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Hello and happy Easter Sunday! Well, what is it they say about those best laid plans? Yea,  that we basically have no control over them. Sadly my little getaway to see a sick relative and then onto Palmetto Bluff for Easter did not happen as much as I wanted it to. Was left with literally no energy after that whopper of a migraine and then had a stomach bug to boot. Boy, when it rains it pours! I have licked my wounds and know things happen for a reason. Didn’t Freud say there is no such thing as a accident:)

So here in NY we will remain!  No fancy tables, no flowers or pretty Easter decor this year. Since I thought until yesterday we were going to still make it, there was no time to prepare so instead I will enjoy seeing the inevitable parade of Easter tables on Instagram. Wishing everyone who celebrates Easter a very happy and joyous day with your families. Onward with my Seven on Sunday-


1 SPRING HAS SPRUNG Around here finally, our home is coming out of a long winter hibernation. We got to the high 70’s the other day and it was just heaven. We actually sat outside though we didn’t have our cushions out yet, we made do. Took these last week on what was one gorgeous spring day (mid 70’s, slight breeze).

It was such a wonderful treat and my mind was on overdrive imagining all things I want to do this summer to the patio. Can’t wait to bring out my favorite pillows, start planting, sprucing up my planters and more. Always tweaking and the sooner the better, so to maximize the wonderful season of summer! Here is how things looked the other day, a little stark but still so nice to be out there!

Yes the planters look bare and empty but hopefully that will change in a few weeks! I am proud of myself for literally just removing my Christmas greens from them:)

Everytime I show this picture people ask about my faux 36″ boxwood ball, they are from my shop and are amazing looking, no water required! Also through today 20% off applies, come just as the boxwood ball or exactly as shown above.  Click here to see the boxwoods.

2 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST What a round up this week. Sometimes, its sooo hard to narrow these down, so much to see, admire and be inspired by. Heavy on the flowers with it being spring and Easter time, don’t think anyone will have a problem with that:)

You can see I had a hard time narrowing it down this week so a few more pictures than I usually post. Hope you enjoy what I chose this week-

3 LENNY KRAVITZ IS LIVING MY DREAM Who would have known that of all people, rockstar Lenny Kravitz would be living my dream of owning a farm! His Brazilian farm truly took my breath away, what a dreamy place he gets to call home.Besides the fact that Lenny needs a few ginger jars in his life (he doesn’t know what he is missin) , there is plenty to love about this incredible Brazilian retreat.

The kitchen somehow brings back such memories of living there as a child myself and love the outbuildings, the property, pool area, etc….amazing! I still keep my dream of a home in Provence alive but this video has me dreaming all over again!

4 ONE BEAUTIFUL EASTER TABLE!  This was a perfect Sunday post to share this most spectacular Easter Day setting from super stylish and talented KD Hamptons. Click here if you don’t follow her on Instagram (her account is one of my faves). I loved her take on an alfresco Easter table and of course was thrilled seeing our products (the melamine and pagoda salt and peppers) as part of it!

5 COZY PJS I cannot lie, my battalion favorite movies and my Eberjay pjs are what helped to make this last week of not feeling well, somewhat bearable. I am a pajama afidianado loooove my pjs. I have a few favorite brands and when I find one I love I stay very committed. Eberjay is one of those brands.

This crisp blue and white pair of course caught my eye and I bought them a few months ago. Boy, was I happy to have them this week!     They are so incredibly cozy and comfy and now that they are on sale I am getting a second pair.Plus found another cute pair in a different blue and whtie print. And then one of my two favorite slippers which also happens to be on sale.

Click here for the pinstripe and here for the blue/white print

And some have seen on my Instagram my cashmere pom pom slippers which are as pretty as they are comfortable. They are now on sale at Neiman Marcus, click here to see

6 INSPIRING STORY OF THE WEEK  You might have seen this story before. I had seen the story of Dawn Loggins a few years ago and somehow it came across my desk recently. I thought it was so worth sharing. With all the luxuries of things like electricity, a working phone and warm meals being a given for most kids, that was not the case for Dawn.

Eventually she became homeless, but all the while continued to work as a janitor of sorts in her high school, cleaning up the trash of her very classmates. So for those of you who still have school aged kids, next time they are trying to convince you why they “can’t” do this or that with relation to school, maybe introduce them to their new superhero, Dawn. Her story is nothing less than awe inspiring. Kudos to her school/community for stepping up and showing her how good the world can be.

7. SUNDAYS SURVEY This is all about holidays which seems fitting to ask on a holiday. Curious to know which your favorite is. For me it has to be Christmas, just because I love the magic of that season and the way that magic is sprinkled over a months time but a close second is Thanksgiving in terms of it being a holiday centered around family and a day of thanks with almost no pressure. Your turn-


There you have it friends, this Sunday’s post. Hope you enjoyed and wishing everyone a most happy Easter spent with those you love. Though it’s not at all what I planned, I recognize it’s not my surroundings that make the day its those who I am surrounded by, and for that I am very grateful. Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous day! Until next time……

PS Today is last day to take advantage of our special SITE WIDE Easter sale- where everything is 20% off! Use code “bunny”. Click here to see the shop

Cutest Easter bunny of them all!

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I wish you a speedy continued recovery. Thanks, as usual, for your inspirations of beauty and joy! JoAnne

Wonderful post! Migraines are rough, having lived with them for years. Sugar and wine were triggers for me. Haven’t had one for years. Loved everything in this post. Happy Easter!

Hi Tina,
Happy Easter to you and your family! I always look forward to your posts.
While I see the allure of the Brazilian farm, as a life-long horse farm owner myself, I can’t in good conscience say nothing about Lenny Kravitz appalling handling of his horse – which also seems to be underweight. He displays an extreme lack of empathy and an abusive treatment repeatedly through this clip. My heart aches for this poor horse and others in his “care”.

Happy Easter Tina! What a beautiful post- and so sorry to hear you have been sick. But I like your take on it not being about your surroundings but those who surround you.
Your yard and planters look beautiful even without the plants and flowers? I would agree with you, Lenny’s farm is pretty incredible. Happy Easter!

Great post and Happy Easter! So sorry about you being sick and hope your migraine has abated, my sister gets them but as she’s reached her late 40’s they have gotten better.
Love Everjay pajamas they are the softest! Hope you have a relaxing day.

Hope you are feeling better and can enjoy this beautiful Easter Sunday, Tina. Am in awe of your ability to power through to provide inspiration to those of us out here in your audience! Thank you!

Happy Easter, Tina! Our bodies are smart machines and will let us know when to slow down. Enjoy the day with your loved ones.

Hope you feel better soon. If you need to change plans, your home is a lovely option to get over the bug.

If you’re going to be sick, might as well do it beautifully. Those PJs are lovely. As are you…

So sorry to hear your plans were thwarted with illness. Hope your feeling better each day !

Tina. Your wonderful pictures of your cherished dog are such a beautiful way to end your posts and I just love them. I can see what a marvelous friend he was to you and just how special a dog he was.

Happy Easter!! Sorry you have been under the weather and that you had to cancel your plans. When talking about Lenny Kravitz did you say you lived in Brazil as a child? I hope you had a great holiday!!

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