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Good morning!! This is B I G, very big. So just a word of advice-  don’t read this standing up, you will need to sit and while you are at it grab a cup of coffee (or wine depending on the time lol). We received our biggest porcelain container EVER in late December and spent the week leading up to Christmas shipping out all presale orders out. Today as we always do is our arrival sale, one for 2 days only at special pricing!



We are becoming well known for our vast selection of blue and white and with good reason. I take my job quite seriously and love finding new pieces to introduce to our growing family of porcelain.  There is so much here, that it is safe to say there is something here for everyone, no matter what style you might be or what size home you might live in, big and small. 2019 is a great time to add new goodies to freshen up your house after the holidays. And prices, you simply will not find fine porcelain at these prices, I promise you.

We doubled up on our usual quantities to ensure there is plenty to go around and to have good stock.If there is a theme for this container, it’s  new products galore, we have lots of incredible new products in this shipment and I could not be more excited about it.

EVERYTHING SHOWN IS IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP. If you are new to these, feel free to contact us but here are the basic rules to please read over before submitting an order. PLEASE read over first before submitting an order-


  • ONLY TWO WAYS TO ORDER- Email or call your order in- 1-800-804-9565 or email [email protected]
  • Please when placing your order use item numbers only when ordering (not descriptions to avoid confusion)
  • IF YOU EMAIL YOUR ORDER FOR AN INVOICE WHICH IS PAYABLE ONLINE-  Please do not email an order request unless you can pay within 12 hours (not fair to others or our office staff to take the time to send an invoice that will remain unpaid)
  • IF YOU EMAIL YOUR ORDER FOR AN INVOICE- You MUST include your name, address and phone number for us to send an invoice
  • These are all offered at special presale pricing, about 15-25% less than what they will be when they go online
  • Final sale and subject to availability ( limited numbers/almost sold out of certain items)
  • Shipping is extra
  • Everything shown is in stock and ready to go
  • Need your order rushed? There is a $35.00 rush charge per item to get your item out in the first batch (please indicate if this is a rush order when ordering)
  • Spend $500 or more and save 10% off your entire order
  • Sorry we do not offer rain checks on presale/arrival sale items)
  • NEW! REFERRAL INCENTIVE- recommend a new customer/fellow blue and white lover and if they spend $100 or more you get a shop credit for $20.00 (up to 5 referrals allowed)
  • Shipping Internationally? Please call or email us for a ship quote
  • Wholesale? Please be sure you are registered on our wholesale website (click here) and you would need to call in your wholesale order
  • Questions? Call us at 800-804-9565
  • NEW! Leave a review on Facebook for a previous purchase/experience and get $10.00 of any order over $100.00 today! *call or email us to tell us you have done this


ITEM 1. NEW!  Magnificent new pheasant bowl. Love this bowl and so happy to add it to our collection. Perfect as a centerpiece bowl for a dining room or kitchen island. Always would be lovely planted with orchids.  Features a fabulous pheasant/floral design.

Measures 15.5″ x 7″. $135.00

ITEM 2 NEW! Gorgeous new mid sized planter in two magnificent patterns, all over floral and trellis.  This beauty would be perfect for holiday flowers, an orchid or boxwood ball. Beautiful floral design on entire planter and perfect mid size makes this a very versatile planter.

Measures 9″ x 9″ x 8.5″ $70.00 OR a pair for $130.00

2A Trellis

2B All over floral

ITEM 3 NEW! Incredible new tea jars are coming in, two different sizes and patterns, both classically elegant. A long time in the making and so happy to finally be offering these beauties. In two different styles. These gorgeous tea jars are gorgeous as pair and will fit beautifully any into existing vignette.

ITEM 3A Bird and flowers

Measures 11″x 9″ x 9″ $130.00 each OR a pair for $250.00

ITEM 3B Figurine and florals

Measures 15.5″ x 11″. $140.00 OR a pair for $270.00

ITEM 4 NEW! SOLD OUT These fabulous best selling jars are finally coming home! Getting in plenty to go around. Features the elegant dragon classic scenery on both sides of the jar, lightly antiqued. Measures 17.5″  love the chunky shape and elegant foo dog top.

$135.00 OR a pair for $265.00

ITEM 5. NEW! Incredible scalloped tea jars. So love this jar! Beautiful scalloped shape and perfect size. The shorter depth makes this a perfect piece for decorating on mantles, consoles, etc…Gorgeous as a pair or solo.

 Measures 13″ tall $135.00 OR a pair for $260.00

ITEM 6. Our ultra popular mid sized pagoda is finally back! This beauty is one of my all time favorite pieces and I move mine all around, used it on my dining table, on consoles, outdoors when we are entertaining. Super versatile and incredible elegant. A real statement piece alone or double the beauty as a pair!

