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Hi friends,  hope you are having a great and relaxing weekend. Here mine has been very nice so far and just what I needed:) Enjoyed dinner with friends, a few fun outings, celebrated a  new baby in our family, went to the city a few days ago and got to meet the little cutie pie.

Brought back so many good memories:)  Now they are all grown up, which is always bittersweet. Today it’s all about down time (much needed) then an early dinner with friends, a nice way to end the weekend. Hope yours is going well too! Onward with my Seven on Sunday……


1 CHARLOTTE TERRELL ART  Well, all I can say is  I really chose well when I decided on an artist to paint a painting for our foyer wall in our PB home. I was immediately drawn to Charlotte’s work, it really called my name. Just fell in love with her entire aesthetic.

I have been a huge fan of her work since I discovered her and though I wanted to find an artist local to PB, I could”t get her paintings out of my mind. Plus shes from Tennessee, so she is southern:) I think she captured the low country early morning sky and water just perfectly, it is everything I wanted and more. It is not totally done yet but here it is so far. Cannot wait to hang this up!

Click here to visit her website and be prepared to fall in love:)

Just as she got started-

I so appreciated how she kept me in the loop and welcomed my feedback, not all artists are so easy to work with:) I had in mind a scene from the low country in soft beautiful tones that would enhance the soft color palette we have in the home, to say she delivered is an understatement:)

I loved how she worked with me every step of the way, sharing progress pictures as the painting evolved, and  a few days ago I mentioned maybe adding egrets which are such a integral part of nature in the low country and just like that, there are now three elegant egrets flying in the gorgeous sky!

Here is the painting almost done, not quite there but just about. Next time you see this magnificent piece of art it will be hanging in our PB home!


2 MY AMAZINGLY TALENTED CUSTOMERS So love seeing my products in my customers homes, it always gives me a thrill. Check out some of these recent pictures featuring products from TEH-

3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. I love scouring Instagram for my favorite finds of the week. This weeks round up was such fun to find, so  many beautiful and inspiring images. Hope you enjoy!

But my favorite this week is this one from sugar extraordinaire Cake  Atelier Amsterdam, would you believe these pots and flowers are all sugar and edible????

4.  SAY HELLO TO OUR NEWEST MELAMINE! Was sooo excited to see our stunning new melamine samples come in this week. Yes, you better believe it was love at first sight!! I can’t stop looking at them, I can see a beautiful table set with these now:)   There is also one more interchangeable pattern coming in a few weeks.

These are going into production as we speak and with luck we will have these to us in late March/early April just in time for spring and alfresco entertaining which cannot come soon enough!

5. MANTLE REDO I wanted to add some springy cheer to my dining room mantle. Had my flowers from the NY flower market from last week that were for the most part still going pretty strong, so picked up some darker pink roses from a local market, added them to the existing flowers in our best selling Ralph vases (click here)  and voila!

I was able to instantly pull together this pretty vignette on my dining room mantle. Added two of the new small double happiness bud vases (my new favorite bud vases that just arrived, click here) the gorgeous large Staffordshire dogs (we are down to the last few pair, click here)  and it was an instant winner.

6. INSPIRING STORY OF THE WEEK  OK I am ready to vote for Ezra for president:) What an inspiration this kid is, next time I complain about something small or I hear one of my kids do the same, I will think about this incredible young man. His words and smile truly light up a room!

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY Are you a binge series watcher? Funny how even 8 years ago that was not even a “thing”. And honestly it wasn’t a thing really in my household either until maybe a year ago…I always heard about everyone binge watching this or that and felt like I was missing out:)

Now it seems everyone is binge watching something, me included. Have you seen Bloodline on Netflix? We started watching it and haven’t stopped. Just started season 3, it is so compelling and addicting with so many twists and turns, it keeps you on the edge of your seat.

I was the same way with The Crown and Suits I find the world of TV watching, frankly overwhelming. There are so many new things coming out constantly, no wonder the movie tehaters are suffering. I always wonder how people find out about new series, Bloodline I just happened to read about and we started to watch it. So……..are you a binge watcher?


And that’s a wrap! Anything here get your attention? I always love knowing that you make TEH part of your Sunday morning routine, kind of like a virtual coffee get together:) Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend, until  next time……

PS As of Monday morning our fabulous orchid sale has begun, this is one you do not want to miss! Click here to see the sale

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The Melanie is so beautiful! Love this post- from the darling little boy to your mantle, beautiful eye candy for this Sunday morning. Thanks Tina!

Lots to love! The painting is beautiful, her work is so lovely.

Love the new plates and may need to try and copy your mantle as we are hosting a party next Saturday in honor of my mother in laws 70th bday!

Many beautiful pictures many of which are going to my Pinterest account?

In love with the Melanie. You brighten our snow filled winter with your lovely products and flower arrangements.

Binge watching has a negative connotation, but I see it as the freedom to watch a show in its entirety and not be held hostage, week after week and with ALL the commercials. I can start, stop, whatever I want. I’m controlling what I watch and when I watch it. That and the dvd has changed tv/movie watching forever.

Ezra is an amazing kid. He isn’t letting a handicap define him or restrict his ability to enjoy sports. Thank you for sharing the video with us this Sunday morning.

Tina, glad to know I’m not alone in the binge watching department. I recently started watching Suits (I know very late) and I am now on season 8. Once I finish I will have to check out Bloodline! Thanks for the tip. Regular TV is so dang boring, thank goodness for series like these that give us something to do when we can’t sleep!

I was recently side lined with a broken ankle so I started binge watching. Loved The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Salt, Fat Acid, Heat, 7 Days out, and Roger Stone. Always looking for great suggestions so I will check out Bloodline.

Please continue with the gingham blue and white ribbon and think about adding blue and white striped ribbon as well…………………….

Tina, if you want a really really good binge watch, then you have to check out The Marvelous Mrs. Maizel!! It is marvelous!!! Trust me!! Two seasons are out there. They are working on the 3rd.

Love the photos and your new painting! It is always great to connect with the artist. Have a great day. ?

I am glad you went with the artist whose work moved your spirit. Charlotte’s painting seems like a beautiful match and as an artist I know she is happy it brings you joy. I bet you will find a local artist to fill other walls in time.

Everything is so pretty, just love those melamine plates and it is hard to believe that they are not fine china.

What a wonderful little boy in that video I too would vote for him for president in a heartbeat ?

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