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Hello and happy Sunday! Hope you are enjoying a great week. Finally spring weather is slowly making its way here and I am eagerly awaiting things start to blooming. Bought spring flowers yesterday and even that small rite of passage of spring put a pep in my step:) We have had a nice weekend, dinner with friends and later today headed into the city to see a Broadway show, all about the music of the Temptations. That should be fun and a nice change for a Sunday.

Weather supposed to be kind of gloomy and rainy later but the week ahead looks to finally have some temps creeping into the 60’s, woo hoo! Hope things are starting to turn springy over wherever you might be too! Here we go with our Seven on Sunday for this weekend-




1 A HYDRANGEA I AM OBSESSED WITH. Calling all garden and flower fanatics! Being only a few months from the start of hydrangea season aka summer has me dreaming of growing and cutting my own summer flowers. Thankfully hydrangeas grow abundantly and well around these woods, so they are my favorite “go to” flower.My current hydrangea bushes are going to come back this year with a vengeance and I am rubbing my hands together in eager anticipation.

One variety I just love but do not have (and this coming from me, previously not a purple fan) is the City Line, it’s like a variegated purple hydrangea and it is so striking which also comes in a beautiful pink! I can see a big oversized cluster of these in a big blue and white vase now! There are several sites that sell them but I just ordered them from what appears to be one of the main growers,  Proven Winners (click here to order) They should be shipping sometime in later April.

And here is how I envision putting arrangements together with my porcelain pieces, think this could call for a party:)


2 NEW PRODUCTS COMING SOON! As I said last week, there are many incredibly exciting things happening over  here. Some I can share and a few not quite yet:) Our Christmas collection is in full swing believe it or not and this year our collection is going to be sensational. I am very excited over it! So,  for all you early bird planners we will have our first round of holiday papers and ornaments late summer/Sept.

Here is the newest style of wicker chunky hurricanes we have coming in, what I love about these is that besides being gorgeous oversized hurricanes they also make the best flower vases!

Soon after this style will foll0w-

Introducing some new pillows which have been custom made and I really am loving each and every one of these, they are stunning! More to come, they are also part of hte new arrivals sale at 20% off until tonight! Click here to see all new arrivals

These are samples not the finished product but how fabulous is this new style chinoiserie tole lamp! Will be offered in four colors, I really love this one and will immediately add two to my bedroom:)

In progress shots….so love these!

In the meantime, we just got in some gorgeous new silver, have 2 big porcelain containers coming, wrapping paper, new hurricanes and finally just approved the etched glass pieces which are the start of hopefully what will be an extended line of beautiful etched pieces possibly even to glassware. Here is a sneak peek-

As I have previously mentioned, we are in throes of working on our holiday collection and all can tell you is this is going to be the best yet, very excited about it! One of our best selling ornaments last year were the Staffordshire dogs, they sold out well before Christmas.

So not only are we doubling up this year but we are also going to introduce two new colorways. So here is where I need you, which two colors do you think we should introduce? Here they are from last year-


3. INSPIRING VIDEO OF THE WEEK Love finding and sharing videos that inspire. There are so many wonderful stories out there that make me realize how many good people are out in this world of ours. So it is with pleasure to share the love and inspiration! Good hearts come in all shapes and sizes and the heart of this 10 year old boy belies his age. One thing- can I adopt this kid?  I love his reactions, he is a sweetheart through and through. What an incredible person and role model he is for others, his parents should be so proud!



4 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Definitely one of my favorite parts about these posts is collecting some of the most beautiful Instagrams of the week. So much beauty! Love this weeks round up and hope you will too-


5. AMAZING CUSTOMER PICTURES Every few weeks or so I share customer pictures,  I just love getting your pictures or getting them on Instagram. I am continuously amazed at how talented my customers are and get a thrill seeing my products in your beautiful homes Please keep them coming.

Here are several I recently received that I just had to share! If you want to send in your pictures we will add them to the gallery and they may just even make it to a Seven on Sunday post:) I included the names of those submissions who also have blogs:) Send pictures to [email protected]

Above and below from Ladyhattan

Above from Randi Garrett

Above from Randi Garrett

Above from Ladyhattan



6 BLUE AND WHITE + FRANCE = LOVE! I had told you some time ago about the sensational monthly boxes from My French Country Home. I have gotten a few of them and literally these are the next best thing to jumping on a plane and heading to France! Every one of them has been a complete delight brimming with all kinds of beautiful unique finds,  all French of course:)

I love discovering new products and we all know French is synonymous with high quality and fine living. For May, the newest box is calling my name……a  blue and white themed box! Here is a teaser below. In case a trip to France is not in your future, this box might be just the answer!  Included are about 8-10 items, one of which is always some kind of exclusive French fragrance and another an authentic brocante item (so fun) and the rest are a surprise!

