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Good morning friends! First I want to announce the giveaway winner for the gift wrap or serving bowl, congratulations goes to-


Please email [email protected] and let us know if you want the gift wrap or the large serving bowl.


About 2-3 times a year I put out this little “newsletter” of sorts which kind of gives you an overview of what has been happening here behind the scenes. It’s been a while and let me tell you, we have A LOT going on….all really exciting things. This was put together a few weeks ago and I just put the finishing touches on it recently. Been very busy expanding and adding lots of beautiful new home accessories so suffice to say there is plenty to tell you about!

If you are potential wholesaler/retailer, please email [email protected], we are just getting this program off the ground and very excited about it:)

I am also including a few polls because your opinion really matters to me, and certainly  helps me with my decision making. You are like the ultimate focus group! To thank you I am including a fun giveaway at the bottom so thank you in advance for participating. So sit back with an extra cup of coffee or maybe a cocktail (if after 5pm lol) and hope you enjoy this.  Without further ado here we go with all that’s new and exciting at Enchanted Home……..


PORCELAINS We have a huge container coming in about 2-3 weeks (porcelain presale will be held next week) and then a mammoth 40 foot container arriving mid June and we will hold another presale later on for that. Have some new products in the works as well.

Our village scene tulipiere continues to be a top seller and with good reason its so pretty! Just had samples made of a coordinating ginger jar and garden seat. This is where I would love your opinion. Thoughts on jar and garden seat? Please note the garden seat shape would be slightly different (didn’t love this shape) and will be18″ tall. I am also adding a slight design change on top and bottom of garden seat but this gives you the gist of both. Please do weigh in…..






Also introducing this beautiful new planter, we have not had the new one painted yet but its gone in production. I am very excited over this as I love the styling-

And here is is mid production and I am dding these beautiful “butterfly handles”

Here are some new products soon being introduced to our expanding porcelain collection!

CHINOISERIE TOLE Have a most beautiful container of the most gorgeous tole lamps en route, due here in 2-3 weeks. Cannot wait because four of them are immediately being snatched up and brought to my home:) Two for my bedroom and two for my living room. I am really excited about these beauties, some fabulous new arrivals and the return of some best sellers.

We will have a presale on these lamps in about within the next 10 days or so,  stay tuned:)






How pretty are these incredible pagoda finials? They will soon be available in ivory, black, gold and silver. Think they are the perfect finishing touch, these are in production shots but give you an idea and will be here very soon-


And getting these fabulous pagodas in several beautiful colors, plus others which I do not have pictures of yet, excited for these as these make such a statement for summer entertaining!

Other colors almost done-


Also our best selling quarterfoil planter which is currently sold out is coming back in stock. We will get a small shipment within 2-3 weeks and a bigger one in about 6. In addition we are introducing these fabulous new metal pierced borders, in love! One is fretwork and the other is Greek key…..aren’t they fabulous! Here is a sneak peek at an “in production” shot-


These pieces were done for a custom order but we are wondering what your thoughts are on bringing in chinoiserie wastepaper baskets and tissues in solid colors?


In addition to our beautiful line of current Provence planters, this is a new style I am interested in possibly carrting, would love your thoughts. They would be three sizes, 20″ square, 22″ square and 24″ square and include removable liners.

SILVER Lots of beauties coming in soon (within a few weeks). Restocking some of our chargers and flatware and introducing some beautiful new silver pieces which I am so excited about. Silver is timeless and always classically elegant.

Two new chargers, one chic more  causal version above and the other below is a beautiful dressy charger

Love this elegant silver box above

And how beautiful is this gorgeous small planter!

Prettiest wine cooler!

HURRICANES, ETCHED GLASS PIECES, WICKER HURRICANES AND MORE  We are working on a few new styles of the super popular etched hurricanes pieces (will soon be online) as they were instant best sellers as was the cake dome! Stay tuned as I am now also possibly working on a fabulous etched stemware collection, something I have always dreamed of doing:)

The beautiful cake dome and platter are in but got held up in FDA clearance, we are due to have them early next week finally. With all the tariff wars with China, things are really backed up at customs so we have done our best to be patient! These will be for sale next week and all cake dome orders will ship next week, as soon as they arrive!

