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Good evening friends!  This has been on my radar for a long time and though I have done many posts on tulipieres, I have never done a step by step tutorial. My tulipieres that I created have become one of my best selling items, they are spectacular if I can say so myself:) They are hard to find and if you visit the Netherlands you will see that they run several thousands of dollars (for comparable sizes).

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They really “make” a table and filled with flowers, they really are a sight to behold, so yes you could say I am proud:) Anyway we get periodic questions about tips and advise on how to use them, store them,etc….so thought with spring only weeks away and flowers season beckoning, that this would make a timely post.

First a few questions I get often-

How to keep it stable as I am afraid the parts will topple? They come in four pieces which really is ideal as it allows for easy access when you need to add water and when you want to move or carry them somewhere it never gets too heavy as you do it piece by piece. Some have used a porcelain glue to glue the four pieces together. That is certainly you prerogative but I like having the four pieces vs one whole tulipiere. There are “putty’s” that can temporarily bind the pieces together if you have young kids or pets nearby that you are afraid may knock it over. I have many tulipieres and knock on wood it hasn’t happened once.

What kind of flowers to use in the tuliperes? Anything! That’s the beauty, all flowers work. Obviously flowers with large heads are not idea but if you take say, the hydrangeas, you can cut them  into mini clusters and use them beautifully in a tulipiere. Obviously tulips are a no brainier and I love using filler flowers and sprigs of fresh greenery.

How to clean? Once you have used your tulipiere simply put it in the sink add a tiny bit of dishpan to one of the holes and let the water flush through it until it runs clear. Dry upside down on a dry clean towel and store on a shelf (does not have to be wrapped up).

Can I run them through the dishwasher? They are glazed porcelain so technically yest you can but it is not advised. I recommend hand washing.

Can you tell me a bit about my tulipieres that I sell?  My tulipieres come in small, med and extra large. They are handpainted  and are porcelain.  They are offered in three styles, the original which is a gorgeous blue and white, and a lighter airier style called Village Scene and a pretty solid white. For today I am using one of the original medium tulipieres and one extra large village scene tulipiere.

How should I store them? Well if you ask me, they are too pretty to put away:) But what I normally do is store them in a closet wrapped in some kind of soft cloth or tissue. I simply dust or rinse them off when ready to use again. But normally I keep  mine out on display year round, even without flowers they are beautiful with a capital B!

What sizes do I recommend? Really depends how/where you want to use them. I myself like the medium and hte extra large.  The small are good for small spaces or if you have a small vignette but for me personally I like the impact of the med and extra large. Every size has it’s place!

How about securing the pieces together? Should I do that? For anyone looking for a porcelain glue that will permanently hold the pieces together we have a glue that is made by our factory it is $5.00 per tube, contact us to purchase (email orders@enchantedhome or call 800-804-9565). A tube is now included with every tulipiere purchase.

And for a temporary solution, a lot of event planners use this below-

Here are the “steps” in how I add flowers to my tulipieres-

  1. I first get a big plastic tarp or oversized clear garbage bag (cut open and placed over my island or whatever work space you have. I gather all my materials, the tulipieres, a pitcher of fresh clean water,  my flowers and my cutting shears.
  2. I carefully fill each part of the tulipiere with water just until it reaches the top of the openings.
  3. I start to cut my flowers, generally between 4.5″ -6″ (6″ would be as an example for the bottom piece of the extra large)
  4. You should remove most of the leaves/greenery in order to be able to fill as many flowers as possible
  5. I start with the bottom piece and work evenly on all sides then  move up to the next piece,etc…..
  6. Once all openings are filled in, I then reassess as to where it needs filling in and then if I am using any kind of greenery, at the end will go in and add small sprigs where I see an opening
  7.  When I want to bring it to wherever it will be used, I usually get a tray and put the four pieces on the tray and then assemble it where it will be used
  8. As with all flowers, rooms that are slightly cooler will help the flowers to last longer.

Have the parts at the ready after laying down a big piece of plastic (even a garbage bag will do)

Grab your shears and flowers

Take flowers out of plastic

Start cutting away, for the medium, I make my stems about 4-5″ and for large a little larger


Add fresh cold water to each section

Fill until just full

Start adding the flowers till your hearts content! Part of the fun is playing around with the color combinations

Moving onto second tier

Almost done

Added fresh boxwood for a little contrast, then step back and admire:)

Moving along to tulipiere #2

Ta dah! All done…..adds instant spring cheer to my kitchen island:)

I experimented with them on my hallway chest too and added my gorgeous blue and white bunnies….instant spring happiness!


And there you have a tutorial on how to make your tulipieres come to life, such fun and no combination is off the table. Here’s a look at some previously done tulipieres….see any color combination is possible! Spring flowers cannot come soon enough:)



Have a case of tulip fever? Yep, me too…you are not alone:) I just love my tulipieres, and love how easily you can change the look depending on the season, colors and flowers available.There are endless possibilities and I am having loads of fun playing with them and reinventing new looks every time:). If there are any questions I did not address feel free to ask them in the comment section. Thanks for stopping in,  wishing you a great evening as we near the end of the week. Until next time………

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Tina, you are one of the most considerate “retailers” ( I use quotes because I think of you more like a friend). Thank you! I think your tablescape is the prettiest to highlight your tulipieres. Surrounded by the other B & W and the sunny outdoors is so pretty! Thank you for your step by step instructions. Who knew?! I think I may be sold. You know, if it’s not going to snow here on the right coast, let Spring begin! Just an FYI once cut tulips continue to grow an inch or more. Something to keep in mind if you want a tidy tulipiere.

Absolutely love mine ! I get compliments all the time … I leave them out all year long with different flowers for every season … ❤️

Thank you Tina for all you do for your customers! Your blogs are magical and so fun to read. You have a gift of sharing yourself and connecting all your readers into a beautiful happy place. I hope that makes sense! It was meant as a compliment. Personally, I feel like I know you and we have never met! Anyways, you truly care, love what you do, and it .shows. You are very blessed. Thanks again for sharing all your valuable time with us. Kelli

All of your arrangements are beautiful! I have really enjoyed my pair I purchased, and am already thinking of the flowers I will use in them for Easter. The original delft tulipieres were created to perfectly display tulips, which arch so beautifully as they relax in a vase. The tulip stems were cut longer, so they could arch over. This can be seen in some of the Dutch paintings. Try using only tulips and cutting the stems longer, for a different type of display. They are gorgeous!
Thank you,

How timely as January 19th is National Tulip Day in Amsterdam! One of these days I must buy a few of these from you. I do love them and have never owned one. Thanks for sharing tips on how to fill it with flowers. I am partial to the yellow/blue outdoor dining photo.

Makes me smile, so beautiful! The table setting is just so gorgeous, thank-you for posting all this wonderful-ness.

I am naturally drawn to the one with the most blue, but think the one with less blue shows the flowers off better. Thanks for the tutorial. I agree with Deri that said to leave tulip stems longer so that they drape. I love my yellow one.

Such a stunning display of seasonal flowers in your lovely tulipieres. I enjoyed your post very much!

Do you send to Australia?



Every tulipiere arrangement is absolutely lovely. It was a joy and pleasure to view your designs.

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