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Hi friends, I want to first announce the lucky winner of the silver candlesticks! Congratulations goes to #37-


Please email [email protected] and provide your name and address so your prize can be on it’s way.


Hope your Sunday is off to a good start, here we went from bracing for a major snow storm to having an inch last night to now a boring forecast of rain turning to freezing rain, not quite what I had in mind as I  had my slippers,  movie list and ingredients to make a big pot of soup ready! Whatever it will be will be, one thing in this world we most certainly cannot control is Mother Nature!  I am ready more than ever to move right into spring, this weather is for the birds:)

OK moving along to my Seven on Sunday…


1 ONE BEAUTIFUL COASTAL RETREAT Ahhhhh this lowers my blood pressure right way,  how gorgeous is this? I feel those gorgeous ocean waters beckoning to me and my toes, so so beautiful. This beautiful beach home belongs to Luke Bryan of country and western fame and has been dubbed “Snowman”….love it.

It is so welcoming, bright and cheery but what really does it for me are those fabulous balconies just feet from the oceans edge! Click here to read more about it over at Traditional Home Magazine. (photography by Alyssa Rosenheck)


2 NEW RECIPE ALERT This salad is so so good and completely guilt free! Great for a luncheon or to make a big batch to keep for a few days as I have done many times. A mandolin is a necessity to make it very thin and that way the dressing absorbs into every little scrumptious bite. No need for. fancy mandolin, just about everywhere sells them now and I am sure you can find one on Amazon. It’s a great little tool to have.

The dressing is really good and I make large batches and keep it in a mason jar. I combined two similar recipes to create my own exactly as I like it. This is such a wonderful, pretty and fresh tasting salad!

Fennel, radish and celery salad ( I double this recipe)


1 bulb fennel (cored and thinly sliced)

5 radishes (very thinly sliced)

3 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil

3 thinly sliced celery stalks

A few fronds (the green stalky part) of the fennel for garnish

2 tablespoons of lemon juice (I use the juice of a whole lemon)

2 teaspoons whole grain mustard (I  do not use mustard but the original recipe called for it, I perfer without)

Sea salt and fresh ground pepper

1/4 cup fresh Parmesan (shaved into flakes, use a potato peeler on a fresh wedge of Parmesan)


Using a mandolin shave the fennel, celery and radish. Put aside, use a little sea salt and pepper to season. Add olive oil, Parmesan, mustard (I do not use the mustard but it is an option) and lemon juice to a jar or container and shake well. Dress salad just when ready to eat and then top generously with Parmesan flakes. You can also add grilled shrimp or grilled chicken on top to make it more of a “meal”. You can thank me later….this is soooo good!

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST More pretties this weekend, always so much beauty to share. If I am having a lousy day, Instagram can always quickly remind me of what a beautiful place our world can be! Lots of random here from a beautiful party to tantalizing foods and some seriously good words of wisdom:)

4. INSPIRING STORY OF THE WEEK OMG I love this story, it just touched me in such a warm and fuzzy way. You have to meet the “baby whisperer” also known as David Deutchman . What a special man, and you just know what he does has to be adding years to his life. This story just makes you feel good:)

5. HOLLAND DURING TULIP SEASON This is on my short term bucket list. I love flowers, have Dutch heritage and what a coincidence that Holland loves blue and white as much as I do:) I cannot think of anything more exciting than going to Holland to be able to skip through the tulip fields and take one of their many annual flower parades.

I just might have to make this happen:) April is apparently the peak time, I am throwing a big baby shower for someone early April so have to see if I could do this. Click here to find out more about dates and particulars.

And I promise you if I am able to work out going whether it’s this year or next, you will be there “virtually” with me every step of the way:) If this has you dreaming of a trip to Holland, click here to read more about visiting during this most beautiful time of year.

6. NEW PRODUCTS! I am so excited to announce that I am now directly important all the fabulous and top selling basket weave items! And to boot now introducing the stunning new 5 piece basket weave flatware set to match which I dreamed up because I couldn’t find anything like this!

Imagine setting a gorgeous alfresco table with these beauties…cannot wait. The flatware and salt and peppers as well as other serving pieces are online, the hurricanes will be available in approx 2 weeks. There are many other exciting and gorgeous pieces coming for this new collection so stay tuned:)

I took the samples home because you just know these have inspired me to set a pretty table……..

(hurricanes are shown without the glass inserts but they come with a glass insert). Great for candles OR to use as a fabulous flower vase!