Beyond thrilled over these fabulous intricate 5.5″ salt and peppers which will be offered in silver and in an antique gold finish

And new wicker hurricanes were just added (waiting for professional pictures) and we are getting in minis of several styles of the wicker hurricanes/vases, which will be 6″ tall, perfect for smaller spaces to use as a hurricane or flower vase!

MELAMINE Just today getting in the newest most fabulous chinoiserie melamine pattern in, soooo excited over this. This will prompt me to plan some kind of a luncheon to christen these beauties. On sale until tomorrow, click here for sale. Absolutely stunning and hard to believe these are melamine, can mix nicely with other patterns too.

GIFT WRAP! Last but not least Christmas has been on my mind for months now. I learned from my past mistakes of things arriving too late and having a manic November and December racing against the clock. Too old for that kind of stress:) So I am thrilled to say that the holiday gift wrap collection is totally done! You will soon get a very exclusive sneak peek. This is my favorite collection to date, just so excited to begin wrapping Christmas gifts, well actually on second though I don’t mind waiting just a little bit and hopefully getting to enjoy summer first:)

And of course totally in love with our fabulous new chinoiserie papers, next best thing to wallpapering is getting to wrap up gifts in this gorgeous new paper! Until Sat it is on sale (click here)

And love the matching tissue-

Our holiday gift wrap is GORGEOUS and we have a bunch of fabulous new ornaments in the works so by later in the summer, you will be the first to get a sneak peek at the new 2019 holiday collection!

When do you think about purchasing Christmas/holiday paper?We will introduce it much sooner than usual (with the ornaments) as we are starting to work with wholesale accounts/retailers and they need their product for the holidays early as in right after summer! But as a consumer, curious when you even think about the holidays, and buying things like paper and ornaments, etc……




For participating in my polls, one lucky Enchanted Home reader will receive a special Enchanted Home “goodie surprise box” filled with all kinds of amazing treasures from my curated collection. What you will get is a surprise but I promise it will be good and will make your day:)

Just leave a comment on this post once you have participated in all the polls above, telling us your most favorite item and how you would use it and you are automatically in the running. A winner will be announced on Sunday so be sure to check back:)


Thanks as always for stopping in, always enjoy sharing what’s new and exciting with you, my “insiders”. You are always the first to know! I love the creative process as it really does fulfill me, and my motto to myself has always been to bring things to the market there is either not enough of or just beautiful traditional home furnishings that will surely stand the test of time and of course they must be things I would bring into my own home, and suffice to day everything does:)

Then there are things that are just impossible to find like the tulipieres, or the large etched hurricanes and cake domes. It’s such a thrill to be able to bring things to you that are otherwise almost impossible to find (and the perk is I get them for myself too):) Wishing you a fantastic day and good end to your week, until next time……

PS Last two days for the fabulous arrival sale of our chinoiserie gift wrap and gorgeous melamine! Click here

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PPS Getting your patio or front door warm weather ready? Then be sure to check out our exquisite Provence planters, a fraction of what they are in the few places where they are sold. Today and tomorrow all are 30% off! Use code “spring” Click here

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Your website is filled with so many beautiful pieces and I always enjoy reading all of your posts especially 7 on Sunday!

I love the new beautiful planter planned with the butterfly handles. I would use two on my island or coffee table with orchids!

The survey is a wonderful idea! Thanks for getting us involved. My favorite pieces I am currently eyeing is the Provence planters! We are in the midst of building a lovely deck with a beautifully painted brick and limestone fireplace. The planters would look wonderful in our new space filled with boxwoods.

I really like the lanterns with the pink border. My home is all Blue and White and I just introduced the color
raspberry/fushia into the decor for a pop of color. Just found some raspberry candles after going to ten stores.

I have participated in the poll and my favorite item is the Pagoda candle lamps for the summer…I love them! I also am liking the new light blue porcelain too…In fact I like it all(I have bought a lot of your items already!) I love your enthusiasm!!!

Love love what products you are offering. Nice to have somewhere to shop as so many speciality’s stores are closing. Thank you!

The pagoda lanterns are my favorite item, and it would be great for summer entertaining but I would put it in any room of my house, because I’d want to look at it all the time! probably my kitchen or family room. Thanks for making it in so many great colors,… I would most likely order the black one first So sharp!

