A girl can never have too many trays and your selection is superb ! So many shapes and sizes to be used in many ways other than serving . I’ve been on the search for a 3 tiered silver tray and I found it here ! The footed silver bowls and planters have beautiful details . Impossible to choose a favorite. After Christmas , I will be treating myself to an item or two !

Mickey on

I love your reeded ball flatware.

Myrna on

I love the Etched Silver Planter with Lion Rings and the Silver Embossed Bowl. Lovely!

Brenda M on

Love the idea of the planter as utensil holder, quite chic!

Marilyn on

The bowl is my favorite.

Alissa on

The planters and punch bowl are gorgeous, and I’m always a big fan of mint julep cups!

Kim W-S on

I love all of it, but the water pitcher is something that jumped off the page to me. There’s nothing more beautiful, and I don’t mind to polish it either. It just comes to life in front of you.

Gina M on

The fabulous square chargers would be perfect with my pagoda flat wear!

Regina on

Large punch bowl

Linda Clark on

I love them all but the little table lamps are precious!

Tina Woodward on

Love all the pieces but most especially the mini silver table lamps, large pierced bowl, and the large planters!!!

Frannie B. on

So many choices, what a hard job even picking out one or two, however, I have forced myself to select two. First, the Footed Scalloped Planter and second, the Water Pitcher. We are fortunate to be able to share your love of fine things.

Laurie Smith on

I love all of the silver planters and the round silver hammered chargers. You have a lovely collection of silver items!

Elaine McCarty on

Love all the chargers!

Jeanne on

The embossed bowl, fluted pitcher, and punch bowl are some of my favorites. Soooo lovely! Happy Holidays!

Jean on

Gold is to me what silver is to you! Wish you were a fan of gold cause I would love the mini table lamps!!!

Carmen on

I love all your silver pieces but I would choose for my Christmas table Pierced round changer and Bamboo flatware because they’re so elegant and sophisticated.

Kathleen Orosey on

I’m loving the wine bucket planter with etch work….very elegant. I sure enjoy my morning coffee while reading your post. Everything is so beautiful…it inspires me to decorate, even though I’m living in an apartment. Good luck to all, and Merry Christmas to everyone!

Lezlie on

It’s too hard to pick two favorites! Love all of the planters/beverage coolers. Also love the chargers, especially the round pierced chargers- simple but elegant. I’ve got to add a third- the serving pieces. You always need extra at the holidays.

Sandi Lee on

It’s difficult to pick a favorite as it’s all so gorgeous. The domed platter and the planters are things I would love to have in my collection. I also love the pagoda flatware. Everything is beautiful.

Anne Marie O'Connor on

Beautiful! Silver definitely sets the tone in any home. Silver definitely sparks and adds richness to a room, table setting, serving trays, serving pieces, candles sticks etc. Bring it on, Up the amp with silver!

Maura White on

To pick a favorite is tough, they are all stunning. If pressed I would have to say the ornate round charger would be a beautiful addition to any table. The embossed julep cups with the bows are lovely as well.

JoAnne on

I have been looking for a large silver plate punch bowl and herring it is. Hope it is in stock as I am offering today.

Laurene P. on

I own and use, often, the etched mint julep cups, but truly need to get my “Ralph Lauren” style beaded table lamps ordered!! I LOVE them!

AnnKay on

My faves are the mint juleps for sure in all sizes!!! So gorgeous and it can hold snacks and flowers!!!

Patti on

beautfiul chargers! love your table settings

Pam W on

The mint julep cups are a favorite

Audrey Anders on

The punch bowl is indeed magnificent and I was so surprised at the price. Many people believe that silver is both out of their price range and not as versatile. Your pieces show this is not true at all.

Amanda Groce on

I love the incredible planter/beverage tub. Its a great multi use piece. I also love the 3 tier server. Always a favorite on a hostess’ table! Beautiful pieces.

sandy on

Do you sell the scalloped pleated shade (pictured on the fall table with pinecones and white tulips) for your mini table lamps?

Holly on

Oh my goodness, your tablescapes are stunning!!! I always love your table lamps, and I also really love the covered platter and the fluted pitcher!

Peggy Wilkins on

What’s not to love about that huge candelabra? I could see it adding an elegant touch as it casts a glow throughout any room. Visioning a girl secretly wandering the halls of an old stone castle while holding it to light her way! I also adore the mint julep cups, all are unique and beautiful. Living in the south, mint julep cups are a must (along with bourbon and coke)!

Susana Lucena on

I love all silver, they are beautiful.
Merry Christmas!

Jackie Wolfe on

Love, love the scalloped footed planter and the mid-size planter. Beautiful selection of silver!

Phoebe S. on

I literally love every single piece but the huge beverage bowl, small lamps and chargers are my favorite. I already own the bamboo chargers and adore them.

Also got my gift wrap and ornaments last night!!! Was so excited it is all even prettier in person. Thank you for bringing these beautiful products into our lives:-) Merry merry!

Ann on

Those candelabras are incredible. I could see a pair on my dining table, maybe Santa will be good to me haha.
Your entire collection is simply beautiful. Nice job Tina!

Catherine B. on

Everything is so elegant! Love the mint juleps. Thank you for this generous giveaway 🙂

Beth on

I have the planter which I love! I’m liking the chargers right now and just ordered several mint juleps for gifts. Thank you!

Jennifer on

Lovely pieces… hard to chose a favorite!

Cristina on

The large silver punch bowl is the perfect piece for entertaining! Happiest of holidays to you!

Cheri on

I love all of the displays but my absolute favorite was the embossed bowl! I also loved the pierced chargers!! YOU ROCK!!!

Karenann S. on

The beaded table top lamps are so pretty and would look amazing on my dining room table!

Jane Morrow on

I’m crazy for the Stag wine coaster, and always love the Chippendale tray. i’m also thinking of purchasing some of the serving pieces. They are divine!!!!!

Mary Baker on

I just polished all the silver baby cups and tray to display this season, so your post today was timely.I really fell in love with the 3-tier silver server and the silver Candelabra. All the pieces are show stoppers and would be simply beautiful for parties. Thanks or sharing all your creative ideas. How do you do it all? You are an inspiration to your loyal readers.

Deborah Light on

The silver covered platter and large beverage/wine/punch bowl are stunning!

MA on

Love the Large Punch Bowl, which can be used year round!


Gorgeous inspiration. Absolutely.

Ashley on

That water pitcher and the silver lamps are wonderful!

Leanne on

I like the julep cups!

Barbara Morris on

Love all the glittering silver, especially the footed bowls and the pierced trays. Hard to say which one as they are all just beautiful

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