Today through tomorrow all basketweave items are 20% off! Use code “basket” to get the discount. Click here to see all the beautiful basketweave items.

7. SUNDAYS SURVEY Funny I met with a friend who I have not seen in quite a while  and her last child just left for college. She is in her mid 50’s. She lives in a beautiful home which I would call traditional with a little bit of some transitional touches thrown in.

So, now that she is an official empty nester she said she is at that stage that she wants to throw everything out and start anew, and I do mean everything.. Start with a fresh clean slate and go for a cleaner/more casual, lighter airier look. She said she shockingly (even to herself) does not have any feelings of sentiment or a need to hold onto anything for memories sake. It got me thinking……I mean I can see her point too, but at the same time there are certain things I know I couldn’t part with.

So this brings me to this weeks question- if you were given the opportunity, would you get rid of everything and start brand new with a whole clean slate? This should be interesting:)


And there you have my Seven on Sunday, hope you enjoyed it. I love putting these posts together, it allows me to share so many random areas of interest and I hope you enjoy them too. Makes me smile when I hear from you and you tell me how my Sunday post is part of your Sunday morning routine because they are very much a part of my Sunday routine as well:) It would feel strange to start a Sunday morning without them!  Wishing everyone a great day, snow or sun….until next time.

So miss that precious face

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Never! There are pieces that are part of the fabric of our lives and I would never ever replace them. Why would you erase the memories they evoke? Of course if they reveal unhappy memories, I can understand why you would want to dump them! Going all brand new with a trendy look that needs to be replaced in 10 years, is unrealistic for most people and not a sustainable way to live in the world of mounting garbage! Okay…now I am getting all conservation minded on you……It if you bought well designed, quality pieces and still love them, there is no reason to replace…but if you do, be sure they go to a good home!

Tina, I am in central Texas…50 degrees today and gorgeous. I wake up Sunday mornings, get my cup of coffee and spend the next blissful minutes with your blog. Every Sunday. I look forward to it. Thanks for all you do to make us all so happy.

I have a large house filled with high quality furniture and art that has been acquired one piece at a time over my married life as I could afford it. I cherish my late husband’s baby grand piano and could NEVER part with it. My daughter has been urging me to downsize. Why? My home makes me happy—it is full of happy memories.

If you can’t get to Holland (which is LOVELY) don’t forget about Washington State- I have very similar pictures from their tulip festival!
PS The basket weave stuff is beautiful!

I’m one of the half replaced persons. But it’s not because I like to fill my home with the latest thing. Its taken me twenty years to get this odd angles Colorado house into a calm home that reflects me. Never would I replace the paintings, antiques, needle work and old treasured cookbooks. If I couldn’t replace the Wolf range, it would stay because I love cooking on it.
I look forward each Sunday to see what you have us, especially when you get on your soap box, as I’m usually right there with you. Have a blessed week.

Can I get rid of everything in my home and start fresh? No, but, I can keep pieces and fresh up the fabrics on chairs, couches, curtains and pillows etc. This would give you a fresh new look. It’s fun looking for new fabrics, colour palette. Sometimes parting with your things you can become lost. Keep the memories! A lot of my friends grew tired of their possessions example: China pattern My advice to them was go and purchase some charger plates to put under them. They did and now they love their China and happy they didn’t get rid of them!

Am always tweeking. Move furniture between homes (at one point NYC, NJ and FL) or to adult children’s. Tend to be traditional with an edge. Puts a new spin to the piece to use in a different way. Am still growing myself at 67!!!

Hi Tina, yes, it would feel strange not starting my Sunday without your 7 on Sunday so keep um coming! I also wanted to thank you again for the beautiful vase I won the day you announced your 70 thousand followers on Instagram. I gave you a shout out today on my blog on my Sundays With Celia series and showed the beautiful vase in my blue & white guest room. Hope you can pop over and see the post. Have a great Sunday!

So funny, Tina, your IG favorites are often mine rom the last week! No wonder I follow you! (And, yes, I could part with at least half my furniture — not my dishes, or ironstone or artwork or blue and white — but tables, chairs, beds? Sure. I have some antiques and family pieces I am very attached to, but my style has evolved a lot. An it should — how boring would we be if we didn’t grow a bit all the time? Have a great week!

