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Hi there, so many have asked about this tablecloth so thought it was time to do this post now that I have secured the fabric! I was looking high and low for a dressy looking tablecloth that would fit my unusually long and wide dining table (when fully extended). I wanted something to the floor and it was impossible to find.

I have so many great resources however was shocked to find it simply did not exist!  Part of why I do what I do and. how I began is looking to bring items that I found were either hard to find or were you price prohibitive so I decided to start making them:)

So I then set out to make my own custom tablecloth. Finding double width fabric in itself is limiting then to find one you really love really narrows things down and fast. I found a simple white imported linen fabric which was quite expensive and had it made, it ended up costing me over $500 because the fabric was very expensive. I liked it but at the end of the day it was a white tablecloth so I kept on looking for something “special”.  Well my perseverance paid off……I found one that I loved so much that I actually bought several bolts of it, it is really that spectacular!

It looks like a classic damask and appears to be a linen blend but the best part is that it’s a poly blend (you would never ever know) and looks like a million dollars. I had a feeling it would make a perfect tablecloth and it actually surpassed my expectations. I am in love with it and sometimes daydream about making it into a ball skirt, it’s that pretty.

Many of you have asked about ordering one so that’s what this post is about. I do not have professional pictures so what I have here will have to suffice. These will take 5-10 days to have made (by a local workroom who I have contracted to make these). The beauty is these can be made to your specifications! A custom tablecloth can run several hundred dollars (trust me I know) so I am sure you will recognize the tremendous values here thanks to my buying a large quantity of the fabric and having a great local workroom.  A few rules-

  • You can only email or call in your order for these
  • Please call 800-804-9565 (Mon-Fri 9:30-5:30 EST) or email
  • Please be sure if you are requesting an invoice to include your full name, address and phone number
  • Limited time offer (3 days)
  • As these are custom they are final sale
  • Limited yardage of the fabric, so subject to availability
  • This will not be online and is a limited time offer
  • These are made to order so you can order in any size
  • Due to the double width they will not have a seam and are finished with a hemstitch
  • These can even be machine washed (but I personalty will probably send to dry cleaner)
  • Once your order is placed, it is about a 5-10 day lead time to receive your custom tablecloth
  • Rush order? Call us we can accommodate a very limited number of rush orders for a $35 up charge
  • Questions? We are here and happy to answer them, call us at 800-804-9565

And now onto the fun part! Here are the most common sizes and prices-

Common sizes-

70″ x 90″ $195.00

70″ x 108″ $210.00

70″ x 128 $225.00

70″ x 144″ $235.00

70″ x 162″ $245.00

60″ round $185.00

Almost all sizes are available, for anything not listed or larger please call us for a quote (800-804-9565)


The fabric looks and feels extremely expensive and I promise you this is from me,  a fabric snob. I love a beautiful fabric and this does not disappoint, also feels so good and has. nice weight to it.! Here are a few close ups as well as pictures of it in my dining room to see it in “action”-

How fabulous is this! It looks embroidered and finely done at that:)


Available in one of five colors-















Here is how to order-

1. Choose your color

2. Tell us your exact size (what size you want finished not the table size)

3. Call or email your order in-


Nothing like a super gorgeous tablecloth to dress up your table. I keep this one all the time now, it just looks so darn pretty! Thanks for stopping by, wishing you a fabulous day!

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Elizabeth on

Beautiful tablecloth! I love it is every color way!

Barb Moreau on

Gorgeous fabric❤️

Piper B on

The most beautiful table cloth ever! I’m in love with all the colorways. My choice would be your blue, Tina.

PS The pooling of the tablecloth makes me a liiiiitle nervous.

Melissa Safer on

The tablecloths are beyond stunning!

Lee on

The fabrics are gorgeous but that photo of Teddy…… still my heart!

Judy Wadsworth on

I can imagine a gown made of this exquisite fabric!

Dominique B. on

Really, really, really beautiful. Love all the detail!

Mary Anne on

Love ,love these gorgeous tablecloths!! I too love the Damask which is hard to find these days! I have 3 sizes in White depending upon wether we have no leaf or multiples of leaves!! I am seriously thinking about 1 of these!! I do make my own tablecloths too!

Tahani on

So beautiful

Victoria Breen on

Tina, c’est magnifique ,!!!!

Barbara Thomason on


Mary Johnson on

Will you be able to restock the pale blue or this is all there is?

Robert Keogh on

I’m Happy to say My Grand soldier Jars arrived this week and I love them. Do you sell or do you know where I can purchase stands for them?
Thank You

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