Measures 16″ tall by about 8″ at the bottom $170.00 each OR a pair for $325.00

ITEM 7. Our fabulous top selling large garden seat will finally be in stock again. Features a most elegant floral design and raised bumps. This is as pretty as they get in the world of garden seats. Perfect for indoors or out.

Measures 19.75″ tall $225.00

ITEM 8 The top selling village scene bowl is on it’s way and this time we doubled up on the amount we normally order as it always sells out. Beautiful village scene is handpainted onto the entire bowl. The size of this bowl is so impressive and when people get it they are always wowed.

Measures 16.5″ round by 9″ tall.  $130.00

ITEM 9 The very popular Ralph vases in the small and medium are coming back. These very popular vases are such beauties, the design is so elegant and eye catching. Perfect for weekly flowers, on a console or as a pair on a mantle.

9A Small – measures 10.5″ tall  $70.00 each OR a pair $130.00

9B Medium- measures 16″ $110.00 each OR a pair for $200.00

ITEM 10 NEW! Adores this mid sized planter/fishbowl. Simply gorgeous landscape/figurine scenery is painted onto this exquisite planter. Perfect sizes for orchids, flowers, boxwoods, this size literally works everywhere. Two fabulous designs, measures, either design.

Measures 9.5″ x 9,5″x 6″ $90.00

ITEM 11 Haven’t seen this in a while, the figurine chunky ginger jar. Love this piece, with the elegant figurine scene, lightly antiqued…this is a classic and love the chunky shape.

Measures 17.5″ $135.00 OR a pair for $260.00

ITEM 12  Fabulous pierced scalloped planters, these are the prettiest planters period. The detailing is amazing and they are gorgeous potted with orchids or amaryllis. I have a pair in my living room planted with orchids and they are so elegant. Offered in an rectangular or round version.

12A  Rectangular measures 14.5″ x 9″ $160.00

12B Round measures 14″ x 9″ $160.00

ITEM 13 Our fabulous gold finial cache pots styled after an English antique cache pot is incredible looking. So elegant with this beautiful soft floral design handpainted on all sides and finished with pretty gold leaf border and finials. Gorgeous for boxwoods, orchids, florals and holiday greenery.  These measure 11.5″ x 9″

$165.00 each OR a pair for $320.00

ITEM 14 NEW! Brand new vases, getting in a limited number of these for now and will get more in early 2019. Love these dragon vases and will be taking home a pair:) Perfect for branches, cherry blossoms, holiday greens, etc…..

Measures an impressive 23″ x 10″ x 10″ $145.00 each OR a pair for $280.00

ITEM 15 NEW! Brand new style ginger jar pair, these gorgeous jars are sure to become top sellers. Great mid sized jar measures 16.5″ x 10.5″. Perfect sized jars to start a new vignette with. Sold as a pair with a right and left facing bird, these went straight into my dining room.

Pair is $270.00

ITEM 16 NEW! How fabulous. is this new bird/floral ginger jar. In love! It is antiqued and features a beautiful bird scene. Highly decorative, a great mid sized ginger jar.

Measures 16.5″ x 10.5″ $120.00 OR a pair $230.00


ITEM 17 NEW! I LOVE these….they are so pretty and such a great size to use just about anywhere. You asked for smaller pieces and you got them! These are so pretty and done in the popular double happiness design. Perfect for smaller spaces and mantles.

17A This pretty jar measures 7.5″ x 4.9″ tall and is $65.00

17B The pretty vase jar measures 9.75″ x 4.3″ and is $60.00

ITEM 18 NEW! This beautiful small covered jar is so pretty, I could see it for cookies, sugar or a beloved pets treats. Have one on my desk for pencils. Measures 5,.75″ x 4″ $45.00

ITEM 19 SOLD OUT Our fabulous trellis bowl is finally coming back. This is the mid sized bowl and is 12″ x 12″ x 5″ $95.00

ITEM 20 Fabulous mid sized figurine with raised detailing fishbowl. Have a few of these outside and one indoors, works for both. Elegant figurine scene is depicted on entire body of this fabulous fishbowl.

Measures 16″ x 15.5″ $140.00

ITEM 21 NEW! Another incredible pair of new jars, so love these. Very impressive and sure to wow. Love the design and size. Perfect for branches, holiday greens and cherry blossoms!

Measures 23.5″ x 9.5″ $140.00 OR a pair for $270.00

ITEM 22 NEW! Gorgeous large double happiness flat top. Great size and beautiful classic design of the famous double happiness.