I can say one thing, her boxes never disappoint and feel like an early Christmas present, the presentation alone is so beautiful but the products are always top quality and such fun new discoveries. click here to find out more and order your own box.



My French Country Home has also quite brilliantly I might add just come out with their own magazine, and this looks to be a winner! With her ability to draw you in, I  have no doubt this is going to be an instant hit highlighting all the wonders and inspirations of that long sought after French lifestyle. Best part is for the May box only, a copy of the new magazine will also be included- win/win! Click here to find out more and order!

7. SUNDAYS SURVEY So today is all about our crazy world, which seems to be getting crazier by the day. I mean don’t get me wrong I am so grateful for the wonderful life we get to live and of course to live in the greatest country on earth but sometimes there is too much of a good thing. Like sometimes I feel the freedom of speech is taken to a point where it’s often crossing a line (and then some). Political correctness is simply out of control. People/certain celebrities who are glorified are a complete puzzle to me.Makes me sad in some instances that our youth are glorifying people who literally have contributed just about nothing to our world

Many kids have no manners (and some adults come to think of it). And I think it might get to me more than some others but I am cognizant every minute of the day and honestly don’t like the direction its going not only for myself but for my kids and their kids. I feel like a lot is spiraling out of control and I am not sure what the end result will be. I feel other countries (certain countries)  have held onto traditions much more than we have and while the world deals with these issues across the board, it’s much more pronounced in the U.S. There are numerous articles almost daily in European papers about this very thing as being an “American phenomenon”.

I don’t know sometimes I find myself daydreaming about escaping to the French countryside and buying a beautiful country home, living off the land and reverting to the simpler way of life. I mean it! I think about it more than one might imagine. So……….wondering what your thoughts are on this subject? Always fun to know and if you checked either of the last two answers, I am seriously jealous:)


And there you have my Seven on Sunday for this week. Would love to know if anything here got your attention, love hearing from you. I hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday and want to thank you for stopping in. Until next time………..

PS Through tonight all new arrivals are 20% off! Some seriously beautiful new things which I am really exited about, click here to see all of them (use code spring)

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Kids have no manners? Go back and watch that Ellen clip! That little guy has beautiful manners. And his actions should give us all hope for a kinder country. Many adults and many children don’t, you’re right, but please don’t generalize!

What an amazing Sunday post possibly one of my favorites! You were so much better than any magazine ?

Absolutely love everyone of your new products and love seeing your things in your customers homes I need to have my son who practice fo absolutely love everyone of your new products and love seeing your things in your customers homes I need to have my son who practices photography as a hobby to take some pictures of some of the items that I have purchased from you I think you would approve !

I completely agree with your sentiments about our world and how fast it is changing, unfortunately not for the better . I think it starts at home and since we obviously cannot control the pace at which things are changing we have to make sure that we control what we can and that would be starting with the way we raise our children . I look at music and fashion, and it really has gotten to the point of being pathetic. I am only 51 but I feel very out of touch with what is now our reality .

Interesting topic, hope you enjoy your Sunday and your Broadway show !

Great post! Those purple hydrangeas are so beautiful, thank you for the tip I think I may need to order a few myself !

Love your new lamps and pillows.

Yes things have changed a lot in our world in the last decade, my daughter attended a semester abroad in France and ended up getting offered a job there after graduation and has lived there for almost 4 years . Visit her about twice a year and there is such a marked difference between the cultures of France and America And what they aspire to. I cannot understand our infatuation with popular culture and celebrities. I sometimes find it baffling myself Haha. If I could move to the French countryside tomorrow I would do it in there look back but owning a business that has been in our family for 30 years makes that only a dream 🙂

I would like to make a comment on your survey. It is my understanding that the problems we have in our country are worldwide and leaving will not solve today’s problems. I have been told that France has the same problems we do and that Paris is almost unrecognizable from yesterday. We as Christians, have tried to do the right thing and it has not worked out best for our countries. I love your blog and always read and enjoy.

All you have to do is look at the television shows and they will tell you how we got to incivility.

I agree with you. Our Country has lost civility. We will have to work very hard to get it back, if ever.. .
Yes, it starts at home, but many of the children actually seem to learn disrespect at home. Teachers, Policeman,, etc. treated awful.