We were fortunate enough to attend “the Floriada” outside of Amsterdam a number of years ago…it was truly a “sight to remember!” Luv you “7’s” franki

Furniture – Yes, in a heartbeat. It’s not that I don’t love my furniture, I do. But an all new look would feel refreshing. Ten years ago, I sold most of my furniture and bought new. It is traditional but with a transitional twist. It fit the style of my new home better. If I was to redo it today, I would go even more streamlined. But there are many pieces in my home that tell of travels, hold memories, and show a life lived. Those I would not part with but incorporate them into my new look. They are what makes a home – home.
I have a vase of pretty pink, nodding tulips sitting on my island. It reminds me that spring is just around the corner. It is one of my favourite seasons. The promise of new life in the buds on the trees, the flowers popping their heads out and the many birds singing. Soon….
Love Seven on Sunday! So many pretties!

I don’t understand wanting to throw everything out of One’s home. Maybe, some pieces if they are hopeless. Rearrange, reupholstery, paint, declutter, update, etc., but you do t have to get rid of the whole house ?
I think the lady has a lot more going on than just being bored with her house . She can throw it all out & redo, but she will still be the same & come home to it. Something seems to be lacking here…there is more to this story.

It’s taken me a lifetime to collect and edit the things in my house. From my grandmother’s dining room furniture to my tag sale finds- no way would I throw it out and start over.

I can half-way relate to your friend! She is me, although I am very attached to about half of our things. My college aged kids love coming home to their “familiar”, but I am definitely in rejuvenation mode now that my youngest is a freshman.
Thank you for Seven on Sunday! Taking the time to read it (and add new Insta-finds) is my new ritual and I look forward to it every week!

I think my heart and head would explode if I were among both tulips and cherry blossoms! The image makes me want to skip. Heaven on earth!

Thank you for your salad recipe! One of the entries in your blog I love the most. Keeping us healthy!

I do need an intervention to help weed out my stuff. Especially my grown children’s things. Also lovely things I picked up for parties I never used. Ebay? Good Will? I’m afraid if I let go my happy memories go with along. Why?? My kids have no attachment! These “things” remind me of such happy days. Maybe I should take a picture and let it all go. I do need help!

I love the video of the baby whisper, I have seen in before but love seeing it again! The new products are beautiful as are all of your Instagram recomendations.

Hi Tina count me in the club of those that read your Sunday post religiously every Sunday with my cup of coffee in hand. I look so forward to it and you never ever disappoint.
Love the basketweave and the salad looks so good. Definitely trying it this week!
We are about to become empty nesters (next year) and are selling our home and we will be one of “those people” starting from scratch. Both my husband and I are in agreement on this, we are downsizing from a huge house to a mid sized home and cannot wait to streamline our living style and decor. I will take with me, two paintings that have been in my family for generations and my husband inherited a very expensive sideboard which we will also bring but aside from personal belongings, that’s it and we cannot wait! I love the idea of getting to start all over, life is too short to keep things the same and stagnant!

The basketweave hurricanes are not included on the site for purchase. Are they available?

I have many pieces handed down from my mother that I love and pieces I have collected over the years. Many with funny stories attached. I would like to change a few things, but my memories are so important to me and remind me of people that I love. Anyone can buy all new furniture, but where is the charm and personal touch that in my opinion that makes a home a home.

My changes would be in the area of sofas, occasional chairs………a height easier to get up from. Also new lamps and change rugs that have a dated appearance.
When I moved to another home, about the size of what I had, I took what I like best and left the rest. There are pieces I am attached to and will hopefully be able to keep “forever”. Somethings never go out of style.

I have just been thinking about that very question as some very good friends of mine have just lost their house to a fire. I look around my lovely home that we only finished a few months ago and see all the treasures full of wonderful memories or family connections stretching back into the past generations. I have already culled out anything that wasn’t precious and important to me, and I would be devastated to lose any of them. Having said that, they are just possessions and we can’t take them with us. It is the people that are the most important things.

I’ve done that two or three times, getting ready to do it again. Nothing like starting fresh & new. No clutter and no old stuff!

As someone once said to me, “everyone says they want to downsize, but they don’t really.” My neighbors downsized to a house about a third af what they had before, and within 3 yrs, they sold it because they haad downsized too much.
I went to Holland for the tulips for my 50th birthday. It was very cold in April, but of course, so beautiful. Kukenhof is meticulously maintained. Hotels are hard to find during tulip season, so book ahead.

My brother attended a wedding in Holland . The flowers were gorgeous white tulips , it’s was the most beautiful event he had ever attended .

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