Measures 9.5″ by 9.5″ $70.00

ITEM 23. Midsized flat tops are coming back. Our two best selling styles the figurine and the birds. Measures 8″ x 8″. This size is perfect for literally anywhere and ideal to add as a pair to an existing vignette. Super stylish.

These measures 8″ x 8″  $80.00 OR a pair for $145.00!

23A Figurine

23B Bird

ITEM 24 Some of our best selling garden seats are making their return! All were sold out but we will now be well stocked on all these beautiful garden seats!

24A Village scene round measures 18″ $160.00

24B Village scene hexagon shaped measure 18″ $160.00

24C Dragon design measures 18″ $145.00

ITEM 25 One of our best selling large scaled jars, is this incredible pheasant jar. This is the kind of jar you get and in person are just taken aback by how incredible it is. I own a pair and adore them.

They feature the most beautiful pheasant and floral design intricately painted on all sides of this exquisite jar.

Measures 22″ x 15″$160.00 OR a pair for $310.00

ITEM 26. This darling mini jar is the cutest!! So many uses for this, great as a pair, perfect to add to an existing vignette. And with the top off makes a perfect little bud vase.

Measures 7.75″ $35.00

ITEM 27 NEW! Our mini fishbowls are really popular, they are so cute. They feature a landscape design and are perfect for small boxwoods, succulents, florals and as a catchall (have one in my kitchen for change, keys,etc…)

Measures 5.5″ x 4″ $45.00

ITEM 28 . One of our best selling trumpet vases is coming back. This mid sized vase is perfect for your weekly flowers or to add to an existing vignette. Elegant and so pretty.

Measures 10″ x 4″ $65.00

ITEM 29.NEW! How pretty is this new straight mid sized planter with elegant feet. Love it, its antiqued and looks like a valuable piece you might have inherited. Just stunning for orchids, boxwood balls or holiday florals.

Measures 7.5″ tall

$70.00 each or $125.00

ITEM 30 Our top seller figurine pencil brush holders are also on their way back, this darling figurine holders are perfect for desks or makeup tables.

Measures 6.5″ $35.00

ITEM 31 NEW! SOLD OUT In love with this fabulous new bowl….as pretty inside as it is out. Limited numbers of this bowl.

Measures  12″ x 8″ $105.00

ITEM 32  These two best selling mid sized planters are on their way! Perfect for orchids, boxwood balls, hydrangeas, holiday florals and more. They have a drainage hole drilled into the bottom. They each measure 9.5″ x 6.5″

Either style $85.00



ITEM 33. This fabulous figurine large fishbowl is coming back in limited quantities. Gorgeous for indoors or out, mine have easily withstood the NY winters and I have one inside with a big palm plant. Just stunning and beautifully hand painted on the entire body of the fishbowl.

Measures 20″ x 20″ $320.00

ITEM 34. Our gorgeous navy cherry blossoms midsized fishbowl is such a pretty piece, perfect size to be used just about anywhere. This is especially beautiful with orchids, holiday flowers or amaryllis.

Measures 10.5″ x 12.5″ $110.00

ITEM 35. NEW! Fabulous new large flat top pheasant jar. I love this piece and own two, so happy to be adding it to my collection. Really gorgeous and sure to become a customer favorite.

Measures 11.5″ x 11″

$110.00 OR a pair for $210.00


ITEM 36 This incredible hexagon figurine paneled fishbowl is one of my personal favorites in the mid sized fishbowls. As beautiful indoors as out and each panel features a different, a truly gorgeous fishbowl, super unique.

Measures 16″ x 16.5″ $150.00

THE ITEMS BELOW ARE VERY LIMITED ITEMS- getting in only 2-6 of the items below (more will come in 2019) so these are very very limited, first come first serve!

ITEM 37 NEW! Gorgeous vases. Beautiful square shape measures 17″ tall by 17″ x 6.5″ $125.00 OR pair for $240.00

ITEM 38 NEW! Love this new vase, elegant paneled design measures 16.5″ x 6.5″ $125.00 each OR pair for $240.00

ITEM 39. SOLD OUT NEW! This fabulous landscape scene vase features “fruit” handles.  Measures 18″ x 7″ at its widest point $130.oo OR pair for $250.00

ITEM 40 These elegant square flat tops are fabulous, offered in two gorgeous styles. Each has a slightly different scene painted on each side.

Measures 12.5″tall by approx 7″

$110.00 each OR $210.00 for the pair

40A Figurine

ITEM 40B Landscape

ITEM 41 NEW! If you love chinoiserie, blue and white and Staffordshire dogs…..these are for you! Our long awaited chinoiserie blue and white Staffordshire porcelain dogs finally came! These are so pretty and highly decorative a must have for any blue and white lover! Measures approx 6″ x 8″ $75.00 for the pair before they go online.