I hope we can find kindness, thoughtfulness & consideration for. Others again, somehow. We are all in this together. I was told recently that one act of kindness, each day, no matter how big or small, makes a tremendous difference in how people feel.

Hi Tina, I always look forward to your Sunday posts. This one in particular was so beautiful and entertaining !

I love all the new products that you were developing, thank you for resurrecting beautiful traditional home accessories that feel current .

As far as your survey goes I have seen our true deterioration in American values and while I believe there are certain areas in our country that has not changed as much as let’s say certain metropolitan areas the culture shift has been remarkable but not in a good way!

I went to a lecture at the University of Chicago by a very well know I went to a lecture at the University of Chicago Featuring Which talked about the corrosion of American values and they did a slideshow presentation which just in a very superficial way highlighted what has happened . I showed, as an example of the way Americans used to dress 40 and 50 years ago when they were travel versus the way American stress today . I think that one slide show said volumes about what has happened .

My husband is Dutch and still has a lot of family in Holland and when we go there we always come back saying we wish that we would have had the foresight to move there when our children were younger. I know that we would have been much better off raising them there and then raising them here in the wealthy suburbs of Chicago.
The things that they value and treasure or what is lacking in our society today.

I would like to have a small farm that’s 30-45 mins outside of a metropolitan area. Something like the Gaines/Fixer upper seem to have.
I definitely feel like things are out of control.

Life styles are becoming extreme…….in a disposable world of instant gratification. I am appalled at how easy this value transition was accomplished, leaving morals and good manners in its wake, all due to the degradation of our political system. If we could only legislate ethics and good manners into law.

I,too, subscribe to the French box and LOVE it!! Also I just added daffodils to my tulipieres and always think of you— I just adore them!

Oh Tina, Where do I begin? So much to love in this post.
Thanks so much for the recommendation of City Line hydrangeas. We moved at the end of last summer, and now that we are (mostly) settled in, it’s time for me to tackle my new walled garden. Aside from an existing white camellia (so Coco Chanel — I sometimes place a fresh one in my hair in the summer or pin one on my jacket or purse when going out for dinner with hubby), I will be tossing out all the other plantings and starting fresh. All pinks, blues and purples, so the City Line hydrangeas will be a perfect addition!
The Ellen clip of that incredibly generous and kind little boy made me tear up a little… Brava to his mom for raising such a wonderful, selfless boy.
Always love your Instagram of Interest section! I already follow the fabulous Meredith Lewis, but I will be adding soph_isticatedstyle to my list now, too.
Is My French Country home an e-magazine, or can one subscribe to a paper version, as well? Followed the link, but can’t find how one goes about subscribing.
Happy Sunday, Tina! Keep up the great work with these wonderful posts and beautiful products!

I love that someone wrote that YOU are better than a magazine! I couldn’t agree more! Love reading your posts. ❤️

We do have 200 acres in the middle of nowhere, and we love going there. No neighbors. Just us. And it helps me “reset” for the week to come. Though we do miss out on some events back home, but it’s only 65 miles away! From a big city! So, go for it, if you can. And if not, make your house a sanctuary, where you can recharge and get away from the craziness. Have a wonderful week! Great post, thx…..

Never forget God has a plan and He is in control and He wins in the end.

Lovely, as always, Tina. Before you dream of a Shangri-la in France, a quick look at that country will show you that all is not so rosy there, either. The Yellow Jackets are creating havoc, the trains were on a year-long rolling strike last year, and possibly this year as well, and there have been race riots and dreadful terrorists attacks. The best idea for your poor country is to put up some good, decent leaders at the forthcoming elections, and have ALL citizens get off their bottoms and actually VOTE!

Happy to be surrounded here in the South with good and caring people. Nice manners , a smile and have a blessed day.

Hi Tina those hydrangea are so beautiful. I have not seen that variagated variety so thank you for the introduction. I planted a garden last summer so am eager to add to it. Lovely new lamps!

That little boy stole my heart, what a sweet child. His parents are obviously a big part of that. I so agree with your ideas about what is happening in society. What happened? I miss the days when people were naturally kind and civil. Now everyone just seems so angry and when given an “anonymous” platform like social media, it brings out the worst in some.

Thankful for your wonderful blog.

Lovely Seven post as always. I have found so many great Instagram accounts through you. Pretty pillows and love your inspiring video of the little boy rising money for hearing aids. A real hero!

Could you please tell me the paint color you used for the walls in the grand room and entrance hall in your home. Thank you. Really beautiful.

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