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Hi there! A day late in announcing the winner of the porcelain vase giveaway, but sometimes life gets in the way of even our best laid plans! Congratulations goes to-


Please email [email protected] to provide your name and address so your beautiful vase can be on it’s way.


Hope this finds you well,  so how are you settling into 2019? I am still getting used to even writing the numbers 2019, but I have lots of things up my sleeve for the coming year and  cannot wait to share them with you as they happen. Suffice to say lots of pretty coming your way:)

As I do every week or so I share life’s recent happenings with you as seen through the lens of my overworked iPhone. I capture of course only the good, pretty and inspiring…..who wants to see anything else:) So here is a glimpse into the last week or so……



The holiday dismantle is in a swing but a slow one lol, took away all the fresh greenery now slowly putting all the other holiday items away, kind of sad that they have to be in storage for most of the year:(

How fabulous is this mega jar that stands at about 44″! It is so magnificent, I just wish I had a place for the pair. But they are going to a lucky customer who loves blue and white too!

 I spoke of changing the pug fabric (Lee Jofa) a few years ago, well…..never did it. I just can’t see to part with it. I still cannot get over its been on those chairs for 20 YEARS! It survived 3 active boys, all their friends, dogs, parties, countless meals, amazing testament to the fabric!!! Plus I just love it so for now, it stays!

Love this beautiful new engraved julep/bud vase that just came in as part of our new silver collection

Busy days at our warehouse!

Nothing like freshly polished silver… I secretly have to admit I love cleaning silver:)

Was at the D and D building in NYC, such fun….like a kid in a candy shop you don’t want to leave:)

Got in this most beautiful care package from LB Originals, maestro of  monograms, such wonderful goodies!

Had been feeling under the weather so made my yummy chicken soup, I swear it has healing properties!

Nothing like walking in at the end of a day and seeing the refuge of my closet/bathroom to just unplug and unwind

Featured these on instagram and so. many inquired about them, these are brand new additions- beautiful 100% linen monogrammed napkins. We will have a flash sale next week:)

Spent a (rare) lazy afternoon in my family room catching up on old movies, what a treat. I thought this angle was really pretty with th roaring fire.

Was at the D and D building in NYC, such fun….like a kid in a candy shop you don’t want to leave:)

Enjoyed a great meal with friends at Minetta Tavern in NYC, they are famous for their burger and my son and friends go there only for that (I don’t eat red meat so didn’t try it but what I did have, I loved) would go back for sure

Just got in more of the fabulous faux 36″ boxwood balls after being sold out for a while so brought one home to add to my jumbo pheasant fishbowl, cannot wait for spring now! Best part they always look perfect, no water required:)

Speaking of candy shops, how about the blue and white variety?! Have loved ogling all the latest beauties that recently came in

This is what an average day at the warehouse looks like during a porcelain arrival or presale:)

Had all these fabulous pillows come back from the workroom, the two above are for an elegant music room and the Bali Hai (from Quadrille) are off to two lucky customers!


And there you have it. This of course is the good, pretty and inspiring. Plenty this week that “didn’t make the cut” into this post lol.  Thanks for stopping by and checking in, hope you have had a wonderful week and fabulous weekend ahead. Until next time…….


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I love the pug fabric and it’s whimsicalness! Don’t change it!
I love to polish silver too! What kind of polish works best for you?

Gotta get me a couple of those giant boxwood balls. I have just the place for them!

I absolutely adore reading your posts love your home where do you live in New York?

Thank you for your posts

Dear Tina,

I just discovered your blog and started following you. I am amazed at how much we have in common. My fingertips go numb
at the sight of a gorgeous fabric or whimsical wallpaper. I started following Charlotte Moss and Martha Stewart in the late 80’s.
I have to admit I am obsessed with colors and flower’s too. I check my limelight hydrangea’s everyday until I see the tiny buds forming. As a young bride I spent hours in Stickley Furniture leafing through their fabrics and trims, dreaming of designing the perfect home. I have three beautiful girls 24, 21 and 19 and you have you three boys . You speak so often of your beloved Teddy and I have my beloved Bean who is a rescue dog from Alabama. My middle daughter is right next door to you. She is a senior at LIU Post and has fallen in love with the Island . Thank you so much for your blog. It has made me so happy.



Enjoyed your post! Love that quick silver polish to.o. So great when you are in a hurry. -Those huge ginger jars are fantastic. I always say the bigger the better.

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