Didn’t get the professional pictures yet but this gives you the idea…they are darling! $75 for the pair


Only one magnificent pair.  This is a very very special opportunity for someone out there who has been looking for a pair of truly incredible, heirloom quality jars that are H U G E.

These had been special ordered for a customer who has had a health issue and was not able to take these, so they are for sale. Now, in any fine shop that carries such a jar these would be many thousands for anyone who knows porcelains. T

These are for the pair $1500.00 which is an absolute steal for anyone who knows fine porcelains.

These pictures were taken at the warehouse where we opened up one of them, they are breathtakingly beautiful.

These measures 47.4″ by approx 26″ at their widest. Incredible quality and attention to detail.

Pair $1500.00 (would easily retail for $5,000+)



As promised one lucky reader will win this beautiful best selling mid sized trumpet vase! All you need to do to enter is leave a comment on this post telling us your most favorite item(s). That’s it. I will announce the winner on Thursday and when this container arrives the beautiful vase will be on it’s way to the lucky winner!

Whoa! Blue and white overload….and I love every minute of it. You would think this gets old, nope it just gets better. My wheels are turning as to where/how I will be changing things up in my own home.

Thanks so much for stopping in and seeing whats new and exciting. This is by far and by all accounts, the most exciting container yet, brimming with so many gorgeous new pieces… fun fun! Wishing everyone a fabulous day. Until next time……..

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So many beautiful items!!!! WOW! I love the large garden seat, though—–would look great in my screened porch room!

Love all the new pieces. Hard to decide which piece to add to my mantle. I am thinking some new ginger jars will be perfect.

So hard to choose a favorite, they are all so beautiful. I love the midsize flat top jars in the bird pattern–and the large jars are truly fabulous!

Love it!!!

I have been waiting on this sale…so excited. I so wish I had the type of home that could accommodate the giant estate jars. LOL
Love all of the new pieces…

I’m new to the site! My goodness what a find! I look forward to my in-box everyone morning! I too am mad bout blue and white so this was a fabulous overload and loved everything! Stand out items – the trumpet vase, the Ralph vases, the pair of mid-sized ginger jars with facing birds and the sweet pencil jar.

Honestly… My head is spinning..! !So much beauty ! Wow ! Everything is so lovely. Items 22 , 30 and 31 are my favorites. ?

The Staffys are so sweet! I also want to share how much I love the pieces that are aged look with brown. Thank you!!!!

Wow! talk about a major collection! My overall favorite is item #25.
I love the shape of the jars and having a set really makes a statement
when placed in a room.

Gorgeous pieces! My favorite is the mid sized trumpet vase. It would look stunning on my brand new kitchen island!

Wow! My favorite (and this is a hard choice, love it all!) are the huge 47-inch ginger jars! They are stately and magnificent. I’m thinking of selling my husband off to purchase this lovely pair! Seriously, they are absolutely gorgeous!

So happy the Trellis bowl is back in stock, my kitchen counter “needs” it! Such a gorgeous collection!

Your blue and white collection of porcelains is just fabulous, Tina! Sooo many pretties and the prices are very affordable. Thank you!

Well Tina….you have done it this time!!! I am overwhelmed by the choices and the lovely porcelains….I want them all!!! however I would say 1 thru 42 are my favorites!!! I’m looking for spaces to put them all!!! LOL!!!

All so gorgeous, but I love item 34 the fish bowl! So excited to plant spring plants and this would be so beautiful! God is surely good!

I love big tree planters and they are hard to find. Item 33 looks like a tree pot! Fantastic finds!

Oh my gosh love the Staffordshire Dogs! Your inventory is just so hard not to choose just one!

I love the classic antique English vib Of Item 13. The gold finials add the perfect finishing touch to the pot.

Item 25 The large scale pheasant jars are exquisite. They will be the showpiece of any vignette. Ogling them while I drink my morning coffee and wait for the sun to rise.

This is a blue and white lovers special day !
Those huge blue and white ginger jars at the end of the post are absolutely incredible !!! Sue

Actually, I love the large pair of ginger jars… would be beautiful on each side of a large fireplace. I always loved the way Carolyne Roehm displayed large ones in her Litchfield home. I also love the vase you are giving away. I would need a pair. So pretty as matching on a sideboard or mantel with fresh flowers.

Glad I was sitting down because it takes my breath away to see so many beautiful pieces. In addition to RL and trumpet vases I’ve added the new planter to my favorites.

Oh my! Love them all! Just trying to figure out where to squeeze in my new fave- number 7. Happy New Year!

