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Hello, how beautiful is it that spring is here and things are finally blooming? I forgot just how happy spring makes me. I love that it’s not dark at 5pm and I feel ready to hibernate, that I can finally put my mostly black/gray/camel wardrobe safely away, that I can open windows while I am cooking or making flower arrangements, that I can start to bring out all my favorite sandals and warm weather footwear, that everything will soon start turning green and last but not least, that I have a reason to visit my other happy place, the NY flower market!

Whether you live in NY or not, if you ever get the opportunity to go, you simply must. It is such a fun place, and there is such a palatable energy to the place.  They open super early (as in 5am early) and close early, they normally pack up by noon or 1pm latest. A LOT happens in those wee morning hours, with flower brokers and party planners making big deals from all over the world. And just to be there, be part of that energy and action is truly thrilling!

I know I have a lot of fellow flower lovers out there so always highlight my trips with pictures and eventually a blog post. And this excursion is no exception, in fact so much so that it will be broken into two parts. Too much beauty for one post lol.  My theme this trip was all white, undeniably my all time favorite. I cannot even tell you how amazingly wonderful my home smelled for the week or so that these fabulous flowers were in it. The aromatic scent just took my breath away as did their incredible beauty- win/win!


This is almost how things always look in the backseat of my car:)

Chock full, just how I like it!

My gorgeous loot, in love!

What pretty colors for a wedding:)

First arrangement under my belt!

And working on my second

About an hour later, really on a roll!

Hydrangea love

Started to set up a Easter breakfast table…..suffice to say I love it!

For those who have asked this is the newest melamine (due here in about 3 weeks) you can preorder now, click here

And carried over the white them to my living room mantle and this might be my favorite look to date, so classic


And there you have part 1. As I said earlier, don’t want to cause unnecessary heart palpitations so divided this particular trip into 2 posts (as if you are anything like me when I see beautiful flowers I almost hyperventilate). Next time on post 2, you will see how I used the flowers in another setting and I will share a few tips I have learned over the years. White flowers and blue and white porcelain? Unbeatable if you ask me. Hope you enjoyed and happy spring to you. Until next time…….

PS The Tablescape Contest is open for your entries! I have extended it, realizing many will want to share their Easter tables. So now taking pictures until April 23rd. Click here to find out more on how to enter.

PPS The tablecloths have been a huge success, who know finding custom beautiful tablecloths were so hard to find! We are sold out of a few colors but still have a little left of the ones that remain. Click here for that post.

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Good morning and Happy Spring! I googled the NY flower market and got several florist names. Can you please specify where the NY flower market is located so I can visit on a trip to the city. Thanks!

Your bouquets are fabulous. Such a wonderful blog to enjoy this beautiful sunny, spring morning in California.

????love white and green! What is the name of the filler branches?
They look wonderful!

Absolutely LOVE your breakfast table, so inspiring and I adore your chair upholstery! Everything is perfect.

Hydrangea Love is so pretty. The colors of the container compliment the flowers so beautifully. I hope you are having a crowd over for the Easter Holiday to enjoy all of your beautiful arrangements. Enjoy, Tina!

Your arrangements are so beautiful…really inspiring! Could you please tell me the name of your kitchen island countertop? Thanks!

Spring air, sunshine, flowers, gardening, sitting on the patio and going for walks! Thank you God! And…thank you Tina for all your time. Your floral arrangements are gorgeous!

Wow, yes, my heart is pounding. What a wonderful time you had, both buying and arranging.

My favorites r white flowers. So clean and happy. Of coarse blue and white vases and pottery

Tina! Dreaming of an Easter breakfast in such a beautiful setting! Everyone who attends is to be envied. Oh your flowers! Oh, yes, palpitations of the heart! Looking forward to post #2!

Love white flowers
Tried to order the tablecloth yesterday am and it was busy . Very disappointed to miss the cream tablecloth . Sure hope you have another time to buy one ?❤️

Took my breath away!!! That breakfast table and your mantle are to die for, I would leave it like that all the time ?

I agree there is nothing quite like white flowers in blue and white porcelain, it is so crisp and classic . That said, you definitely have a gift with flowers and I am continually inspired.

Your white flowers pictures reveal the beauty of process as well as of finished product. They prove the pleasure is greater if one is not in haste to reach the final result, pausing to see beauty at every stage. It is both a way of looking at life and a way of living. I am, I think, falling under the spell of your vision of blue and white. I want to learn more.

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