Tina, you make it difficult to choose a favorite. Isn’t that wonderful problem to have? But if I could choose two items it would have to be the beautiful new etched line of hurricanes with the cake dome. Following closely would be just about any of your silver chargers. One of my true pleasures in life is setting a beautiful table for family to enjoy. Both those items would make any tablescape sing! Thank you for making our lives more beautiful on a daily basis, whether through blog posts or literally by way of the gorgeous home decor pieces you make available for us!

Loved the new light colored ginger jars. Would use them just about anywhere – outside, inside, in bathrooms and kitchen.

Each email is filled with wonderful items, pictures, suggestions, beauty and clothing ideas. Love it all.

You are so creative and have excellent taste. Love all your new products but looking forward to the finals. Have you thought of doing one in blue and white–ginger jar, pagoda!

You provide a wonderful resource for very unique and beautiful items that are not found in other retail locations. I smile when I look around my home and see the influence Enchanted Home has on my decor. Your hand selected products are in every room of my home.
Thank you so very much for your passion?
Warmest Regards,

As always I love the blue and white porcelain, but the wicker hurricanes are very pretty too. The etched glass is beautiful. You have wonderful visions.

We are patiently waiting for our screened in porch to be built. I will be using blue and white out there (shocker, I know). I love the items you offer and look forward to purchasing a few more for my collection once our space is ready.

As always – thank you, I appreciate the work that goes into you site and blog. I always read your emails as you have such great info that you present to us.

Fantastic new products, Tina! The Enchanted Home keeps getting better and better. It’s fun to participate by offering opinions on possible or upcoming products and seeing the results of the polls.

The new “Greek key” quatrefoil planter—even in the raw state as pictured looks fabulous and different!

As always – thank you, I appreciate the work that goes into your site and blog. I always read your emails as you have such great info that you present to us.

So many pretty things, but I’m actually waiting for the new tole lamps. I think they are a great way to add roles, chinoiserie and a pop of black (if that’s the color you choose) to upgrade the style in a room.

Although everything is quite lovely, I just can’t wait for the toile lamps and pegodas.

I never thought I would be interested in collecting a melamine pattern but I fell in “like” with your blue pagoda pattern……who can pass a blue pagoda!

Love, love, love the new melamine. I have been wanting some for a few years and definitely plan to purchase these for dining on our screened porch.

I love my blue & white large foot bath with gold handles !!
I have it filled with paper whites & it just beautiful & elegant on my dining room table ?

Love all the new products! Enjoy your blog so much and kind of live vicariously through you! I’m also a S. Carolina girl and enjoy seeing your place in Palmetto Bluff.

I ADORE the pink and white and blush pagodas. Perfection on a poolside summer table set for alfresco dining!

I really love the new melamine! I would love to use it out doors for my summer entertainment.

Well, since I love everything, it is hard to choose a favorite. But my favorite items you sell are the dough bowls and all the boxwood. If I had a dough bowl, I’d fill it with boxwood balls! Love your blog and your shop.

I love everything you share on your site! I look forward to your daily email. Love the melamine! I love to set a pretty table for my grandchildren without worrying about them breaking something valuable!

That was a really good survey. I love the melamine but it would be hard to choose a design. Beautiful.
Linda O.

It’s a really small item, but I really love the salt and pepper shakers. I just love the design..

If I won the prize for participating in your survey, I would like to receive the prize of a fishbowl scented candle. It is actually two prizes in one! First, there is the relaxing treat of a room filled with your lovely gardenia scent. Second is the beautiful, classic shape of a large porcelain fishbowl in miniature. when the candle is all gone, I would still have the gift of a Blue and White object to add to my collection, or use for flowers. I would put the fishbowl on my black laquered chinoiserie low table. The lovely shape of the bowl and the flicker of the flame will reflect on the tabletop as the scent of Enchanted Home’s own Summer Gardenia wafts through my home.

Love your blog …very inspirational love your variety of topics and a great place for gals to gather and shop, gaze and stay up on all the latest trends

Love it all! Everything is classic and timeless. Always new things being Introduced. Always love to read your posts.

Hi Tina, Everything is so lovely. I especially love the garden stool. I would use it outside for the summer and use indoors in the winter.