Fabulous! Love the return of the trellis bowls, the classic Ralph vases, but the staffordshire dogs are a must! New Year…New Wishes!!!

Tina… You temptress…. These are all so lovely. Obviously the heirloom HUGE jars at the end of the post are the best but the pagoda is a close second for me… Thank you for the opportunity with the giveaway !! Have a good day and through a best wishes to the wind for my mom who turns 75 today!!

In a total whirl!! Love everything, but my most favorite is #35. I need a bigger house!

Number 29 is beautiful and looks to be a valuable antique. The new pieces are so tasteful and classic. Tina has wonderful taste and her blog is a JOY!!

Thanks for all the inspiration! A girl can never get enough blue and white porcelain in her home! My favorite (how does one choose?), is the gorgeous garden seat! Love!

Hi Tina,

Beautiful selections as always. I agree with Eve that #36 is a standout, and #42 – just wow! I would love to add any of them to my collection.

I’m so excited that the garden seat I’ve been looking at is back in stock! Also, love the choice for a smaller diameter bowl ❤️

Great way to start my morning! WOW ! #42 would be my all time dream item. Your selection of Blue and White items are spectacular!.

Such a beautiful collection. Love the trellis bowl! Such a lovely and versatile
piece. Great blue and white choices from this shipment.

Wow, that was overwhelming. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. If I had to pick a favorite it would be those beautiful square flat top pieces, but I also love the garden seats. Who am I kidding, I love it all. Best wishes.

Incredible showcase. I would love a pair of Item#25 Large Pheasant Jars. Happy Tuesday!

I love the new paneled vase, item 38. The design and shape is wonderful. Also, those darling Staffordshire dogs are very tempting! Thanks for the beautiful pieces you are offering.

I tend to like the square pieces (#29) as well as the figurine items (#30) best but they are all beautiful. My sister shared your blog and website with me and your home is stunning. My sister’s home is beautiful as well. My taste runs a little more Oriental than most but I can see how some of the pieces could possibly work!

So hard to choose! I could never have too much blue and white. My favorite is #25 — the pheasant jars — love the color, pattern, size and shape. Other favorites are #9 — the Ralph vases, #16 — the bird/flower ginger jars, #35 — the flat top pheasant jars, and I always love #13 — the gold finial cache pots.

THIS is your finest collection yet!! Each piece is beautiful and elegant. I am redoing my covered porch, and the dragon garden seat will be part of it.

Wow – what an amazing collection!! You have really outdone yourself Tina! I love # 7 – the garden stool – it’s exquisite – and # 41 / the Staffordshire dogs – they are so stinkin’ cute!

Stunning blue and white! Wish I was in your stockroom just to view them all!
My very favorite~ #16. It’s darling!

I can’t believe it – I was just looking at your bowls yesterday and was so sad that the Trellis bowl was sold out – and now you’ve got it again! But looking through everything I really love the new item 31 bowl – it is so beautiful!

Oh how to choose a favorite!!! Although I must say I have always loved the flat top pheasant jar and may have to get two!!! Everything here is beautiful!!!

So many absolutely wonderful choices! My kitchen needs the pheasant bowl. My mantel needs the Ralph vases. I want that large fishbowl with the lion’s head handles.

Wow, for once it is easy to vote! Item #42 wins! haha 🙂 Everything is magnificent Tina!!

I love everything but I really love the garden seat. And I love how much you love each and everything you have in your shop. It’s all beautiful.

Tina, I love that small items are returning. Great to just tuck into any collection. Or to start a new vignette!

The trumpet vase is actually one of my favorites. Would be perfect perched on wall brackets!

Happy New Year! Here’s to more ginger jars in 2019! The garden seat #7!is my favorite!!! Your pieces are all exquisite!!!

WOW! the HUGE porcelain jars are absolutely exquisite. So sad to know, though, that they’re from someone who is having health issues. On top of that, to have to part with such stunning works of art must certainly add to their sadness. Life is certainly difficult but musing through your beautiful items, as your emails come in, just puts a smile on my face. Going from one porcelain figure to the next – as well as seeing your own personal pieces, and how you’ve placed and display them throughout your magnificent home – I literally find myself DE-STRESSING!!! This is why I look forward to your emails. And I no longer believe that pink is a soothing color. By far, blue and white – on a beautifully shaped item – does it for me. :o)

Hi! I just found out about your blog from an advertisement in one of my decorating magazines. I adore blue and white porcelain and immediately fell in love with everyrhing in your store. I called over the weekend and already ordered some of the Christmas wrapping paper. I am deciding now on white blue and white pieces to order from your container. I could really use some ginger jars for my mantle. Thank you, thank you, thank you for having so many great selections and at great prices. Keep up the great work!

