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Hello friends, hope all is well on your end. Here, it’s been an unpredictable week. Finishing up 2 edesign jobs and starting a new bigger local one but a migraine decided to get in the way of all my plans. And boy did it get in the way. I used to suffer horribly from them and it’s been years since I had one. Then out of nowhere I got one that was for the record books, completely knocked me off my feet.

So two days were lost and Easter trip plans thwarted which is super disappointing. Still trying to rearrange to leave tomorrow, but it’s all up in the air right now as I am not 100% and you can imagine how frustrating it is  to rebook tickets for a holiday weekend 🙁  I am surrendering, sometimes you have to recognize that things are out of your control and you just need to let things play out. That is exactly what I am doing (but being a bit of a control freak does make it a challenge).

It’s a big holiday weekend for so many of us between Easter and Passover. As our plans are totally up in the air now, not sure how it will play out but I am sure in the end we will work it out. Anywho, here’s a look into the last week or so-


A single magnolia bloom…a sign spring is really here!

Waited to see this view from my kitchen for a very long time

So exciting to see some of the GORGEOUS tole pieces coming in recently, an arrival sale will be held in a week or so

“Need” a pair of these somewhere!

How perfect is this pale pink lantern for a girls room or ladies dressing area/closet!

Any excuse to set a pretty table a few scenes from a small lunch I hosted about a week ago

Just love my delphiniums, they are so incredibly realistic (now on shop- click here)

I had posted these recipes (click here if interested)

NYC musts- Boathouse Cafe on a warm spring day and The Met

Birthday gift wrapped up and ready for a special someone

Cherry blossom season is here!

Totally obsessed with my new melamine, this was a small sample order but our huge order is en route and we will have a presale on this very soon!

FINALLY emptied my planters from holiday leftovers (it was sad) and they are now ready and waiting for beautiful spring plantings! Just making the 40 degree nights are really behind us:)

Enjoyed an afternoon outside (the first) on an unusually warm day of 75 degrees, it was heaven!

Went to Seawanakha Yacht Club last weekend for a beautiful opera night, so pretty there:)

Planted my boxwood balls with these fabulous magnolia bunches from Weston Farms

Not a major baseball fan but acted like one when we went on a family outing to a NY Yankees game, we had great seats and all I can say is those NY fans are hard to outcheer…..lively and energetic bunch:)

Had to share these progress pictures of the chinoiserie tole lamp order, we will have here in about 4 weeks. So many beauties!!


And that friends is a wrap! Always fun to share the good, pretty and inspiring. Hope you enjoyed the post and wishing everyone a wonderful Friday, and great start to your holiday weekend whether you are home cooking away in the kitchen or headed out of town to be a lucky guest:)

If you have had your eye on something pretty the Easter weekend is a great time to take advantage of the site wide sale where everything is 20% off! Use code “bunny” click here to visit shop

PS For many who have asked the etched glassware will be here later next week and we will be holding an arrival sale before the items go online so please stay tuned, so worth the wait! Porcleain container due in to port on or around April 24th, we will have it a few days later and have many hands ready to get all the presale orders out!

PPS We are filling up fast for our Tablescape Love contest. We have room for about 18 more pictures, extended it until next Tues as many wanted to included holiday tables (or until we have 80 pictures whichever comes first) Basic details here or click here for the post about the contest.

The lucky grand prize winner will win THREE MONTHS of Enchanted Home products!


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Hope you have relief from your migraine headache. Not pleasant to endure. Here’s hoping you and your family enjoy the holiday weekend. Relax and get plenty of rest.

I used to have many debilitating migraines. I get botox injections in my forehead once or twice
a year and the migraines have completely disappeared. Its worth a try.

Glad you are feeling better. Wonder if the migraine was triggered by all the pollen from your many fresh flower arrangements.

I also suffered from migraines for years- though rarely now. I am so grieved to hear the pain you were in and the predictable exhaustion afterwards. What helped me enormously the minute I sensed one coming on was Imitrex (sumatriptan). Wherever you end up for Easter take it easy my friend!?

Take care of you, the rest will fall in place. Enjoy your family and the beauty of the season!

Tina, I’ve noticed that your wrapped gifts are not creased along the edges. I think I’ll follow your example so that the paper can be gently “ironed” out and rolled for later reuse. Thanks for this tip without saying anything.

Gorgeous pink magnolia! Mine is struggling bravely after the prolonged heavy snow for weeks and weeks. Still, it’s lovely to see.

your pictures are always so beautiful! I am a newer reader and found you on Instagram! Your taste is so classic and I love everything you do. Got my first order last week and couldn’t believe how fast it got here and mostly how beautiful it was.

Your yard is beautiful and thus new lamps are now on my wishlist. Happy Easter.

Love Weston Farms! Great idea to incorporate a magnolia look in a planter with boxwood….

Tina: I’ve never made comment in a public forum before now. I am compelled, however, to tell you how much I appreciate your honesty. You are truly blessed and talented and manage to live your life to its fullest. I love that while focussing on the beauty in life, you do not neglect the everyday life that happens to all of us. All of this makes you a real person and that makes you relatable and that makes the beauty you present even more so.

I love these iphone posts. I put Boathouse Cafe on my NYC list. Have a wonderful Easter, dear Tina.

I didn’t know you had suffered from migraines until reading this blog, but I sure do know how badly they hurt and how they interfere with plans and life. I started hetting them at 18, many many years ago, snd suffered terribly. There was nothing back then for migraines, excedrin, aspirin, etc. and the meds came back up when you were sick to your stomach from that headache.. it was difficult to make plans for anything, as always worried if I would be sick with one. When Imitrex came on the market, though expensive at first, it was like a gift from God to me. The migraines didn’t last day and a half or two, , but were relieved in
an hour or two. I called that a miracle after so many years of suffering. I still take it now when necessary, but it is called sumatriptan, and works still, a blessing still. I think maybe you were stressed with having so much to do and maybe that caused such a bad one. Hope you are feeling better.

Tina .. Don’t regret you missed heading South for Easter weekend !!! It has been quite chilly for us in SC with terrible rain and wind .. today Easter we have sunshine but not warm !!
Hope you are feeling better soon!!

Tina. I had a teacher friend who suffered from migraines for years. Then she began eating a banana a day…….no more migraines! Also, some people get relief from taking Super Mag………magnesium tablets. A good way to keep your immune system strong is a daily dose of tumeric/curcumin…… anti- bacteria and virus. Hope this helps and you’ll soon be feeling much BETTER!

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