I just love the look of the new wicker hurricanes, can just picture them on my porch for the summer, filled with flowers!

Those solid white and gold waste paper containers are the absolute favorite. I am in the process of renovating my master bathroom and this would be perfect!! I will hold out on getting something until I see you put these up for sale. I’m so excited!!
I haven’t been able to find one that I just love. Now I have!! I just have to decide which one. Thanks!

For me, the favorite item, which I purchased from you site was a garden seat, love it and have had many positive compliments
about it. I’m NOT a blue and white fan so many items are not my taste but I do enjoy you posting them from time to time.

Always tough to pick a favorite, but the tole lamps are at the top of my list this time – for my bedroom.

Love everything but if I must choose one top item it would be the chinoiserie Tole Lamps. They would fantastic in my bedroom.

I would use the new planter (alternative to Provence) in the smaller size if you produced it. It would fit my smaller stoop perfectly. It is hard to find an elegant, classic planter that is at a size and scale that would not overwhelm my front door.

I love reading your posts. Although most items are not in my budget I do love most everything. I especially love the melamine and gift wrap.

I love your new melamine dishes. I’m looking forward to using them this summer on my deck.

I am so excited about the pagodas! I would add a candle and use it on my dining room table.

So many lovely things, but very interested in the new lamps. Thank you for bringing such beauty into our lives!

Have never seen an item on this site that I did not love. (Don’t tell my hubby). I may be in trouble.

I am such a fan of your porcelain, especially the blue and white ginger jars. They are so versatile because the are beautiful both indoor and outdoors and whether filled with flowers or empty. They also work with so many color schemes and design styles. You just can’t go wrong when you add a little blue and white!

Love the new tole pagoda lanterns and will use them in a chinoiserie powder room I am working on.

I am hoping you produce the new Provence planters. I would order today as I am in need of new planters for my front porch.

I have really loved everything I’ve purchased and most especially the Medium sized Blue and White Staffordshire Dogs!! Everyone comments about them …..think they assume they are antique since we have many furnishings that are!! Our little secret!!

My favorite item is the garden seat! I plan on using them as end tables in my outdoor kitchen.

You had mentioned before that you were planning to do the new melamine pattern in china–are you still going to do that? The new ginger jar and garden seat pattern looks a lot like the Juliska country estate pattern. We have both the blue and taupe colored Juliska country estate scenic pattern, in all kinds of pieces, including the covered cake plate–also blue Italian, blue canton, blue willow and antique cobalt blue glass plates, goblets, dessert dishes, etc. of all sizes. I like to use crystal, red, green or blue glasses, depending on what the occasion is.
The fourth of July looks great with different blue plates and red glasses. I really like the etched cake dome, as I don’t have any etched glass pieces.

Everything is absolutely beautiful! I especially adore the lamp bases that have touches of pink in them. Very whimsical and perfect for a little girls room.

I have too many favorites!:) I love the new small pagodas for candles. They would be so versatile; I would imagine using two of them on my mantle with some artwork in between. Love everything I have purchased from you so far, and look forward to receiving my etched glass cake dome!

I just love the tuliperies – I have only ever seen them in Amsterdam until I found your site! I can’t wait to get melamine for the summer and I will not be complete until I get one of the light green pagodas!

I love the new jars above and can’t wait until they are available to purchase and add to my blue and white collection!

Those new lamps are fabulous so I understand why 4 will be headed to your house. I love all the etched glass items and wish I did entertaining more. There is so much to choose from!! Thanks !!

Wow you have been busy with so many gorgeous things! I enjoyed taking part in the polls because I love all you do and want you to know how much you are appreciated. Our broker who sold us our home got us a beautiful welcome gift of one of your orchids and told me I had to subscribe to your site, she was right!
I never looked back and always so enjoy seeing whats new and have thoroughly enjoyed every single purchase I have from your beautiful store. Everything is gorgeous! I love the lamps, silver, etched pieces, melamine, what can I say I love it ALL!

I love the Provence planters for the summer time! All of your items are wonderful!

Right now I’m most in love with the etched hurricanes which I would put on my dining room table.