Well, everything is simply wonderful. Always like the garden seats and the Ralph vases.

I too am new to the site, what a find! I love all your postings, especially Seven on Sunday! and musings through your iphone!

So many beautiful choices. The Ralph vases are great. And, each garden seat is prettier than the next

I love everything! I think my favorites are your new footed straight mid size planters. They would be perfect in my home!

I’m in love! I can’t decide which is my favorite! I would love several of the planters and Item #30 for my makeup table.

Wonderful collection. Most favorite is pair of blue and white Staffordshire Dogs, intem 41

My most favorite piece is the blue and white Staffordshire Porcelain dogs! I love them…

Wonderful selection of beauty! My favorite is the garden seat, but I’m also smitten with the cache pots. Delightful!

Love your pierced rectangular planter! Have had my eye on that one for a while! And those two giant vases are magnificent!

Oh Tina! You have outdone yourself! I am in love with the new hexagonal garden seat!!! To die for!

Wow, exciting! You can never have enough blue and white pieces of porcelain to beautify your home. My favourite today is #31. Love the bowl.

Everything is beautiful. It is hard to pick just one. I think #12 A and B are my most favorite.

Blue and white overload! What is there not to love? I love the blue garden seat (number 8)!

Tina, Happy New Year!
I love item #1, the beautiful new pheasant bowl! How perfect for our dining room or entry hall table.

My life now requires the Ralph vases and the ginger jars. Both have a timeless grace and dignity that will lend their subtle splendor to almost any room. I admire the regality of peacocks, and couldn’t help but notice a couple of the vase designs display them, instead of pheasants. I’m thinking calla lilies would be a perfect match. As for the ginger jars– I wouldn’t be opposed to having one hold my ashes after cremation (perhaps a bit dramatic, but you get the point).

ONE is number 34. Cherry Blossoms.
and, wow this is a mega huge shipment of beautiful things.

Beautiful things as always! I really love the unique shape of #5, the scalloped tea jar.

Could and will spend hours looking over your new arrivals – ADORE. Must have the blue and white Staffordshire dogs to blend with my white cavachon!

The large garden seat is my absolute favorite. Having collected blue and white items over the years, I fully appreciate all of your selections and

The large garden seat is my absolute favorite, followed by #19 and #32B. Having collected blue and white over the years, I fully appreciate your wonderful selections. My favorite pieces are not only decorative, but have multiple uses as well.

I love the planters! I already have so many vases and ginger jars from you that I LOVE! But one can always use more blue and white!!

Number 7 is the most beautifully decorated garden stool I have seen. Gorgeous anyplace,

Every single one is gorgeous. Narrowing to only one of my favorites, item 42 absolutely fabulous!

My favorite item is the stunning landscape vase with fruit handles! Sadly, it has sold out!

This collection of blues are all so beautiful it’s hard to select just one. However, the large jar would be a nice additive to my collection.

So much prettiness, its hard to decide, but I think number 10 is really a versatile piece on its own, with faux green or flowers or real.

The heirloom quality of those magnificent jars is unbelievable! Just stunning!

Happy New Year to all!

Just “found you” over the holidays. Love, love, love your gorgeous blog. Just overwhelmed with the blue and white….but favorites are the Ralph vases, fish bowls, and love the chunky ginger jars…#4 and #11. Thank you for sharing your creative gift.
Carole K. from Montana

I love the garden stool it would be great on my front porch this spring !
Thanks Tina for all the goodies
L Miller

I love all the new selections, but I do not have a flat top jar so they are my favorite! Lovely give away, thanks for the chance to win.

You have some amazing items!! My favorite is #4 and #12!!! ????

So many gorgeous items to choose, but I do love item #15 ginger jar pair – would look lovely on my bedroom dressing table!

Wow – I wish I had room for those fabulous 47″ jars! The new flat top jars (figurine and landscape) are really special.

WOW…all these pieces are so beautiful….but, my favorites are the huge pair of jars shown at the end of your post. Spectacular…..

So many lovely items but I love 23B. Could use it in any area of my home as a wonderful little accent piece.

Your new porcelains are gorgeous. My favorite is your garden seat. It is gorgeous and would really make the patio look amazing!

Every piece is beautiful. They are marvellous.
I would love to have the new pheasant bowl, it seems an antique.

Thank you for enriching my visual life every morning with your very
talented selections! I wish I could have the trellis bowl on my
marble kitchen island right now filled with green apples. It is
such a perfect “ between holiday” look!!

Those special huge jars are the most fabulous I have ever seen. Wish I had a spot for them!

That’s like asking me to choose between my children, but I will succumb. – that garden seat has my name written all over it.

Thank you for this wonderful and generous giveaway.

