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Hi everyone, hope you had a great week and are will be enjoying a nice weekend. We had a few mild days and it was A M A Z I N G. It gave me a sudden case of spring fever but now we are back to cooooold weather with snow coming next week.

We are having a relaxing one (much needed), have dinner plans tonight and tomorrow, lots of errands to catch up on and supposed to go into NYC tomorrow. I love having my weekends to “recharge”. I periodically post life’s happenings via my phone on my random musings posts. So here is a snapshot into the last week and a half or so….


Channeling spring with all my might:) Bought gorgeous flowers in the NY flower district, added them to my Ralph vases, brought out the cherry blossoms and of course the bunnies and eggs needed to come out of hibernation!

Love the bunnies and eggs so much, they just make me happy:)

When I said it got cold, I meant COLD!

Upstairs back stair landing, don’t think I have ever showed this before!

And upstairs foyer area, of course blue, white is present on the 2nd floor too!

Incredible new samples of things soon to be available….stay tuned:)

Is this navy pagoda dog bed not the cutest!!! Almost makes me want to get a dog:) These and all of our new chinoiserie tole will be on sale this week so stay tuned.

Don’t you just love getting a gift for no particular reason? Got the most wonderful gift from Meredith Lewis of Eleven Gables blog fame,  a pagoda mug, stationery and gorgeous blue/white monogrammed towels that promptly got put to use

They went right on my stove, always loved black together with blue and white

Went out to see a friends new home in Montauk, love being near the beach in winter! You can’t get a house closer to the ocean than this (below)-

Love this water view taken while in Virginia last week

Making more of a point to sit in  my living room…it is so peaceful and tranquil, for a room we put a lot into, we do not use it nearly enough. That is changing in 2019!

Talk about milking holiday decor! This is an arrangement still hanging on from Christmas:)

Thankfully I have one friend who still has a litlte one:) This cutie pie made my afternoon with his visit!

Have you tried any pasta with lemon? Made it for my son the other day and he absolutely  loved it, served it with pesto sauce, got rave reviews!

Window shopping (while at a light) from my car and you can surely understand why this caught my eye:)

Having such fun putting the finishing touches on this beautiful nursery….after 3 boys this was a particularly sweet project:)

And still coveting the navy lacquered library we did, I want one!

Finished a busy city day with dinner at Le Cou Cou, not only is it beautiful but the food is fantastic too!

Made a big batch of my guacam0le the other night it was sooooo good. Sometimes I will have it as a meal or add it to a salad, key to me is lots of finely cut cilantro and A LOT of fresh lime juice


And there you have recent happenings in my life, the good and pretty of course:) Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend, here its cooooold but we are indeed inching our way towards spring so I am not going to complain.  Hope you enjoy your Saturday, thanks for stopping in. Until next time…………………

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Anne Marie O'Connor on

Have a great weekend!

Donna O’Meara on

Love the pictures of TEDDY, makes me smile. What is the recipient for the guacamole, it looks delicious.Thanks for sharing

Mary Beth on

Try adding a little chopped fresh garlic to your guacamole – my niece from Mexico taught me this authentic secret – takes it to the next level!

Enjoyed all your beautiful pics!

Sue B. on

Oooooh the dog beds 🙂 I love that you feature a lot of blue and white. Flo blu plates and vases.

Gina Smalley on

You should get another dog..

Franki on

Where in Virginia? We’ve been enjoying spectacular sunsets recently!! franki

Celia Becker @ on

Good morning Tina. You lead such a hectic life, it always amazing me all that you accomplish in a week! I’ll be in NYC in April so I printed out your guide to the city. Only have 2 nights to go out to dinner and was trying to decide between all your recommendations. Since I’ve been to lots on your list before, I narrowed it down to ones I haven’t been to that include Le Cou Cou, La Mercerie, & ABC Kitchen. Which one of the 3 would you eliminate? Would love your impute. Happy Saturday.

Judy on

Just a note to say that Emily is the lady at Eleven Gables and Meredith Lewis is another blogger/IG lady Just FYI.

Jennifer Roberts on

Happy weekend to you!!

Kathy on

Hi Tina
This is Kathy and I enjoy following your blog. Also, I have purchased some of your products…so much fun! I have a question about kitchen ranges. I am remodeling my home in California. I have narrowed my choices down to Wolf and ILVE. You have both? Which do you prefer? I have a large family but all the kids have grown and I am now starting the Grandkids part of my life ?. Thank you!

Meredith Lewis on

Love seeing those hand towels and other gifties being put to good use! So glad you like them! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Marcia Moorhead on

Loved your post today, sitting here recovering from total knee replacement, so nice to vicariously enjoy the beauty you find in the world. Thanks for sharing.

Jo Shafer on

Good snowy morning, Tina! I’m with you on this idea: “Making more of a point to sit in my living room…it is so peaceful and tranquil, for a room we put a lot into, we do not use it nearly enough.” We practically live in our library, but it’s the drawing room that receives all the sun when it deigns to come out and play. I love that room for “withdrawing” from the business part of the house; it’s actually quieter than our library with the television.

Deanna on

Lovely pictures. I hope you have a beautiful, relaxing weekend.

Kelly on

Love your posts , so nice to see the world through your eyes- love your home and your taste!
Got my first order from you and it was so beautiful in person and super well packed- A+!

Susan on

That dog bed! Be still my heart!

Kelly on

Love your posts , so nice to see the world through your eyes- love your home and your taste!
Got my first order from you and it was so beautiful in person and super well packed- A+!

Christen Humphries on

Thank you for sharing the different views your home. I am drawn to the landscape in your foyer, do you have any information about it? I would love to see a close up as I am a painter. Beauty to you.

Joanna on

I love the lemon gift wrap with the gorgeous green & white ribbon. It’s so fresh!
We also didn’t use our living room/dining room much. Except when company was over, we sat in our family room. So upon retirement and relocating, we built a great room concept house. Now we use our beautifully decorated rooms. It seemed such a waste to have rooms that sat empty 99% of the time. Enjoy your beautiful room, Tina!

Debbie B. on

Where did Meredith get the fabulous hand towels?

Susan on

William-Wayne is an all-time favorite haunt!
Do I detect a new color way in melamine? With a whole set purchased last summer in blue & green, now what do I do? :-0

Beverly J Dodge on

Hi Tina,
Just a quick note to thank you for the wonderful & inspiring post from your past weekend. After being “shut in” the past 2=weeks, along with my husband from an upper respiratory illness ?, your blog was a very welcome breath of fresh air! Also, it’s especially nice and meaningful for those of us who enjoy and appreciate quality and beauty in decor and the lovely places you travel to, and for whatever reasons, cannot do so ourselves, BUT, we can still live vicariously through wonderful people like you who are blessed and willing to share your beautiful life with us!
God Bless! ?❤️ Beverly Dodge

Dianne Kropp on

I’d love to see more of the room that “cutie pie” is in. Is that your den? It looks so cozy.

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