I am anxious to see the garden stool. I have them all around the garden and several in the house, all blue and white.
I also love the chinoiserie melamine set. I already have the pagoda plates and wondering if the chinoiserie salad plates would go with the pagoda dinner plates.

My favorite from today are the pagoda finials. I just love them and as there is a lot of unusual oriental items in my home they will be perfect. I just purchased two new lamps for my mantel so I will see how they look with the finials when available.

I love it all even the dog pictures. I won’t miss a day. Thank you for all that you do to fill our hearts and minds with beauty. Betty

I am so impressed with all the new things. I have to make a list of what to purchase first. Love them all!!

Love so many of the items – the pagodas, the wrapping paper, the etched glass cake dome – but my most favorite right now would be the lamp! ?

Love, Love, Love the new planter! Not sure how big it is so I would use it either on a porch or on my mantel.

Always a pleasure receiving your ideas, pictures etc. Great items for home decor!

So difficult to pinpoint my most favorable item as I love so many of them. If I must choose, the pagodas (would use on my mantle and for entertaining) and tulipieres (would place on my foyer table) are at the top of my list.

I love all of your offerings! I’m at the stage of my life where I don’t entertain as much as I used to, and there isn’t room for another piece of tabletop goodies, but I so thoroughly enjoying “entertaining “ through you!
Your tabletops and florals inspire me, wish I was still at that point in my life!
So please, keep the photos coming.. they inspire me and remind me of what graciousness is.

I like the chinoiserie tole lamps with shades!……………..and then you added a possible new planter style, so those are my first and second likes of todays items.

Your products are so magnificent and unique its hard to pinpoint just one… being a lover of blue and white, which my dining room is, i would have to go with that new light blue color garden seat.. it is just so so elegant..i love the softness about it..

I would so enjoy the spectacular cake dome. I have never seen anything like it and appreciate the craftsmanship. My runner up, but still to die for, is the silver box.

I love the pagoda lanterns. Will bring my blue/white scheme from inside to out. Also, thank you for making fabric covered lampshades—hard to find in retail but a fabulous detail.

You have such exquisite taste! I think my favorites are your Provence planters! I have a big front porch, and they would look lovely on it. Thanks so much for your posts! I always look forward to reading them!

I loved the Poll and Survey! I like that you are interested in our input.

The new “fancy” chargers are something I am interested in, as well as the potential etched glassware.

And EVERYTHING else in your Shop!

My favorite item is your Chinoiserie Tole lamps. I would use a pair of them on night stands in my guest bedroom. I would probably choose the green on white design. I enjoyed participating in all of your polls.

I LOVE all the new goodies coming in! You have such exquisite taste and really “speak my language” with everything you do! I have my eye on a couple of those gorgeous blue and white temple jars, silver chargers and beautiful tole lamps! Yummmmm.

love just about everything on this site. Such beautiful ideas to make home more inviting

I love the personal touch and comments you give to each beautiful piece. It feels so authentic and sincere1

Love the etched glsss hurricane s. Would love to use them for an elegant dinner party. Pergect for any table.

I truly love everything and would be so proud to own it all. The new pieces ypu have introduced are fabulous. Always a fan of the blue and white. The etched pieces are a must and the new hurricanes would be fabulous in my dining room. Thank you for creating so many wonderful and timeless pieces.

I love the pagodas…can’t wait for them to come out. Perfect for the patio! Now, I just have to decide on the color!

I am in love with the melamine dishes, I would use them often outdoors on my deck!

Tina, I love it that you conduct your market research directly with us! It makes it fun to know my wishes are being “heard” and that you are interested in creating “boutique” items for us. I appreciate having the option of ordering custom designed products from TEH that fit my style, knowing they won’t be found in everyone else’s home.

Just when I think your line of accessories couldn’t get any better, surprise! you wow us again. Everything is so gorgeous and a feast for the eyes. Thanks so much. Cay Miller

It is hard for me to choose one item since I enjoy the porcelains, melamine, everything I buy. But, I think my favorites are the ornaments, especially the smaller size spaniels, etc., that I use on my 2 foot trees that I put on my deep dining room window sills. I just love them!

Fun to see all the new things coming. I have two favorites – the garden seats and the beautiful tole lamps. Loved participating in the polls and can’t wait to see what will come next!

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