Happy New Year! I absolutely love the garden seat #7. I have purchased six pieces from you in the past year and they are all even more beautiful in person! So happy with all of my purchases from the Enchanted home!

I would love the large figurine fishbowl! But in fact, I love it all as usual. Thanks Tina!

The Ralph Lauren vases are fabulous – so classic! The estate jars are beyond magnificent – any chance that the design will be offered in the future in a smaller size? If so, please sign me up for a pair.

Just Wow! Love all the blue and white, but specifically like the rectangular planter and the garden seat and the large fish bowl!!

So many beautiful pieces. I just love your pagodas. They are amazing. The bigger the better.

How to pick a favorite?! From #2 for orchids, to #20 for a palm for our guest room, to #27 for African violets, I love them all!!

I am absolutely floored! I keep looking at all of these fabulous treasures, again and again! You have out done yourself this time for certain!!
I love the Pheasant Bowl, Ralph Lauren Vases, Tall, two Pagodas ?. I would love them all!!! Thanks for giving me sweet dreams of blue and white!

So difficult to choose, but my breathing stopped when I saw the huge special order pair of porcelains (no. 42). Yummy.

Love all the blue and white porcelains but item #15 is my favorite! Love the twin bird jars!

Everything is so beautiful! I love 17b for a small shelf in my kitchen that I have been hunting for the perfect piece!

Love the new ginger jars and the large garden seat! Actually love all the blue and white that you sell!

I have several of your pieces and loooove them all!! But i have to say, the pair of pheasant ginger jars might be my fav and I need them so badly for above my range in kitchen!! ?

hI!!! well, this is always hard to choose, but I am always attracted to the square piece with the gold finials!!!!
Also, the matching pair of huge jars (the one pair available ones) have me over the moon!!!!!! wishing i had the space and the money!!!

I would love a pair of item 21. These vases would look fabulous full of forsythia branches in early spring!

So fun to see so many beautiful blue and white pieces! I love the flat top jars – numbers 35 and 40.

Received my flat top bird jar and it’s magnificent. I’ve had my eye on it for a while and it’s impressive! So glad I got it.

I’m really intrigued by the mini jars this go-around! How pretty would they be grouped or lined up along a kitchen window with fresh buds in the spring! ?

Wow! They’re all so beautiful, but will have to go with 24C… me a dragon!

I have to say the “magnificent pair” has to be my favorite of this lot!! Absolutely gorgeous! Amanda R.

My Grandmother who grew up in Philadelphia in the early 1900’s taught me the timeless elegance of the blue and white pieces and how grand they make a home look. She was so wise and when I look at a blue and white piece I remember her. I have since taught my daughter and she has her first blue and white piece in her home now. Timeless!

Love all your blue & white but as a fellow golden retriever lover/owner I must say a love the picture of your sweet dog. I know he passed over the rainbow bridge but what a beautiful boy.

Excited to be a first time buyer! #32 and #40 are exquisite additions to my blue and white collection!

Everything is beautiful! However, my favorite is item 7…the floral garden seat. I can see it in my screened porch.

Although there are so many beautiful items, # 10 caught my eye because of the scene painted on it.

They are all so fabulous that it is hard to choose which one is the most beautiful. For me it is the first item which I would want in the dining room. I am just beginning to collect the blue and white Chinese items, so I am thing what I would like out of the wonderful sale.

Wishing your client all the best and hope she feels better soon.
The final pair of temple jars (#42) are gorgeous. Love #11 the chunky figurine ginger jar, with its antique look. Also #40 square top jars simply because it’s a shape you don’t see as often.

So many beauties to choose from! I am totally charmed with the new smaller pieces…they are just adorable! This is an incredible shipment to kick off 2019.

Love the design of ITEM 7… the large garden seat. The open scroll work and the raised bumps make it particularly lovely. I will be ordering one to go on my covered patio that is decorated in all blue and white. I’ll send a photo when it arrives and is placed in the perfect spot!

I love them all but my favorite would be ITEM 25 The Incredible Pheasant Jars. I have noticed them before in some of your pictures from your home and just loved them…. and your home 🙂

Awesome collection and it’s priced well My favorite item is 40B. I love the landscape and clean lines of the piece. Actually, I love all things blue and white!

Without a doubt, item 42, the special pair of oversized jars- amazing! Would love to have those in my home!

Love number23 the flat top jars. Don’t have any in my collection yet but I love every piece. Phenomenal choices

Item 42! Because who wouldn’t want those glorious jars flanking a fireplace, entryway, pool, or large foyer!!!!
All of these items are a feast for the eyes!!! ???
Happy New Year Everyone!

Oh my, after my dream last night, #7 the Garden Stool, is a must for our new home to come!

I am so in love with the brush holder! I’ve been looking for something like this for my brushes!

Oh my gosh, I want it all!! Love love all the bowls, planters, vases, ginger jars, but my favorite might be #12! I’m thinking I will have to add to my own blue and white collection… 😀

Love, love, love all! I am an artist and I have found several containers to use in my studio for my brushes. My studio should look glamorious also right?
The small Ralph vases, item 2B floral, the mini fish bowl, mid size planter, and item 30 pencil holder!

Wow what a lovely giveaway! I had a really hard time choosing but #6 the mid sized pagoda is my favorite choice!

My favorite item is the HUGE blue and white porcelain jar sold in a pair for $1500 (the last photo) but I love everything blue and white!

Love them all – the designs and various blues are stunning! Great job sourcing these lovely items!

Love all these pieces…but the dogs steal my heart! They are a perfect match to our little bundle of fur.

Item 17A (and B)! By far one one of my favorites and one of the prettiest designs I’ve seen on a jar!! Also LOVE the designs and work on item 21 jars pair, and same for item 15 jars pair!

I started collecting Blue and white about a year ago. Just browsing through your collection gives me great ideas what pieces I need to have as a “staple”; all your vases are wonderful for everyday flowers. Really like the hexagonal planters for the 2 Amaryllises bulbs, I got myself for Xmas, they’d look so grand in them bloomed out.!
Love your site, Tina?
I hope you have a Glorious 2019!

So many lovely things!! I really like the trellis bowl. Thank you for offering this generous giveaway.

What an exciting assortment of blue and white !! I love the pair of ginger jars with opposite facing birds……and the staffordshire like dogs….and the pierced planters….and the garden seats !!

I just received my pair of tulipieres! I cannot believe how fast they arrived! The packaging was perfect too.
Very easy to shop here. I have to buy 32 tulips and take a photo. lol
I love the large tulipieres. Love them. The bigger the better…because cats.


I wish I could have the whole shipment! I love the pagodas and bowls – the garden seats are wonderful. It is all wonderful!

My favorite is the new ginger jar pair. I love the design and the size of them. Of course, all of your other items are beautiful also.

My favorite (and this is a hard choice, love it all how could anyone not) are the huge 47-inch ginger jars! out of this world!!!! They are stately and magnificent and a true show stopper!!

Talk about beautiful blue and white!!!!My office foyer needs a makeover and item #25 the pheasant floral jar and item #36 the hexagon paneled fishbowl would look fantastic. Tina you are very talented.

So many marvelous goodies! My two favorite items are:
1) Item 20 – the fishbowl. There is a lot of bang for the buck here. The bowl is large and elegant, makes a statement. I really like the figurines. Also the graphics, the lion (?) heads, the color contrast, and the curve of the bowl. I believe you could say I like everything about it…including the price!
2) Item 41 – the blue and white flowered Staffordshire dogs. They have attitude in spades. At first glance they seem haughty, but on closer examination, the right one seems reservedly friendly but the left one is definitely wary. What an endless delight it would be to watch them. Perhaps their moods change daily!

Nothing stands out like the BLUE and WHITE. I have tried clear and colored glass, black and gold, pewter, and silver vases. It just does not have the “punch” that the BLUE and WHITE does. And I love how it looks with any style, whether rustic, modern, or traditional. 9A is a really pretty vase…..I can picture red holly berries mixed with white hydrangeas. Ooooh!

I need one of everything!! Just gorgeous new additions.
LOVE the new little pup, #41, it,s almost 1 am and I’m still looking!!!
Will order the dogs Monday morning.

Love all the new blue and white, but my favorite has to be the newest garden stool!

Of course I salivate over all of your blue and white porcelain, but the scalloped flat top tea jars and the round flat top tea jars catch my eye. I would truly love to own one of your pieces someday!

I love your posts each morning. What a treat as I have my coffee. I love #12A, the pierced, scalloped planter. It would be so pretty on my coffee table in our den filled with a fresh blooming plant!!

A remarkable collection of blue and white! Already making up a wish list for next Christmas. Thank you

What a fabulous collection of white and blue. #15 – the pair of ginger jars are stunning.

It would help if the dates of the sale were made available and in bold letters.
I placed an order, which I see now was past the deadline, and received no reply.
In some circles that is considered rude.
On top of that, I placed an order for tulipieres, which I did receive, but your website glitched. I called your office and left a message. No reply.
Seems to be a theme.

I love number 12! I would like to put orchids in this beautiful planter and then I would be very happy!!

So beautiful, love everything. Recently received the foot bath I had ordered, more than I had expected, love, love, love it.

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